HTC HD2 First Day Sales Numbers?


I think it will not be a surprise for most of you to learn that the HTC HD2 sold quite a bit during its first day.  Current rumors, and we emphasize the rumor portion here, peg first day sales at 21,700 units between retail and employee sales only.  Our tipster says these numbers do not include phone sales and we are not sure if that includes online orders as well. If those are missing, we are sure to see this number spike north.  I have gone hands on with this device quite a bit in the past few days at CTIA (again, since we have already reviewed it) and I just love this device. (Moreover, please, quit your complaints about it not having Android on it.  It does not have it and it might never, so give upThis isn’t the Windows Phone of old; this thing is a beast.  So, if you have even a remote interest, go try one out at a local T-Mobile store and you’ll get convinced pretty quickly it’s that awesome!)  This is a Windows Phone powerhouse, easily the strongest multimedia phone and arguably the strongest phone currently in the T-Mobile lineup.

We cannot confirm these numbers, yet we are posting them because, well, it is what we do.  When we get further confirmation or an update, you will know where to find the information!

For the record, my friends at Wirefly shot me over this quote:

“Wirefly blew through its initial inventory (that they’d planned to last one week) before 3 PM and had to make an emergency order to keep up with the demand.”

Guess Windows 6.5 isn’t dead yet!


  • Max

    With all due respect David, we are not complaining.It kinda make you cringe when you see all the attention other networks have been getting lately (Android hardwares) and all t-mo been doing is releasing a whole bunch of first generation phones.T-mobile has so much potential and i know they can do better than that.Regarding android users: Android fans are one of the most enthusiastic crowd out there.They know what they want and they refused to settle for less.It’s simple!

    • Manny

      They are also some of the most whiniest, if a phone doesn’t have android it pretty much sucks. Not saying all android users are like this though, but others are.

    • ps

      what ever happened to the promise of all types of phones running Android? I remember before the G1 launched Google was saying that it could run on anything from a Touch Screen form factor (as it does today) to a Blackberry form factor, to a flip phone. Almost 2 years later and not even a sample of another style. Sorry to go off topic here ( GO HD2!!!!! )

      • mmaxxsooner

        Ahhh, the promises of an american conglomerate that is google!! Wtf wake up they are looking to bury all in their path, and as far as the fruit company is concerned… Gobble their ass up, so tired of seeing people scream into the damn fruit filled phone cause it sucks as a wait for it… Wait for.. it’s a fuck#in phone! Not an ipod touchy with phone capabilities! Wow give the hd2 the love it deserves which is wdm 6.5

      • Joe

        Obviously there are Android phones with and without QWERTY keyboards. There are Android tablets coming to market, and Android is even finding its way into set top boxes and automotive nav/entertainment units. Granted nothing that looks like a Blackberry has come out yet, and who would really want an Android flip phone anyways(?), but just give it time. Remember the G1 only came out 18 months ago. Once the manufacturers get comfortable with it I’m sure we’ll see more variety.

    • BKJames

      Exactly..WTF? windows 6.5 isn’t dead? Oh yeah this is why only T-mo is getting this phone out of the major carriers..anyway my friend has this phone..hardware is great.

    • Davidohio

      You are not complaining??? I have rad at least 100 posts of android fans complaining that the HD2 is not Android. Your statement is just not true. Period. I have a G1 and am an Android phone but I have not posted 1 single comment about this device not having Android. There are Winmo fans and there are Android fans. They got theirs and soon enough we will have ours, but complaining will not make it happen any faster.

    • MoJo..HD@

      This Is just ONE PHONE MAX…why can’t you android guys just give it a rest on how it would have been better with android…HEY NOT TO MENTION THAT sprint is getting that HTC EVO/supersonic…go get that when it comes out and leave us alone…(said with sarcasim)and trust me I will not be on an android site sayin all kinds of dumb stuff about your os..because it is not for me and i have REALIZED that and stuck with what i like…which is WINDOWS…there is no need for to bash android so you should respect what MS and HTC have done here…NEW phone are made everyday because not everyone likes the same things..and my FRIEND THIS HD2 WAS MEANT FOR US AND NOT YOU, SO DON’T WORRY IM PRETTY SURE THE htc evo WILL BE MEANT FOR YOU….$200, my fav OS and a new contract with my favorite carrier is the best, does not bother me at all….)I bet people will be paying an arm and leg for that that EVO because of people like you making android seem like its god…

      • alex

        sarcasim sim salabim

    • Namo

      @Max True but paying $500+ for a nexus a killer in peoples pocket. Plus people with Family Plan cant upgrade. That had killed nexus sales number big time.

      • jdog

        @Namo Just remember that we don’t pay high as bills like people do on other carriers so most of us can afford a Nexus One, I only pay $59.99/month. On AT&T you pay at least $110/month then if you want to you can bye an iPhone for $699. So people need to look at as if they were on a different network you would be paying at least a $1000 more for the phone plus their bill for 2 years. Example AT&T with unsub iPhone= $3,099 and T-mobile unsub Nexus One= $1,970

    • patient

      Hmm… this blog’s name is tmo news, I thought it was more about reporting and maintaining neutrality on what’s new with t-mobile Why so opinionated/attacking our personal choices? I thought this was a place where people can discuss/debate ideas but I guess not?

      I guess you are on the HD2 advertising payroll

      • Mo

        I don’t think telling people to stop spamming some variation of the phrase “no android=no buy” is being opinionated/attacking personal choices.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I still have yet to get any of the Android fanboys to explain why they are posting on a WinMo thread. All that does is ID who the morons are.

        Like I have said over and over again, I don’t hang out over at iPhone sites or Android pages dissing Apple or Android. (And in regards to Android I have a G1, posted lots of videos on YouTube that have got over 100,000 views, and have had the G1 since January 2009, so it’s not like I don’t know about the G1 and Android).

        When you say someting like “This fails, no Android” what are you attempting to accomplish? And what are you doing on this site? What’s really stupid is that you all say the same thing, “Wish this had Android” “Oh, it has outdated WinMo on it.” “Fail” “Hey everyone, just want you to know I’m a dumb fcuk.” “This would be hot with Android on it.” “Oh, another crappy WinMo phone.” “Android rules.” Yes, I really am a sheet for brains.” “If this had Android I’d buy it in a heartbeat.” “Boy are you people stupid who buy this phone.” “A stupid phone for stupid people.” “I’m waiting for this phone when Sprint has it, with Android.” “My IQ is 60, beat that.” “You should look at the EVO before buying this.” “WinMo will be no longer, MS is abandoning it, there won’t be any support for this phone, suckers.” “My wife left me because she said I was a failure. She’s right.” “I bought the HD2 and after looking at it for ten minutes I returned it because it’s a POS.” “Ha ha ha T-Mobile is a bunch of losers, can’t get a better phone than this.” “I’ll keep using my myTouch until a gooder Android phone comes out.” “The cheapest Android phone is better than this POS.” “I have to go, my parole officer is coming to check my computer to make sure I don’t have any sex stuff on it.”

        Etc., etc., etc.

      • alex

        im going to call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for you. its a blog. it has opinions. deal with it.

      • alex

        Im going to get you a waa waa waambulance! its a blog. it has opinions. deal with it.

      • jdog

        @ItsMichaelNotMike You have a good point but it all negated by the fact that you didn’t realize this is not a Windows thread my misinformed friend it’s a T-mobile one so people can say what they want pretty much as long as its about this carrier. Sorry but U DUM BOI

      • beej

        @patient- h….but you said it right: it’s a BLOG! It’s not a news site. They can offer opinion anytime they want. What are reviews? Opinion.

        @jdog- your “response” to ItsMichaelNotMike didn’t really make any sense to me. Would you really go to the Dell 10 post and complain that it’s not a MacBook or other laptop? Yes, you can say whatever you want, but so can those who ridicule you for finding it necessary to comment on WinMo-based Phone posts about the “greatness” of Android.

      • patient

        @ jdog- going off that statement, it would be a double standard to tell people not to disclose their opinions on the HD2

        Why is saying win mo rocks or hd2 ruLEZ not spam but no android, pass spam?

        It’s not like some1 saying FIRST! in which case they should fry in hell

      • patient

        i meant at beej

      • jdog

        @beej Would you please point out to me where in my comment did I say anything about Android. The only I was talking about is how he said this is a Windows Mobile thread and there should be not talk about Android or any other OS, you ever heard of free speech. You can’t tell me other anybody else what we can and can not write about, we don’t get censored like in China.

  • dsim91

    This will be tmo’s best seller of all time



    • Tig


      :) (I KIID)

  • I ordered mine via Customer Service. I can’t wait….I got two of the best phones on Tmobile! I got the Nexus One and the HTC HD2….sooooo g33ky!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Congratulations. That’s an awesome couple phones to have.

      I was going to get another phone (besides the HD2 that I bought yesterday) to replace my G1 that my girlfriend is using, but I want to put that on hold because I am sure there’s some summer T-Mobile phones that will be tempting, or we will just wait for the holidays.

      But her G1 is really getting old, at 13 months.

      Mark my words, holiday season 2010 will make our heads explode. The EVO is just a teaser. That phone is hot. I really like the way HTC is going with the colored interior compartment. The HD as a yellow interior, the EVO is red. That is just a really cool touch.

      And I suspect HTC has some really hot stuff planned.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Amazing how 5~10 years ago, a device wasn’t old until it was at least 2 years old and your contract was coming up for renewal… now, 13 months and it’s getting long in the tooth! lmao… nice :)

  • ag

    I appreciate your man crush on the hd2 David but its really becoming annoying. You like it, we understand. I really don’t need all the homerism on every hd2 article.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Who is “we” all the other thread crapping idiots on here?

      Don’t include me when making moronic comments. I apprecite a T-Mobile news site discussing the HD2.

