A Warning to Nexus One Users

Whatever you do, DO NOT SIT ON YOUR NEXUS ONE.  Wait, it gets more interesting.  Crave UK, who owns the cracked Nexus seen above, swears that it just randomly cracked while charging, but HTC’s technical support is saying “they don’t go in pockets”.  The response states that “putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down would usually cause the kind of damage” seen above.  I guess that means you should either carry your phone, do the smart thing and put it in your front pocket, ditch those skinny jeans (I am not a fan of skinny jeans), or purchase some WTFjeans when they become available.  It gets worse.  They also say that it will cost you around $270 to fix a cracked screen which I think is a bit high. Leave your thoughts, or horror stories, in the comments! Larger image after the jump!

Crave UK via Gizmodo


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  • Phatmanxxl

    I farted and cracked mine. :(

    • dub

      One word.

      for everyone, that what its here for.

  • lev

    I never have put any of my touch screen phones in my pocket, always use a holster, unless you have a flip phone, theres really nothing to protect your phone while in your pocket, like if you bumped into something, or were runningm get a good holster, and your phone will stay in like new condition

  • Cybersedan

    Holster is the way to go, and who the hell sits on their phone, well maybe these same idiots running around looking like girls in their skinny jeans dropped down to the ankles :-).

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I usually hold my phone in my hand, being that the rubber case makes it hard to retrieve anyways. But the MyTouch is one tough phone. Ive dropped and sat on this thing a lot of times. Even had my mom kick it out the car and it was perfectly fine. Then again, I do have an invisashield and rubber case on it. FTW Google

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    But yea a cradle is perfect when at home and in the car

  • Marco

    This is so embarrassing for HTC after publishing all this videos of the N1 how they tested the durability….They bend the phone, they put it in a rotating tumble and they dropped it from a decent height and then you are not allowed to put it in your jeans? ridiculous…

    • Marco

      OK. I was wrong. I thought they had it in the front pocket. Which idiot carries the phone in the back pocket and sits down.

    • ann

      I was going to mention the same thing. When I read this, the first thing that popped into my mind was that you tube vid. They even say on the vid that it simulates when a user puts the phone in their pocket. That’s what the squeeze test was for. Ridiculous

  • Cpiper80

    Wow….. This worries me. I’m moving around all the time and I carry my phone in my front pant pocket. I was contaplating buying the nexus one phone next week…. I’m becoming wearry. Multitouch glitch – cracking screen due to battery charge (if that really is the case). I hope to see more feedback here to see if this is common.

    I mean… The iphone 3gs had or still has the exploding battery issue aswell…

    Not many options with tmobile phones that have a snap dragon processor and android 2.0 or better OS.

    • God

      Uggh. Thanks, once again TMONews for spreading a non-story and trying to turn it into something it isn’t.

      Look, if you’ve got a touchscreen phone as large as the NexusOne, sitting on it will crack it. It’s not rocket-science. It’s also not a revelation.

      Use your phone like an ADULT and don’t throw it around or sit on it, and you’ll be just fine.

      • rherrer

        Exactly.. the N1 is getting a lot of bad rep most of it coming from isolated stories like this one. Like the person above said, use some common sense and you’ll be fine. The phone is amazing.

    • Tim

      Don’t forget the radio problems… They’re still not fixed either.

  • SteveG1

    Just another reason NOT to get this failfone. Everyday it is something new with this hunkajunk.

    • Davidohio

      Sorry but that is a stupid comment. You must believe everything you read. The guy SAT ON IT and it cracked, that’s all that happened here! You can see the impact point on the right side where it spiders out. I have seen this a thousand times with touchscreen phones, people put them in their back pocket and forget and sit on it. My friend caleb did this last week to his moto cliq and it looks just like the photo here. The guy is saying it did it while charging “for no reason”..bullshit, he just does not want to pay $270 for a new screen and wants HTc to replace it for free. That’s not going to happen. Common sense tells me not to put a thin touchscreen phone in my back pocket and then sit down. Anyway, I did not mean to insult you, I just get annoyed when people believe everything they read, even if it does not make sense. There is no reason not to buy this amazing device, just don’t sit on it.

      • tomato

        good for you. Great comment! Don’t sit on your phones, people!

    • umaluver

      Steve you’re an idiot.

