Give Your T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 A New Life With Android


As someone who has used Windows Mobile for quite some time, I know first hand that it can grow quite mundane.  If this has happened to any of you out there, thankfully, now we have a solution-Android!  It seems those crazy kids over at XDAndroid have been working on a project to port Android to Windows Mobile devices and now their latest build is proving to be a huge success. Demonstrated on a HTC Touch Pro 2, the Android installation experiences no difficulty in making calls, sending SMS, downloading apps, or browsing the web.  In fact, pretty much everything works besides GPS, Bluetooth, and the camera.  Impressive!

After reading about this yesterday, I set out to try it myself on an old HTC Touch Pro 2 I had.   Surprisingly, the hack proved to be pretty easy.  If you’re tech savy and into roms, I really suggest trying it yourself.  You can find the directions here! As always, flash with caution so  you don’t brick your device.


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  • Jose

    is this going to be available for the HTC HD2??

    • 2FR35H

      all windows mobile phones so yes

    • pdxduckfan

      Why would you want this if GPS, Bluetooth and the camera won’t work. These are fairly important functions…….

      • Chris

        If someone doesn’t care about those functions, then they would be very willing to try this out. They will eventually get fixed fairly quickly. Most ROMs will work normally after a little while.

      • J-Hop2o6

        because we have a CHOICE! and its cool to show it of to ppl that can only have 1 OS on there phone.. but yea, Android is just something to play with.. i don’t really care if GPS, BT, or cam works because they work in WM.. this is NOT a ROM Flash.. it sits in your SD card memory.. so u have the best of both worlds.. also, they’re not done working on this project.. they’re still tryna fix pwr management, battery driver, GPS, BT (it kinda works now), Cam, OPENGL es, etc.. so its not like this is final.. but anyways, it works fine on my TP2

      • J-Hop2o6

        matter-of-fact,, i just read that pwr management is workin now today.. they are implementing new packages now

  • queensnewbie

    Lol @ “old” Touch Pro 2 comment. It was only 6 months ago people were hailing its arrival. Nice work XDA.

  • efjay

    No thanks, no spydroid for me.

    • da9th_one

      i feel ya…i avoid all google products if at all possible…

  • backdoorpost

    david your awesome for posting this. this is a great alternative for people that buy the hd2 and the wm7 role out later this year. I guess another thing i can mention is that since the supersonic(sprints “HD2” on android) is coming out later this year, These XDA guys will probable have a easier time making that rom for the hd2. Hopefully they fix that GPS, bluetooth, and Camera issue.
    DAVID, how smooth does android feel on your tp2? Is it as accurate as a mytouch 3g. Basically, does it feel like your on an actual phone built for android? Thanks again.

    • David, Managing Editor

      This isn’t actually my phone, I don’t own a TP2 and this was taken from Engadget which I believe got it from someone over at XDA Developers…

  • grammar

    I hate to be a stickler, but in the second to last sentence it should read “If you’RE tech savvy”. Your posts are usually wonderful in this regard, so I was just trying to help you maintain your professionalism :).

    • Davidohio

      Seriously? Like you have never made a typo?

  • grammar

    I hate to be a stickler, but the 2nd to last sentence should read “If you’RE tech savVy”, not “If your tech savy”. You usually are awesome about your grammar and have the utmost professionalism, so I just thought I’d help you out! :)

  • equisxx23

    u live in orlando?

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Why, do you?

      LOL. I was thinking that at first too, then saw David’s reply above saying the screen shot is from engadget who got it from XDA, etc etc.

      Before reading that, I was gonna say… “T-mo News Party at the…” well. Its Orlando. You can pick either a club or a bar downtown, or a bar or a club at Citywalk, or a club, or maybe a bar, on I-drive. Your choice. Don’t think too hard.

      • David, Managing Editor

        I love Citywalk! Margaritaville!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Oh Come On now, Where’s Just Some Dude with his Praises over this? Don’t start Slacking now Just Some Dude.

  • manus

    Guys if you look this was posted by stephen not david.

  • Dino

    Can anybody tell me the name of the weather widget on the Pro2 photo above? I’ve been looking for a good one and this looks decent. Thanks.

    • shawn1224

      Beautiful Widgets

      BTW – David, what Android build were they able to flash?

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    So when you flash the rom, does it make the the phone process slower?

