She’s baaaaaack, HTC HD2 In Stock Online


After selling out within hours of her debut, the HTC HD2 has made its way back to and, presumably,  to your pockets.  The HTC HD2 needs no introduction on TmoNews so we’ll make this short and sweet.  If you’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to pick up this Windows Phone beast, is ready and willing to part you from your money.  She’s selling like hotcakes though so if you’re looking to grab one, better act fast!

For the moment, we’re not sure exactly when to expect quantities back into retail outlets but as soon as we get word, we’ll let you know!



    I feel SO privileged to have owned one since day 1. This phone is the shizz!!!

  • GreenTea

    Quick question. is the Sprint EVO the Android version of this phone? Im so mad that CTIA held no game changing news for Tmobile. What came out of CTIA for Tmo anyway. I only hear things about Sprint and ATT getting phones I wish Tmo had. Im still rockin with my G1. No other Android phone has been worth my time except the Nexus One that I don’t have an upgrade for.

    • TMoEmployee

      Yes, it is. I know. I looks beautiful, that phone. I wish I could get that.

    • laphoneuser

      Two other big features of the EVO is HD video recording capability, as well as HDMI out.

  • Camusa

    Bloody thing better ship soon!

  • Jose

    How come is not showing for Upgrade??

  • Max


    • David, Managing Editor

      It’s available from for me?!

      • Jack Chord

        Yes it is available online for new service only not for upgrades or outright purchases if you’re currently a t-mobile customer. Again this is a corporate directive aimed at gaining new customers not at satisfying exisiting ones. The stores have been told they cannot sell any more units without a 2 year contract. I am sure this will change as demand slacks off.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        T-mo not realizing the power of having existing customers w/ new handsets? I could show pics of my HD2 to people all day long, no one is rushing out to get one. I whip the actual device out and start playing with it… suddenly people are like, “What’s that? That screen is HUGE. T-mobile? Really? Hmmm…”

  • Peter young

    i can also confirm limited number of stores have received second shipment, if you want it today, its worth calling round a few stores!

  • jon

    A small part of me is sad that the HD2 isn’t going to be the cool, unique phone that my SE K850 was.

    However, the vast majority of me is glad this is selling well for T-mob, and hope it means HTC will launch the HD3 in the US at the same time as the rest of the world.

    • JT

      Amen to that. I hope TMo learns some lesson from the sell out and keep pace with new phones. Their phones always sucked as compared to Sprint and Verizon. TMo doesn’t have wide coverage but can offer good quality phones like HD2 and Toshiba TG and KO series and people will flock to them.

  • alex

    I”m waiting patiently for the second wave of shipments to come in. I’m tired of people trying to sell used phones for $500 “FIRM” because it is sold out. Within the next couple weeks the phones they’re trying to sell for $500 will be worth only $300.

    • TMoEmployee

      It’s called supply and demand. If you don’t want if for that price, don’t buy it. It’s the way of the world. So what it’s used. It hasn’t even been a whole week yet. I’m trading mines for an N900. Can’t wait.

      • alex

        Shit, thanks for that in depth economics lesson – I’ve never heard of this supply and demand thing before, but now I know the reason I am not buying it at the current price.

        And as for being used, what if I get the phone and don’t like it – no 14 day buyers remorse period and I’m not sure how any warranty there is transfers either.

  • pookie

    i ordered mine the day it came out 5pm est but unfortunately it fell in back order and when i called Sunday night they told me i was on top of the list that when they restock on Monday and what do you know i check the ups site last night and its on its way =D

  • twitch110

    Taking mine back. It’s too damn glitchy. Restarting my phone a few times a day is getting really old. I was hoping people wouldn’t be right about winmo, but it’s looking like they were right. I mean it works semi-fine, but there are just too many small problems for me to feel it’s worth it(i paid full price). Am i the only one with these problems? Is it really necessary and normal for all these soft resets?

    • randallhd2

      Remember its a new phone with a new version of Sense, that will get updates.

      I have had it from day 1 and I can honestly say the phone is fine, its the crappy apps that come preinstalled that are cuasing the problem.

      • J

        If the problem is with the SenseUI rather than the Windows software underneath.

      • twitch110

        I don’t understand how those apps could be the problem. And you’re POSITIVE we’ll be getting updates right? Sometimes i get nervous like they’re going to abandon us because we didn’t fall for the wm7 B.S.

