T-Mobile Joins Location Initiative, Now Providing Devs With Location Tools


T-Mobile has announced that it has joined WaveMarket’s Veriplace Cloud Location Platform Initiative.  This initiative will provide developers of mobile apps and services with APIs to enable new geo-location features. Currently, three of the the four biggest carriers (T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T) in the country are part of this group. From everything I have read on their site, it seems that in the very near future we will see some great, mind-blowing location-based apps come out of this.  Can’t wait! Way to go T-Mo!


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  • Otto Nimitz

    Not thrilled at the moment, for a few apps that could have just been downloaded from the market I’ve lost the ability to install Google Maps 4.0. Everything else seems to be working and Windows Update seems to think it’s a good idea to download HTC Sync out of nowhere even though it won’t see a G1. Grr…

  • mmaxxsooner

    Am I the only one that feels this “location” stuff is creepy? Big brother or the whole damn world is watching you, ready to cram ads down your throat. Take this stuff it will only sting a little.

    • Redwoodflyer

      True, but I’d much rather see a targeted ad for something I might actually buy vs. an endless stream of stuff I have absolutely no interest in.

      • manus

        So they will no where we are all the time. I hope they don’t pull a sprint on us and give our location to the cops