OTA Update Arrives Without Issue For T-Mobile G1 Users


Well, it looks like T-Mobile delivered on its promise of releasing an OTA(Over-The-Air) update for G1 users by their self-imposed deadline of March 15th.  Even though this update only brings forth an improvement in call quality, it’s nice to see that is was able without issue; unlike the experience Motorola Cliq and Droid Eris users suffered. If you haven’t seen the update yet, you should be seeing it very soon. So, the next question is will the G1 get another update?  Android 2.1, here we come? Time will tell, but we hope so!


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  • thechemist

    I don’t have this update!

  • Killer Instinct

    This is awesome for g1 users. G1 getting an update…..okay now back to the HD2.

    • Davidohio

      Go to the HD2 post. This is a G1 post, obviously.

  • manus

    The G1 is the originator the best android device on the market

  • My Sister Just Mentioned She Had Recieved An Update On Hers, Last Night. I Hadn’t Heard About An OTA-U But Yeah, She Has It. But Really.? To Improve Call Quality.? Her’s Already Sounds Good =P

  • xracerx

    got it… said it would improve call quality/reception.. i notice an additional bar or two now.

  • i3rutal

    Glad I upgraded to the nexus one. G1 was just way too slow. Even rooted and a extendedbattery.

  • Aaron

    I really would like to see a sequel to this phone. I really love my G1 its just outdated now. Give us a real G2 with Nexus One type stats and G1 keyboard. I don’t know about you guys but all these new keyboards have sucked to me. The keys are to close

  • Ryan

    got the update. bricked my phone and had to do a master reset. DO NOT UPDATE YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s ridiculous. Obviously it’s your phone that is screwed up.

      T-Mo is very careful about updates. If something was screwed up they would have pulled the update.

      • beej

        Mine updated thisz morning, and I had issues. Not sure why. It didn’t brick, but I lost the use of my call and hime button and when I powered it down, I only had the option to turn it off, not Silent mode or Airplane mode. I had to follow these instructions to fix it (as I’m tired of factory resetting my G1):


  • Trill

    Im on my G1 typing from the opera beta that just released and wow its amazing. I also have the update and reception is better since now i have signal inside buildings although now all but its noticeable. I predict the G1 will see 2.0 or 2.1 just not with all the bells and whistles and theyre gonna do a major release since it seems practically every phone has been announced to receive it except the G1 ask HTC Dream or Google ION

  • Davidohio

    Got my G1 update at 5am this morning. My call quality was fine before the update. But whatever. It did wipe my swype off my G1 and I had to re-install it but no big deal, got swype on my G1 again.

  • while its nice that the g1 is getting an ota radio update, its not true that its been without issue. i have helped several people today that had their phones “soft bricked” by the ota. post #3 http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f7/g1-new-ota-update-3-10-10-a-32896/

  • NCole

    I just received my update:)

  • Sleebus

    Got mine a few days back, wife got hers today. One thing I noticed is that the device seems to be more responsive. I rarely end up with the “blank home screen” crash. Really looking forward to the next version, but this has breathed new life into my G1.

  • rickb

    I’ve been getting upddate prompts for a week, and when I answer, nothing happens. Interesting.

    Waiting for this to see if I have to wipe. I have the Voice beta coming, so another wipe is a pain.

    I’ve wiped my like 4 times for various updates. It looks like I will be wiping a 5th time. A pain to save your SMS, notepad, etc. Sheesh.

  • Chris – King of Squishy Brick

    I like the term “soft bricked” — but “squishy brick” is way better? Let’s try and spread that around. . .

  • wy937

    Is this the same as the radio update that was posted on XDA? Just curious for those of us using rooted G1s that no longer get OTA updates. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=640535

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Got the OTA notification on March 10. Said to install and set the G1 aside.

    Update took about 15 minutes.

    Although it did not say what the update was, I was hoping it was 2.1

  • G1 tech

    There are a few issues with the new OTA….had to exchange 5 G1’s yesterday due to device not booting past the G1 logo after update is applied. Master reset via hardware keys does not resolve. Culprit: G1 users need to make sure they have more than 20MB on internal device memory. Low memory will cause OTA to crash device.

  • rob

    ota update installed this morning. and when i say installed i mean my phone is friggin dead. like above. wtf am i supposed to do?

  • Keith

    The OTA screwed up my phone and now it won’t boot, hangs at the G1 screen. I let the update run its course and it hung for 1 hour before i pulled the battery. Now T-mobile says that because I am not under warranty, there is nothing they can do for me. I explained THEY sent the OTA that rendered my phone unusable, but they said it wasn’t them, it was HTC, and to take it up with them.

  • Dennis

    I got this update but it got rid of my soft keyboard. I don’t know what my keyboard has to do with my call quality, but they definitely took it away.

  • ramesh

    got this update today. Although I read here and at many other websites mentioning that you need G1 android webplan to get this update. But I did get this update on the phone thru my wifi. The sim card that was in the phone doesnt have data plan at this time.

  • Ted C.

    Got mine yesterday and my phone is definitely more responsive. Not sure why….

  • Jason

    Have you seen this article. I would have to say, this has beent he most frustrating part about being a Android user. Dont get me wrong, I love teh platform, but this has definitely caused me to question becoming a fast follower of this technology


  • legionDR

    i got this last update and i dont see a difference (not even in call quality). i know they can make the G1 able to recieve 2.0 update or even 2.1, they are just killing time to make us all g1 owners to get desperate and to spend more money buying the latest android phones…. if i ever change my g1 is gonna be for a xperia x10 mini pro (which also has full qwerty and i hope it comes out for t-mo)

  • Keetz

    I live in the UK and i havent recieved the update =(

  • David

    You’re happy to be in USA. No update in Europe:-(