      • jdog

        Include me in the “we” cause I’m the one who said Windows 6.5 is a dead OS in the first place. Besides David likes HTC Sense not basic Windows 6.5, everybody here knows that if it was just 6.5 they would not buy this phone like people do with Android (Nexus One, Droid, G1, Mytouch, etc..). Also if you read your other comment above I already proved just how moronic you are.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @jdog: Yes, yes, yes… you have no life and nothing better to do with your time than spam about how dead WinMo 6.5 is… but, let me tell you this much… for a dead O/S, it still brings me in a nice paycheck every two weeks. So, go ahead, keep spouting off about how dead it is, ok?


      • Josh

        @ jdog

        Are you “Just some douch” or another troll just like him?

        Either way just go back to your hole. As we said hundred times we don’t need Android Fanboys (trolls, tools, spammers) like you here in Windows Mobile related posts.

        Keep your opinion for yourself people like you and post it in Android (or better say Craproid) related post.

        People like you with their stupid comments disgust me.

    • Tig

      Speak for yourself ag – the HD2 is awesome and deserves all the positive press it gets! Go eat one K?

  • Craiger_B

    I can’t put this phone down. My children think my face is the back of an HD 2. No worries though, I plan on showing my face this weekend. I wonder if my boss has seen a drop in productivity? Hear ye, o lovers of Android, ye shall not be disappointed. Forsake your OS and walk in victory with your HD2 toting T-Mo brethren!

  • Danny Thai

    I am posting this from my htc hd2 right now using swype. let me tell you guys, this phone is c screaming fast! for all those windows mobile haters out there, you really need to check this phone out. this phone basically radically transformthe windows mobile experience that you know.ious so fast,I have yet to experience ant lag yet.also, windows mobile works surprisingly well on the capacitive notsure why they didn’t implement this sooner. hands down, this phone rocks the socks off the iphone and android devices

    • mmaxxsooner

      Damn dude your english skills, or lack thereof, might scare people to think that swype turns them into some kind of gangsta punk winmo lovin fool, please for the Rest of us STFU. We get It, android is crap, long live the also ran that is winmo! (Did we all think that redmond was that stupid? No! They just test their shit first). So they don’t get 1.5 1.6, 2.0, 2.1. Fragmentation Donut, cake, eclair, ballsucker who cares they suck! Whatever in the hell release they are on! Face it winmo will make huge strides in fy10 because they know that people want consistency, something android sorely lacks, bigtime!

  • Danny Thai

    im actually going to buy four moreif these devices later this week

  • da9th_one

    “Moreover, please, quit your complaints about it not having Android on it, it does not have it, and it might never so give up. This isn’t the Windows Phone of old, this thing is a beast.”

    Tell it like it is brotha…!!! I’m glad this thing has wm 6.5 on it, because android sucks, and windows phone 7 is going to really suck…

    Although I prefer devices w/ a physical qwerty keyboard, i.e. my good ol’ tp2, the hd2 will allow me to extend the wm 6.5 goodness and steer free of wmp7 altogether…

  • Jshin

    Ordered mine yesterday at noon and I am still impatiently waiting for my tracking number, Beware customer service reps I will be calling tomorrow if the phone hasn’t shipped yet to get my 20 bucks back! 3 days means 3 days and Since I ordered it at noon yesterday, Today is a day, Tomorrow is a day and Saturday it better be on my front step or refund on my 20 dollar express 3 day delivery fee I will get.

    • mrgibbs

      3 business days….business days do not include weekends….and when you order…you are told this….hope you enjoy your phone once you get it though. Is def a bad ass phone

    • Jennifer

      UPS will not deliver for T-Mobile on Saturdays.

    • Davidohio

      @jshin….yeah you will get it Monday because Saturday is NOT a business day so you wasted 20 bucks. Should have got free ground delivery, you still would have got it Monday. Good luck getting a refund on your 20 bucks.

      • ohheelno

        @Davidohio, they would NOT get the package on monday with the free shipping. 3 business days = Thursday Friday Monday (delivery date), ground shipping = Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday Wednesday (earliest delivery date) Thursday Friday (latest delivery date). They are BOTH business days, so shin would have have to wait up to 4 days longer is he/she selected ground shipping. Get your facts straight before belittling someone else’s decisions.

      • beej

        @ohheelno- do you know where he lives? Those are some exact groud shipping dates. Sometiems ground can be faster than 3-day (depoending on where they ship from).

      • ohheelno

        @beej those are the guaranteed shipping dates. I never claimed that I knew where he lived nor that it wouldn’t get there sooner, but Davidohio made it seem like a guarantee based on his statement…when by the expected delivery that UPS provided, that is absolutely false. While there is a CHANCE it could get there by monday, it wouldn’t be guaranteed like express would, so jshin did not “waste” 20 dollars”.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      How did you order it, UPS or USPS? I ALWAYS specify USPS because that means you can get it on a Saturday. Moreover, when T-Mobile uses USPS shipping is by Priority Mail which means two to three day delivery.

      On every phone that I have ordered on a Wednesday I have always received it either on the following Friday or Saturday.

      Example: When I ordered my Touch Pro2 on August 12, 2009 (a Wed.) it arrived at my P.O. Box on Saturday, August 14. I was lucky that my P.O. box was just big enough that the package fit into the box otherwise I would not have been able to pick it up until Monday.

      Getting the Touch Pro2 on a Saturday ended up dictating how I spent the balance of my weekend. LOL.

      Oh, that two to three day estimate is even when the phones are shipped from coast to coast (Georgia to San Francisco in my case).

      Tip: T-Mobile gives you a long estimate so that you don’t call them asking where is your phone. So if you used USPS you will get it by Saturday if you get Saturday mail delivery.

      I don’t know about UPS, but I suspect they are way slower. Also, I thought T-Mobile was using FedEx, not UPS. Either way, I think FedEx ground is slow too.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I mean Saturday, August 15.

      • ohheelno

        Sorry, but I am an employee of Customer Care, and we NEVER use USPS unless the customer’s address on file is a P.O. Box, or if the customer is based in Hawaii. We always use UPS, and the estimated delivery time we give you based off of the time frame UPS guarantees their delivery. If they say 5-7 business days, the estimated delivery date we will give you is going to OBVIOUSLY be the 7th business day, but we ALWAYS provide you with information on how to check the website so you can see the true delivery date when it becomes available…it has nothing to do with us “giving a long estimate so that you don’t call back asking where the phone is”.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well I have a P.O. Box so that explains why they use USPS. Pardon the mistake, but no one has ever told me that the reason they ship USPS is because of the P.O. Box.

        Guess all I can say is “Get a P.O. Box.” :) I have had P.O. boxes since college days. Mail is more secure, you don’t have to always change your address when moving, you are not always giving out your residence address, and you can get T-Mo phones faster than if shipped by UPS.

  • I totally agree, I am a long time WM user and have had them all from the original HTC Touch, to the Touch pro and so one, prior to the arrival of the HD2 I was using the Dash 3G. The HD2 has completely answered all of my requests in a phone except one at the moment, I would like for the HD2 to have some sort of app that streams Netflix to the device, and it wouldn’t hurt for MS to add an updated version of Silverlight. All in All this HD2 rocks like crazy, I have had zero lags and i must have already added many apss and even made a few tweeks. David I feel the same way about this phone man. While we are at it, what are some of the apps that youall have added to your HD2 thus far?

    • Double U Dee

      We’re pretty much in the same boat. I was rocking the T-Mo Dash and was ready to get rid of that thing. The HD2 has finally giving me all the things i’ve been looking for in a phone. I get the easy access to my work’s MS Exchange email, multimedia capabilities, access to movies, GPS, etc, etc. it just does everything I need a phone to do without needing a special app or hacking into the phone. The apps available aren’t bad at first glance.

      I’ve only downloaded the SkyFire browser which is pretty good. I’m really hoping they get a Netflix streaming app because i’m already using at home on the PS3 and laptop.

  • zazou

    No matter what OS this phone has on it, the fact is that this is the best hardware that Tmobile has ever offered. They usually just have average hardware and charge a premium for it.

  • Bobomo

    “So, if you have even a remote interest, go try one out at a local T-Mobile store, you’ll get convinced pretty quick, it’s that awesome!”

    I went to a store and tried one out and was not convinced enough to buy it. You see, some of us don’t get all googly eyed over shiny, flashy electronic shit and actually make informed purchases. If I’m going to give a cell phone company several thousand dollars over the life of a contract, I want to be damn sure that my phone will still be meeting my needs at the end of that contract. Since I don’t give a damn about “Transformers” and Blockbuster will probably be out of business in a year, I’m not being swayed by T-Mobile’s talking points.

    As for the OS, what I care about is that it’s going to be agile enough to meet future needs. I’m not sure where mobile web is going exactly, but if it involves Flash at all, it’s highly likely that the HD2 will be left behind. If Mozilla’s browser does in the mobile market even a fraction of what it accomplished in the desktop market it will be a massive success… and one that won’t happen on the HD2. There is a reason people want Android on this phone, and it’s not JUST because they are whiny fanboys. It’s because Google is moving the mobile marketplace in new directions – free navigation, fully integrated text-to-speech, use of QR codes – and customers want to get on the moving train. Over the course of the next 2 years – primarily 2011 – whatever new happens in the mobile space is going to be happening on Android, iPhone, WP7 (maybe WebOS and Meego) but probably not on Windows Phone Classic or Starter or whatever.

    Rant aside, I’m happy for those who got this phone, and I’m happy T-Mobile sold a lot. Good for them and good for you.

