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Well, folks, it looks like T-Mobile Retail Stores will be offering yet another Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) smartphone promotion.  Beginning March 15 through March 31, all Even More postpaid customers on a 2-year service agreement with a $30 Unlimited Web feature will be offered a smartphone of equal or lesser value for free when they activate a second line of service and $30 Unlimited Web feature.  In addition, the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2 is included as an eligible smartphone in the BOGO promotion.  Hit the jump for the full details and a list of eligible smartphones. Sound off in the comments!

Smartphone BOGO Details

  • New activations and add-a-line only. 2-year postpaid Even More contract required on both lines.
  • FlexPay, Even More Plus, and Upgrade customers are not eligible for this promotion.
  • $30 Unlimited Web feature must be added to both lines. Exception: Nokia Nuron unlimited Web requirement is the $10 Phone First Unlimited Web data feature.
  • Customers purchasing two phones will qualify for two free devices.
  • Customers must activate both lines on the same account
  • Smartphones must be purchased and activated as part of one transaction at point of sale.
  • Discount will be given at point of sale.
  • Customer purchases one eligible smartphone and gets a second eligible smartphone for free. Customers may choose any combination of two eligible smartphones. Customer pays for the higher priced device.
  • Higher priced device is determined by NET price to the customer after mail-in rebates if applicable.

Eligible Smartphones:

  • Samsung Behold II
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8120 (all colors)
  • BlackBerry Curve 8520
  • BlackBerry Curve 8320 (all colors)
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700
  • BlackBerry Pearl Flip
  • T-Mobile G1
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G with 3.5mm jack
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Fender Limited Edition
  • Motorola CLIQ
  • Motorola CLIQ XT
  • Sidekick LX 2009
  • T-Mobile Sidekick (2008)
  • HTC Touch Pro II
  • HTD HD2
  • T-Mobile Dash 3G
  • Nokia Nuron

o    The unlimited Web requirement for the Nokia Nuron is the $10 Phone First Unlimited Web data feature.

o    The Nokia Nuron has a $50 mail-in rebate. Customers will pay $49.99 at POS for the second Nuron.

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  • vic

    I think they should let us even more plus customers get in on this. I mean it makes sense to me to allow us to take part but I guess magenta has its reason for not allowing this to happen. Oh weLl I will still be there to get my HD2

    • ohheelno

      Actually it makes no sense. They are getting another CONTRACT out of the customers who are doing this promotion, even more plus customer have no contract. Why would they give you a 400+ phone for free with no stipulation on your end?

    • ohheelno

      Actually it makes perfect sense that they would not allow you to have a phone for free. Customers who qualify for this promotion are signing a 2 year agreement. Why would they give you a 400+ phone for free when you would not be signing any contract? That would be a huge loss of money for them…

      • vic

        I see your point. But allow me to buy one phone at full price and get the other at half off I would do that in a heart beat. It may not be free but they still make money plus I still have to pay the bill so they are not really losing money in that case. All I am syaing is throw us a bone also.

      • patient

        So you can sell the other phone for 3-400 bucks and make money on it?

        That’s what I would do and fat chance of that happening

    • andrew

      they well loose money u guys did’t sign a contract with tmobile

    • ohheelno

      I see your point also… but from a financial standpoint, it just doesn’t make sense. You say they get your money monthly, but where is the guarantee you’ll stay? With contracted customers, at least they’ll reap the benefit of the ETF. With EMP, they have customers on that plan with no contract. They could buy one get one free and then cancel their account. There is a $400 loss right there. It’s too expensive for the company.

  • Oce

    1 HD2 for me, and 1 for the wife! This just gets betterer and betterer!

    • bob

      According to the person I spoke with in store this afternoon, you can’t get two HD2 phones. I was planning on doing the same. One for me, one for the wife. Gonna try another store tomorrow and see if that really is the case.

  • chris

    new customers and add a line only?

    awww, that sucks lol… for me…

    Hope everyone gets what they want lol

  • sortamad

    i hate how they dont ever give any gratitude to their current customers. Especially the ones who have been with them for 10+ years. I would like to have 2 HD 2’s but it looks like ill only get one :(

    • hairandnailsdid

      Never give any gratitude?! That’s why they come out with special rate plans for long time customers, go above and beyond for them the longer you’ve been a customer and allow them to keep features/rate plans they no longer offer? Because they never give any gratitude? Just because you don’t get what you want doesn’t mean the company doesn’t do anything for you.

