HTC HD2 Unboxing Courtesy Of Wirefly

Update: The video has been pulled!! It’s available again!

Since there were a few detractors from the recent bout of images of the HTC HD2, who complained of poor quality this HD unboxing video courtesy of Wirefly should satisfy your clear image desires. I won’t bore you with any details, as I believe we are all well versed on the specs, features and included options. Therefore, I am going to make this short and sweet and thank the guys at Wirefly for posting this in high def quality!

Thanks Stephen!

Wirefly via Youtube

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  • Glorious!!

    • MoJo..HD@

      GLORIOUS!!!!! is definitly the word…..@David..manager editor…..I am very pleased with this video…this is the reason I come on here almost everyday…because you guys get the best tips….like I said sorry for the recent comment…but if I was the inspiration to get this video posted on here…I’ll will definitly try my best to ask for more pics or video..before judging and calling pics bad…(but if you guys had said you guys made this video..I would have difinitly have no doubt)..I just thougth you guys did the pics because of the title…SSSSRRRRRYYYYY!!!!!!!!!…….anywaz thanks for this Video….you guys are the BEST!!!!!….

      • Joe Pa

        I guess complaining pays off in the end.

  • pdxduckfan

    In the infamous word of Ronald McDonald….. “I’m Lovin’ it!”

  • Mockerfab4

    Thanks TmoNews. You’re doing a great job! Those complainers should be lucky to have images at all! :)

    • Robert

      Because they can’t find them anywhere else? You do realize that most of what this site does is re-manufacture content from elsewhere which means if you didn’t see it here you could find it elsewhere…..

      I mean I’m not complaining but comments like this are idiotic at best because you’re acting as if what’s done here isn’t done anywhere else.

      What this site does is pull all the T-Mo news together and it does a good job of that so you can find it all in one place… but to act as if you can’t find it elsewhere is just a flat lie.

      • Bobomo

        To be fair, TmoNews has a few sources of their own. The in store pics of the HD2 and Nuron were taken by a reader here and sent in. When they showed up on BGR and Engadget, they had the TmoNews watermark on them. Same with the leaked pricing information.

      • Twitch110

        Yeah, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s about 30% true.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I wholeheartedly disagree and I think if we were to do an actual count of articles published online that were breaking and T-Mobile related, we’d be at the forefront of more than half of them. First of all, every site compiles info from other sites, its impossible not too. I don’t have any real delusions about being the ONLY source for T-Mobile related news, only that we are the most T-Mobile oriented site for obvious reasons. I really think you are far off base with your post and would have a hard time posting valid evidence to prove it. For every breaking story you can find on Engadget or BGR, I’ll find you 5 that broke here. Thanks for reading though Robert and I’ll gladly agree to disagree with you and I think comments like yours disappoint me and what I do for you as a reader.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        As a writer I am on the Net most of the day. I can tell you that T-Mo news is a good place to look for information because 1) He gets scoops that no one else has; 2) his Site is quoted elsewhere on the Net, I have seen Engadget and Boy Genius often refer to T-Mo News; and 3) he has a good repository record, meaning he collects and posts information from elsewhere on the Net.

        So quit with your incompetent, unfounded SFB posts.

    • Mockerfab4

      Robert you need a chin check and you seriously need to READ what people post. A good amount of the news on here is Breaking. Engadget and BGR often refers to this site in their posts when reporting Tmobile news. Sad little Bob…don’t know what he’s talking about. :(

      • Robert

        And all of you need a reality check. I said I appreciated what was done here but it was WHOLEHEARTEDLY inaccurate to assume or suggest that if it WAS NOT here it wouldn’t be elsewhere. A lot of content here and on other sites is spread around and yes while the other sites do post content that they got from T-Mo news it’s not like if T-Mo news wasn’t here they wouldn’t get the ‘insider’ information that you do… they have sources as well just as you do.

        I wasn’t knocking anything other than the idiotic comment that suggested that if it wasn’t for this site we’d never get any T-Mo inside news at all. It was a stupid comment.

