HTC HD2 Finds Mr. Blurrycam Along With Its Friend, The Nokia Nuron

2010-03-05 10.06.42

Arguably, the HTC HD2 is one of the most anticipated devices T-Mobile has launched in recent memory.  As a Windows Phone powerhouse, it may be the device to bring those who might have otherwise snubbed their nose at Windows devices back into the fold.  While we wait for more news, rumors and gossip regarding a possible or unlikely upgrade to Windows Phone 7, this phone will be here in just about 2 weeks.  Thanks to Mr. Blurrycam who managed to get his hands on the device extra early and was kind enough to send a few pictures our way.  As an extra present, he also included two extra images of the Nokia Nuron.   Our source was also kind enough to reiterate that the original release date of March 24th is still the working date and the phone will be available at a price of $199.99 as we first leaked.  If you’ve been waiting for branded images of the T-Mobile HD2 to show up in the wild, today is that day!

Catch the images after the break!

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  • waiting4hd2

    Wow!!! first pics of a US tmobile hd2 version…..i am drooling..two weeks will take for ever to pass by…cant wait to have my hands on it

  • efjay

    Pretty clear pics, Mr Blurrycam must be taking lessons!

  • 4ty-phive

    Now if only I knew how to erase winmo and put android on this phone. I’ma be all over it when that day comes.

    • efjay

      Why not just BUY an android phone, problem solved!!!

    • chaoscentral

      will you Android fan-boys give it a rest already. Android is nice and all, but it is very unpolished compared to other Mobile OS’

      Mind you this is coming from a guy who has owned an HTC Hero, Samsung Behold 2, Motorola CLIQ, and a G1 in the past 6 months. I’ve tried every custom ROM under the sun, and no matter what I do there is always that feel of lacking. Like it needs something more. It feels like every other Linux based product to me, like it tries to be like it’s more successful competitors, and it adds some new and better ideas, but the overall product just seems a bit wonky.

      The HD2 with WM6.5 and Sense UI imho is a much better alternative, you get the customization(much more so than any Android phone, just look at SPB Mobile shell etc) without the need to deal with stock Windows Mobile 6.5 look and feel.

      WM6.5 was designed with Stylus in mind still, so thats apparent on the stock WM screens, but once this gets HSPL I’ll be flashing the much more finger friendly Windows Mobile 6.5.5

      Android is an extremely nice OS, and I have enjoyed it, but I would NOT want Android on the HD2. I’ve played with my friend’s Nexus One, and Android can’t harness all the power of the Snapdragon quite yet. It was choppy at times, and didn’t at all seem as butter smooth as the UI on the HD2.

      • TMoEmployee

        I agree. I’ve has the Mytouch and the Cliq. Android is missing something. I can’t place my finger on it but, again it is a nice OS. Personally, I want the N900. I just wish the Android fans stop praising this OS as if it’s the end all to be all. Open source, who cares! 97% of the apps are crappy. As soon as Android gets serious developers, it’ll be in comp. Until then to each his own.

      • watbetch

        If you think Windows Mobile is polished.. you’re blinded by the Sense UI. If you want to be in denial and act like Windows Mobile is superior or something you most certainly can, but I’m here to tell you it ain’t
        and I’vE HAD Windows Mobile. This doesn’t come with any of the later 6.5 touch screen builds.. you’ll have to modify it to get that. I tried for months to find a Windows Mobile rom that wasn’t annoying in some way or another and I never did.
        Windows Mobile stutters on this device too, you should take a look at some of the reviews for it.

        Windows Mobile is so great that Microsoft is deciding to do a complete 180 and go in a totally different direction for their new Windows Phone OS and are relegating 6.5 to “Classic” status.. hmm. It certainly feels like a Classic OS.

    • Joe Pa

      Correction, why not buy an Android phone and stick it in you eye.

      • TMoEmployee

        Watbetch: Never did I say that Windows was a good OS. Just in case you were replying to me at all. The phone is a great piece of eye candy. The engine in great but, it too lacks. It’s just Windows man! The Mobile system they have created is trash and boring. I personally am a Mac man and fan. To me the N900 and it’s new Meamo OS seems promising. Nokia was always a fav of mines anyway. It’s all opinion any way so, who gives too sh*ts…?

      • Josh

        It’s just Windows and that is exactly why makes this phone even better.

        You Android fanboys better stop trolling in every single Windows Mobile post.

        These Android fanboys comments disgust me!

    • Ray

      I have a Touch Pro 2 with WinMo 6.5 and I have Android on it aswell, check out XDA Developer Forums for more info!

  • Cybersedan

    What a beauty!! I can’t wait to see it in person.