  • Capsule Gang

    I wish someone would “leak” a Supersonic rom so that we could have a fully working android build for the HD2. Of course that’s assuming the hardware is the same in each which it probably won’t be since the Supersonic is coming out so much later than than the HD2. Sigh…

    Why can’t the HD2 just have an Android option? It’s not like HTC pays licensing fees for android.

  • David

    No Thanks! I Don’t need to give mour T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 a crappy life with Android.

  • David

    No Thanks! I Don’t need to give my T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro 2 a crappy life with Android.

  • Sanjay

    Seriously, people excited about a ROM that make the TP2 work on android except for GPS, Bluetooth and the Camera? So much hate for Microsoft that you would give up your GPS, Bluetooth and Camera to get away from it? This is like a movie in which the Android pod people are infiltrating and converting all devices to android because they can only enter our world through the android operating system.

    • carl

      it’s not a rom. all you do is launch it from file explorer and it will boot android. resetting phone will go back to windows mobile.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      The most valid point, your is, but I think this is really just a novelty rather than a serious switch from one OS to another.

      I fooled with this on my Touch Pro2 months ago (back when this was novel, having Android on a WinMo device). Back then the issue was the same, the hack MOSTLY worked, EXCEPT for GPS, BT and the camera (and back then there were no ringtones).

      Seems that in three months they still can’t get those essential features and functions to work.

      Take it from a user, the Touch Pro2 with Android that lacks GPS and Bluetooth might as well be called a dumbphone. When I had this hack installed I noticed in a few hours that Android sans GPS rendered Android’s fun apps useless and I had to stop using my stereo BT headset, for phone calls and playing movies.

      So I removed Android the same day I installed it.

      Truth be told the novelty of seeing Android on my Touch Pro2 wore off in about five minutes because I have a G1 and that gives me Android access if I need its features. Compared to WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense that I had installed on my Touch Pro2, well, IMHO WimMo/Sense was the far better OS.

      While it was fun to do the hack, just because it’s amusing to do this kind of stuff, given the choice I will always pick WinMo. Besides, those who gravitate to Android include users who are dense former Sidekick users. You can ID them by their vacuous comments crapped on the Net. Never anything of substance, usually just “Android rules, WinMo sucks” “WinMo users are stupid” “Android is better than anything” “WinMo is a piece of sheet.”

      • Davidohio

        Blah blah blah….

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yakkity Smackity Taz my boy. HAAA!!! Man, That is old Tazmania there, Davidohio.

      • Davidohio

        haha I love u wilma flintstone!

      • Wilma Flintstone


  • carl

    hit the link to pocketnow at the bottom and you can see a video of it running on a sprint touch pro 2. not too shabby! after all we aren’t supposed to have android on windows mobile lol

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah I have been using Android on my TP2 occasionally and it is actually quite nice. It’s all software rendering right now, no hardware acceleration yet but once they get that figured out it should run as well as any G1 does. For now there is a slight lag here and there and the speed of your sdcard will have an impact as well.

    One thing this article doesn’t mention is as of the 3/8 release for TP2 sound does not work, calls do just fine but music and ringtones do not. Live wallpapers work too!

    Now for the comment about WinMo being so bad that people use Android, that is not accurate. It’s about having the ability to use both whenever you feel like it. I started in WinMo for my first smartphone (2007 Shadow) and I had a G1 as well and have equal love for both, Android & WinMo both have their pros and cons and every time I read a comment about WinMo sucks, Android FTW or vice versa it bothers me b/c they both are good OS’s. They both cater to different tastes but overall functionality is the same, I really enjoy using TF3D when I want to use WinMo and then switching to Android when I feel like playing with apps, this is what the whole movement to get Android on WinMo phones has been about.

    So WinMo/Android FTW

    • efjay

      But you are not actually using WM when you use TF3D, that is a skin to cover WM. I have read a lot of posts on Xda and no, playing with applicaitons is NOT what android on WM phones is all about, its al about MS hate and how WM “sucks”. Now you mention sound not working, one really has to wonder what the fuss is about, why not just buy a working android phone in the first place?

      • carl

        what a dense comment. a skin to cover WM blah blah. it does a damn good job and so does spb mobile shell 3.5. and why? because the OS allows it. just like it allows you to hack android, unbuntu and blackberry stuff onto it. that’s what WM haters seem to miss.