    • MoJo..HD@

      whatever….JEEZ…why are there haters on here…if you do not like the HD2 do not open up this blog and read our moments of JOY….JEEEEZZZZZ….(IF you are broke and can’t afford to spend $200 on a great phone then you shouldn’t be shopping for a phone….ME…I have no problem starting a new 2 year contract with tmobile cuz i will be with them forever….(If people want android on this baby…just go sign a contract with more money most likely and get the HTC EVO/Supersonic..that has android on it and most of the same specs as the HD2, and an HDMI port and 8 mega pixel CAM..that will make you android loving fools happy, then you guys can leave us alone..)…DO YOU GUYS NOT SEE THE NAME OF THIS WEBSITE (TMONEWS) all i want to here about is what is the HOTTEST NEWS in tmobile…and that my Friend is the HD2 with WINDOWS MOBILE ON IT… all you people who hate THIS PHONE just SHUT THE F**CK UP AND GO SOME WHERE ELSE…OR JUST NOT COMMENT.

      • Bobomo

        Please learn how to correctly type the English language before lecturing me on how and when I should comment. (HINT: When holding the shift key, the “@” symbol will appear instead of a “2”) At least my comments had some substance and reasoning instead of just a random jumble of poor grammar, bad spelling and childish insults.

        If the writer of this blog didn’t want a discussion of Android, he should not have made mention of it in the article. These discussions generate lots of page hits; I think he knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • you hdwindows

        why are people so worried about the way you type on the fuckin INTERNET, this isnt a business deal or school paper..i swear the things people choose to critique about is just nonsense. as for my opinion, i dont understand how poeple can possibly say that wm is oudated when it can do everything android/iphone can do and then some..wm 5 can do all that shit as well, people are hating on the HD2, go buy you a nexus1 and be happy, get off the HD2 articles with the hate. i have had 2 android devices a iphone && 3 blackberries and they are no better than wm, the dam androids are forever force closing and lags just as well, and the update shit? pls the newest of android phones till running 1.5 but no shade because i like all mobile os’s but wm has to be my fave because the computer like capabilities

      • MoJO…HD@@@@

        BOBOMO…I dont give a flying monkeys a$$ how I type on the F**ckin internet…as long as people understand what i am say that is all that matter..TRUST ME IF I WANTED THE TYPE CORRECTLY, I WOULD HAVE DONE IT WITH NO PROBLEMS…and as far as childish insults, I can insult u 10x worse then that..but it will just be better if i could say it to your face…and realize how many @’s i placed behind my name…OMG, that means i don’t know how to type the ENGLISH language…B*TCH I speak 4 langauges…English, French, and 2 african languages…so don’t even try to insult my inteligence based on me typing on a blog…and @YOUHDWINDOWS thanks making that point..

    • Davidohio

      Maybe you should get a Nopkia 1661? They are nice. If you download the skyfire browser it has flash.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Why are you even in this thread? Your post has no value whatsoever and no one gives a fook what you think about the HD2.

      Sheesh, quit with the thread crapping.

      You do know that this is a T-Mobile fan site, where people discuss um… let me see, oh…. T-Mobile news.

      Got it? Get the fook out of here.

  • queeny

    The hd2 is nice, but of course it is going to look like a powerhouse or be the best especially when all the other phones on the network are $hitty! Now picture a world where we actually had other powerhouses on the network that we could actually choose from. But all in all thank god tmobile finally has one respectable phone!

  • Raj

    Many of the blogs are saying the HD2 is not performing up to the expectation and they have been returning their HD2s. Lot of Hangs and hard reboots. Wondering how much of this is true.

    • GatorDon

      Overall this phone has been greate, but I have had a few hangups and had to do a couple of hard reboots. Hopefully these things will get ironed out, but overall this is a great device and I am enjoying it a lot.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Starting with your comment, none of it.

      This is starting to look like the anti-healthcare websites, just make stuff up.

  • I’m going to upgrade my iPhone 3G to HD2, as I was longing for Flash and anyway I want to go with WP7 when it comes. I dont’ want to deal with N1, as we already knew it has lot of hardware issues.

  • Radio Shack has it for $150.00. $50.00 less then T Mobile!

  • Cybersedan

    I knew this would happen, I ordered mine yesterday as well… Have the Nexus One but I’m getting the HD2 for the multimedia stuff and the screen size. Size does matter, it made my N1 look small side-by-side.

  • Drizzle

    The reason I’m hearing people like this phone so much is because how well HTC hides windows mobile….mmmkay. I’m sure its nice though, really.

  • c

    Trying it out in store convinced me not to buy it. I’ll stick with my N1. Great looking phone though. WM isn’t that bad and gets a lot of support from devs so you who bought it should have fun.

    • MoJo..HD@

      THANK YOU FOR THE GOOD COMMENT…thanks for not bashing this phone my friend…you tried it, didn’t like and you moved on and wished us joy with ours…once more thank you..unlike some other ppl using android..

      • mmaxxsooner

        Yes, it was a nice backhanded comment. Really, you were sucker enough to by the nexus1 500$+ ( oh and I can’t get a 3g signal) and call that nice? People are fools and google android just suck them in sssssuuuuccckkk! Hd2 rules this game nexus1 sucks love it android fans!

  • David, thanks for all that you do. It’s great to see people so passionate about technology. I am also excited for T-Mobile. I was on the fence for quite a while about this phone… but thanks to your steady coverage, I was able to gradually come to a decision after weighing all the facts. I thought I would die without Android, but I am rather excited for a new OS to learn and play with.

    Those who have OS complaints, XDA forums are your friend. If there is anyone half as brilliant as Steve (Cyanogen) doing work on Windows Mobile, I’m sure this is going to be an even more scintillating experience.

    As I type this from my G1, I must admit that I will miss a physical keyboard… but I will learn to love that big fat screen and the glory that is Swype. I made my phone order yesterday morning, and I can’t wait until my phone arrives next week.

  • bjfam83

    This phone is killing the comp!

  • Jshin

    @ Bobomo have you ever heard of skyfire? Just Google it and check it out. No “mobile web on that browser. It is actual internet and has MS silver light and flash and it gets better and better each update. I highly recommend anyone with the HD2 or any Windows phone to go to and check it out. also if you go to go to forums, locate the Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium) and go to apps section and one of the first posts is chalk full of apps. Check the HD2 section 2 for apps,wallpapers and ROMS. Hit the link for a ROM I would recommend. Please read the post and follow the instructions or you may brick your phone.

    • Bobomo

      I’m specifically referring to Flash 10.1, which includes hardware graphics acceleration – something that will be very important for video and battery life. I’m not saying, like many others, that WM6.5 is a “dead platform”. Lots of people will be doing lots of interesting stuff over the next year or so. However, when major players like Mozilla and Adobe bow out, it’s hard for me to get too excited about the latest pretty ROM. The guys at XDA are supremely talented, but they aren’t going to be innovating the mobile marketplace like Google et al. will.

      • rushmore

        Flash 10.1 is amazing. I have seen it on the Nexus and N900. Performs great on both. The HD2 was “born” to have Flash 10.1, so a shame if it does not make it. The current best verison of FLash for phones is 9.4 on the N900 and Flash 10.1 is WAY WAY better- no comparison. Performs as good as it does on a netbook (Flash 10.1 beta).

        Games and Hulu content play perfectly and content that chokes on the N900 is smooth as butter. Higher res movies choke, but they do on netbooks and low end lappies as well.

  • ken

    Me and my girlfriend bought two HD2 yesterday from tmobile retail store. To be honest the phone itself is good but the OS is sucks. I like android better than wm. So we decided to return both phone today and i was suprise when the tmobile sale representative told me that “i knew it!, your the 5th person who return hd2 today and that was expected” lol. BTW im not complaining, im just sharing my opinion/experienced/point of view.

    • Tig

      Umm how exactly does the OS suck? I am thinking you are just regurgitating garbage you heard on the web. So please do list all the problems that make this OS suck? I am very interested to hear your comprehensive list.

  • andrew

    im sure that there is going to be a hd3 look at the sales on its first day

    • RayLebron

      I believe it was pretty clear that there was going to be a succesor of this phone before launch. This phone got a lot of people interrsted with its awesome screen realestate and incedible specs. The most important aspect of this phone is that it set the new standard on how big a screen can be and how capable and versatile a device is. This launch numbers also show how customers are looking for cutting edge tech and how a company can give new life to an almost extinct platform. Just my “dos centavos” ladies and gents.

  • RayLebron

    I got mine yesterday and am still trying to get the hang of it. Seems like an awesome phone. I havent download any apps but would like to know if there is a way to use Buzz on Google Maps. Thanks in advance and enjoy your phones.

    • Ruiner

      You just need to download the newest version of Google Maps to use Buzz. The installed version that comes stock on the phone is 3.2.1. You need the 4.x version to use Buzz. Just download the .cab and install.

  • Teddy

    I got my HD2, and I’m loving it! It’s AMAZING.
    but, is anyone else’s Start Button (the one in the middle) not working?
    it’s on and off on functioning right…..but it’s not really working.

    • Joe

      My Start button stopped working at one point but after a reboot it has not done it again.

  • Scott

    Is it true amazon is selling it for $99?

    • poopman

      ya it is i just looked but its for new service and its $200 for extension of contract.

    • Bobomo

      Lots of places are selling it for less than T-Mobile, provided you are opening a new line of service. This is because (I’m kind of guessing here) they get a cut of the signup fees and the ETF, should you cancel.

      For upgrades, the prices are mostly the same, although I think Amazon is around $175.

    • Davidohio

      Walmart here had it for $99.99 for new activations today. Not upgrades :(

  • Johny

    I don’t understand the Roms thing they aren’t official up dates but hacked ones right?nd will it mess up the phone?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike


      The HD2 ROMS are for the European HD2 (“E. HD2”). You can brick your phone if you install a ROM meant for a different device.

      Are there differences? I dunno, but I am not going to risk my new HD2 to find out.

      For example on differences, some of the custom ROMS unlock the extra RAM that turns out was on the first HD2s. (In others words, the E. HD2 has the same amount of RAM as the T-Mobile HD2). Will the unlocking instructions that frees up the RAM conflict with the T-Mo ROM because it already has the ROM available? I dunno, but it might.

      Moreover, the ROM chips could be different. We have 1GB ROM, does that mean the ROM architecture (circuitry) is different than the E. HD2 that has 512MB ROM? I dunno, it might.

