T-Mobile HTC HD2 Comparison


One of our trusty ninjas dropped this little goody in our inbox.  T-Mobile has compiled a nice little chart comparing some of the top U.S smartphones to the HTC HD2.  There’s really not much explaining needed as the image speaks for itself.  As you patiently wait for the day you can finally hold this beautiful Snapdragon-powered Windows Mobile handset, perhaps this chart can help you decide if the HD2 is worthy enough.  Larger image after the jump!

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  • If this phone was a tiny bit smaller with a QWERTY keyboard, I would be all over this phone like white on rice…

    Nonetheless, it does seem like a beast of a phone and I have a feeling the people who do buy the phone will be very happy with it…

    • dj lu

      I think you should look into the Swipe App for HD2. Having this might make you think twice about getting this beauty. Remember its just a little bigger than the iphone but slimmer and also I believe a physical keyboard will be old news soon cause if you think about it, thats where Technology is taking us… : )

      • Bill Berry

        That’s a good point because the HTC Tera which is very similar to the Touch Pro 2’s style, layout & tilt screen but 3/4″ (0.75″) smaller is the only device I’m aware of that has a hardware keyboard. The HTC Bravo is the Android equivalent of the HTC HD2 (Leo) with Windows Mobile. It’s not clear if the HTC (Mini) HD2 is to be the Diamond 3 but hardware keyboards are becoming rarer and rarer.

  • ibrahim mustafa

    how come it says the bold has no flash for the camera?

    • Aaron

      For the same reason it says the iPhone 3GS doesn’t have video recording…

  • Yaniv

    as crazy as it sounds, I think I’m gonna drop my nexus one for this phone.
    I’m tired of the nexus one and all of its stupid issues.
    me thinks Google forgot that first and foremost it should be a good phone, which its not.
    so back to windows mobile we go.

    • B

      Sorry you feel that way. I think the Nexus IS a great phone, and that there are no dealbreaking issues with it. Do you feel that any issues could not be fixed through software?

    • dj lu

      Hey Yaniv I feel you, because Ive had the G1 ever since it came out and Android is OK but they still have alot of issues. Yes they have pretty good amount of Apps but what good are they if every-time you install one they give you problems, bugs, ect… Also I really thought by now Android should of been way better but I guess thats not the case. Im waiting for the HD2 cant wait but I have too : ) goodluck…

    • Miguel

      Whatareunuts?!! Drop the Android flagship phone for a Windows Mobile 6.5 device? Not even Microsoft cares much about the HD2 anymore.

      Besides, they are both HTC phones so what makes you think it won’t have similar issues as the Nexus One?

      • 3tech

        I don’t think he is referring to hardware but software issues.

  • gargoyle999

    Come on T-Mo. 2 1/2 weeks away. Where is the official announcement on price and date! I’m buying one so let’s just get this over with. :)

    • dj lu

      preach on brother!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I thought Tmonews gave you the Confirmed Pricing? $200 subsidized, $449 Unlocked Remember? And they’ve pretty much confirmed that it’s coming March 24th.

      Anyway, The HD2 is going to be mine on that day. 2 1/2 weeks to go WOOHOO!!!!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Whoa!!! Wait, a minute, I just read Bill Berry’s comment below. So You mean to tell me that the Pricing that we got earlier wasn’t the actual price? Don’t tell me we have to wait on the pricing again.

  • Bill Berry

    If the HD2 had a hardware keyboard I suspect it might be a bit difficult to reach the middle keys up & down. It’s not exactly cake with the TP2, but I do like having the option if the touchscreen messes up. I’m looking forward to learning what the price is ultimately going to be and whether we who have grandfathered voice & data plans will have an opportunity to buy the phone from T-Mobile without them ramming down our throats their newer data plans. What I could do with this device and an outstanding ROM courtesy of the folks over at XDA…Christmas in March!

    • Inuyasha

      I spoke to an in-store rep yesterday that has already started the training and he said that you can still grandfather the older voice/data/text plans and get the upgrade price.

      • TmoNinja

        It depends. If you go into a T-Mobile Limited location they are required to put the new data plans on it, but will not touch your old voice or text plan. If you upgrade online it generally doesn’t touch your data, but sometimes care will catch it and say you have to contract two years of data.