  • efjay

    And with all that missing functionality people still want this on their HD2’s? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Ridiculous.

    • carl

      quit hating. it’s improved daily and called a work in progress! check the htc touch, they got android working fully for a while now so it’s only a matter of time before the tp2 gets it. People like you make me sick. If you can’t appreciate a completely different OS running on a device that wasn’t meant to support it, then you don’t appreciate technology at all. Ridiculous.

      • staffhobbit

        Ridiculous! Putrid! Just putrid! RIDICULOUS! Idiot.

      • efjay

        Thank you, O great sage of technology!

  • chrisrj28

    True when using Sense I am not using WinMo in it’s base form but essentiallyn it is still WinMo with a skin. Just like Sense, or Motoblur, or Sony’s UI are skins for Android, essentially they are the same thing just prettier to look at. Like Mike said, it’s a novelty and until they get it fully working then I can’t see myself using it more for fun than anything.

    Remember thaat Android was pretty plain jane until 3rd parties started to make their own UI, it’s the same concept. I wish people would just keep their comments professional, if you like Android that is great as its an awesome OS, but that doesn’t mean bash every WinMo post. WinMo users are guilty of the same thing, bashing Android posts. They are both good, make your comments about what you prefer but don’t throw in hating for another person preferred OS


    I sold my tp2 for the nexus. Man I miss that keyboard.

  • JBLmobileG1

    While I find this awesome news knowing that you can use the Android o/s on a phone like the HD2 the only question I have is how does it work using a smartphone plan and not the Android data plan? I mean once you do this do you need to call Tmobile and switch your plan from one to the other? While this might sound like a dumb question I am wanting to know because I have the original Android plan with 400 messages for $24.99. I would assume you couldn’t just keep your old plan but upgrade to a smartphone $30 data plan. Like all the high end phones each has a certain plan for it. Smartphone plan = windows based phones, BlackBerry plan = Blackerry phones, and Android data = for Android phones. So… to sum it up again…. if you get the HD2 can you use the smartphone option or do you need Android data option. You would think Tmobile would figure it out some how. I know someone who was using Tzones on the Cliq fore a day then the next day the data stopped working and it was because it had the wrong data plan on it. So anyone know?

  • lp894

    Because Haret isn’t NATIVE android, it uses the same data plan that you’re currently on(smartphone data plan). It doesn’t need an android data plan because the DEVICE is still a Touch Pro 2. Those Windows is cleared out of the memory(not erased but cleared), Win Mo still has to start to use this app. it can’t be installed directly onto the phone and boot only into android. So the data features, the calling features, ect are all ports from the Win Mo side. Devs figured out how to tell android to use the data that the phone already has instead of looking for its own data connection.

    This runs DARN good on this phone, and I own a G1. I am a hardcore android lover, and I must admit, using android on my TP2 is by no means “old”. It’s lovely because it takes a phone with the same processor as the G1 and adds like….200mb memory to it, so it runs WAY smoother. In addition, it also uses the 2.0.1 version of android, which means it has native support for a 480×800 screen so it LOOKS good.

    As for the whole Blackberry thing…the Blackberry Application Suite(though it installs) doesn’t work right with data. It’s a lovely little program, and I enjoyed playing around with it. But until the Data feature works on it, it’s pretty much useless.

  • Davidohio

    I know this is off topic but just came up. I need to know where to get a FREE unlock code for my sony ericsson TM506. Ugh…..any help would be much appreciated. Thanks guys! Oh, I know t-mobile will give me one but I can’t get a response until Tuesday if I submit a request because of the weekend. Thanks guys :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Since you want an unlock code NOW and for FREE, your best bet is to instead open the wallet and pay for it. Or you could ask Wilma for it(your proclaimed lover).

      Hint: Posting the request in a thread about Android on a Touch Pro2 is pretty much like you blah, blah, blahing into a toilet bowl.


    i kept my android plan with win mo cause i was going to be switching back and forth. the rep said it was ok and win mo would work fine on the android data plan.

  • joe

    on nov 2010 new htc coming out and we can see video each other and talk or signing languege i almost got one but i perfer to wait next month i ll get it yess new htc hd2 4g i think so just findout went to t mobile

  • Sheriff

    Please i need an anroid os for my htc torch pro 2. I have search through google but i couldn’t get the OS to download. I don’t know if you or any one can zip it and send it to my mail: and