      And the really big difference is the apps that the ROMS install. The T-Mobile HD2 has many apps that the E. HD2 does not have. If you install an E. HD2 ROM you will be wiping out or writing over (uninstalling in a way) the T-Mo apps. They will be gone and lost forever and you would be stuck with the apps that come with the E. HD2.

      So we should wait for XDA to come up with ROMS meant for the U.S. HD2.

  • Mike V

    i got my phone yesterday afternoon and coming from a g1, its insanely sick man! i went to work today and showed it to all the iphone lovers and all but one of them want to jump ship just to get one. this has to be the baddest phone ive ever ever had.

  • Willy M.

    I went and sold my hacked iphone and five minutes later waited for tmobile to open to get this phone at 9am. Only one guy was ahead of me and he had it reserved so let me go in front of him. Gotta say once I started figuring it all out and sense I love this phone way more than my iphone. Selling my hacked iPhone and having enough to buy this beast plus cash left over = win.

  • Nain

    i went to tmobile 9AM. and they opened at 10AM, i was first in line, at about 9:45 there were 20 people behind me, i know some people left unhappy

    BTW off topic real quick (sorrY)

    im having crazy battery issue… in the first hour it went from 100% to about 80% with barely even touching it…and yes i have wifi off, bluetooth off, gps off, all tasks killed, dimmed screen, any tips on improving battery life??

    a quick question, can i turn 3G off?? so its only edge dadta connection??

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I believe in the Settings you can tell the HD2 to stick to 2G only. Not sure, but check it out under the network settings or something like that.

      On the battery, I suspect that the display uses a lot of battery power.

  • Jose

    i bought this phone and really didnt like the whole windows 6.5 it kept freezing on me battery sucks and just windows sucks lol i returned it the same day
    i tryed it but i guess it wasnt for me.

    • Tig

      If it froze there was a problem with the device. I have been installing tons of apps and beating up my phone since the second I got it and have not had a single freeze. I am really thinking there is a bad batch of HD2s floating around.

  • tchez27

    Got my phone yesterday and it was working great until I came across youtube. My youtube app has been stuck on downloading since 8pm yesterday and will not do anything else no matter what I try. I tried using it in 2g, 3g and wifi and none of it worked. I checked my internet connection and that was fine, my browser works. I tried killing all tasks, clearing out the browser history, restarting the phone, taking out the batter while on to reset it and last but not least, called Tmo to see if they had any issues in my area with 3G or anyone else had this issue. Unfortunately Im the only beneficiary and will probably need to return it for an exchange. Before I do I’m going to try doing a master reset. the tmo rep told me I need to power it off, hold the volume rocker and call end/power button at the same time and when it starts it should prompt me to reset and then I hit the volume rocker up buttong. All this does is give me a red, green and blue screen with some numbers and doesnt allow me to reset it. I started the phone back up and it works fine after this, all but youtube still. Has anyone else had this issue or know how to properly master reset the phone. None of the instruction books that came with it tell you how and I havent been able to find anything on the net on how to do it. Tmonews peeps, rescue me please.

    • tato22

      i had a problem with the blockbuster app it was not working i did a hard-reset and it fix everything now am good try that it might fix it hope it dose you tube on this baby is nice super nice go into settings and look in storage the reset is there i think

    • mouse6nelson

      You need to hold up and down on the volume rocker then press power button while still holding up and down on the rocker until the reset instructions come up. The red green and blue screen comes up when you only hold down on the volume rocker and press power button. This screen is used for flashing new roms.

    • jdog

      “Two Words my friend “Nexus One”

  • tchez27

    Warning for those of you who dont have the HD2 yet. when you go into certain apps it will prompt you to install updates i.e. blockbuster, mobitv etc. Make sure when you update mobitv you do not save it to your storage card. The update will prompt you to save it to the devive or storage card. If you do storage card it will not open, it will tell you it is missing a certificate or folder (something like that) and will tell you, you need to re-install it. I had to call mobitv and have them send me the install link via text to get it to work. The second time I saved it to my device and its been working fine since.

    Sorry if someone already posted this but I havent seen it on this thread.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Very helpful post.

      Generally, especially when you have 1GB of ROM space, it’s best to always choose to install apps and programs to your “device” or ROM and NOT to the microSD card (storage).

      I can’t recall an app where the developer said it’s OK to install it to the SD card. All say to make sure to install it to the “device.”

      While apps can in fact install on an SD card when you try to use them they will not work. This is most likely because you installed it on “storage” (aka microSD card).

      If you run into this problem simply uninstall the app and reinstall on to the device, handset or ROM (Note: When the option comes up on where you want to install the app some developers call the ROM “handset” others say “device”).

  • harvey

    is anyone else’s text messaging cause the phone to freeze? I have read that the Euro version had this issue, but dont know if there is a fix…

    i like the phone alot, but do feel a little intimidated by it :)

    • Jose

      i had the same problem every time i would try to text it would freeze and i would have to take out the battery.

  • tato22

    i got 2 of these and i have my nexus one on a diff line man it feels good having both now the hd2 is a really nice phone i cant stop playing with it battery last me almost all day with alot of use

  • Ricardo

    Since no one has said this yet, I will. “Can’t we all just get along?”
    I love Android with a passion but i love T-Mobile more. The best android phone on t-mobile was the CLIQ. I’ve gone from the Dash to Sidekick slide to bb pearl to G1 to BB8900 to TP2 to ClIq and now HD2; selling one to get to another. As of yesterday, hands down, even the biggest WM 6.5 critic has to agree that the HD2 is the best phone in T-Mobile’s line up. It is that reason alone that i now own the phone. As long as T-mobile continues to provide me with a great plan, and great customer support, i will buy their best phone and say thank you very much. I have more loyalty for the carrier then the phone cause it’s not as if T-mobile is still pushing the Razor. I’ll be the first to admit that the Evo looks very sexy but i will never, ever, ever, ever switch carriers for just a phone. All i can hope for is that in 6-7 months, while i can still sell my hd2 for a reasonable price, T-mobile gives us a beast of an Android phone. But for now, i’m rockin my HD2.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      So that makes two so far who intend to sell their HD2s in November. :)

      While it’s speculation on what will the value of the HD2 be in 8 months, IMHO it will sell for $350 on eBay. This is because we have to base our selling price on what the phone sells for on T-Mobile, unsubsidized.

      Tracking typical depreciation, calculating the price at $100 less than the HD2 sells for today, I think that’s a conservative estimate.

      Look at the Touch Pro2. When I bought it the phone was $550 (appx.). When I sold it in February it went down to $450. I got about $380 for it which was pretty good since I paid $329 on a one year contract.

      The big question is, of course, how will all the new phones coming out affect HD2 pricing. I don’t think all that much because this is a WinMo phone and a flagship one at that. Despite what misinformed say, there will always be eBay buyers who want a WinMo device (e.g., professionals and business people).

      So I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Heck, just as an awesome multi-media player the phone is worth a lot. And on top of that it makes phone calls. That combo will always have good value. I still have two Panasonic portable DVD players that in 2002 cost me $600 each. The screen size… 4″ :(

  • HoOn

    I picked up my HD2 yesterday and today i was playing around with it when I went to work.

    It seems the battery life on it compared to my Nexus One isn’t that good. I love the hardware compared to the Nexus One. the virtual keyboard is also better than the N1. This is the first time I am playing with HTC sense and I like it. I tried to connect the outlook client to my exchange server at work but I can’t get it to work. One thing that really annoyed me today is the number of times the HD2 crashed on me. Everytime I tried to end a call the screen would freeze up! Pulling the battery was the only solution. When watching the Transformers the video was choppy. I understand that this is the stock ROM and so a much more stable and faster ROM may be available but I haven’t looked yet.

    I’m trying very hard to like this phone. We’ll see…

    • Tig

      Like I have said to many people – if your phone is doing that it’s more than likely defective. Try a few hard resets and if that doesn’t solve the problem return it for a new one. Mine runs soooo buttery smooth it’s incredible. You should have the same experience. :)

      The only time mine acted weird was when I first tried the installed games Prince of Persia and the racing one. They were jittery and just not smooth. I was disappointed but moved on to other things. I tried them again today and they play smooth now. Not sure what happened but I am happy.

  • Total sales were 26K first day sales, I know this because I know this. Look at previous posts by me for credibility for my claim.

  • Cali

    I picked mine up first thing in store on wednesday. I’ll admit I was tempted by N1 but something told me to wait. From what I’ve seen so far I have no regrets and I certainly don’t miss the mytouch. Android has plenty to offer but microsoft has been around for a few..I’ve never had any carrier other than tmo and I’d never have it any other way. I’m also an employee and I can say with certainty that this is the hottest phone to hit for awhile and I dont see a end to it anytime soon. Ppl have gone crazy.

  • tmosal

    Jshin- you’re guaranteed 3 bus. Days from the day it’s shipped. Since UPS doesn’t deliver on weekends and it was ordered today, you will have it no later than next Tuesday.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Anyone know if the HD2’s Google Maps offer turn by turn spoken directions? Also does it have an app for Google Voice? These two are musts for me aftering using Android. It stinks because Tmobile changed their upgrade pricing again so in order for me to get the best deal I need to wait until my full 2 years is up which is in another 5 months or I can wait for the third teir price next month (which I am sure is still a lot). Although I am tempted to jump to WinMobile I am hopeing they will release a killer Android phone by then… and hopefully it will be the Motoroi… that or Google realizes the Nexus One isn’t selling just through Google and let Tmobile take over. I do like my G1 I just wish it had more memory because it does do what I need for the most part… although I would like a 3.5mm jack. Maybe Tmobile should have released a newer version of the G1 instead of the MyTouch 3G. I think it would have sold pretty good if it offered a few tweeks. Maybe more memory, a 3.5mm jack, 5MP camera with flash, and adobe flash. Oh and maybe up the processor to a 1Ghz snapdragon. Let’s hope for all the Android users that Tmobile will start to carry a phone that will match the HD2.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “Anyone know if the HD2’s Google Maps offer turn by turn spoken directions? Also does it have an app for Google Voice?”

