Wirefly Reviews The T-Mobile HTC HD2

With only 5 days remaining until the highly anticipated T-Mobile HTC HD2 launches, the folks over at Wirefly have managed to get their hands on the T-Mobile HTC HD2 and have compiled a nice detailed review.  Wirefly also apologizes for the T-Mobile HTC HD2 unboxing video that was posted and then pulled upon T-Mobile’s request.  It has been posted again and is now available to the public. So if you didn’t get a chance to see Wirefly’s unboxing, click here.  Sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy 15 minutes of pure  HTC HD2 goodness.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • gargoyle999

    Was wondering when we would get a new headline to start posting on!

  • gargoyle999

    And it’s only 4 1/2 days remaining. :)

  • steve

    Watched this last night…..they did a great job. It’s gonna cost me around $80 to walk out the door with one of these babies on wednesday. Cant wait….

    • Oce

      $80! How!

      • 2FR35H

        employee discount maybe? I can only imagine a screen protector for a phone that big is gonna be expensive.

      • Greg

        You can pay a smaller fee upfront an then pay the remainder over 3 months that they add right on to your bill. I love Tmo! Gives phones to the poor like me who cant always afford to pay everything up front. But on a 200.00 phone, like when i paid for my g1 it cost 35 out the door… The guy was trying to get me the phone that day and I didnt have quite enough and he actually took the taxes off it too. Again, this is why I’m with Tmo, awesome customer support.

  • poopman

    how does the mobitv work? do you have to pay to watch or is it free?

    • ahh

      He first 30 or some days are free then there’s a fee

    • rjwisniewski

      Free for the first 30 days.

    • Greg

      It is $10 a month after first trial period.

  • David

    @poopman from what i was hearing and reading its gonna cost for mobitv but its like 10.00 a month that gets billed to your tmobile bill and if im wrong im sorry thats just from what i been reading n hearing



  • Steph

    This phone is amazing! You really have to see it in person to appreciate it! I got to use this phone and I fell in luv!

  • noImpressed

    An extra $30/month for internet just for your phone seem outrageous. That is an extra $360 a year just to have a cool phone.

    • jon

      It’s actually an extra $360 per year to have the internet on your phone.
      Having the most badass phone on the planet is just a bonus.

    • poopman

      i know exactly how you feel, i spend $20 bucks a month for internet at home and i gotta spend $30 bucks for my phone.

    • Greg

      You can use your phone as wireless router tho, So if your out and have your laptop, you can connect to the internet. +++

    • Steve

      I agree with you. $30 bucks per line per month is a lot to spend considering home internet plans. (I’ve got a family so I’d be paying $90 a month instead of $30 and hooking up wifi)

      I realize that the future is wireless internet but until the cost vs. benefit comes in a little better so I can REPLACE comcast with full tethering capabilities and a higher data limit (10 gig on tmobile v.s. 250 for comcast) I’ve got to pass…..although it is getting very, very, hard with this kind of equipment rolling out to pass up this temptation :)

  • Jeff

    I called the store yesterday. They’re supposed to be holding one for me, but I’m going to be waiting on them to unlock the door. I keep fantising that they will call me a couple of days early and tell me to come on in and pick it up. Hey, a guy can dream. Anyway, just a few more days! Should fly by.

  • Hawarr

    He said 576 megs of RAM at 10:40 in the vid, doesn’t it have 1 gig of RAM?

    • toxtrepla

      I believe you mean 1GB of ROM.

    • TehAndroid

      Its a 1ghz processor thats what you are thinking of

    • Hawarr

      @Duck Dodgers – Thanks for clearing that up for me!

  • Jose

    wow this video made me wanna get this phone even more cant wait im gonna be the first in line no lie lol


    All I know is that I will be waiting outside BEFORE the employees even get to the store. Can’t wait to buy this beautiful beast of a phone. I can’t wait to show this thing off. The guys at work are waiting for me to buy it so they can drool….I mean so they can check it out. Lol. I already see them wanting to get one. I am off Wed so I will get this thing at 9:00 a.m EST. Wooo Hoo!

  • Travis

    It looks almost like the the water sensor is red on the phone in the video.

    • jon

      If you mean the little red dot under the battery cover, that would be the soft reset button.


    Went to the store today and played with it. Simply amazing!!!

    • wojax2

      played with the dummy unit last week and all i kept hearing from the sales rep was …bla bla..nexus one is way better..bla bla….then yesterday i went in and the same rep said” why do you want one,get an nexus one’ then he handed me the retail unit ,then turned the phone on -still talking bout the nexus one. I was leaning toward the nexus a little ,then all of a sudden ,the t-mobile
      ‘stick together “slogan popped on the screen and…after playing with the phone ;taking pictures,browsing the internet-all i wanted to do(even tough being a god fearing man) was just slap this idiot for suggesting the nexus one over this phone.Let me put it to you like this-I have an unlocked iphone i’ve been using for over a year.I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a variety of different phones,palm pre,nexus one,moto droid etc..I have never played with a phone this caliber,period!I don’t care if this phone never gets wp7series, this is the best phone as far as hardware smoothness,responsiveness,picture quality i have ever played with. I dont care what phone comes out within the next year, this phone is simply a work of art..

      • twitch110

        I enjoyed your testimony. It hit me right in the heart. So psyched for this phone.

      • Vinny

        I agree 100% wojax2! I played with this phone for about 45 min the other day in the Tmo store. It is simply amazing. Well built and you don’t even notice WinMO with the Sense UI. I was going to wait for a possible HTC Desire release, but using the HD2 made up my mind. I will have this phone on Wed morning.

