T-Mobile Considering Partnership With Clearwire


Hmm, here is a bit of interesting news.  Reuters is reporting that T-Mo is trying to find a way to boost its spectrum capacity.  Within this goal, the company is considering forming a joint venture with Clearwire.  According to Robert Dotson, the chief executive of T-Mobile USA, the company is “looking for additional spectrum… there are a number of different options we look at, (we) have been talking with cable companies, with Clearwire,…”

The big magenta does not believe the national broadband plan, recently forwarded to Congress by the FCC, will be of help in its goal.  Dotson also responded to a question about a merger with Sprint.  He said, “What you never want to do is take one company that is going through challenges and take another company going through challenges” and put them together.  It is interesting that Clearwire is Sprint’s big partner in building out a national WiMax network. T-Mobile has committed to bringing Long Term Evolution to market, a technology which is supposed to compete with WiMax.  Because of the differences in next generation technology, I do not really see this happening, but we will have to wait and see.  What do you think?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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  • J-Hop2o6

    what frequency is he lookin for? 850? what does Clearwire use?

    • Usafguard

      I read clearwire uses 2500MHz.

      • J-Hop2o6

        wtf! really? that wont penetrate walls to well.. frequency’s like 700/850/900 are good wall penetraters

    • mmaxxsooner

      Opposed to what david said, this has nothing to do with cellular freq. Tmob is having issues associated with their backhaul and are looking to other companies for help in this area. So the tie up with clearwire makes sense as the have the network backhaul already built out and could save tmob billions in that type of buildout. Again this has nothing to do with sprint or wimax.

      • mmaxxsooner

        Error on the author stephen not david

      • J-Hop2o6

        so how can Clearwire help with Tmo’s backhaul? CW doesnt use AWS.. or am i missing something about backhaul? can u did a lil deeper on tmo’s position of lookin for help.

  • chris

    I hate spint and will drop tmo if they merge.

    • swazedahustla

      Good, less people hogging my 4G network.

  • BigJ


    • jkspike3

      Lol nope your third. Douche!

    • MadProfessor

      F A I L .

  • I think that the only way to interpret this is that T-Mo is shopping around for spectrum space that they could buy and relicense for some kind of GSM/LTE use. Remember, they have to plan these things many years in advanced.

  • RayLebron

    Out of topic but did anybody else notice the out of stock sign of the HD2 on Tmo’s web page? Is that normal?

  • andrew

    is clearwire wimax

    • jaymax

      yes, although there is supposedly an easy upgrade path from Clearwire WiMax to LTE.

  • RayLebron

    On topic: I have read that it’s not that difficult to make a change from WiMax technology to LTE tech. TMo’s plans of associating it self with Clearwire might be an awesome idea, bussiness wise.

    • Finally someone whose up to date with the spectrum developments.

      LG and Sony Ericson are both working on WiMax/LTE towers that can drop off from either service with no lag.

      If t-mobile did this they’d be leasing the clearwire 4G network to stay up to date and add some more speed to work as a underlying support for their network. Idk if anyone else has experienced this but when I make a call I get switched over to 1G idk wth is going on but it’s been happening for more than a month.

      Maybe t-mo wants to free up its network for more services like at&t without compromising speed

  • mike

    its out of stock cause its not available yet

  • tchez27

    If talks with the cable companies get serious I sure hope they’re talking about true cable and not satellite companies. I can just see myself having spotty or no coverage contingent on the weather. A merger with sprint wouldn’t be terrible as long as the principals applied were those of T-Mobile. Sprint has obviously shown their inabilities when they merged with Nextel.

  • brad

    clearwire has a buttload of spectrum. makes sense.

    • Kyle

      I think the term is actually “metric f***ton” :)

  • Martin

    How many customers do Sprint and T-mobile want to be considered successful? As far as I know Sprint has around 49 million customers which seems great to me, so how exactly are they struggling? T-mobile on the other hand is behind with 33 million, but that still seems like a decent enough number. Anyway, if TMO partnership does anything good for their phone technology (which they lag behind compared to the other 3 big carriers) and coverage then I’m all for it because I have to admit that T-mobile doesn’t have the best coverage (even though they have the best pricing).