      No, and No. There are other voice navigators available for WinMo, one of which is Waze ( As for Google Voice, you can have it still forward to your phone, but I haven’t seen a WinMo version of it yet.

  • sweat

    This phone is the business Period. I love android BUT this phone along with the snazzy hardware has made me take into consideration of ditching android & going with windows with sense. Very well made phone & a great addition to the tmobile library. I love it & I will purchase.

    But to the cats out there that are badmouthing the device, these guys are just straight fanboys. They are as bad as the iphone clowns going around badmouthing whatever phone compares to their precious iphone. HD2 is a sleek,& very powerful device that simply has what everyone wants in a phone. MULTITASKING.

    Overall, go try it. It’s a fantastic device & worth every bit of the 200 tag!!!!

  • Lindsay Vonn

    the HD2 blows. Put Android on it for it to un-blow

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Lindsay, your avatar looks like you blow, literally, while wearing high heel shoes.

      • Hahahah, it actually kind of does. That’s messed up! Hahahah!!!

    • MoJO…HD@

      @LINDSAY…please make sure your statements are correct…you said the HD2 blows..(the HD2 itself is the phone/hardware…android is an OS)….so in my opinion you are saying you like the HD2…but please Shut the F*ck up and don’t hate on the OS because you like android…OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!…Just keep your android phone and don’t worry about this phone..its WINDOWS and there will be no taking that back..

  • TheMan42

    There’s a lot of retardation in this post, so I’ll keep my point brief. People aren’t buying this for Windows Mobile, they’re buying it because of the incredible hardware specs and screen size as well as fully loaded SD card. Nothing about Windows Mobile is attracting the main buyer. The fact its huge and eye catching and has a much cheaper price tag than anyone would imagine is the reason for great sales. No one walks in and immediately says “Oh wow Windows Mobile 6.5!” No, not at all. So stop praising the sales like this is because of WinMo 6.5 and recognize what the real reasons are. If it weren’t for SenseUI, it wouldn’t sell either.

    • MoJO…HD@

      Thank you…THEMan….we all just love this phone you android retards..and WM is just a plus for whom ever likes it(for example ME)..and for those who still got it that don’t really prefer WM…its because they like the incredible phone..Why pass up on great technology because you dont know how to use WM…android is to simple and is not a real pocket PC like the Windows OS.

    • Joe

      *looks around… hesitantly raises hand* I did buy this phone for Windows Mobile (gasp! I know). I have been using Windows Mobile on and off since it was called Windows CE and then PocketPC, back when there were no WM phones (remembers tethering my iPaq 5550 via Bluetooth to my Sony Ericsson T610 on GPRS… and thinking it was the coolest thing since sliced bread!) My last WM device was an unlocked Treo 650, then I got a G1 when it came out.

      My main gripe about smartphones these days is they have devolved from expensive devices that professionals use to conduct actual business to overpriced toys for teenagers and hipsters. I still cling to WM because it has native support for Excel and OneNote, Outlook, an official Adobe Reader app, several mature web browsers to choose from, and it ACTUALLY SYNCS TO A COMPUTER! The GUI may not be as pretty as the iPhone or Android, but on the other hand it is not dumbed down to the point that a 4 year old could use it. Give me multitasking, give me copy/paste, give me native Exchange support, keep your fart apps and Chuck Norris soundboards for your iPhone/Android. I am not one bit disappointed that the HD2 will not get WP7S. Zune integration? Xbox Live built in? Sounds like a toy. No copy/paste? Have fun looking at your Excel spreadsheets, you certainly won’t be editing anything.

      I suppose that I am in the minority here, but I actually want to be productive on my phone. I don’t want to use a bunch of 3rd party paid apps and workarounds to open standard file formats, and I want to be able to keep all of my business info synced across my phone, desktop, and tablet (yes, an actual Tablet PC, not an iPod Touch on steroids). Google’s cloud syncing doesn’t really cut it for me; I don’t see Google as an Office replacement, nor do I want to send business email from my Gmail account. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Goog, but for other purposes.

      Although I did not buy my HD2 for the flashiness, I am still looking forward to the next time some Apple fanboi tries to wow me with their pretty iPhone and I wipe the smug grin off their face with my HD2 :)


      • Gizmalien

        That’s pretty much why I bought it. One of the biggest problems I’ve found with Windows Mobile over the years has been the underpowered hardware that they were loading it on. It’s like taking a Ford F-250 body and throwing throwing a 4 cylinder engine in it and expecting it to still haul massive payloads. Every WinMo device I’ve ever had, I’ve installed cooked roms on it to get rid of the carrier bloatware, and I’m sure I’ll end up doing the same to the HD2 eventually. But until then, I’ll have fun pushing the HD2 to it’s limits and doing actual work on it instead of being tied down to my desk constantly.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Sure, and the common user knows what Android is over WinMo? Seriously… ask any “common” person what O/S their phone runs and 95% of the time you’ll get a blank stare. People still ask me questions like “are you running Droid?” (notice the lack on an “a” in there). They think that the Motorola Droid IS the operating system. When I correct them and state that Droid is the hardware and Android is the operating system, they usually glaze over and fade out quickly.

      My point is that your comment about “No one walks in and…” is pure BS. It’s all about how the phone’s shell is presented. People, aside from the ones that know and care what O/S they are running, could give a crap about WinMo, Android, Maemo, Symbian, or any other O/S.

      The Cliq, with MotoBlur, attracts people… The iPhone with it’s iconic desktop attracts people… The HD2 with SenseUI attracts people…

      Go FUD and hate somewhere else.

      • jdog

        @DotNetCoderAZ You mean HTC’s Sense attracts people but let tell you a secret don’t tell anybody but if you want your next phone to have Sense its going to have to be Android. That alone would tell me to buy an Android because HTC is not going to use it anymore after Windows 6.5 and I really like it. Also cause I know what your thinking and yes I do have a Nexus One and a HD2 so don’t give me that crap about I can’t talk since I don’t have a “Windows” I mean “HTC Sense” phone.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @jdog: Yes, SenseUI does attract people. But, saying that HTC is not going to use it “after” WinMo 6.5 is an incorrect statement. We know that 6.5 is going to be rebranded into the WP7S series as either Classic or Starter. In either case, the O/S itself is not going to be retired anytime soon. So, HTC will most likelyt continue to develop SenseUI beyond 2.5 for the WinMo platform. HTC has never announced that they are going to discontinue development for it on the Windows platform and go exclusivly with Android. That is nothing but speculation on your part.

        I’m not going to give you crap about owning both devices. I’m multi-platform too. I’ll only bash you when you bash the O/S that still makes me a paycheck… Deal? ;-)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here… they made a movie about all this WinMo / Android nonsense:

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • Dan

    All of you HD2 owners out there; do you know if there is any legitimate GPS application for the HD2? One thing that I am going to want if I buy the HD2 is a good GPS application, other than Telenav. I really do not want to pay the Telenav monthly fee, and much rather pay once, and have the software on the phone.
    Does anybody have any suggestions; perhaps based on personal experience? Thanks.

    BTW, I called a Tmo stores in Fresno, CA and they were all sold out :(. One store said they only had 5 of them. Wtf!

    • Richard

      HD2 has both Google maps and also uses Bing as well – both of which have turn-by-turn nav.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Waze is pretty good:

  • Richard

    So let me inject a little sense into this thread. There is a point to be made that T-MoNews has gone HD2 crazy. But it’s certainly a littl expected when the fact of the matter is that the HD2 might be the most anticipated device just about ever sold BY T-Mobile themselves and obviously there are a lot of people that are digging this phone just by the hardware itself.

    There is also something to be said for the fact that it is a dead-end phone, by the OS or that it may not be necessarily supported so much with the exception of some 3rd party application. We don’t know yet.

    The funny thing is that people love what they love….. and are so easily willing to attack others when they don’t.

    Android fans attack Apple fans… and the funny thing is that when Android was really the only game on T-Mo pretty much everyone stuck together here in their hatred of Apple because for the most part nobody here had an iPhone.

    Now something else comes along and divides the T-Mo faithful and those that pretty much stood by Android are now attacking those that still stand by Android… who have become as bad as iPhone fans because they think their shat don’t stank.

    I’ll admit that Android to me is the best OS out there. HOWEVER…… as of right now T-Mo has failed horribly in actually getting us a good Android phone. For all of you that are screaming that you wish the HD2 had Android on it. It does. It’s called the Supersonic and it will be coming to a Sprint store near you. I may join you there if I end up not liking my HD2 and I’m still figuring that out myself.

    I think it may be very easy for people to get caught up in the big screen and the big hardware… but after a few days, or maybe a couple of weeks… I wonder how many people will still be singing the praises of a phone that is rather weak when it comes to the software side, or when they figure out that other than a big flashy screen….. there’s really not much to the phone.

    Granted, it is STILL the best offering on T-Mobile and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that’s better. So until something else does come along, why can’t some of you just figure out that it’s best to get along.

    Again, you like what you like… and there’s little sense in trying to convince someone else that they don’t.

  • JB6464

    HD2 is not a dead end phone. Ever hear of the XDA Team ? They are not going anywhere soon and you can get plenty of apps and so on from them if needed. Also WM7 is’nt cracked up to be all. It will be locked down like Apple does and not to mention it will be new later this year so getting new apps will be a long while yet to come.
    I think myself that if MS does’nt allow the WM7 upgrade on the HD2 when it comes out later this year, T-mobile will offer this phone in a Android version.
    Then again i’m banking on the XDA Team to find a way to put WM7 on the HD2 in the end of all of this.

