T-Mobile USA iPhone Rumors (Again)


Here we go with another rumor pertaining to the iPhone, T-Mobile and our hopes and dreams for its arrival. Whatever you think about the iPhone, its appearance on the magenta network would certainly give a boost to a fourth place T-Mobile.  Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann hinted in an interview today that the T-Mobile USA branch is indeed hoping to land a deal for the iPhone.   Speaking to the Financial Times, CEO Obermann didn’t detail any specifics regarding the talks but hoped to have a deal in place as soon as late 2010 or 2011.  Interestingly enough he emphasized that Android would “support the network in the meantime.”

While, of course, Apple declined comment for the story and never discusses future carrier plans, T-Mobile is a likely partner though certainly not the anticipated front-runner.  With the largest customer base in America, most expect Verizon to pick up the next iteration of the iPhone though with technology similar to that of AT&T, T-Mobile is a more likely fit.  While Android fans on T-Mobile may lament the arrival of the iPhone, there would be little question as to whether or not it could help the T-Mobile USA branch.  The iPhone brings the customers as AT&T has discovered with consistent records of customer adds every quarter.  With AT&T network troubles prominent in the news and T-Mobile making vast improvements, it might be opportune for them to seize on AT&T troubles. For the moment, it’s all rumor and speculation but when the Deutsche Telekom CEO speaks, we listen.


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  • J-Hop2o6

    even tho i dont care for the iPhone,, this will be good for TmoUSA to gain some customers that are tired of AT&T (and maybe others).

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Yeah, but how long until people start crying foul on TMO because the iPhone is a network hog? Seriously, AT&T (as much as I loathe them) was actually half-way decent before they acquired the iPhone. Now a days, there are more and more people wishing to jump ship from AT&T simply because of call and network quality. One of the many reasons, if not the main reason, I stay with TMO is simply because of the call and network quality. Even as they add users and more powerful devices, my quality has remained consistent.

      Given that that was the opinion of most AT&T users before the iPhone, my fear is that TMO will pretty much end up in the same boat. As much as I hate it, the iPhone will drive massive sales for TMO and as such, I hope that TMO does everything in it’s power to not fall into the same hole that AT&T did.

      • J-Hop2o6

        but not ALL AT&T iPhone users will come to TmoUSA.. just some.. and plus every week or so, Tmo is improving its network.. plus 21mpbs HSPA+ should be here by summer.. so i think TmoUSA will be fine if the iPhone (4.0?) comes here.

      • drivethruboy168

        The recent past interviews with Cole Brodman, he states that T-Mobile’s network would definitely be able to handle as many subscribers and data usage as AT&T did with the iPhone with out a problem. If we do get the iPhone, this will be a big win for T-Mobile as there will be MANY people doing the switch from other service providers, as T-Mobile continues to strengthen it’s 3G network. I my self now a lot of people with the iPhone and the only reason they are with AT&T is because they don’t want to unlock there iPhone and void out there warranty. GO T-MOBILE USA!!!!! JUST DO IT!!!

      • Usafguard

        TMo will be fine, they are running fiber to all 3G sites and getting more bandwidth with fiber is a simple matter that takes only moments.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “plus 21mpbs HSPA+ should be here by summer..”

      Depends on here… we in Phoenix are still waiting for the HSPDA upgrade, much less the HSPA+ upgrade. According to the reps at my local store, the hardware is in place, they are just waiting to throw the switch. Well, it was supposed to be “thrown” back in December.

      Mind you, I love TMO and the network quality, but if it is ok for them to be 4 months late on deploying HSDPA, I can’t imagine how long it will be for HSPA+. I still maintain that the additional load of the admittedly bandwidth hogging iPhone is going to put TMO in the same light as AT&T.

      • Grr

        The hardware has been there since 3G was installed. There is no hardware change because we installed HSDPA capable hardware from the beginning. Here is another kicker. Chances are Phoenix has had HSDPA turned on because I’m almost positive every market is on right now. The reason you do not know is you still need more circuits to notice a difference. If they have not added any, you won’t be able to tell.