  • Pikachu

    How does the iphone NOT have video capture? Straightup liers

    • Mockerfab4

      LOL! I noticed that too. Someone needs to hand write that little dot on there, because the iPhone 3gs does have video capture.

      • sorandkairi

        I said the same thing!

  • dj lu

    T Mobile!! will you release the damn!!! Phone already, how many more wet dreams must we have before we get are hands on it you BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sorandkairi

      wet dreams…..!!! really???

  • ramiro9448

    There are two things that I imediately found wrong with this chart. First, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 HAS a camera flash, and, second, the iPhone 3GS CAN capture video.

  • rushmore

    This device is dead as far as big sales. Though I agree it is better to have WM6.5 due to a TON of apps, the focus will be on WM7 and most of the consumers that would buy this device in the first place will not but this unless a very clear pat hto WM7 upgrade.

    Tmo and HTC must be pi55ed that Microsoft decided to not support the HD2 with WM7.

    • rushmore

      Another point is Flash 10.1 is expected to only be for WM7. Perhaps Opera can get around this, but it will not be the same Flash version.

      • mark

        Actually Sense UI does include Flashlite, not 10.1 but it still definately works nicely for flash. You can see it on the modded Nexus one’s with Desire ROM, the upcoming Desire android device, etc.

      • Mockerfab4

        Flash will be old news. HTML5 will change the need for Flash…

    • rushmore

      I need to get off the beer:

      “most will not BUY this unless a very clear PATH TO a WM7 upgrade.”

      • Cybersedan

        Rushmore you are wrong!!! What you need to do is take a walk into your nearest mall / shopping center, you might get funny looks but conduct a survey and ask 10 or 20 random people of differing ages, “would buy a new WinMo phone that doesn’t have a clear path to WM7”.

        15 of them would probably look at you like if you had 2 heads and just go on their way because they have never even heard of Windows Phone 7, 2 of them would ask you for more details and try to make a decision, and the final 3 would probably have an idea what you’re talking about and be able to give you a good answer.

        My point is, this phone will sell if it’s well advertised (which it is not yet being). 80 – 90 % of the people that will buy this phone will just buy it because it has a large cool screen, all the nice multimedia features. Stop acting like every out there are tech junkies, we are a very small minority of the mobile phone consumer market.

    • dj lu

      My opinion Is that it will be successful for T Mobile because the higher percentage of people that buy phones are eye candy customers… and also alot of T mobile costumers do to the economy that have nt switched to AT&T for the iphone is because their rates are too high. But now with the best looking phone coming out and T Mobile’s Rate Plans I believe they will do pretty good…

    • DarkCloud

      Hmmm I Cant believe all this crap I’m reading about if the phone will do well or t-mobile will scrap it in a few weeks. Have you guys looked up the phone and the specs of the device it’s not the Same HD2 that’s floating around the UK version that some US buyers have. Let me get more into this again because it think ppl just read and add input or aka like to toss their 2c into some without reading or doing research ill post a link “http://www.htc.com/us/products/t-mobile-hd2” but for all you Lazy ppl. The T-Mobile USA HD2 has 1 GHz pro, 1GB ROM and 576 RAM the UK ver. is 1GH pro, 512 Rom and 448 ram No that makes big difference and that alone leaves so many possibilities For the Device to have out the box and in the Near future. The device alone sells it self OS makes no difference. As for wins7 just wait I put my bottom dollar on that XDA will Create/Cook up a wins7 Rom not theme A ROM are remember its all about hardware with the t-mobile HD2 has pretty dam good hardware. So stop the BS talking about it’s not going to do well. this phone by far eats the iphone 3GS like a 99c 5 piece nugget only competition is the nexus and that’s there’s no war there hello!! same company. So do your home work and stop talking about how the HD2 sucks now because it won’t have wins7 and look at what it will and can do. Oh and another thing its March and wins7 Comes out December but if you follow technology release dates never go as plan. I bet it comes out about jan or mid feb so by that time for all you I need the new but know nothing about it “Those are Called Sheep’s” that’s what all iphone users are a bunch of sheep’s buy a phone because every everyone has it. So by then you will have a phone for a year so buy a new one freaking cry babies

  • Ernie

    OH MAN!!! CANT WAIT!!!!! :)

  • enveed05

    It’s a really nice phone, but unfortunately T-Mobile & HTC didn’t have the foresight to design it with WP7 in mind. That means if you buy it… you’re stuck with WP classic… That is a huge disincentive to purchasing this phone in my opinion.