        I appreciate this site for what it does, which is gather all the T-Mo news in one place where we can all read it, although I have commented multiple times on how slanted such news is as generally it’s all T-Mo love all the time no matter what problems they may be having…. but as I’ve said it’s a fan site so it’s to be expected.

        But again the comment was in regards to the stupidity of suggesting that you can’t get T-Mo news anywhere but here.

      • Mockerfab4

        Where was the idiotic comment suggesting that “if it wasn’t for this site we’d never get any Tmo inside news at all” from?

        Your the idiot for not reading and jumping to conclusions. My comment was “we’re lucky to have images at all”. Meaning, we should be grateful that TmoNews posts images for us to enjoy. They don’t have to post ANY images. But they do it because they are fans of the brand like most of us on here, and I don’t think they do it for boatloads of money. That was all my comment was meant to convey.

        Scroll up with your little brain & read again. You made a complete fool of yourself over something NO ONE said. Sad.

  • Giddy

    Love it!!! Can’t wait. I’ve never been crazy about a phone, but this is sick! Gotta have it. And it’s time for an upgrade. What?!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Lol.

  • My goodness, that is one hell of a device. I must say that I have never gotten a phone that was entirely touchscreen (no qwerty keyboard) but I am DEFINITELY considering this…

    Even if I don’t get this device, I think it’s safe to say that this will be the flagship WM device out for 2010 hands down. I don’t see a better WM device coming out this year or perhaps even next year. It also has the ability to outdo most higher end Android phones as well.

    This should be a very interesting/exciting time…

  • Lee

    You guys are awsome!!!! I can always count on you for my quick HD2 fix!!!! lol

  • Lee

    That phone screams LOOK AT ME!!!

  • steve

    I cant get enough of this PHONE!!!!

  • Walter

    I cant wait to get this phone!! I would like to know what happened to the Wireless Router app that’s on the other HTC HD2’s not under T-Mo. Watching the video I noticed it was not there, and that is one of my favorite functions.

  • Green Robot

    Oh God… Another post about HD2… I think I just threw up in my mouth a little…

    • Matthew

      Sorry you don’t feel the same as others, but many, like myself, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this awsome phone! And I don’t even like phones without physical keyboards but I am going to get this one.

    • just some d?de

      Don’t worry Green Robot this thing is dead in the water.

      Android Rules, and is taking over.

  • Green Robot

    Maybe should just change its domain name to…?

    • Mockerfab4

      I would love that! FTW!

    • angelo

      shut up already

    • David, Managing Editor

      Oh another one of those remarks, I heard the same thing about the Nexus One, and the G1 before that and the MyTouch in there as well. If I have to change the name of the site everytime I cover what the readers want, I’d be changing it over hourly so I don’t think that’s going to happen!

      • Green Robot

        Yeah, I know. I’m just trying elicit a response, stir things up a bit you know. You guys are doing a good job of covering the “news of the hour” and that’s great. That’s why you’re here and that’s why we visit your site.

      • Mockerfab4

        LOL! I remember those constant N1 update articles. But there’s this really cool trick I did that I totally recommend Green Robot. I could care less for ANY Android device ever made, so whenever I saw an update featuring Android, I didn’t click or read it. Kinda cool how completely ignoring an article kept me from posting a response like yours and letting it bother me. It’s like TV or radio, if I don’t like a show I change the channel. I recommend trying that next time. ;)

      • Bobomo

        You could care less? Then do.

      • Mockerfab4

        I already do Bob.

      • wojax2

        david- you should just respond the way I do to some of these silly posters……..ask them to…QUIT BITCHIN!! there are plenty of other stories posted on here besides the HD2. They sure didnt complain when the nexus one dominated the headlines…just remove the palm of your hands away from the bottom of your nexus ones please..wait ..can you still hear?