    • rushmore

      XDA folks are great, but the main issue is Flash 10.1 and HTC must make drivers to work with the final release version. Adobe reported that the only verison being worked on is the WM7 version (different OS & drivers). The only ways the HD2 will ever see Flash 10.1 is if XDA somehow gets the beta drivers or HTC does the work for MS. MS already stated only WM7 will see Flash 10.1..

      • nyuhsuk

        Current ROMs on XDA do Flash Lite. I just saw it the other day on my TP2 and it was able to play Homestar content… I’m sure it’s not going to do groundbreaking Flash games (even a lot of modern desktops crumble under high end Flash games) but it’s there already and it runs pretty well on an antiquated processor. Can’t imagine how it’d run on that Snapdragon.

        Fiddled with one on opening day. Beautiful. Absolutely beaufitul. Ended up advertising this phone to another customer cause the rep didn’t know jack about it… that’ll sure skew the numbers as you need to know WHY it’s better than the rest to tell your buyers…

    • You mean the XDA forums, not team :). We are a big community. With lots of chiefs for all kinds of devices.(“ROM makers”).

  • Davidohio

    And some said this phone will not be a big seller at all for T-mobile. I’m glad those people are not my stock brokers!

    • Anthony

      #1) It’s not that big of a seller
      #2) You don’t have a “stock broker” mainly due to you ref

    • Anthony

      #1) It’s not that big of a seller.
      #2) You don’t own any stocks mainly due to you referencing have “stock “brokers”.
      #3) You would have no clue even how do own Tmobile stock since they are a subsidiary of another company. Furthermore, their stock is down since the HD2 was released.
      #4) You’re a moron.

    • Anthony

      #1) It’s not that big of a seller.
      #2) You don’t own any stocks mainly due to you referencing have “stock “brokers”.
      #3) You would have no clue even how do own Tmobile stock since they are a subsidiary of another company. Furthermore, their stock is down since the HD2 was released.
      #4) You’re a moron.
      #5) Apparently I’m a moron too for not be able to use this shitty blog.

      • Dalton

        Why such hatred towards T-Mobile on a T-MOBILE BLOG?
        Go away.

    • Mockerfab4

      Sounds like a big seller to me! Congrats Tmo. And David, keep telling it like it is! ;)

  • Davidohio

    Has anyone seen or played with the motorola backflip ? Absolute garbage. I wonder why at&t launched the backflip as its first android device because it has motoblur overlayed the android it does not give customers a true android experience. I just thought it was might send people right back to the iphone.

    • Mockerfab4

      I had an MT3G, that sent me back to the iPhone. Even a true Android experience can send you running away from it…

  • steve

    Loving this phone…laughing at all the haters. Go ahead and wait 7 months for wp7s….

    • efjay

      Yes, 7 months before you find out you have to wait another 5 months before an AWS compatible handset is released, meanwhile us HD2 owners will stlll be rocking our Snapdragons… :)

      • JB6464

        ^+1 I love my HD2 and have no problems so far.

  • gargoyle999

    HTC has released 2 minor hotfixes:

  • jdog

    Everybody here likes HTC Sense UI not Windows 6.5. If this phone had just basic 6.5 would you still buy it probably not I would so I will say this Windows 6.5 is not dead but only because of the Sense UI. HTC is responsible for 85% of Windows 6.5 sales because they sugar coat it with they’re own UI, so people can stand it. As an “example” on Android phones you can also get the Sense UI but they are not the best and most bought phones the most bought is the Motorola Droid and the current best is the Nexus One and both run regular Android. So thats why I ask would you bye this phone if it was just regular Windows 6.5 like people do for Android because on Android even the plain OS (2.0 & 2.1) still is great.

    • jdog

      Sorry to double post but nice one David with the “Guess Windows 6.5 isn’t dead yet!” comment it just shows your a fanboy, I think some people were a little mad with what I said the other day, how very unprofessional. Aren’t you suppose to support T-mobile as a whole and not take sides.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        It has nothing to do with being a fanboy at all. It’s a simple fact; people were saying before the launch that WinMo 6.5.x is a dead O/S. Obviously the sales of the HD2 prove that wrong. Even with SenseUI on top of it, the Titanium launcher is still used by many.

        If you are going to do nothing but hate on the device and the O/S, why are you posting? I love Android as much as the next guy (both my GF and I have MT3Gs and I have a TP2 also), but I am not going online to intentionally start disputes and try to “convert” (that’s the word you used in one of your previous posts) users over to Android as you seem to be. If you really have nothing better to do with your time, then flame on. But seriously, people are happy with this device and the O/S it’s running on. Leave it alone already…

      • jdog

        @DotNetCoderAZ What are you talking about can you please copy and paste the comment where I said “convert” you must have me confused for real. I have never said anything like that.

      • nyuhsuk

        You called out the writer as a fanboy for most likely an unbiased statement that seems to be bashing all fanboys whining about 6.5.x being dead.

        You make a valid comment though. People buy Android straight up cause the mass market hasn’t been really told anything about vanilla Android… people still just think of it as a ‘Google’ phone. “Hey, I use Gmail…”/”Hey, I like Google Maps…”/”Google Search on the go! Me want!”… these are the types of things people really think I believe when they hear about an Android phone. And the user interface is icon driven from the get-go. Very appealing to someone looking for something simple.

        Through the many years WinMo has been around, it has earned a reputation as a very unreliable and a difficult OS to use OOTB. And considering before the HD2, hardware has always seemed to be the limiting factor in allowing WinMo to running as smooth as a newer Android phone or the iPhone line. That deters people from even looking. But with the latest Titanium builds, the phone is quite usable. But once again, that visual pop that iPhones and Android phones present will draw the eye-candy masses away from the function-first look of the WinMo phone. HTC Sense helps WinMo mask itself in a very nice skin that provides that ‘eye-candy’ that the mass market seems to love so much…

    • Jweb

      I stopped in to T-Mobile to check the size of this monster in my hands because I want the HTC Evo 4G which has the same screen size. WOW was it ever impressive, It is amazing. My favorite thing besides the specs is the fact that it has send/end buttons so that you can use the phone with gloves on.

      Personally I like 6.5 with the sense UI, but I will give sprint’s HTC Evo a try because I really like Android and their plans are much better.

      BUT if your on the fence and do not care what operating system your phone has… This phone is fraken awsome.

      It is worth taking an hour or so to stop by a T-Mobile to check this thing out, even with my love of Android I almost walked out of the store with two of them… it’s just that nice.

      • TMO TECH

        Ur sayin ud give sprint a try, who is ur service provider right now, how do they have better plans lol, sprint loses 10s of thousands of customers each day they have the highest churn of wireless carriers in the US. There’s nothin impressive about the evo 4G trust me, android is still a new and limited OS, basically ull have a nexus one with a faster processor that’s about it, but what makes the TMO HD2 the phone to have is its OS really the sky is the limit with WM, and as far as rateplans, seriously do ur research before you insult the magenta like that.

      • rick

        EVO rocks the same 1GHz Snapdragon processor that HD2, Nexus one uses.
        The only difference is the accessibility to 4G network.
        and 8mp camera and ability to record videos in HD, and 1.3mp front camera for video calling.

    • Mockerfab4

      I would buy any phone running WM over Android. Even if this ran WM1 over my horrible experience with Android! I’ve already had a horrible Windows phone, the Shadow, doesn’t compare to the even worse experience I had with the MT3G.

    • jon

      Not everyone, I turned off Sense after less than 2 hours, and went to work on the cpr’s.

      I now have two 6.5 devices, and I’m not running shells on either.

  • DK Brothers

    You have to admit this phone is a sexy beast.

  • DopeBoy

    does anyone know if this phone has tv out option like the tp2?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That is a very useful feature that I want. Sadly, it does not. There was a debate on XDA on this issue, does the HD2 have it, but it’s simply latent?

      The issue died when someone contacted HTC engineers and HTC said TVOut simply does not exist in the hardware. If that’s the case, no amount of programming is going to work because software cannot create hardware. :)

      So… no TVOut, ever, unless HTC surprises us.

  • jdog

    Sorry David for my comment earlier I forgot the more hits you get the more money you make. Its just that when you include that little comment you made about windows people seem to think they’re posting on and not, if read some of the comments you will see what I’m talking about.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Look I wasn’t say that for any other reason than a few specific comments and regular readers here will know exactly of whom I speak. “Just Some Dude.” Point in case. I’m just trying to stop the trolling because the Android vs Windows debate while fine and good and something I love discussing myself often dissolves into a personal attack marathon and that’s what I want to avoid.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        EXACTLY… and that is exactly what “jdog” is still trying to keep going… hmmm, jdog == just some dude?

      • jdog

        @DotNetCoderAZ I take that as an insult Jdog does not = just some douche

      • justsomedude

        @David What are you trying to say. Its Android vs Windows vs Blackberry.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      @jdog: Sorry to insult… you and just some “douche” do have a lot of simialr things to say usually.

  • tmoboss

    Its been TWO DAYS since i placed the order, and there is NO WORD on the status.
    Yes, I checked online and I talked to customer service. All they would say is,
    it is scheduled to ship !!!!!

    I simply cannot understand why it takes so long to ship out of a regional warehouse when it is in stock !
    Of course, if tmo had piled all of them in their atlanta warehouse and with a flood of orders, i can understand but do not forgive the delay! LOGISTICS MANAGER FAILED on this!

    • sorandkairi

      Ive had mine since the 23rd of this month (and yes I do know that it was “released” on the 24th). Its probably already “backordered” but sorry to hear about that 1 man! But I think that actually come from Lagrande, Ga! I think!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Having ordered ten of my last 10 phones over the phone I can tell you that they simply don’t want to bind themselves by telling you the status.

      But I have never received a phone more than three days from when I ordered it. And that’s Georgia to San Francisco.

      What I do sometimes is call to ask for a tracking number and then track it on USPS. (I never opt of other shipping because USPS delivers on Saturdays to my P.O. Box.