        Do i just delete those preinstalled apps then? Which ones are you talking about exactly? All of them? I’ll never use them so i might as well just ditch them.

    • lebron1189


      my phone is Acting the same way. I have reset it lile 10 times literaly. im gonna stick it through though. its an issue but as long as it doesn’t get any worse im fine. that sucks to say though. my phone just freezes every time I go to my albums and sometime when I leave one screen its like froze on the home screen. if I took the phone back now does anyone think tmobile will switch it for free since its the first 14 days?? can anyone answer this for me??

      • twitch110

        Yeah, it’s not THAT bad. For me, it gets laggy sometimes while texting. It’ll say i have emails and texts when i don’t. Sometimes while on the home screen, the phone and menu tab will overlap the touchflo area so that i can only see about 10% of the touchflo tabs. Also, when i was listening to one of my playlists, it would just stop in the middle of playing, then start over once i pushed play. It was annoying cause it happened a couple times. If that makes sense.

        The biggest thing for me is when i’m texting someone, and someone else texts me while i’m about to send the text, the text i had written for someone else gets sent to the person that just sent me the text message. wow, i butchered that. But hopefully it’s understandable. To me, that could be VERY embarrassing if i’m sending a scandalous text to my wife. I’ve only installed a few cabs; cookie home tabs, S2U2, chainfire, BsB tweaks. But maybe those are the problem?

      • tom

        Same thing happened to me,but it was fixed (for the most part). if you are placeing music in hd2 you must use doubletwist and sync the music to phone. i have not needed to soft/hard reset for two days now.

      • michelle

        to answer your question yes they will if you go to the store i called because mine was freezing and since i was on the 14 day remorse period i was able to exchange for a brand new one now no freezes im loving it

    • thechemist

      My wife and I got the phone Day 1. I will say we are both very pleased, BUT we both have the glitches. I had to reset mine 3 miles down the road (yes, I was driving and playing! ha ha) from where I bought it. My wife had to reset hers later that night. It freezes up on a regular basis.

      I keep hoping it’s because it’s a new operating system, but we’ll see. I took a chance and am really hoping I don’t get burned.

      • lebron1189


        yea im with you on that one. im gonna still try and stick it throyI tough lets see what happens

  • Camusa

    Got tracking number today.
    Mine is an upgrade.
    First upgrade in over five years.
    Very excited.
    To arrive April 1st :)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      That would turn out to be one of the most cruel April Fools Jokes I’ve ever seen if it doesn’t get to you on that day.

      I just ran a speed test on my HD2 on both wifi and 3G and these are the results I got:
      Wifi: 1104.604kbps
      3G: 1403.702kbps

      That is darn fast if I do say so myself.

  • Nich

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I JUST checked shipping by reference and it’s FINALLY on it’s way i should get it tomorrow..i can’t wait..i had given up freaking hope for a while now i’m excited again !!! >>>

  • lev

    Thats very stupid of T-mobile not to offer this phone to existing customers, because its the existing customers who put tmobile on the map, I mean why do they even have a Customer Loyalty Dept anyways, to me they are shooting themselves in the foot by not offering their arguably best phone to existing customers with partial upgrades.

    • randallhd2

      I am a exsisting customer and got mine day 1, they took it out the upgrades when they were runnning low

    • recon01

      So as everyone knows this phone is still sold out everywhere. I even called several stores in three other states and No ONE HAS THE PHONE IN STOCK at the T Mobile corporate stores. So I decided to call the 1 877 number from work, and it turns out the number I called was for sales. So ofc I act like a new customer and the sale rep told me that THE HD2 IS AVAILABLE!!!! So yes if you want to add a line or if you are a new customer then you can have the phone shipped overnight. Also I was told by agent that some stores have the Hd2s in the store but they are saving them for new activations. This has really urked me to no end. Not only did they create a huge demand for this device no one really knows quite when Customer Care or any location will actually receive the device. So what if you have been with T Mobile for a couple of years THEY WANT NEW CUSTOMERS! Again i have lost a lot of respect for them.

  • Joe Pa

    Still loving this phone since Day 1….