      • tato22

        dude who cares what these dum ppl say let them hate they have nothing els to do in life cuz tmonews is up there and other sites wish thy can be at that level sucks to see people act this way but i wipe my ass with it and you guys should to i can always count on tmonews for everything thank god for the site and me my self and i will be getting this phone just like i got every othere phone thanks again

    • Chris

      OMG! That’s not a bad idea! =P

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for the post, that motivated me to name the INSIDE of my toilet “The Green Robot.”

      • Mockerfab4

        LOL! :)

      • FormerlyGreenRobot

        Oooo, good thing I quickly changed my name so you can’t touch me. Now you’re just left there sitting on your toilet looking silly….
        Wow, you peeps really take all this very very seriously. Very very very seriously.
        @Mockerfab4, your assumption about me being bothered by this is just simply plain wrong. I find it amusing how worked up people get about a phone. On some level it is pretty scarry though that a phone can elicit this much emotion. Flame on flamers…..

      • Mockerfab4

        LOL! I guess I’ll have to talk the baton from ItsMichaelNotMike and name the inside of MY toilet “FormerlyGreenRobot”. Plan on sitting on the throne right now and reading every post and threads on the HD2 in your honor. Will be long one. ;)

  • Matthew

    Thanks for the video. Best yet! Can’t wait for a full review! Am looking forward to the 24th.

  • randall

    wow, must have,soon

    and on a related note, what do you guys think the availabilty will be on the launch date,meaning is there enough to go around.

    • Matthew

      I don’t anticipate any difficulty getting it. Based on what happened with the TP2 I think it will be okay. Granted this phone has gotten a lot more publicity, as the TP2 didn’t even have a ‘coming soon’ page or anything. I am sure if you go early enough, you will get one, especially since they know it is a popular phone, they will have plenty to go around.

      • Chris

        I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to get one. Fortunately I have several T-Mobile stores in my area; I’ll be pretty pissed if I strike out on all of them lol

        Two weeks does seem like a hell of a long time. I also have never been…how would you say…obsessed (yeah that’s the word) with a phone before but there’s just something entrancing about this number! Gotta have it!

  • DJ LU

    2 weeks feels like 2 months : (

    • beej

      No Joke.

  • JM

    I showed up at 9am to buy the 9700 on the day it was put on sale. It was exactly what I hoped it would be but BlackBerry data has become so unreliable in the past year that I had to give it up. I will be in the store on the 24th of this month to buy the HD2 and I expect that I will be as pleased with it as I am with the Touch Pro2. The HD2 is going to be compared directly to the Nexus One I am typing this on and I am really looking forward to having both!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Good find. The only thing that bugs me is that Mojo character posting his thought that he was the inspiration for this story, a he said “jump” and David saying “how high” sort of thing.

    Oh please… I think this video link would have been posted regardless of Mojo’s rude and condescending comments, the most current saying in affect: “Sorry for my rude comments T-Mo News, but if I was the inspiration to get this video posted on here I’ll will definitly try my best to be rude in the future.”

    • Mojo..HD

      lol…..I purposly wrote that statement that way…to tick you guys off…honestly im just happy we got this Video…I love TMonews..that is why im on here everyday….plus after reading everybody’s comments on tmonews…Other people like android fans write crazier comments then…lol…David we cool…and thanks for this great pic…but you guys can’t say if it wasn’t for my comment about those not so great pics..David wouldn’t have posted this on here so early…(once again not taking credit..)

      • David, Managing Editor

        Seriously, while I’d love to afford you credit, you can thank the “Stephen” who sent me the link to the video. His timing was the one that got the post up and the one who deserves the credit for bringing it to my attention. While I love the folks at Wirefly, they aren’t my go to site for unboxing videos!

      • Mojo..HD just happy to see a good video and i”ll give you guys credit,..because this site brings everything together and it is wonderful…keep tickin tmonews….

  • Chad

    I hate unboxings like this, it’s very thorough which I appreciate a lot, but I don’t like unboxings where the person rips into things without caution, makes me cringe. Like when he removed the phone, he was just reaching at it and pulling. I wouldn’t do that at all, I wouldn’t even damage the box because why would you?