        So here is the final thing. If you do not notice HSDPA right now, you will likely not. HSDPA is a step you have to take before turning on HSPA+. It makes little sense to turn add normal circuits for HSDPA when you are going to add the ethernet connection for HSPA+ a month or two later.

      • Mockerfab4

        @Grr…how would you know if it’s turned on? I live in PHX and it would be great to find out if it’s turned on!

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “@Grr…how would you know if it’s turned on? I live in PHX and it would be great to find out if it’s turned on!”

      My question exactly… according to my local rep (20th & Camelback store), they have yet to turn everything on for HSDPA. He didn’t have a reason, but that’s been the going statement for months now.

  • aLb3Rt

    no iphones… bring on the hd2….3….4…..5…..6……7…..8…….. now! lol

    • trickinit

      I got to play with an HD2 yesterday, and I was seriously impressed. I have a Nexus One now, and I’m so jealous of the HD2’s huge screen. If only it had Android..

      • aLb3Rt

        i’ve had the nexus 1 for a week and returned it. had the nokai n900 for a lil over 2 weeks and sold it off as soon as I found out the release date of the hd2. android is good but just not for me. i could care less if MS doesn’t support it anymore as long as we have the XDA. main thing for me is email and roaming and video quality. hd2 is gonna rock. i played with it at a local tmo store also just a few days ago. too bad the guy who has it went on vacation and took the phone with him.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        “i could care less if MS doesn’t support it anymore as long as we have the XDA”

        *sigh* Microsoft has stated that they will continue support for WinMo 6.5 for the foreseeable future. when WP7S launches, 6.5 is going to be re-branded as “Windows Mobile 7 Starter Edition”.

      • J-Hop2o6

        i read it was gonna be re-branded as WM/WP Classic

      • DotNetCoderAZ
      • J-Hop2o6
      • DotNetCoderAZ

        My link’s newer… ;-)

      • J-Hop2o6

        lol i seen that it was 10 days newer.. who knows until its final.. it’ll make more sense to call it WM Classic since its an old core and ways of using it is wayy different, compared to callin it a “Started Edition” when its not even close to being similar to WP7.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        True, true… Microsoft doesn’t exactly have a good track record when it comes to retaining product names through the dev life cycle.

  • HDTweezy

    Iphone will help Tmo get more customers, hopefully if that happens it won’t slow everything down! I won’t be picking one up that’s for sure. Hey T-Mobile, can you hurry up and sell the HD2? I don’t want to wait until Wednesday!

  • Broke

    Loving Android and its outdated myTouch. But I wouldn’t mind an iPhone to work seamlessly with my MacBook. But only when multitasking is integrated.

  • God

    the only way the iphone is going to TMO USA is if it goes to all of the networks. This would make sense, since Apple is now in head-to-head competition with Android which is on every network.

    • SteveT

      Not so sure about that. TMO is GSM (Sim card) unlike Sprint, US Cellular, etc. It would be easier for Apple to get their suppliers to add a band to the cel radios than to sell a completely different model to each carrier.

  • efjay

    If T-Mo would stop putting all their eggs in the android basket and advertise phones like the HD2 they would not need to go begging for the network hogging iphone. It will certainly mean a degraded network experience for the all customers and that is not something I look forward to.

    • Usafguard

      TMo won’t get the iPhoney before HSPA+ launches which requires a fiber connection to every site…launch by the end of the year…and getting more bandwidth to handle the additional requirements is an easy process that takes moments.

  • Mockerfab4

    I could care less where the iPhone goes, JUST get it to more carriers! I was all set for the HD2, but now looking to see what iPhone does this summer OR waiting for WP7 in the fall. Either way, love the rumours. Keep em’ coming. ;)

  • Not all of us hope and dream for the iPhone on T-Mobile. :-)

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      E X A C T L Y!