      • Robert

        What special rate plans have they come out with for long time customers? None. Go above and beyond by allowing you to keep features/plans they no longer offer? EVERY company does that, it’s called grandfathering your plan. Nice attempt but total fail. T-Mo is horrible at taking care of their customers, far worse than any of the other big 3 cell companies. They are always doing things to attract new customers but forgetting the customers that have kept them in business for the past 10 years. Other than ‘good’ customer service and a friendly attitude when you call, forget really getting anything from them as a long time customer.

      • B

        Um, Robert, ever heard of the unlimited loyalty plan? What about allowing us Nexus One users to use the plan we want? Oh and discounted add-ons? Yes they’ve given me that too. I dont know where you’re coming from.

      • sortamad

        uhh B, they didnt allow anyone to buy a nexus one unless you met their requirements. And by the way im not sure if you realized it or not but the same plans that “loyal” customers can attain, so can anyone else. They just use the BS of “a plan for loyal customers as yourself…” Tmobile has recently, for the past couple of years,been specifying their plans to just new lines and accounts. They should make it possible for even the people that have been with them to renew their lines and get those deals as well.

      • yaddamaster

        Special rate plan – $20/mo for total internet. Had it for over three years. Been a customer since they were voicestream. Not sure if that’s for long-time customers or not but a heck of a deal to me.

      • sortamad

        yep i hear ya, i still have the $10 unlimited texting for the whole account. just hope that when you want to upgrade your line they wont make you switch your grandfathered plan to the new what is it $30..

    • hairandnailsdid

      Thank you B– that’s exactly the plan I was talking about. And tell me another company that allows you to keep a feature that gives everyone in your family– even 5 lines– have unlimited texting for $10? So Nice attempt by you ROBERT, but you fail. Every other company costs way more than T-Mobile, that is the hard and cold truth, and has won the JD Power award for customer service for a reason– they take care of their customers.

      As far as the nexus one goes, you can’t blame t-mobile for that. GOOGLE sells the phone and sets the stipulations on what is required to get the discount– this is why they also tack on extra fees if you don’t follow their terms and conditions.

  • dsim91

    New costomers and add a line only, no help for the people who are already costomers with all the lines they need, thanks for nothing t-mobile .

  • manushka

    does nothing for me! my contract expired but my wife is still on hers and I like my old plan. oh well FRAK! I’d love two hd2s

  • nutzareus

    If you are out of contract, just buy the new lines with new phone numbers, then call T-Mobile and ask for MSISDN REUSE and they will cut off your old phones immediately and port your old numbers from your old account to the new one. Yes, you will have a couple of days where your original number won’t work until it’s ported, but it works. That’s how I got the Touch Pro 2 for free from promotion and kept my existing number.

    • Davidohio

      That is what is called “forced churn” and it costs t-mobile A LOT of money! Basically you cheated the system and I am really surprised they allowed it. I worked for t-mobile for 5 years and we would be written up or terminated for doing this. An existing customer who should have upgraded added a line and t-mobile payed a huge commision to the agent and the cancelled line added to their churn/cancelations. I mean yay for you but this is usually caught and the customer gets the equiptment charge on their new bill for doing it. I have seen it happen a thousand times.

  • chebus

    im so confused, if my contract is up do i qualify for this BOGO deal, and just have to add a web to my plan? Or do I have to be just coming to tmobile, to get a free phone? Also can I addthe web to my plan easily on a famly plan?

    • Alex

      You have to add a new line to your T-Mobile account or activate a new account.

      • JD

        If I add a line to my family account and get the HTC HD2, can I get another HD2 without adding a second line or do I have to add two lines?

      • Alex

        You would need to add two new lines to your account.

  • andrew

    i would get the hd2 and blackberry 9700

  • bigc17

    This seems like a pretty good deal to me, because I (like practically everyone else) am getting an HD2 for myself and a Blackberry for my mom, and of course you want to save as much money as you can (especially with todays technology).It seems like everything is going right, first my b day is next week, then the best phone in the world comes out that next week and now, I can get an HD2 for $200 and a Blackberry for free.

