T-Mobile Rolls Out Voice Plus Beta For G1 Users


Wow, quite a bit of G1 news this evening!  Well, it’s official, T-Mobile has started rolling out their Voice Plus Beta program for G1 owners.  If you signed up for the beta, you should be receiving an e-mail very shortly to let you know that the program is now available to you.  We should warn you, to install the application you will need to update the G1’s software and fully wipe the device, so make sure you back up your data!  How many of you signed up for the beta? Are you excited to use it?  Let us know in the comments below!

Major Features of Voice Plus Beta:

  • Call Divert: Carve out a little peace and quiet by sending selected numbers straight to voicemail without ringing your phone.
  • Call Defer: Let callers know you’re busy and schedule a convenient time for you to call them back.  Send them a text message that acknowledges their call and that you will respond at a later time.
  • Visual Voicemail: Easily manage your voicemail! View a list of who left a voicemail, with the time of the message and its length.  Choose which to listen to now and which to review later.
  • City ID: Get more information about the calls you receive.  The city and state information of incoming calls is displayed.


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  • Davidohio

    Yeah, I got my e-mail with the lik about 2 hours ago and I have to st some time aside to do it. It seems like there are several tedious steps to go through like backing up files, hooking my G1 to my laptop, and a bunch of crap. I don’t think I even want this anymore since I am getting the HD2 anyway, soon.

    • Davidohio

      Plus, my G1 gives me the option to send numbers in my phonebook straight to voicemail anyway and I have visual voicemail too from the android market so I would really only be gaining call defer and city id….big deal.

  • Washout

    Not to mention at the moment there are bugs. Currently unable to use the latest version of Google Maps. I’ll try this when they have a version that doesn’t suck.

  • dan

    Updating now…Hopefully this will go well and not brick my phone! And I get to use it for a whole 2 weeks before I throw this phone in my dead phone drawer and pick up the HD2!

  • mike

    very easy install actually cleaned up alot of unused crap on my phone and SD card, much faster, but i will be out if I cant get Maps back!!!!!How can I revert my phone back into regular ROM? Because this ROM has kila-userdebug as opposed to kila-user, I cannot install update to Google Maps which is unacceptable to me because I use navigation feature on Google Maps.

  • Luis Angel

    I just finished installing this. It aside from the T-Mobile Voice Plus Beta icon, I now also have a City ID icon as well. I opened up the City ID icon and after I clicked on one of the available options and I was taken to a screen that says “SYSTEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE”. So I have no idea what use this could have.
    As I was writing this I noticed something… before I had attempted checking out the CITY ID icon I made a phone call and my phone displayed the city and state of the person I was calling. I called the same person and now it wont show me their “city’s id”.
    So yea…

  • Davidohio

    Yeah….great idea..way to go T-mobile. Thanks. I am not installing mine at all.

  • dbailley

    I followed the steps it worked fine. Wasn’t what I expected. SO I finally got up the nerve and went ahead and did a full ROOT on the G1. I am getting the HD2 soon, I can’t wait to have that big beast of a phone.

  • q2mobile

    i think i shall pass on this update as well. nice try tmob

  • tmogeek

    Got the notice to. Will take a look at it over the weekend. Maybe some more success stories posted here will encourage me to give it a try. Just ordered the N1 today. It will be here tomorrow. Bought the N1 unlocked, full price so I was going to use the sim out of the G1. Dilemma, be part of the beta with the G1 or abandon any idea of that and go all N1 all the time?

  • Mockerfab4

    Hmmmm…this sounds like a cool feature. But reading all these issues mentioned does’nt sound like it was a good idea to run it on the G1. Maybe they should have considered it on a newer device like the HD2? Is this feature only going to be avail on Android phones? Hmmm..

    • Davidohio

      N1 all the way!

  • PittsburghG1

    So what features does this bring that Cyanogen’s latest ROM for the G1 doesn’t have? I mean its senseless for me to update if I have a rooted G1, right?

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I really don’t see the point in this being that you can get these features when you use custom ROMS. I’ve had my job on the blacklist for the longest so they cant call me in on my off days. And if I’m busy or just cant talk, I don’t answer my phone. Just that simple. And I know where all of my contacts stay. And if I really cared that much, I’d download the caller ID app from the Market again.

  • Bret Rodgers

    Beware. If you install this program you will NOT be able to update Google Maps.

  • Ern Dizzle

    cyanogenMOD v. FTW

  • Juan

    I got the email from TMOBILE with instructions on how to flash the new ROM with the Voice Plus Beta. The process was easy, but now Google Maps and other Apps are not working properly. CityID, not responding. Voicemail, not connecting to server. At TMOBILE Forum they say maybe they are going to make a new ROM with Voice Plus Beta and a ROM just in case you want to go back to the original ROM.

  • Mark S

    You geniuses do realize this is a beta test not an update right?

  • Green Robot

    This pretty much sounded like a useless thing from the very beginning. No value added for a price of a headache and some missing major functionality in Maps. I’m very very glad I steered clear of this mess.

  • Matt Miller

    I just got my Voice Plus Yesturday. I never Rom my phone ever so it was hard to do but i got and its great. the only thing that lacks is google maps navigation it wont install at all.

  • Bill P

    The install for this went well based on the instructions. The new features are nice to try out and play with, but not at the expense of Navigate. It is nice to see city and state of phones calls coming in and going out. I’ll keep playing with this Beta version to help give feedback, but once I can go back, I will because of Navigate.