      • 2FR35H


  • ctk

    some high station muckety muck in the t-mobile directors said that their network could handle the iphone. i think i’ll go with them.

    as for at&t, the iphone was a gamechanger and NO ONE could have expected a) its popularity and b) its usage of the network. its been 3-4 years since the first iphone has been announced, and most if not all of the other carriers have beefed up their networks significantly. plus, there are a couple hundred thousand iphones on t-mobile’s network RIGHT NOW. i have never owned an android device, but i’ll bet there are several hundred thousand putting a hurting on the 3g network and the edge network RIGHT NOW. we have seen some recent software related outages of t-mo’s network but we haven’t seen one due to network overloading.

    t-mobile needs to do something to jump out of 4th place. landing the iphone would do that. it would attract a whole bunch of disaffected at&t users and attract those who want iphones but not deal with at&t idiotry. especially if you combine t-mo’s plans with the iphone.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “there are a couple hundred thousand iphones on t-mobile’s network RIGHT NOW”

      True, but they are limited to EDGE data only. Which is fine… keep the network hog tied in and everything is fine. Once [Apple] adds the UMTS bands, watch our good network quality fall to the floor.

      • 2FR35H

        It may be a conspiracy…. o.0 shhh steve jobs doesn’t want me blowing his plans of ruining android.

  • Don’t really care. But, i’d be welcome to see it on our network. But, I prefer Android. Just don’t like apple :). I’m all for supporting new brands, & allowing them to excel, instead of letting apple take over the whole world

  • Manny

    I highly doubt Verizon would get the iPhone anytime soon, all they do is bash it in their commercials.

    • J-Hop2o6

      it’ll be funny if they did get the iPhone, but still bash AT&T about the iPhone, LOL!

  • JR

    I think it would be a great boost to T mobile to do this HOWEVER, two things

    1. They need to wait for the next gen iPhone because no one will care if it’s a 3GS

    2. Apple will levy some heavy requirements on them if they are “allowed” to have the iPhone grace magenta’s shelves. One big one is the network, Tmo will have to do some work to get it up to par.

    3. Price. Tmo has always been the “bargin” carrier and that will have to change, unless the rumor price drops of the iPhone’s next gen will happen.

    We’ll see but I think this is a good thing because I love Tmo and want to see them success, they just need to do the right thing. Remember competition is GOOD!

  • JR

    I think it would be a great boost to T mobile to do this HOWEVER, two things

    1. They need to wait for the next gen iPhone because no one will care if it’s a 3GS

    2. Apple will levy some heavy requirements on them if they are “allowed” to have the iPhone grace magenta’s shelves. One big one is the network, Tmo will have to do some work to get it up to par.

    3. Price. Tmo has always been the “bargain” carrier and that will have to change, unless the rumor price drops of the iPhone’s next gen will happen.

    We’ll see but I think this is a good thing because I love Tmo and want to see them success, they just need to do the right thing. Remember competition is GOOD!

  • Cybersedan

    iPhone on T-MO would be good, even though the phone is not for me it will help bring in the apple sheep (A.K.A. Customers), as an employee that works for me.

    • J-Hop2o6

      imma new hire for Tmo, so hell yea that’ll be good for us!

      • Cybersedan

        Welcome aboard!!

  • dustin

    There are over 1 million iphone users on tmobiles network. Tmo will have the ability to support as well being they are moving over to fiberoptic cables as well as implementing hspa+

    However, I would like to see the customer growth if we obtain the iphone, even though I’m not a fan of the phone itself

  • Green Robot

    Regardless of the “iPhone wishful thinking project” that might or might not every happen, I think that TMO USA really needs to do a lot better job of that “focusing on Android in the meantime” project because let me tell you, filling your shelves with the likes of Cliq XT and such is just not going to cut it. Not when Sprint and Verizon are about to release the likes of HTC Supersonic and such. TMO’s Android line up is getting pathetic quick….


    the iphone is dead. been there done that. do they have a app to make it better???