  • YAY, can’t wait to get it. Still, deciding between this though & waiting for a better Android phone to come out though, so I can really make a proper upgrade decision

  • TMoEmployee

    This is funny. I know exactly where he took the Nuron pics. That’s a T-Mobile phone table, LOL! Now the HTC HD2… HTC has only been to two cities so far for training… Someone’s gonna get in trouble…LOL! I know for a fact they gave all the people there an HD2. Nice pics though…

    • TmoNinja

      HTC has been to far more cities than just two my friend. Our rep has brought his HD2 by many times and he has taken it to multiple TMO locations in multiple cities.

      • TMoEmployee

        Dude please. I’m talking about the official HTC HD2 training. Not in a store. I was there and heard them say, this is the 2nd city we’ve been to. So please, get the facts before you speak. Unless I was lied to from Dave. You have no clue.

  • lev

    The only thing I worry about with this phone is how comfortable it will be to hold, and I guess thats the trade off with a huge screen, I guess if you have big hands it makes it a lot easier, plus the weight of the phone which is good cuz its solid, but bad because its not as comfortable to hold after a long conversation, dont get me wrong, I think this a great phone, and a good direction for tmobile, I am just so used to Android, I have the Cliq, had the Mt3g, and G1, I did have an unlocked htc diamond 2 years ago, and the original shadow which was horrible, the diamond was pretty cool, I think with HTC Sense it makes it a completely unique experience.

    • Joe Pa

      I was worried about this too lev, so I bought a silcone case to get a rough idea of the feel and it is no longer an issue for me. It feels very comfortable, of course I have big hands so….take that with a grain of salt.

      • Mockerfab4

        Great Idea. I bought a hard case for it and should hopefully get it soon. Will test out the size in all the places I put my phone (purse, car, pocket, hand, etc). :)

      • beej

        Awesome, I just did that too! I’m looking forward to trying out he case (I figure $20 wasted is better than $200, right).

  • Chuong

    Decision for me on the HD2 since I already own a N900. If I were to get the HD2, I would need to upgrade my data plan (extra$15/month = extra $360 on a 2-year contract).

    For sure I will get the Nuron (MSRP) if T-Mobile DOES NOT butcher/cripple it like AT&T did with its E71x. I still can use the $10 web2go with it.

  • gargoyle999

    Gimme…Gimme..Gimme…. I’m buying one for sure. But my wife says she wants a touch pro 2 however for the keyboard. How much are those with contract right now?

    • Matthew

      You can get the Touch Pro 2 for FREE by calling 866 464 8662 and selecting option 3 and giving them the promo code: windows mobile.

      • gargoyle999

        Interesting. Can you use that to upgrade a phone or does this require a new line of service? We are replacing an existing Razr and Curve I need to combine the Touch Pro 2 with the HD2 I’m buying on a family plan.

        Can I use this number to upgrade the Razr, keep on the family plan then upgrade my Curve to the HD2 when it comes out?


    Sold my g1 for this puppy. Guess I’ll be using this n1 as my back up phone/pmp until they can get the 3g radio fixed or a Wm 7 phone comes along with 4.3 inches of screen glory.

    • Duckies

      I’d take that N1 off your hands. I’ve been looking to upgrade my G1 and the N1 seems to me to be the right way to go about it.


  • dennis p

    No android = not buying

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Did the editor of T-MO News make this thread a WinMo v. Android poll? I didn’t think so, no one gives a rats pitoot that you are not buying the HD2.

      I heard Sprint is coming out with an HD2 that has Android, why don’t you hang over there.

      You might see me there, posting “No Windows Mobile = not buying.” Sounds moronic, doesn’t it.

      • David, Managing Editor

        It is really quite sad how these threads degrade into a fanboy fight….alas nothing that can be done, not here or any other tech blog comments.

    • Josh

      @ dennis p

      Go back to your hole troll.


      And we care because?

    • Oce

      It really cracks me up how all these android fanbois take time away from “spanking their android” just to pout/troll in literally every HD2 thread. It really is pathetic. LOL!!!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I remember when the Touch Pro2 was going to debut. A few of us hoofed it over to our local stores to ask if someone had the device.

    Turns out a rep in the Market Street store here in San Francisco had a Touch Pro2 that she had been using. I was able to get a look at it.

    I am going to that store today. If someone has an HD2 I will post pics for you all.

    As I recall I could have taken pics of the TP2 and the T-Mo employee would not have cared, but I made the dumb mistake of asking “Do you mind if I take some pics?”

    She asked the manager if I could and it then became a big deal. He thought the better of it and said “Fu#k NO, get out of here you low-life Sprint spying som beech!” OK, I am adding dramatic flourish, but he did say “no” to taking some pics. I won’t be so courteous this time around.