    • TmoNinja

      T-Mobile had nothing to do with the design of this phone. They negotiated the use of some apps and some movies, but the design has been out for MONTHS.

    • dj lu

      I agree that the WM6.5 sucks but if you think about it after you ve had the phone for a while and explored the phone inside-out and you start using the phone for your everyday tasks, your not gonna be dealing with WM as much thanks to HTC Sense UI which I must say is very NIce!! unless your gonna be messing with changing roms and stuff like that, then yes you will have to deal with WM.

  • Steve

    9700 no camera flash? someone here didn’t do thier reaserch. I have the 9700 and it def has an led flash right next to the camera…

  • ahh

    Some how and someway I’m pretty sure somebodys going to find a way on how to hack this device and put windows 7 or better yet android on it and that the reason I’m gettng this phone

    • dj lu

      For Sure!!!! XDA Developers!!!!

  • kathi17

    I agree that the lack of a path to WM7 will hurt this phone big time. It’s a shame that a beautiful phone like this has this problem. Most WM fans are really excited about WM7 and will wait for a phone that is upgradable.

    I happen to be an Android fan, but would consider this phone if it was upgradable, in the hopes that Android could be ported to it. It would be very cool if this phone could dual boot into Android 2.x or WM7. That would make this phone the best on the market!

  • efjay

    As Cybersedan said, the main thing that will affect this phone’s sales is advertising and so far it is receiving absolutely none so while it will sell it wont sell in large numbers. T-Mobile apparently cant get over their WM bias and look at the potential of this phone to bring in PAYING customers, which is after all what is all that matters to them as a company after all.

  • Ungibbed

    There is a bit of misinformation on that chart.

    1. No video capture on the iPhone 3GS? That was one of it’s main selling features with a built in editor to boot.

    2. Already mentioned, the BlackBerry does have a single LED flash.

    Another thing that should be mentioned for us Mac folks, is all the phone (except one) are compatible with the Mac out of the box (or have a Macintosh software download) As you guessed it, Windows mobile shuns the Mac and the only solution is “Missing Sync for Windows Mobile”. For a long time, RIM had spotty software support for the Mac but stepped up to the plate and developed a entirely new version of the BB desktop manager. The Windows software for BlackBerry is still superior, but at least Mac users have an option for quick address book syncing and such (as well as iTunes playlist sync).

    I love my MT3G, but had a couple WinMo devices in the past (both sliders which were the HTC 8925 Tilt and later the HTC Fuze). Both were rather bulky and difficult to use without the stylus and battery life was always an issue. Sure I may stop by my local T-Mobile store and check it out, but it would be a difficult sale as I am so attached to my MT3G 1.2 due to it’s simplicity and I am just tired of the iPhone (bought an iPod touch for app usage).

  • Davidohio

    The lack of a clear path to a win7 upgrade is not going to hurt the sales at all. Why does everyone keep saying this ridiculous comment. First off, win7 is going to have so many bugs and glitches when it is released it will take a year or more before a somewhat stable and reliable version is released and by then HD2 customers will be ready for an upgrade. Win 6.5 is not bad at all, you guys make it sound like it is useless and the HD2 is worthless with win 6.5 installed. Most t-mobile customers won’t even know what win7 is or the difference between the 2. Not everyone is a tech geek, like you think. The Hd2 phone will do very well sales wise because it is a powerhouse.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      The thing is, as badly as I want WP7 (I am an Xbox Fanboy AND a Zune user!! Of course this is the perfect platform for me!!), I keep thinking about how bad of a decision I made to be a G1 early adopter. It might be better to use the HD2 for a year or so, see what bugs get worked out of WP7, then upgrade to WP7 in 2011/2012.

      I’m, and a lot of other people, aren’t too keen on replacing hardware every year, especially when contracts tie you in for 2 years.