  • Nain

    there actually is a pre order right?? because i went to the tmo store yesterday and i asked if there were any pre orders, he gave me a sheet of paper and wrote down my name and number, there were about 15 people ahead of me on the sheet. and on the top it said “tmobile HTC HD2 pre order”, i asked him how it works and he just said everyone who writes there name down will be “garunteed” an HD2, first shipment on the 24th, and second shipment “two or 3 days later” he said. but everyone who listed there name will be garunteed a phone.. i didnt have to put a downpayment either. so im guessing i dont have to skip school to get it. but im still going to the tmo store at 10a.m. just to make sure i get mine,

    you really have to see this phone in person, its not as “big” as it seems to be in the videos, but surprisingly thin…4 and a half more days >.<

    i smell a VERy long week coming =/

    • Joe Pa

      That is only store specific. ….all the stores I have spoken too are selling them on a first come first serve basis. No lists, whoever is there first gets them.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s not a “pre-order.” The store is simply keeping a list of people who want it.

      Generally pre-order is allowing you to order the phone early, before everyone else. You sometimes actually buy it and it’s sent to you when the product goes public. Pre-order is better than a list because you have actually bought the item and there’s less chance for mistakes.

      The other kind of preorder is actually buying it and getting the item before its debut date.

      It does not appear there’s a pre-order of any type on this phone. :(

      I am still hoping T-Mo contacts people who signed up on the T-Mo page to be notified about the HD2. That page asked if we were existing customers so maybe that means special consideration over others.

      But seeing how this phone has been handled so far I suspect that page meant nothing. The phone will go on sale on March 24 without any fanfare. And after I bought the HD2 I will get a notice from T-Mo saying the HD2 is now available. ;)

      • Ktwist


        Your right, it’s not a pre-order sheet. It’s just a sheet for us to keep track of who we talk to about this phone. We are supposed to call these people the day it comes out to increase our post paid goals and upgrades. You are not guaranteed this phone by signing up. Oh and why didn’t this review cover anything no one has seen? This fool didn’t even show the swype keyboard and how much BIGGER this qwerty board is than the htc qwerty. Not too mention the out of the box tether capabilities including making the phone a mobile hotspot for multiple computers using bluetooth and wifi? This phone is legit and I would trade any Android phone that T-Mobile sells for this phone. Oh and the two internet browsers go like this, internet explorer comes with flash player built in but no multi-touch. Also, I can’t figure out how to delete the cookies or history in internet explorer either? No menu button I could find for this if anyone knows? The Opera browser on the other hand, supports multi-touch pinch to zoom but no flash player. The clear cache and history is easy to find in this browser. A week with this device, the gel skin that comes out of the box grabs wayyyy to much lint if you put this baby in your pocket. Youtube is veryyyy slow at loading pages. I find this to be the case for many windows devices but I think the hd2 loads HD quality first, so maybe thats it? My cliq loads this wayyyy faster but maybe in a lower quality, i’m not really sure. Battery life is okay if you don’t use the device that much, long stand by time. If you use it to browse the internet or multimedia stuff, you get about as much time as a mytouch or g1 from what I can tell. Still, this phone is extremely fast, amazing display, great qwerty keyboard options, amazing camera, beautiful sense UI, mini computer for your hands to enjoy:) Like I said, I have a cliq and will be selling that shit on ebay quite soon. Oh and the facebook app sucks for this, better just loading the actual site from Opera or Explorer. That’s all I can think for now, any question feel free to shoot me one.

      • jon


        Other than the ability to pin shortcuts to the home screen, are noticing any differences between Sense and TF3D?

        I’ve had a Pure for the last 4 months, and got tired of TF3D after a bout 3 weeks. I switched to the WinMo Titanium today screen and couldn’t be happier.
        I imagine I’ll end up doing the same with the HD2.

      • Duck Dodgers


        On my TP2 with WM 6.5 you can get to the cookies/history in WM IE to clear them by going to:

        Tap the small round icon with the 4 dots that are under lined at the lower right>
        Tap the small round icon with the 4 horz. lines>
        Scroll down to Tools, tap it>
        Tap Options >
        In this page you can edit your Home Page, Browsing History, Privacy and Security, Languages, and Other. Tap Browsing History>
        In this page, Highlight what you want to clear: Temporary Files, Cookies, or History and tap the “Clear” soft key at the lower left.

  • jtc24

    We got our demos yesterday in our store and its phenominal! I have been using android for over a year and never really liked windows mobile but this phone has changed my mind. Sense is awesome and browsing the web would be better than my laptop if it had full flash on it. This really will be the best phone out. At least for a few months haha.

  • smackiesfunkies

    Does anyone know if itll sync with google contacts?

  • InsideScoop HTCFanatic

    I’ve been playing with the unit for 2days now. the Mobi TV gets billed to your credit card not your TMo bill, the Gogo Internet for airflight is free for 6months, TeleNav is free for 60days out of the box. BBVideo is also a fee that is separate from your tmo bill. Rental expire from your handset within 24hrs. No reviewer has mentioned that music and pictures can be viewed in landscape mode. Music is like CoverFlow for Apple, you can update the cover album from within the phone. The Full version of Guitar Hero is preinstalled, along with others that you can pay for like $4.99. The phone is amazing, No video out like its’ cousin TP2 and no lag between programs whatsoever. Hope this helps everyone. Oh, it’s exclusive to Tmobile per HTC Regional Rep.

  • John

    @Steve, How is this going to cost you about $80 out the door? Just curious?

  • InsideScoop HTCFanatic

    As for synching with google contacts and calendars. You can use google synch for that since it’a windows mobile compatible.

  • steve

    I’m doing the payment plan……it’ll cost $80 on wednesday…but I’ll have to pay an extra $50 on my bill for the next 3 months.

    • is 80 the minimum you have to put down?

      • chaoscentral


        If you choose the 20 month payment option, its 1st month + tax of phone down, 22.50 a month.

        It’s gonna cost me around $57 on wednesday :) maybe I’ll teck up to new hampshire to avoid the sales tax and cost me 22.50 up front :)

  • chaoscentral

    Man I can’t wait for this phone. Had my first good hands on experience with a demo unit in my local store the other day. Got to use it for a good 30 minutes just chatting with the rep about it. I must say upon first glance only 1 word came out, and that was “woah” I knew the screen was going to be large, but damn I wasn’t expecting that, not to mention the clarity of the 480×800 resolution.