    • wojax2

      That wasnt an unboxing!! That poor little package got ripped to shreds and violated!. For a second I thought that was an 12-year old tearing his christmas present apart.Lol I know for a fact,if that had been my unboxing video ,it would’ve lasted 3 secs… would of been the worst unboxing ever..give me my HD2!!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Talk about fresh from the oven. The date code on the box says 02/27/2010

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Looks like the 24th is definitely the date. T-Mobile has apparently sent out demo / review units to all the third party vendors with info on what can be posted on the Net (unboxings) and also exactly what can be disclosed (apparently the debut date is OK, but pricing is forbidden).

    Interesting, T-Mo sure likes to play “guess the price.”

    • chaoscentral

      By guess the price you mean leave the footnotes on the offical product page on

      Says in clear English it’ll be 449 off contract, so previous rumor figures are correct.

  • Qbancelli

    Too big. Too late.
    Where is the Desire?

  • jerry

    now i cant decide between this and the nexus one. i already had a android phone (g1) and im leaning toward the hd2 because of the huge screen but then win mobile has a bad rep and idk what to do now. any suggestions?

  • Steven

    Nobody in Nashville seems to have any demos yet. Called every store in my area. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Davidohio

    Who cares where the video came from! It is here and we love it so stop all the complaining. Great job David and for the great video.

  • bigc17

    Come on, look at that phone, now you can’t say that isn’t a beautiful phone. I agree that this phone will probably the phone of the year(at least the windows phone of the year). I also saw that phone didn’t show the wi-fi router app, hopefully t-mobile didn’t take it off the HD2 because of the issues they have sometimes with tethering but if so, I’ll find a way to download it. When I called some t-mobile stores today one of them said that they had a dummy phone but all of them said that they’ll have a working display model next week so I’ll be seeing for the first time up close what this bad boy can do.

  • David M. Tuckey

    WOW! Thanks for a great video!

    I’m waiting patiently for this to come out….tapping foot….lol.
    Going to be Christmas in the spring.
    T-Mobile looks like they did a very good job for this phone
    lots of additions from the unlocked version you could get since
    last year.

    Waiting to get it into my hands.

  • elithegreat

    wow…is that guy’s voice annoying or what!

    on another note, the HD2 is really a phone (Super-phone for that matter) I’d consider using my upgrade for.
    I love the hardware, the metallic back cover with glass front covering + that massive 4.3″ screen; that is amazing-ness in itself, and of course it has amazing and powerful guts. Seriously a phone that can go head to head with the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS (as far as full touchscreen phones go).

    … if only I can get that squeaky ringing out of my head from that guys voice. UGH.

    • just some d?de

      Yeah but it has WM on it, oh well nice try.

    • Twitch110

      And is it just me, or did it look like he was pushing SUPER HARD on the screen to scroll up and down? It looked like he was pushing in a thumb tack.

      • wojax2

        Lol. he must of thought it was a resistive screen. I was thinking the same thing.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Any T Mobile employees know what the allotment per store will be??

  • david

    if ur not elgible for an upgrade can u stilll buy this phone? I know its like 449.00 without a contract ,so does that mean I can still buy it for the 449.00? I really want this phone but I’m afraid imma go tmobile store and them say u can’t get it cuz ur not elgible for an upgrade..if anyone could help id appreciate it..

    • chaoscentral

      If you pay outright they cant turn you away. Eligible for an upgrade just means u get the subsidized price, but overall you get the best deals with the Even More Plus(non subsidized) and EIP(payment plan).

      I’m going to walk in on the 24th pay 57 and some change and walk out with a brand new HD2 :)

      • gargoyle999

        I think if you are buying one phone it may be the way to go. But I think buying two on a family plan and getting the AAA discount on the Even More prices is better for more than one purchase.

  • Oce

    Not really complaining but he wasted too much time with box and accessories. Would like to have seen more of the phone and phone features.

    • cheap

      well that’s why it’s called an “unboxing”…it’s not a review so he wasn’t going show the details of the features of the phone. It’s surprising he even tested the video playback.