    • lev

      Good point, the screen size is really what will attract everyday people to this phone, a lot of people who buy this phone probably never even explored this site, or any tech site, they just want a thin phone with a monster beautiful screen, people like us are more inclined to forgo the phone because of its limitations, and the inability to run WM 7, If you think about it, this phone has been around for 6 months or so when it launched in Europe, so back then it was not considered obsolete, but now time has gone by, and WM 7 is about 6 months away or so. I still think it will sell well, but could have sold better, had tmobile released it earlier.

  • UMAuser

    The bottom line is TMobile just needs to come out with a touch screen smartphone that has UMA. My hope is this is the phone but my wisdom says otherwise.

  • not4sakn

    For the ones talking about leaving android to get this phone due to bugs, you apparently have never used a winmo device. Every winmo phone tmobile had carried up to this point has been terrible. I work in retail sales and get to see first hand which phone returned and have the most complaints and from the shadows, to the dash and tp2 its the same complaints. Lagging, freezing, and all types of software/hardware issues related to winmo devices. I know there are fanboys here I will upset by saying this, but winmo is the worst os available and its a shame the hd2 is running such garbage.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      I had the original Shadow, and before that a Wizard. Never had problems with WinMo ever.

      Don’t have too many problems w/ Android either to be fair (though I will point out that my rooted G1 force closes ALL THE DAMN TIME). I just can’t stand the crap hardware they keep putting Android on. To date, there’s really only been 2 great Android ‘super phones’.

      So you’re right: if bugs are a concern, then those people should get a Blackberry or switch to At&t and get an iPhone instead.

    • beej

      I had the SDA, the Shadow, and the Dash, and never had issues. And now I have a g1. It’s okay, but I really do miss WM. I know I’m weird, but still…

  • Mockerfab4

    19 more days! Wonder if any more other news & features will be coming out for this phone in that time. I feel like there’s really no more news to tell until the phone releases.

  • AkuNoHana

    The Bold 9700 has a flash…

  • randall

    I am actually excited about this device , even though no win 7 update

  • The Hammer

    Who gives a rats ass if this thing has a clear path or not its 199 upgrade price and u can upgrade every 12 months. Get it if ya donnt like it sale it and get something ya do. I have had winmo phones, BB, and androids. when they fuck up i always go back to my trusty dash that has winmo on it and it still has been one of my most reliable phones i have owned.

  • eric

    I think I am done with having Windows on a phone. The last one we had was a huge hassle and it crashed all of the time..

  • rapsfan

    Can I buy this phone for the rumored price of $449 unlocked without using it on t-mobile? I’m from Canada, and want to use it here on Wind Mobile. Thanks.

  • DK Brothers

    Windows Mobile and Android are designed for 2 very different types of people. Android, like the iPhone are geared for people who just want to push a button. No thought involved [Duh, me like pretty green button. Let me push]. The easier, the better. Too much thought gives these people headaches [LOL].

    Windows Mobile requires a bit of brain power. While not the easiest OS to learn, it pretty much blows all other phone OS out the water with the things it can do. Of course this isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t want to think about what they are doing. They just want to press pretty green button and be done with it.

    • dj lu

      So Freaking True!!! You have geektech guys that want to make the phone fly LoL…, and like you said theres people that just like the eyeCandy. Who ever you are just get the freaking phone that suits you.

    • J

      You guys make me laugh when you talk like the only reason people like Android over Windows is because they aren’t smart enough to use Windows. I’ve been using Windows software on computers since the original release a couple of decades ago. You know what? I like Android better. I have used a computer since I was 7 years old. I have learned numerous programming languages. But I find Android to be a better OS. It is not a lack of knowledge that makes people like Android better than Windows. It is a complete distaste for Windows because of how it performs. There are reasons to like/dislike both systems. Your brainpower, or lack thereof, is not one of them.

  • not4sakn

    Future guy,
    If your rooted g1 is fc’ing all the time then something is wrong with the rom youre running or your setup.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is a dumb chart. Ok every other carrier when releasing a phone compairs their newest bad a$$ phone to other carriers bad a$$ phones…. but this??? Are we going against our selves? True they have AT&T on it… but why the MyTouch and 9700? Why not like the Verizon Droid, or the Devour or something? And maybe Sprints Pre. There are better phones and from the competition that they could have put on this instead of one AT&T and two of their own. It just doesn’t make any sense. And if their phone is for the reps eyes shouldn’t they know their competition? What if a customers says… ok why should I get this over Verizons Droid? Um… ah… I don’t know…. cause its newer!? Yeah! Ha! Let’s bring out the guns as to WHY this phone is better and don’t compair it to really old phones. The 3GS even is what… a year or two almost? Also I’d rather have facts than false info because it’ll just come back to haunt you in the end. Come on Tmobile nows your chance to shine… so DO IT!