    • Cybersedan

      Yes and No, the phone itself is definitely lagging the competition so by that measure it’s dead”ish”, however the crave is still there. The masses who use and crave this phone still believe it’s the best, so from that perspective it will help T-MO and is very much alive.

  • Ernie

    They DONT NEED IT the have THE HTC HD2.

    Nuff Said!

  • smiley

    go away iphone, and take your network hogginess with you. android destroys you anyway.

  • Garet

    Iphone comes to T-mobile I will leave and go to Sprint

    • Mockerfab4

      What if iPhone comes to Sprint too? Boost Mobile anyone?

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I wrote Steve Jobs a few days back & it had to do with this. Apparently I got him thinking.

  • Ahh Yo!

    It’s going to get to the point that if the iPhone does come to T-Mobile, that it will not be a highly prize item to get. By the time iPhone does hit T-Mobile, more phones will be far much better and cheaper. Unless Apple can integrate multitask and have you create custom folders and screen (which won’t happen).

  • keep the iPhone away from t-mobile PLEASE. we don’t need t-mobile to turn into an moronic carrier driven by dumb customers who have no idea how limiting apple’s products are. key example: iTunes.

    • racster

      As long as T-Mobile does not turn moronic, “we” should take the “dumb customers” money. Once they are on T-Mobile maybe they will see the light and turn into “smart customers”. They will see how great and open minded T-Mobile is.

    • ctk

      those 1 million iphone users would disagree with you, because every single one of them has been jailbroken. not exactly a userbase that is exactly dumb.

      how many t-mo users are using dumbphones or very low-end smart phones that let them text and update their facebook, actions i would consider moronic? i don’t think any mobile company should be in the business of turning away customers because of their phone choices. just because there is another smartphone out there and you like it doesn’t mean that other smartphones made by other people running other oses shouldn’t be allowed.

  • Mj

    The fact of the matter is the iPhone is still a highly prized phone period. No matter how you feel about it. Millions of people use on iPhone on tmobile with only an edge connection doesn’t that tell you something. The iPhone isn’t going anywhere.

  • Calvin

    This would be great to get the iphone. I don’t understand the people that think android is so much better. I have had a android phone sense the beginning of the G1 and always hoped it would get better by if your honest android is trying to be like apples app market, but its not even close. The apps on the iphone are much better and I’m getting suck of waiting for android to catch up to apple. So i’m hoping this happens.

  • Ronald

    I think T-Mobile should carry the next gen of iPhone, a lot people on T-Mobile uses an Unlocked iPhone, sadly running on EDGE.

  • ali

    Why look to the iphone when the android is here. Apple is what put t-mobile in a bad place to start with so it should support them in any way. We need to support the Android Revolution and other non-apple OSes

  • Gabe





  • Wilma Flintstone

    I don’t like the Apple because now they are trying to Sue HTC and that means that I won’t get my HD2 if they Win. GO HTC!!! Win that case!!!

    • ColoradoGray

      The lawsuit is very much in the initial stages right now. It will be months before there would be any decision made, so the HD2 will still be ready to go next week!

      • Mockerfab4

        This lawsuit could take years….The HD2 comes out next week. You can still get it.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Oh, duh?!?! I deserve a stupid slap. HAAA!!! I still don’t like the iPhone but that’s my personal preference.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Rumor has it that the case won’t even see initial discovery and opening motions before 2012… Which, if the Mayan civilization is correct, won’t end well for Apple, HTC, or anyone else. LMAO

  • MLB1906

    I heard from a Tmobile Sales Associate that as early as June we could see an Iphone on the Tmob nation, but after having an HD2 in my hands today!!!!!!! Iphone just doesn’t see all that great to me anymore LOL…. decisions… decisions

    • ctk

      if i had the $$$ i would get both, seriously. i want to replace the phone i talk with (which btw isn’t my iphone, its a dumbphone from nokia i unlocked from at&t) because the battery is starting to go.

      but if there is no t-mo iphone, its a moot point.