    The guys down at my local store know me for the most part, I’m usually in there either checking out the new phones or buying a new phone. When I had my European Hero back in August they all rushed over to check it out, so as soon as I walked in the door they knew what I was there for.

    I watched a little of the Transformers movies, and it really is an excellent movie watching experience, you don’t need to squint to make things out on the screen like with some other smaller screened phones. Also because it is Windows Mobile, I recommend grabbing CorePlayer so you don’t ever have to convert a video again, as it plays just about every codec under the sun, I have yet to see iPhone or Android do that yet.

    The keyboard is fantastic! As a previous Hero owner, the Sense keyboard was always my favorite on Android, and the Windows Mobile version is no different. For touch typing it is fantastic, it even has the little haptic feedback you get with the hero. My second favorite keyboard happens to be Swype for one handed operation, and the cool thing is this phone comes loaded with it and works fantastic as well. The rep never used Swype before, but after showing him that even if you are sloppy with drawing the line like I was doing intentionally it still recognizes what you want. After I demoed that to him he said he might switch to that for 1 handed typing.

    I found the overall speed of the phone a breath of fresh air from my previous 5 phones, 4 of which were Android based. It really ran without a hitch. Also someone posted the memory usage screenshot, and the particular demo unit I was using only had something like 115MB of the internal storage used, so there was quite a good sized chunk left.

    On the subject of performance, multitasking will be a breeze on this thing. There’s 2 programs that must be installed to make it much more enjoyable than the default task manager though. Task Facade for Palm Pre like task managing, and LMT Launcher for a 2 finger swipe gesture to open it. (This makes multitasking 110% easier to manage, not to mention a great way to show off to iphone fans ;) ***I’ll post links at the bottom of this post***)

    Overall, this phone is an amazing phone, WP7 or not. This thing is a beast, and I’m very glad that I’m on T-Mobile to get this :) Day 1 purchase for me.


    ***Task Facade***
    Video demonstration – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaQdaLkuLm4
    XDA Page – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=420220

    ***LMT Launcher***
    XDA Page – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=629263

    • Bdar

      You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh my. Nice. I demoed the phone but didn’t get to do a full review on it (Store Reps Battery died on me, Go figure). Anyway, nice video. I’ll definitely have Contact, 5th Element, Jurassic Park 1 & 2, Twister and a few other movies swapping out on my HD2. I won’t be using MobiTV. I’ll be using SlingBox with mine. One time payment for the equipment then free after that. I’ll definitely be using that Barnes & Noble eReader program as there’s alot of books I’d love to read. Overall, from my experience with the phone, I’m going to be very pleased in 4 days. Thanks Wirefly!!!

    • gargoyle999

      I’ve been debating getting a Slingbox for awhile now. Pulled the trigger to coincide with getting my HD2. Next week is going to be better than christmas! :)

  • Neal

    Micro-Usb slot at the bottom? Why HTC??? I got a ton of mini-usb cables and chargers already. Most of my devices all use Mini-USB. Now I’ll have to carry a micro-usb charger.

    • gargoyle999

      I just bought an adapter on Amazon after I realized it was micro and not mini. It was easier than returning the car mount/charger I just bought that was micro.

      • gargoyle999

        sorry…mean the mount is mini…

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      MicroUSB is a good thing. Main reason: it has 10 pins instead of miniUSB’s 5 pins.

      With more pins you can carry out more functions (or instructions). This tells me that the HD2 circuit board is set up for ROM updates that will provide more functionality. (For example, there’s no TV Out on the HD2 whereas there is on the Touch Pro2.

      The TP2’s TV Out worked out of the miniUSB port. Buy a $15 cable and you can run whatever is on your handset display via a VGA signal to any external monitor or TV that has VGA ports (all devices do, that’s the red, green for audio and yellow for video). I used that to show a movie on a projector screen once and it can be used for presentations.

      So I suspect that at some point HTC will include a TV Out feature (maybe the content providers did not want that feature because it conflicts with their subscription services. E.g., Blockbuster wants you to rent movies on disc not project them from your phone).

      For charging you can buy a microUSB to miniUSB adapter, for about $2 to $5 on eBay. You can connect that and see what functions work. I suspect that not all the pins on the HD2 microUSB port have been assigned functions, so give it a try.


  • bigc17

    Well, just 4 more days and then I can show off this phone to my friends and family. I know the HD2 won’t disappoint not just because of what it can do and its giant size, but because you might as well face it, the HD2 is right now the best phone on the market “That’s right iPhone users”, the best phone on the market. When I get this phone on Wednesday, I’m gonna fiddle with it for most of the day then, give it a little rest then the next day I’ll play with the phone some more. I’ll post something about the phone on here Wednesday after I fiddle with it a little. I do hope though that T-Mobile fixed the speaker phone or is gonna send a update to improve it because most reviews said that the HD2 has a sort of messed up speaker either way, on Wednesda, this is my g1 androud replacement.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I’ll just show the animated weather and play a DVD movie converted to MP4 (which is the format by the way) and everyone I know will be floored.

      I played converted movies on my Touch Pro2 and that made even iPhone fans and owners envious. So on a 4.3″ screen, that has to be fantastic. I can see flying coast to coast, installing an extended battery on the HD2 and playing four or more movies round trip.

      Hmm… that brings to mind, when will they be coming out with handsets that can project a 3D movie on to a wall? Come on HTC get your act together. I’d like to see a phone with that capability by this holiday season. (Oh, and it better not cost more than $199 on contract.)

      • gargoyle999

        I’m going on a cruise to Hawaii in three weeks flying from Minneapolis to San Diego then Honolulu back home after the cruise. The HD2 is gonna be sooo sweet during those flights. Aggghh…can’t wait!

  • Mel Cali

    i will be selling my nexus one to buy this phone.

    • Mel Cali

      anybody know if i can just walk in to a tmo store and buy the hd2 for $450 and walk out? without having to go through my account and adding/modifying data plans?