  • For you guys being…

    Okay.. so lets start somewhere…
    I believe That if you want a hd2 and blackberry (so blackberry for free)… that you can upgrade one line for the hd2 at the speculated 199.99 price.. and then if you ACTIVATED (keyword) another line (2nd, 3rd whatever) to your account the blackberry would be free because THAT is a new line. I don’t think both cases have to be a new line..

    Second.. to those that said TMO doesn’t come out with any special rate plans for existing customers… unlimited loyalty was 49.99 unlimited… WAYYYY before EVEN MORE or PLUS came out… u got unlimited minutes $20 cheaper back in FEBRUARY before VERIZON or AT&T customers do NOW… and then if you compare to a new customer.. the only way a new customer gets YOUR price is if they do NO CONTRACT.. you get cheap unlimited and subsidized pricing… and whether u’ve been with them 5yrs or 1 yr… nothing beats getting smartphones at full discount every year now.. SHOW ME ONE COMPANY that that is their policy..

    You have to make deals with reps at other carriers to get good pricing every year… and VERIZON only does it cause they know they giving it to from behind with the pricing… yes, pay tmobile an extra 30 bucks a month for no reason.. and we will hook you up WHENEVER you want…SMH

    • Alex

      Read the BOGO details in the article.

      It clearly states “FlexPay, Even More Plus, and Upgrade customers are not eligible for this promotion”

      “New activations and add-a-line only. 2-year postpaid Even More contract required on both lines

    • Davidohio


  • JD

    So this is the 2nd BOGO deal in a few weeks that forgets existing customers. Frustrating…

  • cheap

    so this means the nokia nuron will be the only smartphone with a $10 web2go data plan requirement?

  • Johny

    I got a family plan with two sidekicks how can I do this??

  • Bdar

    I’m planning on getting two HD2s on the 24th, one for my and one for the wife, and was planning on doing a family plan with unlim data. Originally I was thinking I’d do EM+ and just pay full for both phones in order to keep my monthly bills as low as possible, but this changes things. Now I’m confused as to what would be cheapest. I see it mentioning the data plan cost twice. Do they require you to have individual data plans on each phone for this promotion, or do family plans share just one data plan? For that matter, do two new lines sharing one EM family plan even count for this promotion or does it have to be two individual lines?

    It seems to me that it still is not cheaper to pay just $200 on EM and get two phones instead of $900 on the EM+ plan(a $700 savings), but have to pay $30 more a month for 24 months ($720 more than EM+, or if they require individual data coverage on each phone then that’d be and additional $720 more required. )

    Any T-Mo CSRs here to comment?

    • Davidohio

      Each line requires data, you can not share data on a family plan or any plan.

  • gargoyle999

    So if this begins on March do you get the HD2 as part of the BOGO and meet this requirement:

    “Smartphones must be purchased and activated as part of one transaction at point of sale”.


    • Davidohio

      Hmmmm….well I would go to the store and activate mmy lines on March 24th when the HD2 is available for purchase. Dah.

    • sortamad

      uh you have 7 days after the HD 2 comes out until the BOGO is done…

  • gargoyle999

    So if you are an existing customer with phones no longer under contract you can take advantage of this offer if you are willing to get two new phone numbers?

    • Davidohio

      No, because it is not a new activation, it would be an upgrade. Upgrade is an existing customer close to or out of contract that renews for 2 years for discounted equiptment. You would have to cancel, wait 90 days and then re-apply for service.

      • jjguinness

        Actually I’ve done this before and yes you can get a new line of service with a new phone number then just cancel your existing number that is OOC. Essentially what you are doing is going from one line of service to two lines. What you are not telling them is that you will be cancellin your service of your OOC phone once you are up and running with your new lines. Thus back to one line of service. Unless they have closed some loophole that I took advantage of this will work.

  • jtomm

    i guess if i add my wife to my acct i will be able to get a free hd2 if she gets one as well (or a blackberry or w/e). i just have to figure out if it is more economical to add a separate line or get a family plan. hmmm

    • Davidohio


      • Bdar

        Unless you’re a T-Mobile CSR I think that you are in fact wrong, Davidohio.
        Quoting the actual flyer not the Tmonews summary of the flyer:

        “Beginning March 15 through March 31, all Even More postpaid customers on a 2-year service agreement…” (as in already ON contract)

        “with a $30 Unlimited Web feature will be offered a smartphone of equal or lesser value for free when they activate a second line of service…” (2nd line, not a 3rd line like you stated elsewhere)

        “and $30 Unlimited Web feature.”