  • Phalosopher

    Just like any other new phone.. might have glitches or bugs.. BUT there will always be updates/enhancements to fix the aint NO WAY im letting go of this baby.. even if i gotta reset it a few times if it had issues.. im gonna ride the wave out til a update comes.. Smh.. im pleased.. i find myself cleanin off the beautiful big screen at random.. the phone is truely a BEAST amongst pets.. but each his own..u dont want it.. RETURN it.. im certain there will be 15 orders for the htc hd2 to every 1 return.. TMO hit the jack pot with this one.. im just ready for more HTC HD2 commercials, tv spot plugs and oh of course its gonna make its way into the music video scene.. Just watch and see! Oh yea.. the market needs to beef up its apps.. PLEASE.. but i can be patient..this is a good investment indeed!

  • chicago081

    Had no problem getting this phone on day one in Chi Town. I like it very much. Anything beats the 6 year old Razr I had.

  • skyhigh

    Finally, I ordered (upgrade) mine on Thursday and was shipped yesterday.

    • Will

      Haha, same here. I ordered mine the 25th and it just shipped yesterday. Will be here tomorrow :) Can’t wait!

  • tato22

    i have 6 of these phones and all over miami ppl have them these phones are very hot sellers


    I got mine on Day 1 and just love it!!!!!!!! @twitch110 I don’t know why you have so many soft resets, I know almost all the apps had to be upgraded but once they’ve upgraded its been fine. The only problem I had was with the visual voice mail, it didn’t work the first day I thought it was the phone but it was something that T-Mob had to set up. I did have to restart the phone once to get the visual voice mail to work again, so the only glitchy problem I’m having is with the visual voice mail (and to be truthful I can deal with that) the rest of the functions have performed perfectly. Did I tell you this phone is awesome!! I hope T-mobile has learned a lesson from this phone, good phones plus good pricing bring in customers who’d have thought that :-) The HD2 was definitely worth the wait!!!!!

    • twitch110

      So you opened all the apps and updated them? Once you did that everything seemed fine? What kind of problems were you having before hand? And yeah, the visual voicemail was a JOKE. Was incredibly glitchy and never worked right. i was expecting that though, since it was also a joke on android.

  • Blake

    I had the opportunity to use one for a little bit and I have to say that I am not impressed by the phone. Yes the screen is really large and nice but this phone has really been out for months now and it still has major problems. I tried to open the Barnes and noble program and I got two cab errors back to back, Ran an update for the program and then I got “could not find file” error if i launched it from the sense, but if I went into the wm applications it ran fine.

    Those things to me are inexcusable for a phone that was originally released last year.

    That’s a shame too, as i was going to buy one.

    • SardoNumspa

      I am with you. I bought one on day one and am returning it on day 6. Had to hard reset on day two, and then again yesterday.

      Although HTC did a very nice job with the Sense UI, it is nowhere near as good as stock Android 2.1. I also have an N1 and the HD2 does not hold a candle with all of the OS inconsistencies, lack of configurability in the home screen, and lack of smoothness in the apps. My N1 is just smoother, slicker, and better.

      I never realized how bad WinMo was till I got an Android phone. I can flip the screen sideways in ANY app and get a landscape keyboard. Not on the HD2. I found myself wasting hours cruising the XDA forums looking for apps that could make the HD2 do things that my N1 could do out of the box. The last straw was having to reset it AGAIN after Sense stopped loading, even after power cycling.

      Oh, and let’s not forget about the Windows Marketplace. I was shocked by how many apps in there were $19.99. For a phone app??? Are you serious?!?

      I am done with Windows Mobile. We’ll see what 7 holds, but based on what I have seen so far, I am not too excited. I like my microSD card thank you, AND the ability to browse the filesystem.

      • twitch110

        I’m kind of with you, but am having second thoughts about returning it. If i do i’ll for sure go Iphone again. But man, this thing is just so beautiful and big.

        The marketplace is an absolute joke. I was looking for a good sports app and i couldn’t even find one. Shouldn’t there be at least ONE good sports scores app? I’m just trying really hard to weigh the pros and cons. After having this phone for a week, and playing with my buddies iphone, it really is hard to look at the iphone like it’s a piece of junk. The screen size and quality is beyond noticeable now. The N1 i’m sure would be fine to look at though. Just make sure you’re making the right decision. I might give it the full 14 days. hmmmm….

      • thechemist

        I couldn’t even find a loan calculator that was free. The marketplace is a joke, agreed. Android even had an app to time my wife’s contractions when she was going into labor!