  • Rob

    Now that all tv has gone to digital there is spectrum available in the 700mhz range that wasn’t there before. If tmo could get there hands on that, LTE would be a breeze. Clearwire has spectrum, and their service is “neat” but tmo’s hspa+ is rated at 21 mb/s speeds which is WAY faster than wimax!

  • jdog25

    Doesn’t T-mobile already have a deal with Comcast because thats what I read last year on some different websites and Comcast has hooked up their lines to the T-mobile tower on my property. I even threatened Comcast that I would tear down their line cause I couldn’t get any 18 wheelers in my drive way for months and when they fixed it they told me I would have to wait because they had to notify T-mobile since they were using that cable line also. Also Comcast was there working on that line that went into the tower for months and some of the workers told me that Comcast and T-mobile did make some kind of deal.

    • Usafguard

      The deal is most likely for fiber to launch HSPA+.

  • watbetch

    Don’t some of the cable companies hold AWS?

    • watbetch

      spectrum licenses

  • ben

    I wouldn’t put much weight to what he says. This is the same guy that proudly turned down Jobs when he appraoched him to do the iphone. And he was the one saying that 3g on the network was for capacity of voice and that data is not important. He’s served his purpose and needs to step down and let someone else lead with a clear business plan and direction.

  • nps_ca

    This could just be spectrum and collocation alignment. The US is eons behind the rest of the world when it comes to collocation to help build network coverage. Other countries direct competitors even on different technologies align plans to get around build out resistance and issues with nimby.

  • FILA

    You realize if T-Mobile went to LTE, that would make 3 US carriers to use LTE, sprint being the only one to run WiMax. Competition.

  • Jayridius

    Clearwire has 120 MHz of spectrum from 2.5 – 2.69 GHz. They currently are using 30 MHz to deploy WiMAX leaving them 90 Mhz for future needs. Clearwire also is building its own microwave network for backhaul. If T-Mob leased spectrum from Clearwire, Clearwire could run both LTE and WiMAX radios off of their towers using its own backhaul. Europe is using 2.6 Ghz for LTE, so equipment will be available.

    • J-Hop2o6

      but with that high of a frequency, wouldnt it have problems penetraiting building walls? and why is Tmobile lookin for help? i though they had enough AWS to run 3G and LTE on the same band?

      • foo

        in order for tmo to run LTE w/ their current AWS freq the number of sites they’d have to build would be at least quadruple the amount they currently have. NOT economical. That’s why they’re lobbying for 500mhz that will be good

      • J-Hop2o6

        so what your saying is they’re looking for someone that already has the hardware in place at a site? use that temporarily until they fully (or close to fully) build out their 3G/LTE network? anything more info u can tell us relating to all this? and thx for the help!

  • Will

    T-Mobile should buy MetroPCS and get its LTE spectrums. Then T-Mobile should buy Sprint and combine Sprint’s CDMA network and MetroPCS’s CDMA network. So, then Clearwire merges with T-Mobile. At the end Clearwire and Sprint engineers would take care of WIMAX towers and T-Mobile and MetroPCS engineers would take care of LTE towers. And T-Moible would take care of the GSM network. MetroPCS and Sprint engineers would also take care of the CDMA towers. And T-Mobile can get help from Clearwire to revive their @home services. There’s enough money to go around with those 4 companies. T-Mobile should also look into having the same LTE spectrum as T-Mobile UK and Orange which would help them so much in their phone lineup and do some type of program which phones from the UK are able to be bought here in the US and vice versa.

  • Joc

    Will that makes alot of sense and would make Tmobile alot of money and could grow their business to where in a few years, they would be the #1 carrier. Lets hope there’s someone at Tmobile thinking along the same lines as you.

  • Jj

    when will t-mobile put 3G on Eagle Pass so i can have high speeds
    if you know please press the reply thing and tell me