HD2 Gets Unboxed (Again), TmoNews Style With Extras (Updated)


Update:  A bunch of pics showing the multimedia functions of the HD2 have been added. The only missing piece here is the e-reader which our source said is just asking to be updated.

Update 2:  Thanks to Marc over at Laptop Mag, we are closer to confirming the March 24th launch date and the $199.99 price point.  It’s obviously what we’ve been expecting this whole time.  Of course, they also note that the HD2 will NOT be Windows Phone 7 compatible which clears up some of the confusion that surrounded that possibility.

As the launch of the T-Mobile HTC HD2 nears, we’ve got a few more exclusive images of the HD2 in actionfor you, our readers.  Just to recap, we’re still running with the March 24th release date, the same $199.99 2 year contract pricing, and a $449.99 retail price tag.  Hit the jump for an overload of HTC HD2 goodness!

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