        I don’t want to bash this phone, but it’s making me sad. Swype is BAD HINEY unless you want to sound and look like you’re educated. or, you can just take 20 minutes to send a 160 character text.

    • im sure your pc runs the same way! its the user not the device i have not had one issue you complainers are never happy. luckily you didnt buy one cause some who really wants one will get it

  • Tim

    Imagine how high N1 sales would have gone if it was given TV marketing like the HD2, and was actually sold in stores where people could see and touch it before committing big money.

    • alex

      Is tmobile advertising the HD2 on TV? I haven’t seen any commercials yet.

      • Tim

        All the ads I’ve seen so far are actually HTC ads – but show it “exclusively from T-Mobile”…

    • thechemist

      Nexus one failed because it was only offered through Google with a single person phone plan. Oh wait, I guess you could’ve paid the $450 bucks (or whatever it was) even though you were eligible for an upgrade???? HD2 had little advertising. It’s offered however you want and through Tmobile. Google couldn’t come up with an answer on the 3G issue. This is why it failed.

  • chicago081

    It’s being advertised, seen it several times. We are very lucky in this economy that we can buy this phone.

  • traumacodenow

    I got mine with the BOGO on the 24th, one for me and one for my fiance and we are both very pleased. By far the best phone experience I’ve ever had with my G1 being a distant second. Even my partner at work who has an iPhone is happy because now he can tether his laptop. Good bye Android/G1 I loved you from the beginning, you won’t be forgotten but you certainly won’t be missed…

  • steve

    People need to quit with the over acting….it’s the 6th day since launch and tmobile is doing a good job with restocking and shipping. I was there day 1 and got upgrade with no problems.

  • Mac

    I’ve been reading about all the bugs/freezes with the HD2 which leads me to believe that HTC/Microsoft will be releasing an update sometime soon. My question is, would I be able to update my HD2 with a macintosh computer? If the updates are released via OTA, then I’m good, but if I have to download it to my computer, and then install on my HD2 that way, that’s where I get concerned. I don’t want to buy this phone if I can’t properly update it. Any solutions is greatly appreciated!

  • Triston

    Does anyone know whether google maps is a gps option on the phone, or whether we’ll be forced to use that expensive monthly navigation program? That’s kinda make or break for me.

    • thechemist

      Then it’s break. I had a G1 with turn by turn FREE. This phone has the basic Google maps with no turn by turn. That actually doesn’t bother me. I only used the turn by turn to test it. I don’t like the feeling I don’t know where to go until I get there, but to each is own.

  • Joe

    All those phone are the employee stock… now employees have to wait another 30 days

  • TomCruise

    saw the phone yesterday for first time at a tmobile store. not impressed. screen is too big for my taste.

    am waiting for a new android phone from htc to be announced on tmobile. (fingers crossed).

  • beez

    Online store is out of any form of upgrade. In stock online to new customers only. All three retail stores in my area are out as well and shipments have been pushed back next week. But I’m on two waiting lists as an upgrade customer because they ask you right off the bat whether or not your getting new service. Which basically means they will get their commission and sell them to new customers first and I’ll have to wait a few more weeks. BS So basically if you want one, say you’re a new customer and they might reveal they have “one left” and then when you get there DEMAND they sell it to you as an upgrader because they are technically not allowed to refuse your sale.

  • Ernie


    B.S. MAN!!!

    Fuck loyal costumers I guess.

  • mike_V

    come on tmobile let your employees get a chance to order it already

  • Jose

    T-Mobile please let your current customer get a chance please.. What happened to the loyal customers….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Spot on post, that’s right… you don’t like it, take it back.

    As somewhat an “expert” on cell phones, WinCE, WinMo 6.5.x and HTC Sense, after using my Hd2 since Saturday I can confidently say it’s the apps (some call it bloatware or crapware) and 3G.

    My MobiTV is really glitchy, near as I can tell it does not like when my signal switches from 3G to Edge and back. Moreover, there’s no way the T-Mobile 3G network is ready for streamed TV.

    A little test I did was to put my phone in a stop where I get solid 3G and then I did not move it. MobiTV worked flawlessly. When I went back to an area where I get 3G, Edge, etc., MobiTV would crash.

    And there’s other apps that I suspect are tainted by other applications remaining open and then the app you are trying to use crashes, either because resources are depleted (aka RAM) or the apps are competing with each other, so they both crash.