    After I get the hd2 I’m going to sell this nexus if the desire comes to t mo.

  • NJchic

    I’m sooo excited 2 buy this phone. It’ll be my 1st one w/o a qwerty keyboard. I’m curious as to whether it’ll be insurable, unlike the iphone. Or even what the replacement cost would be if you are able to insure it. As I said this is my 1st full touchscreen and I’m coming from a g1. I hope this isnt very delicate bc I can be a tad bit clumsy lol

    • Flgirll99

      Same here! I’ve only had a physical keyboard so this phone will be a first. But I have read a lot of reviews on this phone and everyone says the virtual keyboard is great on this phone because of its bigger screen.

  • gargoyle999

    I saw on one of the videos the HD2 can be used as a WIFI access point. Does that cost extra to be able to use that feature?

    • J-Hop2o6

      all WM phones has the Wifi Router app (well custom roms comes with it).. I have it on my TP2,, and i connect it with my Xbox360 to play XBL.. so it looks like this:

      XB360-> wifi-> TP2-> 3G data-> TmoUSA tower(s)

      • J-Hop2o6

        oops.. forgot to mention that u can do a google search for the Wifi Router app.. it’ll work w/o having a custom rom also =P

  • I too would like more info on the HD2’s WiFi access capabilities.

  • Oce

    I feel like we will get to preorder on the 17th. I don’t have any inside info; just a feeling. :/

  • vic

    I so love this phone and can not wait to get it. The only thing that i have not heard any thing about in all of the info besides the early info is the GOGO inflight Wifi service. As a person that flies a lot and have used the service I would expect to see more info about the service (I also work for Aircell the company that offers GOGO). I would think that this would be great info for those who are like me and want to use this phone while flying on Airtran, Delta, and a few other airlines know that they get six months free which saves them $180 and some free time when they get off the plan. Other than that this phone is plan sexy and with the added benefit of all of the entertainment features and GOGO There is not one other phone that can compare IMHO. Great video and I can not wait for the 24th of this month to get it.

  • wayne

    Did anyone see the Internet Tethering app??? I didnt notice it in the video?

  • wayne

    Did anyone notice if the hd2 had a internet tethering app because I didnt. I also looked at the specs on and didnt notice anything there either???

  • lev

    Has anyone held the phone in their hand? I just want to know if its comfortable to hold, I have small hands

    • Chad

      It’s really big, really, really big, but it also has a contoured back so it’s easy to hold. A thin phone, with a large surface area, if you have small hands the only thing I’d be worried about is dropping it when taking it out of your pocket or something.

  • Flgirll99

    YAY!!!! I can always count on Tmonews to get something really good posted. This makes up for the crap photos posted earlier (sorry…they were really bad).

    :-) Love Tmonews!

  • Joe

    I cant take it anymore.. I cant take another video, pic, review.. I am going CRAZY!!! The days are just creeping by soooooo slooooooowly….. Already gave my iPhone to the kids to use to flatten their playdo… Finishing everything on my “Honey-Do” list. And Wifey already knows, as of the 24th don’t even DREAM of asking me to do ANYTING around the house for at least a month.


    Wait, why is there a US ADAPTER? shouldn’t it be premade for US charging?

    • It ships with a U.S. adapter but is made so that the regional power adapter can be switched out if need be, for traveling purposes.

  • sortamad

    i want MORE!!!!

  • phalosopher

    @ Lev.. its definitely a good feel.. its just the screen is basically the whole phone so that’s what throws everyone off.. but YES its a good feel when ya got it in ya hand!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Yes I’ve held and demoed it as well and what phalosopher says is true. But then, they wouldn’t be a phalosopher if it wasn’t now would they? Or Would They *Twilight Zone Music Plays Now*??????

  • microhaxo

    The only thing holding me back from this is no win phone 7. I will reluctantly sit back and wait for sept – nov to go all out and buy a phone.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Yep, I’m buying the HD2 unlocked and buying the Dell Mini 5 (If it comes to Tmobile) on contract. WOOHOO!!!!