  • Doom Stryker

    Who Gives The iPhone Will Never Go To T-Moble Because
    Tmo Has A Poor Reception And You Even Have To Unlock
    Your Phone In Order To Call In Another Country And They
    Don’t Have Any Access To The Electronic Codes For The

    • Keebler02

      Not sure what in the world you are talking about. You dont’ need to have to unlock your device to call in other countries. Just call and ask for World Class Roaming to be added. Now if you want to use a foriegn sim then yes you do need it to be unlokc, just like the big Death Star requires.

  • tmoreppart 2

    All I kniw is I had the iphone good phone and it will bring cutomers by the dozen but it is just a fashion statment as for many of us the HD2 is the king od the hill and the best thing to ever hit tmo. I am kinda upset at mysellf because I just sold my mytouch to early and I have no phone but its ok I will have ny beloved hd2 soon.so its woorth it to me

  • d-coop

    if the iphone comes to every network its gonna be just like the Razr everyone is gonna have one…to sum it up the iphone is played out

  • FormerTmobileGuy

    Sadly enough I just jumped ship two days ago. Broke my contract and everything. Went to AT&T and got (2) iphones. Had a Motorola Cliq and Android is pretty sweet but it is nothing compared to the Iphone experience. The network may be bogged down in bigger cities but where I live it is 3G Heaven. I’ve never experienced speeds so fast. And the touch screen? FUGEDDABOUTIT! It’s like the screen predicts what I want it to do. No more breaking screens to get a response.

    So I bid farewell to a very good cell phone company with probably the best customer service I have ever experienced. Of note, I called AT&T several times to order the phone, activate it and troubleshoot it and can’t say anything bad about the way I was treated. In fact, one rep told me a sneaky way to save money on my bill each month…..LONG LIVE THE IPHONE!!!!

  • Oce

    Do people really think that the HD2 is going to be less of a network hog than the iPhone! Blockbuster movie downloads, Live TV and radio streaming; I don’t think people realize how much of a bandwidth goblin the HD2 is going to be! I say bring on the iPhone, the more choices the better. Then Tmo will have flavors to satisfy all customers. I’ve used all platforms and I have likes and dislikes about all of them. I’m no fanboy or hater of any platform, but for those who want a smartphone that just works without all the effort (hacking and tweaking), you can’t beat an iPhone. Its simple, intuitve and fun; my wife loves her 3g. Anyone who trys to argue otherwise is fooling themselves and needs to quit drinking hater-ade. Me personally, I’ve been using iphones for several years now, but will be selling my 3g to purchase the HD2. If an iPhone comes to Tmo, I would probably get one also.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    Nevermind T-mo, it may sound silly to say this out loud, but Apple NEEDS to get the iPhone out on VZW and T-mo (ok, Sprint too I guess) to stay relevant. While most people look at the N1 as a ‘failure’ because it didn’t bust down doors, I have the funny feeling that the N1 and other handsets are gonna be like ninjas and slip in when least expected. The N1 so far is available on 3 networks. If Apple sticks to At&t too long, everyone on the other carriers are going to have new phones, Android and WP7 phones, and not even care about the iPhone at that point. Before fanboys get their panties all slimy, I’m not saying that the iPhone isn’t still reigning supreme, nor am I saying its suddenly going to be a forgotten phone… just saying that Apple needs to take advantage of its position or it will lose foothold, the next logical step for the iPhone is EXPANSION and they should do it now before the true ‘iphone killers’ ever rear their heads.
    All this coming from someone who doesn’t want an iPhone. LOL.

