T-Mobile Announces Inductive Charging Pad for MyTouch 3G


Today T-Mobile announced that it will be offering an inductive charging pad for the myTouch 3G handset.  The Go Charging Pad will include a new backplate for the handset that, when installed, lets the device charge wirelessly when placed on the pad.  Interestingly, the pad will use magnetic induction to transfer energy from the pad to the phone’s battery.  It works the same way Palm’s Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre device works.  The Go Charging Pad will come with three PowerDiscs which allow a wide variety of mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets to be charged.  The pad will become available at T-Mobile retail stores in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, at this moment we do have any information on pricing, but when we do, you’ll be the first to know.


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  • Lance

    Would be nice….if the mytouch was the best phone on Tmo.
    Cept its not. And hasnt been, for awhile now. Not trying to be a hater, I love android, but seriously? Old dogs dont learn new tricks. Work with the newbies, Tmo.

    • FILA

      Well MyTouch in my opinion is the best Android set for T-Mobile that you can purchase in a STORE. Yea, the Nexus is the best hands down, but the average buyer doesnt kno about it. The Moto’s well shit, they have there problems, im not even gonna go into. Theres not much to choose from, they all run the same specs for the most part. For now…

      • 2FR35H

        No spec wise the best android phone you can purchase in store is the Samsung Behold 2 just updated to Android 1.6 btw

      • Connor

        But a lot of people hate Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. TouchWiz and the “Cube” homepages look horrible over standard Android.

    • Lone Wolf

      I agree. The Mytouch is at its EOL. TMO move on to new phones because your competitors are moving forward. G1 and Mytouch shouldn’t be sold anymore. Just my opinion.

    • ps

      Well for T-Mobile the MyTouch is still a cash cow, considering that it is their current best selling Android handset. Why not offer accessories for a phone that most people already own and still have 1+ year left on contract? The new high end phone every year just pisses off people who signed a contract for a 2 year discount. And while you and I know that signing contracts for phones just locks you into older tech, avg consumers dont get it. Just as you stated above “Old dogs dont learn new tricks.”

  • Joe

    Can you confirm if Tmobile is going to announce even 1 new phone at CTIA? So far they have announced a netbook (who cares) and confirmed what everyone already knew with them trying to upgrade their network.

    • revbjeff

      Nuron and HD2

      • Joe

        Do you have issues with reading comprehension or are you just being a troll?

    • jon

      what they should have announced was Nexus One inductive charging,

  • Mike

    Come on, is this really worthy of a whole news story? What’s next, an article on a silicone case for the HD2? Come on TMONews…

    • FILA

      Shut the fuck up. Im glad they put posts like these. I want, no I NEED to kno everything that goes on in T-Mobile and if you didnt have posts like these saying little shit like this, then youd feel pretty dumb next time a person asks you a question and you have no idea what there talking about cuz you didnt read the little posts

      • Mike

        Yea, you “need” it because you’re a freaking loser.


    I think this is cool. They gotta see how it works before giving it to other devices.

  • FILA

    This is cool, everyone loved the feature on the Pre, and made a big deal about it. The power mats that Best Buy sells is attracting to customers, but i dont think people really understand theres still a plug, its not completely wireless. They had before and I’ll wait till it comes out again, just a huge mat that you can throw anything on it and it will charge, non-electronic things it wont screw up like keys and stuff. all the electric will be wireless, thats what I want, but still very cool T-Mobile is doing this. Wont work on your phone if you have a rubber or clear case on your phone, youd have to take it off, thats the only downside

  • bakgwailo

    Hopefully someone will find someway to hack this onto my beloved G1 :)

  • 2FR35H

    This post just says they didn’t have any other news to post for t-mobile.

    • Anthony

      While it’s obvious Tmobile had nothing worthwhile to offer at the CTIA, this post says nothing about having anything to do with “any other news”. Can you read?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Actually, this is a good news item because it announces HTC’s entry into accessories for phones, which is good to see.

    The way of the future for manufactures is to concentrate on handset development AND accessories, like that Company I will not name does so well.

    Apple, oops… I said it… makes a ton of cash on accessories and peripherals for its devices. HTC and others have not. Time to feed from the accessories cash cow.

    And I really like these charging pads. So much better than plugging in a proprietary charger for every device.

  • i cant believe they bother wasting time making this for the mytouch 3g. phone been out too long and it sucks it runs android.

    • jdog

      For you maybe my Nexus One runs 2.1 sucks to be you, my phone and yours are worlds apart LOL.

    • shawn1224

      @nkog … You sound like a retard. The mytouch is TMO’s cash cow. Walk in to any TMO retail store and they have a wall dedicated to nothing but mytouch peripherals. It’s called business sense … the more people who have the device, the more units they can sell.

      Geesh are you people that DUMB.

    • gdog

      I cant believe you bother wasting time posting.Go post somewhere else, if you hate Android that much get an iphone and if you hate tmo also dont bother even going on the website.

  • Stephan

    You can’t blame T-Mobile for not getting the best and new phones. They basically started Android but because they are the “budget” major wireless carrier they don’t have as much cash to throw at the phone companies. I mean all you have to do is look over the pond in the EU and tmobile’s stock of phones their rocks but they are a major player their and barely holding on to their subscription base here. I am a loyal T-Mobile customer and have been since 2004. They are trying their best to update their network but they can only do so much with limited spectrum but nobody can beat their customer service. I’m holding out on my upgrade until they finally come out with a better phone. Plus, it does work for MORE than just the MT3G so it’s not just for that phone and I’m sure it will be compatible with whatever Android phoen comes out next.

  • Gabriel

    already available for blackberries and Iphone

  • Mbarg

    Has anyone seen this being sold?! It’s not on tmo’s website. Has it ever been released?