    • Joe Pa

      I’m buying it unlocked too…450 is a solid price. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you on the Dell Mini 5…

    • tchez27

      Unlocked???? Dont you mean unsubsidized, you could’ve gotten an unlocked european version a few months ago.

  • Dalton

    It’s even got Transformers on it.
    Amazing. :D

    • Mockerfab4

      Yes! All the boys can drool over Megan Fox, while us girls can swoon over Optimus Prime. I heart OP! ;)

  • wojax2

    speaking off subject here..but doesnt it seem that all these new android phones look the same and have all the same specs?..I mean im not trying to start a war here but,boy it seems like i can barely tell the difference between the;desire; hero 2;nexus one;the incredible… competition is good but boy there is a thing called oversaturation-considering all these phones look like they were all designed by the same person. Just doesn’t seem like there is much a difference between these phones,sorry android fans-just tellin the truth.It seems like htc needs a little more diversity with their android line-up.

    • Mockerfab4

      Good point. I’m not an Android fan. But I honestly haven’t seen an HTC phone running Android that made me go “Wow, I wish that had WM” on it like the idiots here wishing this phone had Android.

      But as I mentioned not an Android fan. The word Android makes my skin crawl reminding me of the horrible experience I had with it, so I’m a bit biased.

      • Former nexus one user?

      • Mockerfab4

        No thankfully I didn’t fork my life savings realizing Android was an epic fail! *phew*. I had the MyTouch.

  • wojax2

    ..and now back to the hd2.

  • tchez27

    Whats up HD2oids, it’s almost here. I spoke with a customer care rep today, to see what my upgrade eligibility was of course, and he shared some info with me I thought I’d pass along. I know, I know some of you already know but we do have some new readers I’m sure.

    The most important being that although he couldnt divulge any information about an official release date, he did give me the “wink wink” about a release for the 24th. Anyways, we already knew that, however, he also let me know, a few months ago T-Mo rolled out a new upgrade program that allows us “every year phone changers” an opportunity to upgrade. We are eligible for a full subsidy after 12 months on your current contract and as long as you are upgrading to a data phone. That upgrade should be available at the same subsidized price a new customer receives. He also told me the HD2 would be considered one of these date phones.

    Lastly he suggested, which i thought was good advice, that I check out all three avenues when purchasing this phone.
    The Store- they sometimes offer a better price on the phone due to some promotion but may have a $35 “activation” fee

    Customer Care-they may have the same price but instead of the activation fee, they have an $18 upgrade fee (for us upgraders anyway)

    Their Website-may have online only discounts and maybe, just maybe, may offer pre-orders.

    Food for thought, hope it helps some of you.

    ps. @David,Managing Editor. You’re doing a great job with this site and thank you for always providing us with useful and insightful t-mobile related news. Keep up the great work and if they havent yet, t-mobile needs to send you an unboxing HD2 of your own.

  • phalosopher

    Lol @ Wilma….

  • D. Vader

    Does anyone here know if the Tmobile HD2 is the exact same dimensions as the European HD2? Looking to buy some full body protectors for this baby. Gel skin is nice….but it doesn’t protect the screen itself.

    • Inuyasha

      According to the specs I’ve seen on HTC’s site, the US version is 1.5mm longer than the Euro version. Even though it isn’t much, anything that is meant to fit snug on the Euro version may not fit the US version. I’d wait until it launches to make sure you can get the one that fits correctly.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      *supposedly* you don’t need a screen protector as it’s a true glass screen… unless, of course, you are carrying diamonds in your pocket. ;-)

      • Dan

        What, just like the iPhone’s screen? That didn’t work.

  • jltyler

    From our CSR training about the HD2 we were told the wifi tethering was disabled on our device….that was last week we went through it as well


    According to a post from an Adobe employee in the Adobe forums, the first Flash Player 10.1 phone running Windows Phone 7 will be the HTC HD2, which should please HD2 owners who have been waiting for official confirmation that the phone will get an upgrade from Windows Mobile 6.5.