  • Marc

    There’s too much smoke for there not to be fire. FAYAHHHH

  • chicago081

    My cousin got her iphone snatched out of her hand on the train here in Chicago. Please beware, protect your phones, they are an investment, the phone bandits are out there, BEWARE!! I plan to get the HD2, why is tmobile so hush hush about this phone??!! At the tmobile here in downtown Chicago, there is no sign in the window advertising this phone, it could have been inside, I did not go in. I will get the phone insurance just in case to protect my new HD2.

  • Miguel

    I don’t care anymore. Grabbed the Nexus One. No need for the iPhone now.

    Though I am not going to lie… I was really close to pulling the trigger on an unlocked iPhone on Ebay and tolerating Edge. Not anymore. :) :) :) !!

  • TomCruise

    don’t care about the iphone on tmo anymore. too late as far as i am concerned. wife could’ve been interested but she’s enjoying her 9700.

    i am anxiously waiting for the next android on tmobile (on lines on nexus one, only through tmo channels).

  • EdFerColom

    It is possible that the iphone work on the 3G network usa???? any bug or update from apple in the future if the iphone came to TMOBILE???

  • JR

    I’m not sure I understand all “iPhone is played out” comments. Now, let me just say that I’m not an Apple fan boy, don’t own anything but an ipod BUT, they are one of the innovative companies in the world and not only that they back it up with high class hardware and software. So, while I agree the the current gen iPhone is getting long in the tooth, the next generation will probably blow all of us away, AND THAT is the iPhone that TMo needs to get. I would bet money that if TMo carried the next gen iPhone 95% of their sales would be the iPhone. They wouldn’t sell as many as Verizon or ATT would but that is just because of the network.

    I look forward to hopefully hearing something about this not necessarily because I want one, but because I have a soft spot for TMo and want to see them succeed, because they are a better network than perceived (not talking about bad reception areas).

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Honestly, I don’t think iPhone 4 is going to blow us away because a> What MORE can the iPhone include? They FINALLY are selling a handset with ALL the features you’d expect (including 3G and Copy/Paste! lol) and b> iPad is the new toy. iPhone changes will be minor as to not overshadow the iPad wave.

      Also, and this is just a random thought, but I have the funny feeling that if iPhone makes it to other carriers, Apple is going to ‘reward’ At&t with iPhone 4, while adapting the 3GS to other carriers. This way, the iPhone could go as low as $99 on some carriers. Maybe I’m cynical, but I don’t believe anybody’s goal is to get the latest iPhone in people’s hands… just any iPhone in any hands period (which makes a lot business sense to be honest).

    • Cybersedan

      Good point JR… I wouldn’t buy any of the current versions of the iPhone out there today, beyond the flawlessness of the UI, they don’t offer a user like me much.

      That’s not to say though that Apple didn’t to their homework this time, and we may all be very surprised with the next version, so while I’m not a fan today, who knows what the next device will be.

      I will still absolutely loathe the “controlling” attitude Apple has, telling me what I can/can’t put on something I pay for, but I may still consider it.

  • help me

    what’s an iphone?

  • Rstar

    When is the iphone coming on TmoUSA? I see alot of talk but no evidence.

  • mikeeeee

    would an iphone phone be a quantum leap better than the next android i buy when my G-1 obligation expires in a couple of months?

    doubt it.

    i’m just waiting for UMA android or UMA on google voice.

    even got that under control with truphone for the time being.

    think apple will let the iphone work on UMA?

  • FB

    I’m a loyal Tmobile customer for 8 years now. I’m also a loyal Apple customer. The iPhone is integral to my daily workflow, but I can’t stand AT&T. So I make do with the original iPhone (jailbroken) on Tmobile with unlimited minutes for $49.99, tzones and 400 texts. That’s a hell of a deal, and I couldn’t get that from anyone else. Tzones is slow as hell, but at least I can get my email. I would happily buy the iPhone if/when it comes out on Tmobile.