        From this sentence alone it implies that if jtomm buys an HD2 at full price ($450) and adds a 2nd line to his existing Even More account, then he will be eligible to get a second HD2 free.

        New customers can sign a new Even More contract and get one HD2 at subsidized price ($200) and get a second one free with the activation of the second line.

        The “Upgrades” that they refer to are existing customers attempting to get that first phone for the subsidized upgrade price (amount varies based on upgrade status).
        An existing customer buying a new phone doesn’t automatically mean that they are “upgrading”.

  • jtomm

    so i just got off of the phone w/ tmobile and the guy i spoke with had no idea what i was talking about when i mentioned this promotion, saying that often they dont know about promotions until they start. wtf kind of way is that to do business? a blog is more up-to-date than a customer service rep who’s job it is to sell? wow.

    • Davidohio

      Actually, customer service reps are not there to sell new service, that would be activations or telesales. Customer service handles billing issues, rate plans and some tech/troubleshooting. So….I am not shocked at all they don’t know about an upcoming retail store promotion on equiptment.

  • JD

    Does anyone know if this in-store deal will only be available at T-Mobile stores or also mall kiosks, authorized dealers, etc?

    Called Customer Care and they won’t be honoring this.


  • Davidohio

    I am astonished at how people can’t read. The ONLY way to get this deal is to add 2 lines to your account. This would give you a minimum of 3 total lines on your monthly bill. No upgrades. No flexpay. You must activate 2 NEW lines of service and get 2 smartphones with 2 data plans to qualify. Its that simple people. And no you can’t activate 2 new lines and then call and cancel your old one(s) because 1 of 2 things will happen. 1) you WILL be charged for the second phone you got free or 2). The new line will be cancelled and you will have to upgrade your existing line and would therefore not get the bogo. This is the same promo that at@t and I think verizon are running. This applys only to 2 new lines of service and activation.

  • jtomm

    if referring to me, i read quite well, thanks. nowhere do i see where you have to add two lines. i have an acct w/o an unlimited web plan. as i read this, if i upgrade to an unlimited web plan on my line and add another line also w/ an unlimited web plan, i should be eligible. i’m going to the tmo store tomorrow to look into it.

    • Davidohio

      No no no…read it AGAIN. NO UPGRADES! NEW ACTIVATIONS ONLY. NO UPGRADES. If you activate 2 new lines of service you get a buy one get one free smartphone if you add a data plan to each NEW line. Please read it again. It is very clear.

    • Davidohio

      @jtomm…..the second bullet point says upgrades are not eligable, therefore you can’t upgrade your current line and add a seond line and get the buy one get one free. It is very clear.

  • jtomm

    maybe you’re correct. im going to the store tomorrow to find out and will report back.

    • Bdar

      Do not mind Davidohio. You are aorrect to assume that you can benefit from this offer. As long as you’re on and Even More plan with data already, you can buy an HD2 at full price, add ONE new line (I don’t know if you can switch to a family plan, but possibly you could) with data, and receive a 2nd HD2 free.

      Not quite the deal that new customers can get, but still beats nothing (sorry current EM+ customers).

      • Davidohio

        @Bdar…ok think about it. And even more customer can upgrade to an HD2 for $199.99 then they can add a line and get the HD2 for $199.99. That’s $400. Why on earth would they buy a HD2 for $450 with no contract extention just to add a line and get one for free???? That would cost $50 more doing it the way you are saying. It clearly states that you must activate 2 lines of new service to get the buy one get one deal. So if you have 1 line and need 2 more (3 total lines) then you can do this, like I sais. And yes I worked for T-mobile for 5 years.

  • jtomm

    yeah, as i read the intro paragraph in the photo, if i re-up (currently out of contract)for a two-year contract and add data to my plan, then add a second line, also with a data plan, i should be eligible.

  • Uchenn

    The honest truth is that i will never leave tmobile, they might as well give us the sweet deal lol, a lot of even mor eplus customers are not going anywhere. Cheap plan and a pretty decent 3G network makes it pretty much imposible for us to leave!! Contract customers can sign a contract and then leave later!!