  • Walter

    I love this phone and have been excited for weeks. The only problem is that just like O2, T-Mobile has disabled the Wi-Fi tethering app in their firmware. This makes me a little angry. When I was looking at smart phones and came across the HD2, this was one of my favorite functions. A person from one of the O2 HD2 forums said that you have to download a new firmware that allows this. Which means all the T-Mobile branded things will be gone. Such a waste. Why did they not just leave it alone. The reason is because T-Mobile sales a web to-go USB and if everyone gets these phones then that would defeat the purpose. The greed of some companies just kills me.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I suspect that *most* of the users here will be loading a custom ROM and getting rid of the tmo bloatware anyhow. Even so, there are some 3rd party apps out there that will accomplish tethering (PDANet comes to mind).

  • Steve

    Did anyone else catch the slacker radio app pre installed? Slacker radio doesn’t currently support WINMO devices? Maybe that is about to change as well!

  • beej

    So, I got to play around with the sample at my local TMo store. Wow, that thing is pretty big! I love it and will be buying it as soon as it comes out, but it will take some getting used to, size wise. After playing with it, I am even more ready to buy it–how great! I won’t be missing my g1 (not trying to start anything with Android lovers–there are definitely some things I’ll miss from my apps–I’m just more of a WinMo fan).

    If anyone else gets a chance to play with it, I’d say do it!

    At my store, the gal said they just got it in yesterday and were told they couldn’t show it to anyone. But she snuck it out for me. Loved it. I’ll be back to that store to buy it from her. Argh…why is it almost two (rumored) weeks away?

  • randall

    Its official, Im a HD2 junkie, home from work sick but still desperatetly searching the web for release info

  • Joe Pa

    Man….next week is going to be a LONG WEEK.

    • gargoyle999

      At least on the 16th we should FINALLY find out SOMETHING official from T-Mo!!!

  • Oce

    Just called my local and they just got a demo unit in; when they said I could check it out I almost shat myself. I’ll post my take later.

  • manushka

    So i’ve asked three store employees about this phone in the SF area and one is playin dumb ” I do not have any info” etc. One told me nothing new and one made it clear that any sales person showing this phone to a potential customer is braking some kind of Maggie/HTC/Wimo rule and could get into trouble.

    I just want to look at it. Does anyone know of this is possible in my area?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Went to the Market St. store two days ago. Got the same treatment. No HD2 for me to look at. Oh well.

  • phalosopher
  • gargoyle999

    Unbox videos going up then coming down. Release dates posting then disappear. Is T-Mo that uptight?

    Must be trying to save everything for the press party next Tuesday. If all they do on Tuesday is announce release on 24th, no presale and price of $200/$450 it will be a big letdown. What’s with all the secrecy if not announcing something we don’t already know. At least a one week presale! Throw us fans a bone T-Mo!!!!!

    • Joe Pa

      Amen Gargoyle!

  • Reoce Jacobs

    Got a chance to play with HD2. Wow! I really under estimated the size of the phone. I mean, when someone with big hands is holding it, it doesn’t look as big. But I have small hands and this thing is really big. Any bigger and it is definitely too big. I don’t see me purchasing a Dell Mini. Watched the TF movie on it and speaker seemed a little weak. May go back tommorow to spend some more time with it. I will probably still get it even though I’m not sure it will be very pocketable. Not really a fan of gel skins. Are there any good hard shell covers for it, similar to the barely there style case for the iPhone? Cheers.

  • ELle

    why are the posting a video that we cant watch. it’s private…so i cant watch it…

  • G1 USER UNTIL 3*24*2010

    Today I called a few T-mo stores and most of them told me they don’t have a demo phone and won’t have one until the release date. BS!! Other stores told me they have a demo phone but they will only show it to you if you ask about it. I don’t understand what the whole damn secret is about. Do they or don’t they want to sell this phone. Anyways, I played with one today and the phone is big but not as big as i thought it would be, for me atleast. The phone is perfect. Maybe it’s because the phone is super thin. I was thinking about holding back on getting it but after seeing it, no way! The rep told me to give him my name and nbr so they can call me when they get the phone. I thought that was awesome. The rep also told me he will give me the hack to put android on it. I don’t really care about that for now, I just want the phone already! My b-day is the 23rd so this is going to be a great gift :)

    • Joe Pa

      The hack for Android huh? Is that employee also going to give the phone wings so it can fly too?

