Give Your T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 A New Life With Android


As someone who has used Windows Mobile for quite some time, I know first hand that it can grow quite mundane.  If this has happened to any of you out there, thankfully, now we have a solution-Android!  It seems those crazy kids over at XDAndroid have been working on a project to port Android to Windows Mobile devices and now their latest build is proving to be a huge success. Demonstrated on a HTC Touch Pro 2, the Android installation experiences no difficulty in making calls, sending SMS, downloading apps, or browsing the web.  In fact, pretty much everything works besides GPS, Bluetooth, and the camera.  Impressive!

After reading about this yesterday, I set out to try it myself on an old HTC Touch Pro 2 I had.   Surprisingly, the hack proved to be pretty easy.  If you’re tech savy and into roms, I really suggest trying it yourself.  You can find the directions here! As always, flash with caution so  you don’t brick your device.


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