    If you check your own store simply ask if someone has the HD2. This close to the debut someone surely does.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Ha, I’ve walked into stores plenty of times and almost given away my super secret identity by wanting to take pics. I was in my local store the other day with a Nokia rep present and the Nuron in hand. So very tempted to ask for a hands on but thought better of it because my mind is geared toward in the wild pics.

      • Josh

        @ David

        You can do something about these Android fanboys and trolls actually. When you post something about Windows Phones as a editor please delere or do not appove these Android fanboys comments.

        I know maybe it’s a little extra work but thats the only way to keep these trolls away and keep website clean and professional.

        Please do it.

      • watbetch

        Josh, It’s the comment’s section. You don’t have to read them if they’re going to bring you to tears and begging.

      • Matlock

        I have a Nuron right now, pretty cool phone! but not T-mo store that I know of has gotten the HD2 yet! In my store we received the Cliq XT today, though! Too bad we didnt get a chance to play with it!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        And you don’t have to post comments about stuff that’s irrelevant to the thread topic.

        This is an Official TMobile HD2 and Nokia Nuron thread, Android has nothing to do with any of those so there is no reason for any Android posts. That’s coming from a huge Android fan.

      • watbetch

        Maybe you didn’t notice, but I was replying to someone that already brought up the topic. I invite you to go back up and read it again if you want to try and act like I derailed some HD2/WinMo only commment.

  • Mojo

    Ready for this phone…dennis P…this page is for HD2/WM lovers if you want android you do not need the comment…jeez u ppl and this android crap…(and im only buy and another phone if WM7 lands on another 4.0 or 4.3 inch screen phone..

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      On Engadget there was a thread on the HD2 and someone posted a “I want Android” fanboy message.

      Someone retorted in a short and sweet manner, words similar to:

      “None of us in here want or like Android, fc#k off.” (Edited to make my post suitable for virgin eyes.)

      That person (Android fanboy) scrammed never to be heard of again. I think he sleeps with the fishes.

  • Yeah it’s ME

    Question to the masses…is WM compatibile with Mac?? I own a macbook…have tmo (obviously) but I don’t want a jailbroken iphone and I’m not paying $530 up front for a N1 (got other priorities)…so anyone know of the compatibility issues?

  • Chgo26

    This is so great! I’ve been watching this phone for months now but, for some reason, seeing it branded has me so much more excited now. I know we’ve been getting updates for awhile now, it finally feels real seeing the photos. I have the 24th circled and the money ready. Now, if I could only fast forward time…

  • Maybe a stupid question, but does anyone know if you can get Google Voice on the HD2?

    • Mockerfab4

      Not a stupid question. Right now, Google voice is only available on WM voice on a mobile web based platform. Below is the info on it. Doesn’t work as great as a Google Voice app like on Android/Blackberry, but nonetheless still works:

      • Thank you for the info everyone. I’m jumping Android for this new phone with the hopes WM7 will be an upgrade option down the line. Knowing I can use my google voice, I’m going to be all set!

        Thanks again!

    • Theres also an unofficial app in the Windows Mobile Marketplace for google voice hat works like a charm.

      • Mockerfab4

        Swwweeeet! Any other cool Windows Marketplace apps you enjoy? I seriously CAN’T WAIT for this phone. But a case, car charger, to pretty up this phone before I even get it! LOL! ;)

  • Mo

    Why do people continue to still think they are being fresh and original when they say some variation of “this phone needs android”?? It’s pretty annoying actually…

  • steve

    What colors will come with the nokia nuron?

  • abel

    Actually the REALLY sad thing about the whole WM6 vs WM7 vs Android thing is that you can’t easily just get whatever you want whoever you are! Come on, it is a little computer, not a work of art! You should be able to load whatever you want on it! If I buy a PC I can get it with nothing on it. Then I can walk to the store, buy Windows XP, Windows 7, my choice, load it up. I can download or buy Linux, load it up. The PC is mine and it’ll run whatever I want and the choice to buy or upgrade the software is mine! With powerful processors like snapdragon or whatever there’s plenty of CPU power to run Android, WM6.5, WM7, Maemo, Meego, Symbian, whatever. All they’d have to do is be ever so slightly more open about some little details of the configuration of what ports on the snapdragon go to which peripherals like buttons or LEDs and you could just load up any generic OS you wanted! Yes obviously Android / Meego / Maemo / Symbian are open source and you could hack up a ROM yourself and some people do try to do that, but it is made harder for no good reason by the stupid device manufacturers making it hard by not being open with details of how to load/flash the ROM images or the minor differences in peripheral configurations etc. It should be the EXPECTED thing that you can load whatever software you want just like any other computer, but apparently we’re not there yet. Funny because this phone is more powerful in CPU, RAM, and SSD/FLASH than the first few Windows XP PCs I had, yet on those it was very simple to load Linux or choose WinXP vs Win2k or UNIX on them!

