T-Mobile Announces Inductive Charging Pad for MyTouch 3G


Today T-Mobile announced that it will be offering an inductive charging pad for the myTouch 3G handset.  The Go Charging Pad will include a new backplate for the handset that, when installed, lets the device charge wirelessly when placed on the pad.  Interestingly, the pad will use magnetic induction to transfer energy from the pad to the phone’s battery.  It works the same way Palm’s Touchstone charger for the Palm Pre device works.  The Go Charging Pad will come with three PowerDiscs which allow a wide variety of mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets to be charged.  The pad will become available at T-Mobile retail stores in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, at this moment we do have any information on pricing, but when we do, you’ll be the first to know.


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