      • Ktwist

        @Mel Cali

        yeah for sure, just plop down the $450 and you don’t have to sign a new contract or get a data plan. But let’s be realistic, you don’t want this phone unless you get a data plan. That’s just me though. Oh and I work for T-Mobile so you can take my word on that.

      • Mel Cali


        i currently have a data plan for my nexus one. can i just pop in my sim into the hd2 and everything will be fine? will the android data plan be ok or will it automatically switch me to a smartphone data plan?

      • Kevin

        @mel cali, I am using a hd2 right now with an android plan to write this. I would leave android on if you plan on switching back and forth between phones.regardless of what anyone says, this phone is king

  • lvcrazy

    i am wondering if HTC HD2 can by sync with Blackberry Curve 8900 for contacts and calender.. help please!

    • vic

      All you have to do is use the blackberry desktop manger and the switch device tool to put all of your contacts on the hd2.

      • lvcrazy

        ahhh thanks.. that should definitely help!

  • Bdar

    Thanks tmonews/wirefly, I needed another fix.

  • dwright48

    Dear HTC, thank you for an awsome phone that if it ran on android 2.1 with sense, a 1400mh battery, mini-usb, 8mp camera. It would be the ultimate phone! P.s, ill pay $400.00 subsidized with T-mobile (HD3?)

    • Jay

      1400mAh battery would make it thicker. Micro USB is the standard now and has been since last year. Mini usb is going out. You’ll probably see it less and less now in new products.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I bought my parents (who couldn’t program a VCR and a DVD is advanced science) a prepaid cell phone (tried a third line on my T-Mo, but they could not get a signal in the house).

        The phone was a Net10 that comes with 300 minutes, all for $30. It’s an LG phone. It has a microUSB port.

        An el cheapo $30 prepaid phone has microUSB, that should illustrate miniUSB is on the way out.

        Oh, forgot to add one other benefit of microUSB in my post. It is far sturdier than a miniUSB male end. MiniUSB plugs can bend or get distorted (this happens when users try to jam it in the wrong way).

  • JBLmobileG1

    This phone is amazing! I wonder if Wirefly will end up giving this phone away in a contest? Would be nice but I am sure they’d hold onto this phone for themselves. On a second note… Walmart… yeah you heard right…. WalMart will be selling the HD2. As for price I can’t really say but it will be less than the $199.99 that’s going around. Not sure if all stores will carry this beast but some will have them. What I will say is you will probably save enough money buying it at WalMart to pick up a good case or something for it… or maybe another battery? While it does come with a gel skin type of cover its probably a good idea to get a good case for it so you don’t end up cracking the screen in your pocket. All I can say is WOW! Its a bit heavy but for anyone looking for what seems to be the phone with the best multi media capablities on the market (even better than the iphone and possibly the Nexus One)… this is the one you’ll want to pick up…. Windows Mobile 7 or not….Android or not… its hard to pass it up. And as much as I Love the Android O/S this phone could probably pull me away from it. Let’s just hope Tmobile gets some impressive Google phones before my Contract is up…. otherwise who knows what I will do…. goto another Carrier with a good Android phone or switch to Windows Mobile. Hard choices to make that’s for sure.

  • gargoyle999

    Any site in the US to buy that extended battery with kickstand like they have over in England?

  • gargoyle999

    I generally haven’t used a case or holster for my phone before, just keeping it in my pocket. Due to it’s size though how is everyone going to carry this thing around?

  • JBMooryah

    Do you guys think it will be sold out? Suggest I get there early on launch date?

    • cheap

      i doubt it will be sold out on launch date…it hasn’t been really advertised

      • JBMooryah


  • Tom

    This phone is horrible, I have so many problems with the htc hd2 sense media player, keeps crashing. audiomanager_eng.exe error all the time. Media phone that can’t handle media, kind of ironic.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Don’t be such a cornball. If you have the HD2 (I doubt you do) the phone run media perfect. The problem is with your phone, not the HD2. You are probably running a corrupted media file.

      I ran every kind of video file there was to test what WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense would play on my Touch Pro2. Some file conversions would not play properly.

      By the way, for anyone reading this, if you use a DVD disc/movie converter program, the setting you should use is Microsoft Zune (if there is one) which is an MP4 setting.

      If there is no Zune setting, then use “Microsoft MP4” and if none, then “MP4.”

      Also, if you set the resolution too high on the conversion (meaning too large a screen for the HD2), it also will not play. But since the HD2 screen is so large that may not be a problem.

      A product I have used since 2003 is from Slysoft. You will need to buy AnyDVD and CloneDVDMobile.

      Screen shot: http://www.bullpooper.com/clonedvdmobile.jpg

  • vic

    I will so be at my tmo store early that morning to mine up for the low price of $57 bucks. I played with one that was in store and I just can’t not wait to have one all to myself. This way I can show all of my IPhone using friends just how this phone wipes their phones ass and that there is a phone that in every category (well maybe not apps) is just plain better. Wednesday is going to be such a great day. Oh and btw I am replacing my blackberry 9700 and using the money I got from selling my N1 to get this device.

    • NewGuy

      I believe the expression is ‘kicks their phones’ ass’

      • Bdar

        LOL, I caught that too.

  • Me and my credit card will be at a T Mobile store early in the morning to say hello HTC HD2 and goodbye T Mobile SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RayLebron

    Does anybody knows if this device is capable of reading PDF documents? If this is possible I would love to load my college books in to it. Thanks in advance

    • Bdar

      I’m not 100% certain since I didn’t bother trying it, but a vaguely remember seeing adobe reader software in the start menu. So, yes, it likely does support PDF.

      • RayLebron

        Thanks Bdar. Have an awesome day

  • RayLebron

    Out of topic: I evolutionize from a green egghead, godzilla,coral-tree hybrid (see my last post)to what I’m now. The only trait I still got from my ancestors’ genes is the egg head. Go figure!

