Deutsche Telekom CEO Says They Are Keeping T-Mobile USA, Reaffirms “Stick Together”


For quite a while now T-Mobile USA has been the subject of mergers, marriages, divorces and a few “make- me-want-to-throw-up-in-my-mouth” rumors with Sprint.  Recent months have seen the possibility of a partnership with Clearwire (that is not counted as a rumor here since it was straight from Robert Dotson’s mouth), a T-Mobile IPO and spinoff and more Sprint/T-Mobile merger rumors.  For now, however, Rene Obermann has insisted to the Wall Street Journal that T-Mobile USA will remain a Deutsche Telekom property.

“We consider the U.S. market to be highly attractive in the years to come,” CEO Rene Obermann told the Journal on Wednesday.  Obermann apparently believes that growth for T-Mobile USA won’t necessarily come from more “human” customers but from new and exciting wireless services and devices.  Those are the key to 500 percent, even 1,000 percent penetration.

When asked by the WSJ if T-Mobile may merge with a rival to help in the fight against the number 1 and number 2 carriers, he would not comment on specific T-Mobile/Sprint rumors but did express that they “aren’t considering multi-billion dollar deals”.

For the moment, let’s hope this puts all the nonsense merger talk to rest and allows T-Mobile to continue focusing on building out new services along with new devices that will help keep it ahead of its competitors.  If you build it, they will come!

Xchangemag via WSJ

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  • patient

    lol, I remember the days when I wished T-mo would buy out sprint so I could get a palm pre, that deck multi tasking tool still looks bad ass

  • Steve

    After reviewing Rene Oberman’s presentation at CTIA, this makes perfect sense. All of the wireless providers are projecting data use to explode in the US while Europe growth rates are much slower. He doesn’t want to sell the unit and miss out on the growth opportunites. It looks like DTK is again seeing TMO USA as the cash cow they once were!

    If HSPA+ is as fast in the real world as they say it is I would love to cancel my cable broadband service and go strictly wireless.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Steve, I missed his remarks on Wednesday but this was certainly the feeling going around afterwards. Having had my hands on time with the HSPA+ in what is obviously optimal conditions around the convention center where T-Mobile was showing it off, the real world speeds are exactly what you would think, they are truly broadband like and even better in some instances. I was definitely impressed and if you had asked me to tell you a blindfolded difference between the webConnect Rocket and home broadband, I wouldn’t have been able to.

      • bakgwailo

        Download/upload speeds are fine, what about Ping though? I get 95-130, compared to my home cable connection which is 5-40. Just saying that unless they can deliver better ping, then it will never be a replacement for home broadband (games/etc). Same thing killed satellite based ‘net, awesome download speeds, but the ping was terrible.

  • Matthew

    Hmm T-mobile and Sprint would kinda be fail like Sprint and Nextel.
    If you can’t beat number 1 (Verizon i assume) why not join them on the birthday cake party.

    But I really want T-mobile to to good since they’re the cellphone company I’m with. I’m waiting on a powerful android phone like the Nexus One but one that I can get on my family plan without selling my arm, leg, and a kidney.

  • Steve


    If you are interested a lot of the slides he used at CTIA were used at the DTK Investor Presentation held very recently. Those are on the DTK investor side (pdf files)

    Glad to hear that the real world speed is that good! Call me cheap or frugal :) but I don’t want to pay for 2 broadband connections. It’s the same internet! I would much rather pay TMO only and be done with it. Seems like wireless could take over cable/dsl.

  • kershon

    If this hspa+ is that good, it won’t be long until I give Comcast their walking papers! Can’t wait. Great news that Magenta is gonna keep on keepin’ on. Go T-Mo!

    • Steve

      Hope it works out that way! The only thing that has me nervous is caps on usage. Comcast has a 250 gig max before they throttle you. Tmobile’s unlimited plan isn’t really unlimited (As all wireless carriers do the same) Their cap is 10 gig. Which seems like it would be plenty for routine web browsing, email and the occasional video stream which is all I use it for. However, I can’t find out from comcast how much I use on an average month to make an accurate comparison. I called to find out and the REP told me they don’t know unless I go over? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • Steve

    @David Managing Editor,

    This may not be the right article to communicate this question but maybe you have some thoughts yourself on the topic of replacing wireline broadband with 4g/ HSPA+ service? It could make for an interesting discussion amoung participants on your site.

    I personally, would like to hear the pros and cons from people who are more technically knowledgable that I am. Again, the way I see it……give me an HD2 or Nexus One or anything with comparable specs that will tether on occasion and I am good to go :)

    • David, Managing Editor

      Steve, email me, and I’ll gladly talk to you about it, I’m trying to get ready to move tomorrow but I’ll gladly get back to you soon!

  • fatscooter

    YO NEVOOOOO!!!!!

  • Steve

    David, will do! I look forward to the discussion. Good luck on your move!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well, I don’t think anyone other than T-Mobile knows what’s projected since merger and acquisition talk takes place behind closed doors.

    Clearly T-Mobile is not upgrading its systems for fun or folly. Data is the new money maker in wireless and T-Mobile is positioning itself to wet its beak and maybe even take a few gulps.

    Data and data-centric phones are where it’s at. (To be sure, that is the HD2’s emphasis.)

    Sidenote: The Samsung Galaxy S (trumpeted at CTIA) is HOT and it’s an Android GSM phone, so maybe T-Mobile will get that in response to the Sprint EVO? If T-Mobile gets that, it will be replacing our ancient G1. Then I will have both platforms, a WinMo HD2 and an Android Galaxy S.


    • J-Hop2o6

      That Samsung Galaxy S is HORRIBLE.. it has its HORRIBLE proprietary UI on top of Android.. worse than the Behold 2.

      • Johnny

        i would personally prefer the HTC Desire :)

  • Galen20K

    Wayyy to go DT!!! I LOVE T-Mobile and their HSPA+ is definitely as good if not better than current 4G projections for the next few years. I have been with the company since the Voicestream days 10 years to be exact and I have never seem them so Fantastic and Promising! People will finally see what they are capable very soon.

  • Davidohip

    Thank god cuz when my friend calls me from her sprint phone it sounds like she is in a tin can, it is very tinny sounding and just horrible. She has had 3 different kinds of phones in the 6 years she has been with them and they all sound horrible, not to mention she will be talking to me and just drop. I keep trying to get her to switch to t-mobile. Sprint=crap service.

  • FILA

    This is what T-Mobile needs to jump ahead to the number 2 spot.
    -Cheaper plans
    -get rid of all the prepaid shits, and re-introduce something like straight talk
    -Advertisements on tv’s, need more of them
    -Keep rolling out 3G and more cell sites
    -PHONES, they really gotta keep up on that, stop releasing pissy phones all the times, you need the snapdragon phones now to keep up, did you see the Evo 4G phone rolling out this summer for sprint, holy hell, T-Mobile def needs a top phone in the ring, roll out something with HSPA+ in it, which there rumored now anyways to come end of summer.
    -Need more Android WM, come on be the first WM7 to come out! Thou I know its not all T’s decision.

    • john

      it’s not easy to have cheaper plans and advertise more, cost effective marketing is where it’s all at.

  • Rick

    Great! Now give us a kick-ass Android device!