    If you make sure to actually close all tasks (using a task manager, that are free all over the net) you won’t have crashes.

    A task manager also will stop the lag. I can almost guarantee you that the problem a lot of you are having is that you think you have closed a program, but you have not. When you go to another to use, you crash.

    Install a 3rd party “app closer” and your problems will be solved, I suspect.

    On the 3G signal causing problems when it switches to Edge, I don’t think there’s a solution for that except for T-Mobile to improve the network. Now you know how AT&T iPhone users feel.

    • alex

      I agree with you about the task manager to close programs. I think the reports we saw from store employees about having to remove the security device from display models to reset them had to do with too many apps being openned by customers playing with the phone. for example the one in my store had mobiTV and transformers along with about 10 other apps running in the background.

    • SardoNumspa

      Done. I got my money back yesterday. The sales rep was not surprised; apparently they had about half a dozen returned since launch. She had been given one for free on an internal promotion and was having trouble too; said she had to pull the battery several times a day.

      I know that WinMo phones are terrible at managing tasks, so you install a 3rd party tool. You can even resurrect the HTC tool present in previous devices by way of XDA-devs. My whole point is that it is 2010, why should I have to step ten years into the past?

      For $500 I want state of the art in hardware AND software. I am sticking with my N1.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oops… I meant “spot” not “stop.” Don’t want you wondering what a “stop” is in terms of getting 3G. LOL.

  • alex

    It looks like the second wave of these phones is finally coming to market. Prices on CL have dropped significantly today, I have seen two brand new ones being sold for $350 and numerous brand new ones for 400-500. As they become more widely available these guys that were trying to sell them for $600+ because they were sold out are going to feel like idiots. I expect the price on new HD2s will settle at around $350, about $150 more than the on contract price.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I wouldn’t trust that CL phone, sounds like a scam.

      In my experience from buying and selling my used phones on eBay, they sell used at about $50 to $100 less than the full retail price on T-Mobile’s site.

      People who buy used on eBay are looking to replace a phone that is out of warranty, damaged in some way, to replace a stolen or lost phone or simply to avoid a contract.

      They all expect to pay a lower price than what can be had on T-Mobile’s site, obviously.

      So if a phone is in perfect condition, has the original box, manuals and accessories, they will command the top price, typically about $75 off or thereabouts.

      My most recent experience with this was when I sold my Touch Pro2. T-Mobile had them listed for $450 and I sold mine for close to $400 or thereabouts. (I did throw in a case, 4GB chip and an extended battery).

      All in all though I was fine with that since I got to use the Touch Pro2 for 6 months for about $10 monthly.

  • Onemangang

    Hate to burst anyones bubble, but I got mine on Friday. I have had to do four master resets and pull the battery out at least three times a day. For some reason I am always an early adopter. I always tell my self never again . Like after I got my cliq the first week it came out. I tried hard to love that phone and eventually I got use to the glitches. But what good is a phone if you cant even make phone call. Constantly freezes, buttons wont respond to wake the phone up. I was on the phone with my wife and could not end the call, kept going for 36 min until I realized. Called tech. support the only thing the recommeded was that I get my money back, because they were out of stock. I want to love this phone, but it is making it very hard.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Definitely growing pains and all.

      I’ll give you another example. I was waiting in line at the post office and my MobiTV would not work through the earphones. Was getting sound through the speaker, just not the earphones.

      Then tried a movie and no sound with that either. Oh great, I thought, a defective audio port (it happens).

      Got home and tried a reset, still no sound.

      Then I went into settings and took it off the option to have the same sound level for all apps and phone.

      Then tried MobiTV again, IT WORKED!

      So I dunno what the heck is going on. That tells me it’s something with the apps. One of them is the culprit. I suspect it is contaminating 6.5’s audio settings. Maybe it’s MobiTV, maybe not.

      In any event I still love my phone, but yeah, these niggles are a hassle. I did not get to play MSNBC when in line at the post office and that was a major drag.

      • twitch110

        So can you not remove those programs then? I will never use mobitv or blockbuster or any of the other apps. I just don’t know how to remove them, or if it will hurt the phone to remove them. Hmmm…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      No, no… you can easily remove programs. One way is with ActiveSync and the other is on the phone.