  • Tyler

    So since when did they take away the flash on the bold 2 (9700)? Who ever made this poster screwed up!

  • I swear to god, i still don’t know why htc would design such a stellar phone and then cripple it with winmo. ugh.

    • Mockerfab4

      How I feel about Android…

  • Brandon

    The BB 9700 does have a flash with the camera!

    • John

      Microsoft Corp. has said its new software for smart phones, Windows Phone 7 series, is a “clean break” with the past. Now it’s clear just how clean that break is: The new phones, expected late this year, won’t run any applications written for older versions of Microsoft’s phone software.
      In a blog post Thursday, Microsoft executive Charlie Kindel, who handles contact with outside software developers, said that jettisoning support for older applications was necessary to make the new operating system as powerful and user-friendly as possible.
      The announcement is perhaps most disappointing to companies that have created their own software to run on Windows phones issued to their employees. The news also leaves software developers with a dilemma: they can write applications for Windows Mobile 6.5, which will soon be a dead end, or they can write for Windows Phone 7, which isn’t coming out until later this year.

  • MAurice Hall

    This chart is wrong, I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 and it has a flash….In fact it’s a blinding flash it almost hurts to takes pictures it’s so bight!! shame on your T-Mobile for not knowing your product…

    • MAurice Hall

      And the Bold doesn’t know have a youtube application… you can watch youtube on it but it sucks through the media player….

  • Blacksheep427

    No more questions of IF I get an HD2, but when. This is my next phone. In case any missed my post under HD2 pricing, TMO has changed their policy on upgrade prices. If after one year in a two year contract, you may upgrade for full discount if you’re upgrading from smartphone to smartphone. If you qualify for the upgrade, you pay $199.99 and extend the contract, no rebates, etc. (This was from 2 days ago at a TMO store in my area)

  • Joe Pa

    Geez…is it March 24th yet?

  • Sgt. Cell

    I can’t find a 32GB MSD card anywhere, any suggestions?

    • Steven

      They don’t exist yet, still being worked on:) 16 gig is the biggest size avaliable for now, 32 is supposed to be coming next year I believe

  • CW

    I hear that AT&T has filed a lawsuit against HTC because many of the phone have similarities to the Iphone. Wow! So I wonder if T-mobile will still be releasing the HTC HD2 on the 24th. I have been waiting for a month now i would be very disappointed if they are unable to lauch the HTC HD2.

    • Joe Pa

      That would be Apple not At&T dude.

      • Mockerfab4

        That is Apple and there going specifically after the N1 Android phone. I’m pulling for Apple (sorry HTC).

      • Joe Pa

        Its not just the Nexus One….its numerous HTC handsets.

    • Testament

      Mockerfab4 says:
      March 5, 2010 at 9:05 pm
      That is Apple and there going specifically after the N1 Android phone. I’m pulling for Apple (sorry HTC).

      If apple gets there way we’ll have less competition on the market. How is that good for the consumers?

  • abel

    Not having a clear and official upgrade path to WM7 is a big problem for me. I don’t care much about the hype over WM7, but I know very well as a developer what the technologies it has like Silverlight and XNA are, and I know those are NOT currently available on WM 6.5 or older. Frankly Silverlight, WPF, .NET framework a lot better than compact framework, JAVA VM, Flash, PDF readers, DOC/DOCX readers, etc. should have been a core part of WM5, WM6, etc. starting years ago, but they were not, and it is not clear that it’ll ever be available as a free download to get that. Although it isn’t totally unlike MS to offer user installable Silverlight / .NET runtimes to end users so maybe they’ll back port some WM7 style upgrades to WM6.x devices, I doubt it will be soon enough or good enough especially since their OWN devices like Zune and new OS versions like WM6.5 don’t have it.