  • ryan

    this phone better come out on the 24th! i already took work off for it and i sold my samsung behold 2 today! so im stuck with a moto rokr for 2 weeks!!! ps. this site talked me into selling my NEW behold that i had for just 2 weeks so this phone better be better

  • RCornelous

    Gosh…this phone has me actin’ like a crackhead tryin’ to find a fix!! I search online EVERY DAY, ALL DAY for new HD2 news. 11 days can’t get here soon enough!!

  • jorge310

    i walked in to the tmobile store by my house… n the tmobile rep had the new dell netbook sitting out (its black n white)she confirmed it was that one but would not give me info on it she just said it was nice…. n i told her i had a nexus n she said if she could see it… to make long story short she pulled out the hd2 n took photos of my n1 n the hd2 side by side for comparison… she let me hold it n play with it for a few seconds n i have to say that phone is amzing!! she would give me no info on either devices….

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Sold the G1 tonight ($198 & $12 shipping on eBay if anyone is planning on selling his G1). So the Touch Pro2 is gone and now so is the G1. Back to using the Pearl 8120 to tide me over.

    Judging by comments from people who have touched the HD2 I imagine my experience will be the most extreme example of going from one of the smallest smartphones on the planet to the biggest.

  • wacko

    is there lag on the hd2 if any?

    • ssft

      there is lag like no other…think back to the days of the hero roms on the g1..very slow..incoming text messages will stutter any app ur currently running..but you’ll get over it because media and productivity functions are amazing…and swype!

  • Bubba

    I held and played with one of these beauties yesterday, all I can say is you won’t be disappointed!! I can’t wait to get one…

  • patient

    This phone is tempting me even more! I know that ppl argue WP7 is a long way off but I’m just wondering, will MS keep supporting 6.5 platform? I want a phone that I can keep for a long time..

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Yes, Microsoft has announced support for WinMo 6.5.x for quite awhile. It will be rebranded as “Windows Mobile Starter Edition” and will be the official version for devices that don’t meet the WM7 standards and for enterprise users.

  • phalosopher

    Smh dude up here @ the tmo store @ the mall takes the phone home with him.. asked to peep it and the female rep said: “hey did u remember to bring it back today?” LOL He went to the back and came out with the phone. I played prince of persia and guitar hero that comes preinstalled on it…NICE.. peeped the blockbuster app.. the phone is legit.. and the facebook app was bangin…no lag.. everthing ran smooth..I knew it was time to go when I found myself puttin my g1 on silent to watch transformer2 again and turned the volume up.. LOL the store rep still didn’t know about the release date or price.. I’ve had my “fix” for now until it finally comes out.. (I think lol)

  • NCole

    So I spoke with a T-mobile Rep today and he said a few things:
    1. No Tethering???!!!! Has anyone else heard this???(Because that was something I really liked about the phone)
    2. Not sure about release date but not to get hopes up high for the 24th date(He said thats what he’s seen online)
    3. He’s played with the phone, and its amazing!!!!
    However, If anyone could give me some info it would be great:) Thank you Kindly:)

    • Oce

      1. Tethering is not enabled out-of-box, but easily fixed with a cab install.
      2. 24th March is %99.99 guaranteed release date.

  • NCole

    @ Oce Thank you so much!

  • Flgirll

    FYI – Wirefly has the full video review up on YouTube now!

  • Is there a summary of what’s totally different between the Intercept at Android 2.1 and the Moment at Android 2.1? The hardware looks to be a lot the same, though the slider keyboards are different. As a Second owner, the Intercept leaves me dissapointed with Samsung because the Intercept seems to have a Android improve path whereas the virtually identical Second doesn’t (left behind at 2.1).