  • RayLebron

    Does anyone knows if this device is capable of reading full pdf documents? If so I would love to load all my college books. Thanks in advance. PS. Don’t mind my last post. I had a brain flatulence.

  • dm

    Anyone know if the HD2 will work of the Android data plan or do I need to switch?

  • briaann

    this by far the best review for this phone now im thinking bout getting it to rock along side my N1 i love ANDROID but you almost cant tell its a WM phone

  • John

    WOW!!! Best Buy orginal price is $599. Thats $100 more than T-Mobile. Can they do that?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hey anybody with actual sense of the matter, I was wondering can you do the BOGO offer like they had the TP2 where you can cancel after the grace period and get the second phone free? If not, I’m going to have to settle with just getting one.

    Also, I just called one of the local TMo Preferred Dealers in South Dekalb Mall and they said that their “PREORDER” list is already full and they don’t know when they will be recieving their next shipment in. Also they said that they ARE doing the BOGO on Upgrades as well. So anybody wondering, the mall is a great place to look for BOGO Upgrade Preferred dealers.

  • Davidohio

    It will be $148.88 at walmart on a 2 year contract or qualified upgrade

    • gargoyle999

      will it be available on the 24th?

  • damien

    I work at a hig volume store, and I found out we are getting only 12 HD2’s for release on wednesday…Thats right only 12.. I think that is embarrasing to find out that we will only have 12 in stock when we open the doors on the 24th. Other stores in my market are experiencing the same stock issue ( some store in my market are only getting 3 or 4). So just to let people know it maybe sold out in stores within the first hour or two.

    • gargoyle999

      Are you allowed to tell someone that if they call and ask how many your store is getting?

  • Lee

    @damien Oh noes!!!! I better get there early!!!

  • TheDude

    Yeah, my store is getting like ten, I’ve got pretty much all of them pre-sold. Because I’m awesome, I managed to get my hands on one of the shipment, so I’ve got mine. :D

    These sell themselves, touch screen is awesome, Swype is something that really wows customers, and Transformers/weather/Books/Movies do the rest.

    Phone really isn’t that big, I’ve been carrying it around for a bit now.

  • trife

    Ordering through Customer Care FTW. No worries about no stock.

    Having to wait a day or two for your new phone FTL.

    Maybe I’ll see if I can talk them into free overnight shipping…hmmmmm……

    • randall

      I am going to have to order mine online also, Got 2 huge days at work the 24th and 25th, no way or time will i be able to get to a Tmo store during business Hours

      • randall

        I actually just called the Tmo Store at clackamas town center, they are the only local store doing a preorder sheet, they are getting in 24, and they will hold one for me til the 26th, i am #10 on the preorder sheet.So anyone from oregon and in the Portland Area call clackamas #1

  • gargoyle999

    I see the T-Mo website now gives the size and weight of the phone. That was missing before.

  • John

    @Davidohio…How do you know Wal-Mart will have the HD2 for 148.88? What part of Ohio you from?

  • robert

    how does everyone get to try out in store demos? The stores in Austin say no until the 24th. The reps say they can lose their jobs by showing it early. Most of the stores only have 10 in stock too. Seems low. TMO must not be expecting anything big with this phone. I’m getting one regardless unless I can’t get it due to a long wait time and I’m surprised by a new phone being with the same specs running Android.

    Enough with the secrets TMO! Why is this phone not getting any advertising except for these sites? Where is the email I signed up for special notices? Something special in the works for us loyal TMO customers?

    • lev

      I actually played with the Store Manager’s hd2, I had called initially and asked if they had a demo, she said yeah, then when I went down there, the guy said no, so I told him someone said you did have a demo, he came out with the mangers actual phone, no demo, apparently the mangers are able to get the phone before anyone

    • damien

      You can try out the phones in stores, since they have officially announced the HD2 we have been showing our customers the demo HD2 and also showing my personal one as well..

    • Bdar

      I’ve played with a ‘demo unit’ twice now, at two different stores, once prior to the 16th’s media event, and once after. Both times I walked into a store and asked, “Did you get your HD2 demos in yet?” and immediately the response was something like, “Yeah! You wanna play with it?” When of course I squealed like a child and nodded. They seemed to have no hesitation showing a potential customer a product that will soon be available at their store. I’m sorry for all of you posting that your local t-mo stores are denying you the opportunity to try before you buy. Maybe they’ve taken the demo units for themselves?

  • enyahs

    It’s coming out on the 24th right? Does that mean i can have it in my hands on the 24th or do i have to order it on the24th and wait a few more days to actually get it?

  • Will I aM

    i cant wait to put my paws in phone as far as win 7 well maybe they will up dated it u have to remember it so easy to maybe change 1 of the bottoms to hold and do something also as they have say the only problem is the it dont have the bottom but if u guys may remember same thing have say about g1 the it wont go more the 1.6 buit now its going to 2.1 soon really think about u really think htc well let windows put this phone down no i dont thik so what happen is the alot other carriers are up sad about tmobile getting this bad boy and there the ones starting all this rumors. if yes o no win 7 am still getting it i just wish win mobile have a free app to download music like android does but no matter wat b 1 of the first 1 on line to get this bad boy…. @ john walmart maybe getting it but u also remeber they want u to be a new activations as well as have a contract whit them they wont told u tha but read the small print in case u dont know walmart mobile sell is power by lets talk no to say if u flex pay the want u to pay more then the stores if u dont have all the money do the 3 o 4 payments a tmobile store its better and safer


      What did you say???

  • JBLmobileG1

    Some Walmarts should get it on the 24th and the prices above sound about right. I don’t know about you but that $50 savings is a nice chunk of change. That $50 is like a free month of internet with enough left over to purchase a car charger.

  • Joe Pa

    Does anyone know how the insurance works if I buy this unlocked? I have a MT3G right now, and I have insurance on it…..can I switch insurance over to HD2 when I buy it?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I had the insurance but canceled it when I sent the BlackBerry 9700 back. I was not going to insure my Pearl 8120, not worth it since the deductible on any claim is $100+ (about all a Pearl 8120 is worth on eBay).