      On the Phone: Press the “Settings” tab, click “Application” and then select “Remove Programs.”

      Be advised, however, that some programs don’t show up on the list of installed programs that you can remove. I don’t know why it’s like that. Maybe the software companies wanted to make it difficult to remove their supplied programs.

      For removal of any programs you can install a free program that accesses the registry and removes programs that way. Those are CAB files and they are on XDA, PPCGeeks, etc.

      Oh, there is also the “Remove Programs” icon in the programs that shows up when you press “Start.” But that is harder to find than simply pressing the Settings tab in the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

      Get a third party uninstaller program, it’s better at doing all this. I’ll provide a link later, have to leave.

  • jshin

    just got mins today, flashed energy rom and man this sucker is fast. no problems what so ever,still testing though

    • ha!

      ya i agree..i compared my hd2 with energy rom to my friend stock hd2 and its so much faster.

  • jacknjill

    i went to tmobile, they were offering it for $275 for upgrade.. is that legit or should i wait.. i had 2 yr contact, 13 months are already over, shouldnt they give it to me for $218 upgrade price? been with tmobile for 10 yrs… where is the loyalty?

  • traumacodenow

    As far as multi tasking goes I run the crap out of mine and the snapdragon just begs for more. It stays responsive and runs everything fine. The only app I had trouble with was skyfire, so it was uninstalled and then reinstalled and now it runs just fine. As for the 3G issues switching back and forth to EDGE where do people live? I live in the downtown area of Los Angeles and I have wonderful 3G coverage and on speedtest am getting upload speeds as high as 3.5mbps.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      It’s not where people live that is the issue with 3G, if 3G is in one’s area, it’s the user’s environment.

      As you know, a solid cell phone signal (including 3G) is heavily dependent on one’s surroundings. Interference can be caused by structures, geographic remoteness, and especially the morass of electronics one is running at the same time as wanting a good 3G signal. (E.g., computers with poor shielding or even power adapters with lousy shielding: especially the knock off junk from China that looks good, but skimps on shielding to prevent radio interference).

      Many “poor signal” complaints are not the fault of the HD2 or T-Mobile, it’s one’s environment. People here in San Francisco have issues when in the Financial District. Here there are buildings with walls (many with metal supports), stairwells, elevators, tall buildings surrounding one as if in a cocoon, and thousands of poorly shielded electronics running at the same time. All this , etc., all this creates spotty or poor reception.

      As I said elsewhere, my condo that is on Nob Hill is surrounded by tall buildings, except the front windows that face the water. There is also a building near me that has transmission towers atop it. Therefore, the only place I can get a solid 3G signal is sitting by the large picture window. I move to the kitchen I am back to Edge and/or I lose the signal entirely.

  • TechJunkie

    I don’t know what i was thinking….i guess i was blinded by it being a new shiny high tech device….but i’m really REALLY not liking windows. So, my HD2 will be going back. I’ve learned that i am an adroid fan for life, and i refuse to stray again. Guess i’ll stick with my Nexus one. If anyone on XDA is finally able to figure out a way to get android on the lovely HD2 hardware…then i’ll order it again and upload an android rom, because i LOVE the screen size. But otherwise, i’ll stick with what i love. :)

  • tmoboy

    Tmo employees got major screwed. We waited for the phone just like everyone else. We ordered it. Then were told that phones we ordered were being given to customers instead of being distributed evenly. Why should we even care about selling this phone when we’re treated this way.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Because those customers buying those phones pay your salary that allow you to buy the phone for yourself.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        How easy it is for some T-Mobile employees to forget who they work for (the customer and their sole raison d’être (to serve the customers’ needs, aka sell them products/services).

        Yeah, this T-Mobile employee can have his HD2, while sending off an angered customer who can’t get an HD2 to a competitor. LOL.