      Not saying it’s right, but T-Mobile can’t afford to answer 30,000 calls where people want to know if a phone has shipped. That is a “logistics” thing.

      Do what I do, try to not think about it. It builds character, being disciplined. If you really want to test your strength, hang on T-MO News and read about others who have their phones, look at YouTube videos of the HD2 and think about the phone 24/7. After all that don’t call T-Mobile asking “Where’s my phone?” If you can do all this and not go batty, you are now more than a man in name only.

      I have to go check the mail now, my HD2 could be in my P.O. Box today. If it’s not I will be busy calling T-Mobile asking “Where’s my phone?” ;)

      • manushka

        How are you liking your phone?

        I have to tell ya, it has been disappointing so far. I get connection issues where Itsays it cannot connect, I know it’s winmo but jeez! you’d think that Microsoft/TMO/HTC would do everything to make this phone as easy as smooth as possible.

  • enjoijams

    At on of my local T-mobile stores, all of their 10 HD2’s were sold out the moment they opened the door. Im glad I got there early. Great piece of hardware.

  • DavidinJax

    What’s the next big phone, although I was uber excited about this phone, I cannot see paying $300.00 for a phone. In five months I am eligable for a full upgrade, what will be out then? Perhaps a nice BB that will be better than the Storm 2, and Iphone? Someone please, I love my bb, lets make it a touch screen BB with all the works!

  • manushka

    I am taking my two back! I hate this phone!! It keep freezing on me. I go to Slacker and nothing plays, the web is a joke. Facebook is a joke, I have 3G for no more than 2 minutes at a time before I get edge for an hour. I just freezes so much! My wife has hers turned off and when she needs to make a call turns it on, she stopped using it for anything else since it just freezes. I called maggie and all I get is “well it is a new phone, and it is not a computer so you just can’t do certain things”. That is so bull! I want a phone that works as easy as an Iphone this is not it!

  • manushka

    Going to see if the Motorola is any better today, IU called my local tmoshop and they where sooo nice.

  • Anonymous

    FYI HD2 is in no way a dead phone, in fact it is much more open than most realize. The phone is capable of having android loaded on its own or even dual booting android and windows 6.5… has allready been done and works great. This does “void your warranty” however it can be undone. So all those who want the android goodness can get it on the HD2 if so desired.

  • Chad

    I have the HD2 right now, and I’m very seriously considering returning it before my 14 days. Why? Because it isn’t for me. I was super hyped up about this phone’s hardware, and it delivered in spades, but I’m just not all that impressed. Don’t get me wrong, the screen is tremendous, and it IS fast, but why? What am I going to be doing on this phone that warrants all this hardware? At least with Android there are some graphically intense UI segments and apps, but with Sense and a simplified Winmo6.5 look, there is no reason at all for the phone to have all this performance. I just can’t see the point in having a phone this technically advanced for what it does, and therefore I cannot justify keeping it for a full upgrade term. I’m not bashing Winmo at all, I had a Touch Pro 2 unlocked before I dropped it and broke it. I’m giving an honest opinion that can be read for those who are on the fence about this phone. The only thing I truly like about this phone, is it’s screen. Other than that, the 1ghz Snapdragon is being wasted, the camera is jerky unless in full sunlight conditions, and I just can’t see myself being happy with this.

  • Mike

    Is this phone worth getting if there is no way I will be able to get 3G on it?

    I live in Mississippi, and T-Mo has absolutely ZERO 3G presence here…very frustrating…

    • you hdwindows

      well in that case if your only worried about 3g then simply dont get the phone && go to another carrier with 3g coverage, my friend by a HD2 to unlock for att, he is okay with the Edge coverage on it, after all we had to hunt that down that thing lols. he to drive an hour at high speed to get the phone! i did as well to get mine, never wanted a phone so bad before lols. just like i wouldnt buy a evo because i dont have 4g coverage in my area, its funny how a sprint rep tried to sell me that 4g box and a palm pre after he told me there is no coverage in my area but maybe one day it will be. i looked at him in his eye and said no sir, are you crazy! i will keep my touch pro2(tp2 at the time, have HD2 now) with my fast 3G and my free bill(on family plan, i dont pay anything), he didnt have anything else he could say but have a good day sir.

      @Chad honestly? who complains about having to much power? this is the 1st wm has had a phone that could keep up with the software, oh wait nevermind, the lg att phone has a 1ghz, im just saying i could understand if it was a Camaro SS for you teen but its a phone! you should check if not already, i think you could find some stuff to put that power to use!

      • Mike

        Thanks for the response, but what I want to know is how this thing performs on just EDGE. Will it be OK, or will it be so frustrating that it’s not worth getting something like this? I have never used my phone for surfing the web , multimedia, etc. before; only Blackberry e-mail.

  • mike

    Does anybody have a skin or case protection even a screen protector?? it looks awesome without anything on it. I Just want to show off. lol

    • manushka

      I have the gel that came with it and a clear screen protector with it. My wife took off the clear protector and it looks better that way.

      • mike

        I’m going to put a screen protector because sometimes my finger is really hard to slide. so i’m thinking the screen protector will be a smooth slide. lol

  • Richard

    Bought one on Wednesday and returned it on Thursday. It is a sexy piece of hardware and that is all

  • Jshin

    Update on my issue with no tracking number and order still pended. I called T-MO and they have refunded my my $19.99 Express fee being has it hasn’t shipped today. Pretty dissapointed but can’t really complain now as I am not being charged for the Express shipping. Here’s to hoping Monday brings my HD2!

  • Mikey

    Out of curiosity, has anyone received their HD2 yet that they ordered through Customer Care?

  • SCC

    I cannot view my sent or replied e-mail messages. When I check my outbox or sentbox, everything is blank. Is anyone else having this problem or can help me???

    • mike

      Yup. Me to

      • you hdwindows

        make sure you dont have the phone set to delete messages after they send,

        @mike, i use th gel thingy that came with it but i take it off and on, the case kinda slippery and makes the phone a bit bigger, but its worth it thought. i bought a screen protector at tmo and the protector made the screen look less desired and it was rough for finger scrolling. i couldnt deal the protector so i took it off..its much better without,

        i had several customers asking me about what kind of phone it was! it felt great

  • SCC

    It doesn’t appear to be any settings to delete it after I send it & I’ve check all settings (I believe). I’ve called tmo and they have no clue.

  • SCC

    I dont even see that a “delete after sent” option in the settings. Tmo has no clue what to do. I’ve called them and spoke to several people and they all are clueless about this device.

  • Flgirll

    I look forward to picking up the HD2 in the next couple of days but I must say I’m a little jealous of the HTC Evo that’s coming out for another carrier…..

  • Phalosopher

    go to your text screen.. go to “menu” and go to “options”

    • SCC

      Phalosopher, options, then what?

  • Jshin

    Still havent received my tracking number txt message. Has anyone who ordered it go their info txt yet? Maybe a story for T-Mo news. Seems like they are dropping the ball on this. They should have not offered the express delivery if they couldnt get the devices shipped and delivered with in the three days. We will see on Monday I guess.

    • Mikey

      Couldnt agree with you more. Ive never seen such terrible tracking from T-Mobile. Usually they are on top of things like this. This time however, that doesnt seem to be the case. Ordered on Wed 3/24 at 12:25 p.m. with express shipping. Still nothing.

  • lev

    why has there been no reviews of this phone? cnet, phonedog, engadget, pc mag, whats going on usually a phone of this caliber gets reviewed right away

    • George

      There are millions of reviews for the hd2…seeing as it came out half a year ago in another part of the world.

  • Jshin

    I ordered mine about 12pm on Wed and nothing. Express shipping and no word on anything. I called and they told me it was pending. I agree Mikey with my G1, and my TP2 I was able to track from the next day or so. Looks like were just in the dark for now.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    You can check my posts on shipping in the “HD2 Sold Out” story.

    I have never got an e-mailed tracking number from T-Mobile when ordering a phone via CC. I have always had to call (like it says on the website to do).

    I called today and they gave me the tracking. Says it is enroute. Should get it tomorrow since I have a P.O. Box and I get Saturday delivery.

    By the way, I ordered it at 6:00 am EDT, Mar 24th. Tracking shows it was processed by the post office (and scanned by USPS computers) at 6:30 pm Mar 25th. So that means T-Mobile took orders on the 24th,packed them up for shipping on the 25th, and they were picked up by the USPS that same day.

    I’m fine with that since I paid $6 for Priority Mail shipping, which is two to three day delivery.

    • Mikey

      Yes, I have read your previous posts and as you indicated, you had the device shipped to your P.O. Box and that is the ONLY time T-Mobile will ship USPS. Otherwise, for the 99.99% of us, T-Mobile uses UPS. And if youre not familiar with that system, we dont get emails with tracking numbers, but rather text messages. I think almost everybody here is familiar with this system. Someone correct me if Im wrong.

  • justsomedude


  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey NCole, hit me up on my email at I have some info on spb mobile shell that I think you’d be interested in.

    also, I’m posting this from my GORGEOUS STUNNING HD2 and like mcdonald’s slogan “I’m Lovin’ It”!!!!!

  • Jshin

    Your 100% correct Mikey, Both of my previous shipments/orders from T-Mo, G1 and the TP2 were shipped via UPS. I received my Txt message with shipping info no less then 24 hours after purchase. I was able to track both deices as they made their journey to my home. When I ordered the HD2 I was told from CC that I can use my telephone number to track it. Number is not working dashes in and dashes out. I had to order mine b/c the store closest to my job was sold out by the time I made it at 11am. So anyways pretty disappointed.

    • Mikey

      Hey Jshin, just to give you an update. Just tracked mine with my phone number and its finally giving me something on UPS. Does not give me the status, but merely says it was billed today :/

  • justsomedude
  • Michelle

    Hey Guys,

    I need some help please. I have been playing with my HD2 and love it BUT I have one major problem here. My motorola bluetooth will not work with it. It syncs fine and I turned on the connections for it and even allowed bluetooth connections but everytime i make a call i can’t hear anthing and then the phone freezes.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well despite those speaking on behalf of 99.99% of T-Mo News readers (or was that 99.99% of all T-Mo customers), while on the phone to CC to make sure an order was canceled I asked about USPS shipping to a street address.