      Anyway, when I was going over my plans and services the CSR said “And you have insurance.” I asked that when I sent back the BlackBerry did the Pearl 8120 become covered and she said yes.

      So my impression was that the insurance is for the handset you have active with T-Mo. It’s NOT insurance for a particular phone. In other words, the insurance policy, if there was one, would say “your current T-Mo handset” and not “your HD2.”

      But that’s all my guess on how it works. Could be totally wrong.

      • Joe Pa

        Thanks Michael

      • chaoscentral

        you are correct on that. Your insurance is transferred to whichever phone you had your sim card in last. I got insurance when I bought my CLIQ, since then I sold the CLIQ for $150 and a G1, and my G1 is now covered under the warranty.

  • jtomm

    just left the tmo store. played with an hd2 for about 10 min…wow. put my name on the reserve list. that baby will be mine on wed. taking the day off to play golf while it charges, then will spend the rest of the day playing with the hd2. good times.

    • jtomm

      also adding my wife to my acct so she will be getting a my touch through the bogo

      • jtomm

        um…with the latest post on the updated bogo, stratch that mytouch 3g.

        two hd2s pls.

  • sortamad

    i feel like he hasn’t said anything that we already knew. This review should have been more in-depth and covered all of the “unknown” things about it

  • gargoyle999

    For anyone that has the phone, is the wifi tethering enabled out of the box on the HD2?

    • Duck Dodgers


      The demo phone I played with at the store did not have WiFi tethering. So I’m assuming that they will not have WiFi tethering out of the box. You will have to go find the cab for that.

  • Ricardo

    Reserve list? They don’t mean a thing. If an employee has someone on line b4 you wanting the last phone, he/she is not waiting for you. My reserve is the parking spot in front of the t-mobile store on Wednesday. I’ll be there at 8 am, eating breakfast in the car listening to some sports radio all while keeping an eye on the front door. The second i see an employee or competition (another person probably wanting to buy an HD2) i’ll hop on line. They open at ten. Man is this exciting. I haven’t been this giddy since i was online for the G1 at a lower Manhattan T-mobile store. I had the touch pro two but it was too bulky and really didn’t do media so well for me. I’ve been to my local store about 5 times to demo this phone and every time something new gets me. first it was the screen, then the animated weather, camera and video player. I go out at night a couple nights a week and really need a good camera phone with a good flash. I have many word and excel files that i need constant access to. I spend so much time in transit. This beauty will fill a hole.

    • Joe Pa

      yeah these reserve lists I keep hearing about don’t make sense to me……I doubt these store’s are going to turn away customers who are their ready to buy. I think people might be surprised at the turnout Weds morning…..I wouldn’t wait too long to get to the store to pick it up.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s how I look at it. T-Mo reps are there to sell products. You show up with cash in hand they are going to sell you an HD2.

      People getting on these lists are not thinking this through. For example, even though on the list, how does that rep know if you are going to show up to buy the phone. People can have a change of heart, the wife could say no to buying it, the budget may have changed, etc.

      Moreover, just how long does a store have to keep the phone for you? How long do YOU think the store has to hold it for you, until you get off work that day, or if something comes up to hold it for a couple days? And what is the store’s remedy if you say “Never mind, I read up on T-Mo News that the Nexus One is better, so I am going to get that. You can release the phone and sell it to someone else.”

      The fact is, you have given the store nothing to assure you will buy the phone, so they have no obligation to hold one for you.

      Even if this informal list procedure was valid (I don’t think it is and if corporate got wind of it I suspect they would put a stop to it) how is this going to work:

      T-Mo advertises “Buy the HD2 starting on March 24.” When someone walks in at 10:00 am the CSR says “Sorry, we sold out. People are on a list and there’s no more available.” Legally that could constitute false advertising by T-Mobile if it is advertising products for sale when in fact they don’t have any available.

      I suspect corporate would not want to get calls from angry customers about being denied a phone because someone who is on a list MAY be in at 5:00 p.m. to MAYBE buy the HD2 is he likes it.

      I have a feeling corporate is unaware that SOME store managers are keeping lists. And I suspect T-Mo has a policy prohibiting the practice. (The fact that SOME managers are keeping these lists on “binder paper” and that some stores are not even talking about the HD2 evidences this list nonsense is an informal, unauthorized practice.)

      Bottom line, keeping names on a list is a bad practice. It’s usually a termination offense if an employee holds or sets aside an item for a friend or relative, I can’t imagine keeping a list and reserving a store’s alloted HD2s for people is something T-Mobile corporate would permit.

      And given how many people flake or have a change of mind or heart, if I was a local store manager I wouldn’t keep a list to reserve phones for people who don’t have an obligation to show up and actually buy the phone.

      • Ricardo

        Plus, as a rep, why would you put yourself in such a position? Let’s say you make this list and a dozen people walk into the store and buy out your stock of HD2’s. Someone on the list comes in at 12, can’t get a phone, and gets angry because you promised them that you reserved an HD2 for them by putting their name on a list. If they call CS to complain, your a** is grass. Why would any rep take that risk? Let’s say a manager is holding one for a friend. I come in and can’t get the phone, call CS to complain about the store not having one, them checking and seeing that one should be left and you getting in trouble. It makes no sense. Advice to anyone working at a t-mobile store, just tell whoever wants the phone to get their butts over there early.

      • Duck Dodgers

        You are so right ItsMichaelNotMike. At my local store I asked the manager how many they were getting in. He didn’t know was reply. He asked if I wanted to be put on a list to call when they are in. He said it was not a reserve list, but a list to be called when they are in. As he explained if someone would come in and want to purchase the last phone then he couldn’t save it for me and I would be SOL.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Duck Dodgers… the “list” you describe sounds the way it’s supposed to be. It’s one thing to say “Call me when it arrives” quite another to say the store is obligated to reserve or hold an HD2 for someone.