    The problem about WM7 along with Android, Pre, iPhone, etc. is that they make it harder or nearly impossible to write applications that are down at the native level of execution on the processor in say C or C++ not inside a VM sandbox. While you should be able to benefit from writing a lot of apps in high level languages like JAVA, C#, Javascript/Webscript, etc. there are still a lot of things you can’t or worst won’t be PERMITTED to write using their public high level frameworks. So the good thing about WM6.5 or earlier might actually be that at least the end user could have more control of their phone by at least more easily supporting low level applications whether that is for tethering or more secure encryption or customizing registry settings or supporting different bluetooth profiles/drivers if the old ones are bad or whatever.

    And of course it is always a shame when carriers acting in concern with device manufacturers cripple the “normally capable” firmware functions even more so on the carrier branded devices than on the generic devices, but it would be a true tragegy to see a nice smartphone like this crippled so you can’t install your own choice of software applications even if they are unsigned/unapproved (like the Dash’s App locking, I assume maybe the TP2 does that too?), or not being able to tether due to locked out firmware or not being able to manage proxy / network / security settings or not being able to load alternative browsers or SMS utilities or programs like Google Voice/Maps, etc. etc.

    That’s what I REALLY want to know about the TM version of the HD2 — is it crippled even more so than, say, the european version. If I can’t tether or use POP/IMAP email without going through TM or whatever else that takes away from it being a “smart phone” to basically being a useless hunk of a featurephone that I don’t really have the ability to get full potential out of.

    • William


      • nyuhsuk

        I have the T-Mo TP2 and the tethering worked fine OTB (on Custom ROM now). I also used to have the BJII from AT&T and it also did not have any problems tethering straight off the AT&T WM6.1 upgrade. I think that’s one of the key bonuses of WM. And since T-Mo doesn’t have some separate BS plan that charges for tethering, I’m thinking they won’t blocked it for the HD2 either. And the great kicker, love that Wifi Internet Sharing capability that is available for WM. Use it to tether my netbook and iPod Touch on the go, all wirelessly. Nice.

  • Srinivas

    can we preorder this baby?

  • David

    I just got rid of my 2nd Nexus One device waaay too many issues with that expensive device! Google and HTC has done an extremely poor job of support and customer service with it! I am getting the HTC HD 2 when it comes out.

    • Mockerfab4

      Join the fanclub. I’m running for President! I too had issues with an Android phone. Love to hear all the complaints it about because they all sound similar to mines (Hey Google, get a clue)!

      • just some d?de

        you guys must of gotten a bad batch or something, anyway i dont get why would anyone want the hd2 if they cant even get the latest and greatest WM OS on it. And i use “latest and greatest” very loosely of course.

  • The BB 9700 DOES have flash…the thing says it doesnt.

  • Cpiper80

    Winmo 6.5 not being able to run winmo 7

    No flash for flash video

    No thanks

    Windows resource hog doesn’t impress me one bit.

    If rather go with the linux based android phones that have a 1 gig snap dragon.

    • just some d?de

      the nexus one has a 1gig snapgragon

  • just some d?de

    the chart shows the 3GS as not doing video record, is that right?

  • LokonZ

    Well for your info guys especially dj Lu, i happened to have been playing with my personal device and it has up to 4 different keyboards in which you can choose to text..including *cough* swipe! *cough*

  • MIchelle

    Now that the phone is sold out… immediately on the first day… and is backordered…. any body else want to say that it is going to be a flop?
    BTW… it may not have been clearly stated before that they will upgrade to Windows Phone 7… but with a 1ghz processor…. it can definitely handle 7 ;) MUAHAHA. YOU ARE LOSS!!!!

  • jlp2535

    i got 2 on the day they came out. within a few days mikne was freezing up. I went in and had to wait until one came in to get a new one. that was 10 days after i got the first one. then 6 days later i was back in the store with the same issue. (2 days after my buyers remorse which when i called tmobile tech support about the first ohine they would redo my contract when i got the new one, but the didn’t) so now that my buyers remorse was past i was told by the rep that i would have to file it through warranty and wait for them to send me a new one. After calling warranty i was told i would have to pay shipping and handling on the one they were sending me and no matter how many times they had to send me one I would be responsible for the shipping and handling….more money from me and i didn’t even get to really see how the service was considering my phone wasn,t working half the time yet here i am with a contract…..somebody please explain!!!! I am writing BBB.