    • Mitsu8

      Exactly how is this a failure?Please don’t believe everything you read. This phone is the best phone I have ever owned and I’ve had plenty of nice smartphones. 90% of N1 owners are extremely happy with their phones, but there will always be a minority of users who encounter issues. It happens to all phones. No phone is perfect. Seriously Tmonews what is up with this?? Warning to Nexus One users? A guy sat on his phone and he cracked the screen? How is this news important? What else is suppose to happen? Who puts their touchscreen devices on their back pocket.Only someone who wants to break their phone. Seriously the N1 must be the most envied device in History. Those who either can’t afford it or can’t get their hands on one always find negative things to point out. I admit this phone probably has issues(none which I have encountered luckily), but this is just going out of proportion.

      • SEFan

        Thanks for the laugh, er warning. The screen definitely looks like it got torqued on, like shoving in a pocket and then sitting down on it. Good to know for those who hadn’t already figured it out (which I’m guessing is all of us): large glass screens are sensitive to application of large pressures.

        Give it about 6 weeks and we should be seeing the first HD2 with a cracked screen – imagine sitting on that giant slab of a screen!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      @ SteveG1
      I couldn’t agree more. This phone seems to have had problem after problem since it’s release. Man, they really need to do some real testing on the next one before it comes out.

  • Anyone know of a good case so I can wear my phone on my hip? I liked the holster that came with my T-Mobile dash with the magnetic clip.

  • Calling Bullsh!t

    Seriously? It was just sitting there, charging, and the screen cracked all by itself?

    I call a big, huge BULLSHIT.

    Nice try though, but come on. BULLSHIT!

  • mikeeeee

    nothing like a plastic swivel holster with a clip. i slammed a rear hatch door on my g-1 and only microscopicly dented it. when my contract matures and i upgrade, it will go on ebay and sell to someone at a good price.

  • Miguel

    Men shouldn’t be wearing jeans that tight anyway.

    I put my Nexus One in my jeans pockets everyday and never had a problem.

  • Aston

    nexus one is doing too much with that phone.

  • Alex V

    TMobile is the red headed step child of phone developers. Why does Tmobile get all of the crappy vesions of phones and the first gens, then the spiffy badass phones go to ATT and verison?

    • God

      Please elaborate.

      • lev

        He meant to say that we got the G1, Verizon got the Droid, We got the Mt3g, Sprint got the Hero, We got the Cliq, Verizon got the Devour, and AT&T got the Backflip, both running 1.6 out of the box. We got the Behold 2, Sprint got the Moment.

      • watbetch

        The Backflip is the true redheaded stepchild.. it doesn’t even feature Google search. It’s also running 1.5.. the ONLY carriers to get Android matched with a more powerful processor would be T-Mobile and Verizon.. so suck it.

      • Alex V

        yep thats what I meant. and NOW we are getting the HTC HD2 that is going to run an OS that we know will be outdated. I understand that it is the best OS so far for WM, but really… why wont TMobile just pick something up that isnt the starter phone or end of the line phone for a phone manufacturer/OS Maker ????

    • Davidohio

      Did you say…verison? Is that a new carrier? I was not aware that the mytouch, touchpro 2, cliq, G1, bold 9700, or the upcoming HD2 were crappy versions of phones. Here’s a thought…go sign up with at&t or Verison as you call VeriZon. Oh wait…they are to expensive, that’s why you stay with t-mobile.

      • tomato

        the Bold 9700 is a *fantastic* f’n awesome and completely underrated BB phone. I had it for a while and I truly miss it.

  • CradleOfChaos

    Chuck Norris and I were comparing phones, and he took my Nexus One, and typed in “Chuck Norris” on the screen, and it cracked in half.

    Needless to say, Google didnt buy it.

    Those stupid cotton-head-ninny-muggins.

  • Colby

    I haven’t had a screen problem but I have a droid and do you think this will aply to it to

    • God

      The droid is made by Motorola using entirely different parts. So… no?

  • Mockerfab4

    Yesh…Not very happy with HTC’s response on this, considering I’m planning on getting an HTC HD2. Makes me weary…

    • Davidohio

      Don’t be weary mockerfab4, just DON’T sit on it!

      • Peter

        @ Davidohio

        Why all your comments always sound gay!?

  • Allen K
  • androido

    Ditto what Marco said. Htc seemed proud on those videos about the durability testing then they start whining about someone puttin a phone in their pants pocket?

  • God’s Friend

    Alex v. T-mobile is not a phone developer. They are a wireless carrier. k? The nexus one is sold DIRECTLY by Google. This spiffy bad-ass phone works on ATT just not 3g. Verizon will have a version of this spiffy bad-ass phone. Enjoy your day.

  • John Vehikite

    Guess they forgot to do jeans tests when HTC was performing all of those stress tests.

  • ech

    Obviously, there’s a danger with any phone that the screen will crack if you sit on it, drop it, etc… which is why paying a few bucks a month for insurance is probably a good idea for expensive devices like these.