        In fact, T-Mobile’s web page is a “list” since it does what that store manager was doing, giving T-Mo your contact information (e-mail, phone number if a T-Mo customer) and they will contact us and say “It’s for sale now.”

        (Albeit I am still waiting for my e-mail that says “Hi Michael, you are such a swell customer that we are contacting you today, Sunday, to provide you the opportunity to buy TWO (02) HD2s for the price of one. We will include FREE FedEx overnight shipping and if you order within the next hour we will toss in a free year of data on BOTH lines. ALERT/UPDATE: While typing this it was brought to our attention that you are more than a swell customer. You are what we call T-Mobile royalty. So Your Highness, that knock on your door is our local San Francisco rep delivering TWO (02) HD2s for you, and the cost to you is zero for the phones. That’s right, the phones are free. Thank you for your business.”)

      • jonnyhd2

        Somebody thinks they are very special, and should be making the rules for everybody.I am so sick of these guys who act all tough and bigshit on the internet, and your walls of text are extremly annoying, and contain nothing of any value to anyone except yourself.

        If your name is on a list, you show to get your phone, and its not there, then you also have grounds to be calling Tmo head quarters.

  • chicago081

    I went to a T-Mobile in surburban Chicago and they acted like they did not know what I was talking about when I asked about the release date of the HD2. When I asked about unlimited loyalty rates for long time customers, things got even more confusing. What the hell is going on here??

    • HtotheDtothe2

      It’s funny when you go into the store and you know more about the phones and plan then the employees there….sad. Tmo employees should get more training and at least visit tmonews.com sometime so they know whats going on with the corporation they work for. lol.

  • HtotheDtothe2

    Went to tmo store to check out demo. The rep manager said their demo was not ready for show but brought out a dummy phone. So i checked out the size and weight of the phone and its quite a nice feel. I thought it was going to be bigger as seen in a few youtube vids. I asked about pre orders/list/and what not, but he said its a first come first serve basis. Another thing that was disappointing was when the rep told me the store was going to get only 5 on opening day and wasn’t sure when the next order will ship in. I was hoping to arrive maybe 15 mins earlier before the store open to get the HD2 but i guess I have to be there at least an hour earlier to even be the first 5 to get it. Good luck to everyone on the 24th…because your gonna need it.

    • Joe Pa

      Yep, I also keep hearing about low inventories….that’s why I’m taking the day off of work and getting there as early as it takes. I’ve been waiting too long for this bad boy….and won’t be denied day #1. Just a few more days left, thank god for college basketball.

  • trife

    I went to one of the local TMO stores today to see if they had a demo and was reminded why I never go into a TMO store. With 4 customers and 3 employees I waited a good 25 minutes to speak with someone. Guess what? They never even acknowledged my wife or me, so we left. Much love to my carrier of choice, but there is no reason that a customer shouldn’t even be acknowledged in almost a half hour’s time. Like the dude that walked by us 4 or 5 times could have maybe said “hey, someone will be with you ASAP”, no?

    Anyways, I ended up calling them later to see if they had a demo unit. I was told “yes” but they couldn’t let anyone use it until the 24th. Kinda sucks but I understand if that’s the orders they were given. They did have a dummy phone I could check out though.

    I guess I’ll have to wait until this baby arrives at the house to get my hands on it! Can’t wait!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    This may sound silly, but here is what I am needing to do.

    1. When I walk the dog I take my cell phone with me. I take it in case I need to make an emergency call.

    2. When I ride my road bike I take the cell phone.

    In those two situations, the HD2 is too big a phone to take along.

    So I am going to have two phones for my use, the HD2 and an el cheapo prepaid phone, which are all super small.

    I only recently discovered how cheap prepaid phones have become when I was checking them out for my tech-challenged parents.

    If you want to go this route the best ones I have found are TracFone and Net10 (which is owned by TracFone).

    TracFone has a double minutes for life promo running. You also don’t lose your minutes or time if you don’t renew every two month, for example.

    Net10 is good because the minutes are always 10 cents. It’s real easy to figure out what the phone is costing, 10 cents a minute for calls.

    A Net10 I got my folks was $30 for a small LG300G. It comes with 300 minutes on the phone included! So that’s basically a free phone.

    Again,the main reason I want this phone is because I can’t see carrying the HD2 in a jeans or jacket pocket. It’s too big. Sometimes when walking the dog I just put on jeans and a t-shirt and rush out the door. Currently I put my Pearl 8120 on a lanyard and put that around my neck. I can do that with one of these Net10 or TracFones too.

    And there’s no way I am going to take the HD2 on my road bike unless I put it in a really good protective case, etc. That just seems a hassle.

    Oh, Radio Shack is selling a really nice LG clamshell phone with camera, web access, etc. for $20. That’s a great phone that used to sell for $60. You should consider that phone too.

    Sidenote: It’s also kinda cool having a second “secret line.” Maybe Tiger might be endorsing TracFones someday, something like “If I only had been using this here TracFone.”

    Bonus Sidenote: You may be wondering why I don’t just take the HD2 SIM and insert it into the Pearl 8120 I have. Well, that’s a friggin hassle. Even if the SIMS were accessed externally, booting up is not worth the hassle just because the dog has to pinch a loaf.

    • jon

      I’m sorry, I’ve got to.

      Cool story brah.

    • chaoscentral

      So it being around the same size as an iPhone makes it too big??? Have you held one of these in your hands yet? The videos and pictures make the device look enormous, but in reality it is a little taller than the iPhone with a lot less bezel. You don’t hear anyone complaining about the size of the iPhone, so stop complaining about the size of this

      If you can’t fit the HD2 in your pocket, stop wearing skin tights and get a little looser fitting clothes, only advice I can give you.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        First, I am not complaining about the size of the HD2.

        Second, don’t rant or flame when you don’t know the facts.

        Third, learn how to read.

        Fourth, any of these large display smartphones don’t fit into pockets.