  • jtomm

    just got back from the tmo store and davidohio’s interpretation is apparently correct. according to them, you have to open two lines w/ data plans for this deal. however, with my situation, they offered me any phone other than the hd2 as my free phone. i just can’t get two hd2’s. not a bad deal after all.

  • Bill Berry

    Think about it…it’s the most expensive of any tier plans when the contract runs its course. Everything I do with T-Mobile in regards to contracts now has to weigh every nuance of their plans mainly Unlimited Web for Smart Phones. I would love the buy the HTC HD2 under a $199 two year contract; but what do I gain by doing so if I have to switch my data plan from T-Mobile Web at $5.99 a month to Unlimited Web at $30.00 a month? $199 from $449 is $250 or ten months. No thank you.

  • Bill Berry

    “@Bdar…ok think about it. And even more customer can upgrade to an HD2 for $199.99 then they can add a line and get the HD2 for $199.99. That’s $400. Why on earth would they buy a HD2 for $450 with no contract extention just to add a line and get one for free???? That would cost $50 more doing it the way you are saying. It clearly states that you must activate 2 lines of new service to get the buy one get one deal. So if you have 1 line and need 2 more (3 total lines) then you can do this, like I sais. And yes I worked for T-mobile for 5 years.

    Whether you worked at T-Mobile for 5 years of not; it’s math, pure & simple. What about those like me who have grandfathered plans, what possible incentive can T-Mobile give me to change my data plan?

    Look I get the potential savings, I also get patience and remembering what the Touch Pro 2 launched at…$349.99 and $549.99. Thank goodness T-Mobile has come around with better pricing…$199 and $449.99. There are no further My Faves or T-Mobile Web data packages and for us “EXISTING” customers what does T-Mobile have that would motivate us to change?

    I will wait patiently for the months following the release of the HD2 assuming it lives up to its hype and then buy the device as I did with my Touch Pro 2. I paid $250 on Craigslist, kept my old plan and not get drawn into all the promotions.

    Math doesn’t lie…

  • LC

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 7 years and am no longer in contract. I have a family plan w/o data that has 3 lines. They make plenty from me every month and I’ve never been offered a plan or extra like you all seem to have been offered. I don’t know what they’re thinking since I can take my family over to Verizon and get 2 Droids and a basic phone for 199.99 and have a competitive plan. Makes no sense to me.

  • youdontknowme

    FYI..some retail corp stores may vary regarding the rules of the BOGO. I know for a fact that the store I work at currently allows a BOGO when you do an upgrade for a smartphone and add a line with a smartphone and required data soc.

  • manushka

    So on the phone with a Maggie rep who tells me the the HD2 is not part of BOGO promo

    • Alex

      Did you talk to a T-Mobile Retail store rep? The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is definitely eligible for the smartphone BOGO promotion.

  • Lady

    Is this BOGO promotion nation wide? Because I have not heard anything about it other than here. It isn’t on the website & I haven’t seen any commercials.

    • Alex

      It isn’t available on T-Mobile’s website. This is a T-Mobile Retail Store ONLY promotion.

      As for advertising, most T-Mobile promotions we’ve leaked on this site are never advertised by T-Mobile, besides maybe in stores. But not to worry, that’s why we’re here. ;)

      I suggest visiting your local T-Mobile Retail Store. Good luck!

      • Lady

        Thanks much! I am so happy I found this site! I’ve been with T-Mobile since they were Powertel then Voicestream then T-mobile; first as a prepaid customer (for about a year) and then as a contact/post pay customer now for a little over nine years and I now know that I have been missing out on quite a bit. Thanks again.

        Patiently awaiting the Nokia Nuron! I am a diehard Nokia consumer been waiting for a Nokia touchscreen to come out in my price range. Any takes on the phone?

  • TheDude

    Coming from someone who works for T-MO:

    Even More Plans are better because if you have a corporate or student discount, (say 15%), you end up paying a couple bucks more a month, and get the phones for much less.

    Also, I don’t do this, but if you really wanna know how to get around the BOGO for new activations only thing, there’s an easy way if you’re out of contract.

    Port out your number to AT&T prepaid, then activate it under a new account under your same name (if a customer had ten lines, they’d have two accounts under their name with five lines each) and port it back in.