    That said — I returned my N1 because of an irritating cosmetic defect (which many others have experienced — there’s a long Google Help thread on it here:
    http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/android/thread?hl=en&tid=089016f8afef69fb )

    HTC’s customer support was not very helpful (many have similar stories in that thread). In the future, I will be sticking to the traditional “buy a phone through my carrier” model — with the hope that, as they rely on my business on a month-to-month basis, the carrier will provide better support with hardware issues than HTC (and the silent Google) have done.

  • money mo

    My screen cracked too, but I going to get a brand new one through my insurance for $130.

  • That is ridonkilous price.I would just buy a screen for the supplier and put it in myself and save ohh say 261 and change.I thought that The Big G’s ETF was retarded wow they are just pushing the bar .

  • B

    Good thing I dont wear girls jeans.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    What that person did not know is that carriers and manufacturers get all kinds of returns and have heard every excuse imaginable, so it’s not easy to fake out the returns guy.

    It’s like when people get stopped for speeding. He or she thinks the excuse is a really great, believable one. But the officer has heard them all, e.g. “Oh, my car does not go that fast, there’s something wrong with the engine.”

    Even a bonehead can tell those are fractures caused by pressure of one’s fat ass pressing against the poor, defenseless glass. (That brings to mind, has anyone thought to report this to PETG? A glass display has rights too, you know.)

    To say “It was just sitting there charging and something electrical exploded the glass.” Yeah right, that must be one hell of a bolt of electricity going through the display to fracture glass. More LOL.

    Sidenote: People want glass displays, I know I do. But the trade-off for that is you can’t be putting the phone in your back pants pocket. Nor should you be trying this:


    • KevinC

      exactly, it amazes me when someone goes out buys a expensive phone then does something stupid with it and blames the manufacturer and carrier. Here the deal, its a light weight phone with a GLASS screen, dont sit on it. Buy a freaking holster, you can get them at T-mobile’s website or get an inocase just make sure the holster is ‘screen in’. I like the body glove, but due to the fact there are ‘screen out’ I wont use one. If you are patient Otterbox is working on a N1 case and they do have a case for the Mytouch3G.

      As to the ‘crappy phone’ comments, I havent seen crappy Android phones on T-mobile yet. The G1 was a great phone for what it was a on of the kind first generation Android phone, The Mytouch3g was good but the 1.2 and fender is where it should have been. And the N1 beats the pants off of the Droid. Give T-mobile a break they took a chance on Android and everyone is better because of it. You could go to AT&T and get a backflip which comes with tons of ATT bloatware and no Google search just Yahoo search in its place (powered by Bing lol). Or go to Verizon which will have the Droid and N1 (the only phones that are unmolested by Verizon) the rest of the Verizon Android line up will have a custom UI and tons of bloat ware.

      Those of us who told ATT and Steve to go shovel it can enjoy out Android goodness

  • just some d?de

    I have always carried mine in my front pocket since my MDA, Dash, G1, MyTouch, and now my Nexus one. Never had a problem. those must of been some tight ass jeans.

  • Luke

    No problems with my N1, 2 months so far in my front pocket and not a scratch on it!

  • Kyle

    I started using the g1 the day before it launched. I got the mytouch over a month before the launch and now I have the n1. I have ZERO complaints. I think htc makes a damn good phone. No thanks on the motorolas though…

  • Michael

    I know with my HTC Hero when i plug it in to charge and i start messing around on it (texting alot, playing games, etc.) it begins to get a little warm. If it really did crack due to being charged I wonder if it heated up and thats what caused it to crack, the reason im thinking that it was due to heat. Is the fact that the part of the screen around the cracks (the purple part) kind of looks like some type of gas had been released.

  • Sam

    INSURANCE…its only $4.79 a month….if the screen costs $270, I’d rather pay the $130 deductible

  • Zyzzyx

    The screen is glass. Glass breaks. Don’t put a piece of glass in your back pocket.

    End of story. If you are too stupid to figure this out, then you shouldn’t own a phone.

  • Peter

    Android sucks anyway. If you want a good phone without any problem just don’t by any android phones.

  • sam

    People act all suprised when a phone breaks. Phone’s are not meant to be dropped or let alone have a 200 pound object sat on top of it. I mean what did you honestly expect to happen?

  • jwgizmo

    Duhhh. How about making a holder, holster something to put all this new electronics thingamabob back on the hip. It’s summer where I am, T-shirt weather. Where should I carry my big azz HD2

  • tortionist

    Peter you’re retarded, there is no better combination than Android and HTC, unless you add T-Mobile into that mix. If you think otherwise, do some research moron.