    • J-Hop2o6

      t-zones is NOT slow.. the iPhone is only compatible with EDGE speeds.. Apple will have to add in the AWS bands for the iPhone to use Tmousa’s 3G.. i have a Touch Pro2, and i have t-zones.. i get 3G @ the speeds (for now) of ~250kB/s (2.0mbps) in SW Seattle.

  • Mammoth

    It better be true else this company has no way to compete by any means with the current handset lineup..
    who could giveaway his iphone to get to t-mobile or give away his HTC supersonic on sprint or Droid from verizon..
    When T-Mobile launches an IPHONE HSPA+ with a very high speed network on the way like in Philly, then the other guys might start wetting their pants cuz then yeah i would leave ATT to get an HSPA+ iphone on TMO…
    Good luck guys..

  • joeblow

    verizon WILL be getting the iPhone in May

    • David, Managing Editor

      You are basing this on what?

  • elithegreat

    Why does steve jobs think its okay to jump on stage and give a presatation with high water ill-fitting jeans and dirty worn-out sneakers?

    Trying to look down-to-earth and casual is one thing…but aiming to look like a HoBo is another.

  • elithegreat


  • Halo

    Word going around today is that Apple will begin selling iPhones at full retail price with no AT&T contract required. While Apple has been offering the iPhone at full retail price, a contract with AT&T was mandatory.

    Bear in mind that unlike some reports [or tweets] this doesn’t mean the iPhones will be sold unlocked, or that you’ll be able to use it with your favorite wireless carrier. You’ll still tied to AT&T.

    The device is fully priced at $499 for the 8GB iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS will be priced at $599 and $699 for the 16 GB and 32GB versions respectively. Apple currently sells completely unlocked iPhones at full retail price in many countries around the world, including France, Spain, Hong Kong, and Poland.

    On the other hand, all iPhones sold in the United States are locked. However, it’s said that it’s not that difficult to unlock an iPhone.

    It is not entirely certain if the announcement by AT&T this morning to carry Palm and Dell smartphones has something to do with the decision by Apple not to require an AT&T contract anymore when purchasing a new iPhone.

  • As far as I know, Apple and AT&T has a deal regarding this and have been in contract until 2011. If this rumor should be true, then, this should come into fruition early 2011 or late 2010.

  • SiliconAddict

    NO NO NO NO NO. Keep that POS off of T Mobile’s network. We’ve already seen what happens when a network gets b slapped by Apple’s hardware. Do not let it infect T Mobile’s

  • a loyal customer

    I called several t mobile stores. One of the store managers know for sure that t mobile will be getting the iphone this coming august.
    He confirmed it- they received a memo from corporate

    • David

      No such memo exists, you don’t think such a memo would have leaked 100x over? People who believe such things likely believe Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are currently having tea time somewhere right now.

      • emppa

        hey david i have yo say that it does exists because 2 of my stores have it

        • David

          I don’t remember what you are referring to…certainly not the iPhone…NO CHANCE two stores have T-Mobile iPhones and the rest of the world doesn’t know about it.

    • Rifleman

      There once was a fable about a character known as Chicken Little who managed to convince a bunch of mental lightweights that “The sky is falling”.

      It’s now mid-August and the iPhone is nowhere to be seen.

  • So, are we getting IPones on T-Mobile or not???

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  • TheTruth

    60 percent of T-mobile customers have been with them longer than 4 years. Ive been with them 7 years. Smaller is always better. Screw Verizon & ATT, they suck.

    All the people who use them are flip floppers chasing to get the “new cool phone” T-mobile is legit and loyal. We don’t want trash on our network. Enough said

  • OK I think this is good because the more company/carriers that offer iPhone service and products the less the consumers will pay since they are competing with each other for customers. The company with the most attractive price and service will generally get more customers.

  • saguviper

    Does it matter anymore. CNBC and others have announced that Deutche Telekom has sold TmobileUSA to ATT. That means iphone for all tmobile people that want it, cause when iphone 5 comes out, that will have quad band support to enable service on ATT towers and Tmobile Old towers.