    The CSR said that if a customer specifically requests shipping via USPS they will do that since the system is set up for that option. So add that to the list of things that can be requested, e.g. free expedited shipping, free shipping, or even upgrade pricing if you are not entitled to it.

    I am sure 99.99% of you are “familiar” with the saying “ask, all they can say is no.” So ask for USPS shipping rather than be like the 99.99% some in here purport to speak for, accepting things the way they are because a self-appointed authority on the subject says you can’t have two to three day shipping. Play it safe, avoid rejection, you will get your HD2 in 7 business days; ask, you might get it in three calendar days.

    • Mikey

      Dont know how USPS service is around you. But speaking from experience, Id much rather deal with UPS. Here in NYC, the postal workers have a tendency to be lazy and not even attempt delivery and therefore just leave a notice to come and pick it up at the post office. I bet if you ask all of us on here, 99.99% would say they prefer the reliable services of UPS to those of USPS ;) But thats just 99.99% of us. Cant speak for the .01%

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well, I have found USPS Priority Mail very reliable, can’t speak for anyone else’s experience.

        I 110% (since we are using percentages) do agree that MANY postal workers are lazy. And many are slobs, rude, and slow. Despite those creeps, I have found Priority Mail to be handled fine. (I also agree that once the package gets into a mailman’s hands that’s when we are in for hassles).

        On all of the above I speak from 15 years at the same P.O. Box and delivery of about 3000 packages in that time. (I have been on eBay since 1998. I have about 2000 BUYER feedbacks so that’s where I get part of my estimate. Of those items most people use USPS Priority Mail since they have to ship to my P.O. Box. I shop almost exclusively online nowadays too).

        So what I can say from that personal experience is that if someone sends me an item using Priority Mail, I have received the packages within two to three days. Rarely does it take four days.

        Lastly, as I said elsewhere, as predicted I just got my HD2 in the mail today, a Saturday, that was ordered last Wed. And it’s been like that with all my phone orders from T-Mobile, delivery by Friday or Saturday.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oh, one other thing about my USPS HD2 shipping experience.

        Yesterday I checked the box on the USPS “track shipment” page for them to keep me updated on where my HD2 is in the system. When it arrived at my P.O. Box the mail clerk scanned it since it was mailed with delivery confirmation. That sent the info to the USPS computers.

        When I was getting ready to go check the mail I got an e-mail from the USPS saying that the package had been delivered (which for me meant it was inside my P.O. Box).

        All in all a cool experience. Here is the message if you want to compare it with UPS messages:


        U.S. Postal Service Track & Confirm e-mail update.

        Label Number: 666

        Service Type: Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation

        Shipment Activity – Location – Date & Time
        Delivered SAN FRANCISCO CA 94126 03/27/10 1:22pm

        Processed through Sort SAN FRANCISCO CA 94188 03/26/10 11:55pm

        Shipment Accepted LOUISVILLE KY 40221 03/25/10 6:30pm

        Electronic Shipping LOUISVILLE KY 40228 03/25/10 5:03pm
        Info Received

  • anthony

    not much of a big seller if you sold 40k and only had 40k lol the iphone sold 100k minumun droid the same pre around the same great phone but on a crappy network.

    • suri

      Hey Guys,

      This is the best gadget i ahve ever used in my life.
      I was using iphone 3gs previously.
      Believe me I would consider iphone as garbage before this.
      People comment a lot about this phone.
      I got to tell u the fact u should know how to use this phone.
      without unlocking i could access many features restricted by tmobile.
      people say they dont find many apps.’
      But if u got to the xda developers u will find tons of them .not just the apps for fun like iphone in additon u will fund ti=ons of apps to tweak and modify ur phone and work the way u like which is absolutely impossible with iphone.
      I installed flash support and garmin and tomtom navigation and they work like a charm.i sold my gps unit as i dont need it anynore.

      U got to know how to use it.people say its useless all the time as many never explored the possibilities of its potential.

      I have become a slave to this phone.

      I love it.

  • Gr8ful1

    I finally received some tracking info last night. Funny thing is, Tmobile hasn’t even sent me a text as they usually do. Ordered my phone on 03/24 @ 12:00pm eastern, my delivery date is 03/30. I was pissed off about the whole way the logistics were handled. But hey, I got my phone for an awesome price (much lower price!), so it balances out for me. One thing to add My TP2 has TVOut just buy the cableb for it, yet a flagship device doesn’t?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Same here, I loved the TVOut feature on my Touch Pro2. But there’s no TVOut on the HD2.

      Over at XDA we discussed the issue at length. There is no solution to getting it. It’s not latent to where we can program the feature to “on” like we did with the Touch Pro2’s lack of FM radio. (Why T-Mo sold the Touch Pro2 without the FM radio app is beyond me. Lucky for us it was a simple CAB install to get it working.)

      Anyway, someone at XDA spoke with an HTC engineer and HTC said TVOut hardware is NOT on the HD2. :( So as I said to someone else who asked about this, science has yet to come up with a way for software to create missing hardware. That would be a cool trick. :)

  • Jshin

    Still no tracking info yet on UPS for me yet =( Tried both phone numbers on our service, dashes in and dashes out (don’t think it matters) And says UPS cannot locate any shipping info BLAAA. Again still cannot complain because they have refunded me my Express shipping fee but damn I really want my phone! Oh IMHO I also prefer UPS b/c my mail carrier will not get out of his truck for anything, Can’t tell you how many times I have been home on Saturdays go out to check the mail and got the “sorry we missed you , come pick up your crap at the post office letter” lol so yeah UPS will just place the phone some where near the front door and be on their way.

  • Jshin

    Just got my shipping info, Expected delivery date for Tuesday. UPS didn’t get the billing info until yesterday? Um ordered it on the 24th so why the 2 freaking delay? UGH.

  • Jshin

    Got my tracking number via txt.


    this is obviously a place for HD2 lovers not haters so why are you windows 7 people leavin ur hate comments, obviously this phone has caught ur interest at some point in time, enough for you to still be hatin, most of you will probably be secretly owning an HD2 at some point in the future, but for now keep hatin and wait for ur HD2 cuz its in back order after the first day of sale.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Posted in the Sold Out story about how I got my HD2 in the U.S. Mail today. relevant to this story:

    My P.O. Box is next to a T-Mobile store at the San Francisco Embarcadero Center. I needed a pen to sign a check for deposit so I walked into the T-Mobile store to borrow one.

    While there I held up my HD2 envelope and told the CSR “Got my HD2 in the mail.”

    He said that they had 12 allotted to the store and they sold out in two hours on Wed.

    That’s amazing for the following reasons:

    1. It was a work day and the only people around there are people at work. So that means they went to that store during a break or whatever, between 10-12.

    2. There’s lots of T-Mobile stores and Radios Shacks in the Financial District. I assume people could go in any one of the 12 or more retail locations to get the HD2. (That does not include that there is a Best Buy about a mile away.)

    The Embarcadero store not in a heavy traffic area. (I rarely see more than one to two customers in there at a time. The Embarcadero Center shopping is dead until the lunch hour, from 11:30 to about 2:00 pm.

    3. So that means before lunch people went to that store specifically to get the HD2. This leads me to also conclude other stores sold out too.

    I dunno how well other phones have sold, but this has to be one of, if not the, best selling phone at a launch.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sidenote since no one has mentioned it, but I will in here since I’m… well… here.

    The 16GB chip, while appreciated, is a big fail. Why? Because mine says it’s a Class 2. What a drag, that’s the slowest chip SanDisk makes.

    For those who don’t know, the classes are:

    Class 2: 2MB a second transfer speed.

    Class 4: 4MB a second…

    Class 6: 6MB a second…

    I suspect that T-Mobile had these special ordered. Class 2 chips are dirt chip on the retail market because on high capacity chips people want fast speeds (because we are transferring huge 1GB movie files.

    Moreover, I can’t imagine SanDisk retailing a premium sized chip with Class 2 speeds. I can’t think of anyone who wants a slow 16GB chip. But maybe they are big sellers and I am the exception.

    Note: This slow chip can be a bottleneck in the HD2’s performance. I am going to use my 8GB Class 6 chip. To heck with this 16GB. I’ll use it in my digital camera or camcorders.


    As far as a tv out there is a way, this phone is capable of this and much more, people on the inside like us know exactly what this phone is capable of and what was removed. Just gotta dig for it guys and gals

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Yeah right. What a load of crap. If there’s a way, why don’t you tell us how instead of keeping it a secret. And go over to XDA and tell the senior members what they are doing wrong.

      I guess you are saying that the discussion over at XDA, that’s been going on since 2009 is nonsense? Only you know the secret. Not XDA, not HTC engineers.

      What a laugh riot.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    By the way, I have a few microUSB to miniUSB adapters.

    I connected one to the HD2 and then connected my miniUSB BlackBerry charger. It charges the phone fine (they are both rated the same output, 5V).

    So if you have the need for more than one charger you can use your old miniUSB chargers (check the voltage and amps). Simply buy the adapters on eBay for $3 shipped, and maybe even cheaper.

    Now I have a charger by the bed too. End of problem.

  • manushka

    So I’m getting my replacement set of HD2s on Monday. I have to say that the salesperson at local Tmo on Powell is awsome! I called her she did not hesitate to tell me to come in to get them replaced. We’ll see after tuesday.

  • WTF

    I wish this thing had Android…

    Android OS is growing, WinMo is falling. No matter what people say, you can’t argue the facts and numbers.

  • justsomedude

    Guys check this out here is proof that Windows 6.5 is starting to beat Android!!!

  • Dan

    I sent mine back already. The hardware is fantastic. The software experience is lacking.