  • traumacodenow

    Yeah I’m sure T-Mobile would love that verizon/att customer service like statement… Nice


    I’ve already said it on one of my posts, all you android fanboys and girls stick with the android YOU WILL NEVER like anything else, don’t force yourself to like this phone!!! YOU WILL HATE IT!! I LOVE IT. I had my old dash for 3 plus years and I kept waiting for a cool windows phone to come out, I was really bummed out because it never seemed to happen (until now). I bought my wife a G1 and actually really like it, and I REALLY THINK ANDROID is cool!!! But my phone is actually really used to keep up with my exchange server at work, I was just waiting and waiting for a device like this (I”M SO HAPPY) the TV, movies and whatever else is on this phone is just kind of a bonus, which means they don’t mean that much to me. Don’t start throwing things at me yet I really think all that stuff is cool and neat, but I need this phone to do the basics plus get on the internet so that I can make money to buy neat things like this (the HD2 does this very well!). So if I had no job and alot of time on my hands to do nothing except play with my phone I would probably choose the Android (The iphone is out for me something about Steve Jobs bugs me). SO I’ll SAY IT AGAIN GET YOUR ANDROID, make YOURSELF happy, don’t buy a Windows phone because we already know you won’t like it.


    @twitch110 go to settings and then application to remove blockbuster I haven’t tried to remove the MobiTV (I still may want to try that even though it is glitchy). And like Michael said if you are having problems check your Task Manager when mine starts slowing down I check it. You don’t need to download anything its already there on the phone just hit the start button and scroll down and open it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Good tip… The programs I am referring to put Task Manager and “app killer” on the Taskbar where it is easily accessed on the Today screen.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Oh, also, one can set up Task Manager as a Quick Link.

      IMHO there’s not enough Quick Links (I want at least 12 (instead of the nine) and I liked this one Today Screen program that made the Quick Links smaller and had six on the Today screen instead of the three that is on the stock Sense interface.

      Sidenote: Run Task Manager often. I suspect you will be surprised how many programs and features are running in the background.

      For example, I just ran TM and it had from just a few hours of use:






      From my Today screen it did not appear that any programs were running, but the above were. I would venture to guess that the majority of people having problems with lag or time-outs are suffering such because there’s too many programs running.

      Remember, these phones are basically mini computers, but they are running the same as computers back in the days of Windows 95 and 98. They are not yet capable of running smoothly, especially when multi-tasking or using a phone days on end without a reset (soft reset, that is). You even need a memory manager to flush a “clogged” RAM every once in awhile (there’s free RAM mangers that work quite well).

      Every morning I do a battery pull reset and constantly check Task Manager to close running programs that I have “closed” but really did not.

      Do all of the above and I think you will be surprised when your lag and crash problems disappear.

      Sidenote: If any of you want to do a hard reset to simply start over, keep in mind that some people have said their microSD cards were erased.

      I had installed some programs from my old Touch Pro2 days and a few left some lingering files after an uninstall. So I performed a hard reset from the Settings menu.

      BEFORE doing the reset I removed my 16GB microSD card. After the reset I inserted the card into the HD2. Everything was back to the way I got the phone.
      In other words, not having the SD card in the HD2 while performing a hard reset did not make a difference.

      So remove the SD card BEFORE doing a hard reset. ;)

      Bonus Sidenote: I am leaning toward MobiTV’s code as the program that’s causing major conflicts with apps and WinMo, and it’s preventing the HD2 from running smoothly.

  • DK Brothers

    I need a replacement. My HD2 has TERRIBLE reception. A buddy with and HD2 standing right next to me keeps and maintains a 3G signal. My goes from 3G to Edge to G to No signal whatsoever. When I lock it to 3G only, I get 3G for 10 seconds and as soon as I launch something that requires a connection, the connection goes into search mode and Nada…

    Also had to do a hard reset the day after purchase because the thing would no longer recognize my password.

  • tmoboy

    the distribution of phones has nothing to do with caring about customers..the only reason this happened is because t-mobile is greedy, plain and should have been first come first served..customer care has stated that they would rather make profit off of customers than let us have them at cost..i’m sorry but if a benefit of my job is getting a phone at cost that has nothing to do with customers getting would you feel if your job benefits were changed at moments notice? do you think tmobile should profit off their employees? they already do this with our phone plans which should be free..sorry i’m pissed but the way this has been handled with us and with customers is wrong.we’ve been told to lie to customers and tell them we are out of stock if they arent activating..this is soooo wrong..customers shouldnt have to lie to get employees to admit that the phone is in stock..i seriously doubt this phone will be updated or get support like the androids beginning to think this phone is all hype..