        Fifth, have you put a large smartphone in a pocket? Advice: if you put it in the front pocket people are going to think you are trying to get around putting a potato up there.

        Fifth, anyone who puts an iPhone, Touch Pro2, or HD2 into a front or back jeans pocket is a fool. It’s uncomfortable, it can get damaged and if there’s anything else in the pocket such as change, the display will be toast. Tip: You can find these phones on eBay under the phone’s name and “parts only.” Some will tell you how the phone got damaged.

        Sixth, I had a Touch Pro2 and I never put that into a pant pocket. That’s smaller than an HD2 so I have some idea about the size of an HD2.

        Seventh, your advice is worthless.

        Eighth, see attached that depicts your advice. Nice looking loose pants you have there.


    • Ricardo

      LOL. That tiger commercial would be amazing.
      It’s been a couple years since i put a phone in my pants pocket. My job requires a business casual look so all my phones usually survive in a khaki pants side pocket or the inside pocket of a jacket. The phone fits in a pocket, i’ve tried it with the demo i was playing with (asked the rep if i could first b4 he thought i had sticky fingers). It even fit comfortably. The problem is that pants pockets are not the safest place. I learned that painful lesson when i began buying phones that retailed over 200 dollars. I know i have insurance but i don’t want to wait.
      Itsmichaelnotmike id love to do what you do but the thing that sucks is that my 500 minute even more plus plan is too much for me. I have never broken 200 minutes these past six months. I make many calls at night and on weekends. Are you familiar with any tmo prepaid plans with unlimited data and messages?

    • CMK

      You could also switch out the sim card from your HD2 to the pre-paid phone. I took the sim card from my daily phone and put it into my tiny pre-paid Nokia yesterday so I could take the phone along on a run yesterday – all 26.2 miles of it!

  • bob

    So what would be the main website/forum for the HD2/windows mobile community? You know? For discussing apps, themes, etc.

  • jtomm

    im not counting on being on a list. i still plan on being at the store first thing, especially now that i can bogo and will be getting two.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I searched YouTube for the latest HD2 stuff. This person has some good demo of the T-Mobile version. Video quality is poor but he shows BlockBuster and MobiTV.


  • Scott

    I just picked up a HD2 from walmart. I was not eligiblke for an upgrade so I just purchased it at full price. $500 big ones. Ouch! I am such a phone crackhead I could not wait till next week. I saw on youtube where a guy had managed to get one from walmart because the people that sell the phones are walmart employees and not tmobile reps. Apparently they do not know they are supposed to wait till Wednesday. I had to go to 3 different walmarts. None of them have them on display but you can look underneath the sales counter from the backside and see what phones they have in stock. If you haven’t seen the box it is black, about 4 inches wide and 7 inches tall. The sales rep I spoke too was clueless about the phone. If you are in the Houston area and cannot wait I got mine from the walmart on hwy99 just south of Katy. I am excited and discusted at the same time because I could not wait and paid the full $500 for it.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well, $50 more is not that bad since you got the phone early, I know a lot of people who would pay $50 to get it today.

      Plus you have it. That puts you way ahead of those who are hoping they get one.

      I venture to guess that there’s 99.9% of T-Mo readers who wish they had a Wal-Mart near them and that the clerk is as uninformed as yours was.

  • dm

    Someone got their hands on one already at Walmart according to Engadget post. called Walmart near me and they didn’t have it..


  • MacGuy

    Does anyone know how well the HD2 will sync with a Macbook? Since this is a WinMo device, I wanted to know if there would be any compatibility issues?

  • MrMeNaCe

    i have the n900 but the hd2 is appealingggggggggggggggg

  • BobbyD

    Hello, I am not eligible for the full upgrade discount. I just got my 9700 in January (just sold it). Does anyone know if you get any kind of discount to upgrade my account again to this phone?

    • trife

      This is what I’m wondering, as well. I called CC today and was told that they had no partial upgrade price yet. But the rep told me that the 1-year contract price was $299. I thought they did away with 1-year contracts?

  • BobbyD

    I was wondering this as well? I would do a 1 year if they still do that. I hope some one can give us a clear answer on this.

  • 2006mr

    no the one year pricing is not avaiable but some diff upgrades options will be coming out escpecially for families (heads up!) all yeah on the 24th! Someone made a comment on employees getting training on the device before hand and yes…..they do TRUST espcially CC. However, folks keep in mind….YOU WILL NOT HAVE THE OPTION OF NOT ADDING THE REQUIRED FEATURE…

  • Anthony44

    Cnet prize fight on YouTube says it all my friends. Hd2 should consider a fight with the I phone.sense included helped without it its lop sided. The N1 has it. Checkmated c 4 ur self

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have an interesting tidbit of info.

    I have a Netflix account. While on the phone with a rep to ask about my account I told him I just got the HD2 and that it has BlockBuster on it and that it will let me download movies for purchase or rent them on a streamed basis. I said I was really happy with Netflix and wish they would get something like that.

    Here is what he said:

    “Oh don’t worry, just be patient for a little longer. We know about Blockbuster’s deal with T-Mobile. (I guess they would.) We are working on doing the same thing, but there’s some fine tuning to be done.

    We will be doing things different however. We intend to focus on giving you content for free rather than charging you. The content will be from our Instant Viewing catalog (which is very good, by the way).

    Good customers such as yourself (been with them 6 years) will get free access, much the same as you view instantly on your computer which I see you do a lot of. (Busted, I do watch a lot of movies using Netflix’s instant viewing feature.)

    It will be announced pretty soon, so just be patient, we will send notice to you.”

    I told him that on that news I would not even consider BB since I don’t like the way the company does business.

    Woot… this phone just gets better and better by each minute I have it (just got it this afternoon).

  • sam

    htc phones are the way to go. i actually prefer them over blackberry phones and even iphones. they’re better quality than blackberries and i can’t afford an iphone. i got the hd2 from gsmauthority.com. it’s a great unlocked phone. i love the huge screen. it’s very easy to navigate. this phone has a lot to offer for a good price.