    • recon11


      You are so right I am so upset and disgusted with Tmobile. Only for new customer si absolutly absurd to say the least. I am canceling my service with them.T Mobile lying to customers is absurb, and employees a like is insane. Yesterday I had to actually call the 1877 T mobile sales number to find out that this phone is for new activations or if you wanted to add a second line to your prexisting service. When you ask when the phone will be available, all the corporate stores say different things,as well as customer care. Also @tmoby a acutal customer care rep actually admitted that some of the coporate stores are holding phones for new activations only. Ridiculous and criminal. There is no way in the world that they will fill all this demand in the next month , all of the stores in the continental US are completly sold out,and some stores even have up to 200 ppl on a waiting list. Why do they even have a customer loyalty deparment!
      Again Corporate Greed Strikes again!!!!!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        ” Ridiculous and criminal. There is no way in the world that they will fill all this demand in the next month , all of the stores in the continental US are completly sold out,and some stores even have up to 200 ppl on a waiting list. Why do they even have a customer loyalty deparment! Again Corporate Greed Strikes again!!!!!”

        I had T-Mobile screw up my order for a BlackBerry 9700. I was really mad at T-Mobile, but I did not believe it a criminal enterprise nor evidence of corporate greed.

        In any successful product launch there’s going to be those at the end of the line who get upset. But calling T-Mobile criminals or declare them guilty of corporate greed is not going to solve your problem.

        Next time do what I did. I suspected the HD2 was going to go fast, so called customer care on the 23rd, confirmed what was the earliest I could order the phone (she told me CC opens at 6:00 am EDT) and said “no” to my statement that I was being a bit ridiculous about getting the HD2.

        Being here in San Francisco (PDT) I opted to stay up until 3:00 am PDT so I could phone in my order.

        For any number of reasons T-Mobile ordered only so many HD2 phones for the initial run (for online, CC and in-store purchasing). Maybe all the talk about WP7, etc. caused them to wait and see how things would go.

        Remember the Net chatter about people saying they were not going to buy the HD2 because it could not upgrade to WP7? If I was T-Mobile I would have held back on purchasing HD2s because there were so many people (and the media) saying the phone was outdated before it even went on sale.

        Now after T-Mobile playing it cautious (especially with shareholders and momma in Germany watching) people want to complain about T-Mobile not spending millions to keep the store shelves stocked, oh please.

        Actually, I’m surprised that T-Mobile came thorough so fast with more HD2s.

        But you are doing the right thing. Cancel your T-Mobile account and go elsewhere. Not sure where you are going to go, however. By your standards ALL the carriers are criminals and guilty of corporate greed. I remember reading about the iPhone being sold out. And back when T-Mobile sold the Pearl in 2006, man oh man the flames were hot and heavy when T-Mobile ran out of stock.

  • Halo

    Wondering and I may have Missed it…What other HTC HD2 “Like” Devices are coming to T-Mobile USA? The HTC DESIRE?

    Since I might as well wait for the next big thing for a full upgrade.

  • does anyone know how to import media simpler than just through windows or sync center , i tried using the double twist and everytime i login in says “there is no row at position 0” dont know what that means can anyone help?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I’m not sure what you are asking here. Do you mean transferring media on to the microSD card?

      If so, I never connect my phones to a PC to transfer files. I always remove the chip from the phone, insert it into a thumb drive and transfer files via Windows Explorer.

      This way I am assured of the fastest USB 2.0 connection.

      By the way, as I said elsewhere, the 16GB card that comes with the HD2 is appreciated, but it’s a fail in my book. That’s because it is a Class 2 chip which means the transfer speed is 2MB a second. That’s really slow, especially compared to a Class 6 that transfers files at 6MB a second.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Michael, at some point I keep wishing I could get your actual email address, because by now, you should just be writing for the site :-)


      • recon01

        Michael just got the phone. Its great. Do you have a email address, I had a couple questions.


      • recon01

        I will try this again since my last post did not post.
        @ItsMichaelNotMike I have some questions for you if you dont mind. Is there anyway to get in contact with you directly?


  • Moi

    Where’d they get the phones? They told the emps, ‘oh, sorry, we’re shifting your order to a store, you’ll have to wait for months.’ Stick together my happy @ss. The emps get f’ed more than the customers do.

  • Matt

    Just tried to upgrade online and via the phone, they are completely sold out. Anyone have any idea when their next batch of phones will arrive.?

  • Wyatt

    Still sold out.

  • gargoyle999

    my local store just got 18 of them in!! Off to do an exchange since I had to return the one I got on release day since it didn’t charge.