    If these people who complain they will not buy X handset because of it lacking Android or WM7 or whatever would actually complain TO the handset manufacturers and tell them that they actually want a CHOICE of what to run on their phone, maybe eventually we’d actually get control of our own phones and not just be spoon fed whatever junky software they want to force on us on a given piece of
    hardware and then never be able to change/upgrade the software significantly
    even if the hardware is perfectly good, just as we may never have the choice
    to buy/run WM7 or Silverlight on the HD2 even though the hardware certainly could do it! Then they publish articles about the billions of discarded phones creating millions of tons of toxic waste in the landfills every year being an environmental tragedy but nobody gets the message to complain about the practices leading to that premature obsolescence — not allowing SW upgrades, not making the parts like the battery, charger, screen, antenna replaceable at a reasonable cost, etc. The phones are DESIGNED to basically be thrown out at the soonest possible time whenever there is a problem with the SW or slight HW problem even like iphones with a battery you can’t change except for a cost not much less than buying a new phone!

  • Elias

    David, just want to say that you’re doing a great job staying neutral on the fanboy WinMo vs. Android. For once, can’t people be happy that there’s CHOICE? Well, at least the good news is that there are fanboys that aren’t Apple ones. Also, I do think Microsoft took SOME of the luster off the phone by showing off their new OS.

  • Matthew

    Cant wait for this phone! Only thing i have to say about it is why on earth do they not have a D-Pad somewhere near the bottom of the phone or something. There are too many buttons in the first place. But its still a great phone that i will definitely get!

  • Richard

    As of right now it’s either this phone or the Supersonic on Sprint which will be this phone with Android.

    Personally I like Android – BUT – I’ve tempered that with the understanding that it right now is an OS that is far from perfect. I’m using the Fender edition MyTouch and it’s full of holes in it, and may actually be even worse than the G1 is as far as crashes and problems with the OS itself.

    For all the Google love shown – and I do love Google myself – they have been markedly inconsistent in fixing problems with their OS and it’s almost as if they just keep throwing stuff out there in hopes that we’re going to love everything they do.

    Of course then you have Microsoft – who I’ve never really been a huge fan of but I care more about a phone working than I do who made it (the OS). But it’s very curious that this phone is just now being released and already they’ve given the big ‘screw you’ and advised that it won’t ‘most likely’ be upgradeable. Of course I’m not entirely sure that I really care as I’ve said previously I sort of like the 6.5 with Sense overlay….. however the concern is how well the phone will be supported and does anybody want to spend $200 and upgrade for 2 years to basically have a ‘dead’ phone.

    So here’s the main problem. T-Mobile. Whether some want to admit it or not it just seems that we’re ALWAYS getting hand-me-down phones or stuff like the N1 that isn’t working and isn’t being supported – whereas companies like Verizon got the Droid and Sprint is getting the Supersonic which is the phone we should have had. And then you have the Desire floating around (AT$T I believe)… and still there’s nothing… nothing coming to T-Mobile that is really a huge coup for this company.

    When the HD2 comes out I’ll go to my local store and see if I’m excited about it there… and hopefully I am because I still think it will be the best offering on T-Mobile right now and honestly for the foreseeable future as well.

    But if the feeling is that it’s a dead OS and won’t be supported, no matter how good it is… then T-Mobile is going to have problems.

    First the N1 has been a disaster and now the HD2 has already been reported as ‘useless’ within 6 months. Not a good start to the year for T-Mo.

    • Twitch110

      I don’t think it’s dead. What makes it so dead? For me it’s not dead at all. Because apps won’t be pumping out like crazy? That’s not a big deal for everyone. I can’t even remember the last time i downloaded a decent app on android. I think 99% of them are absolutely useless. WM comes with those that i actually DO use, already on them. It’s still a sweet phone. I’d be perfectly fine having it for two years. It won’t all of a sudden stop working once WM7 comes out(clearly). And i love how everyone thinks that WM7 is going to come out of the gates ABSOLUTELY AWESOME. When has microsoft EVER done that? They always eff up for a while, then usually semi-fix the problem. The HD2 won’t disappoint. I’m sure most people won’t regret buying this phone.

  • I don’t care what anyone says neg about this bad boy this is my next phone. I just called T-Mobile they wouldn’t give to much info but all they could say is the phone is coming soon and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • to dave the editor something can be done about the fanboy garbage just delete the irrelevant post and call it a day. i have owned android, maemo, and windows mobile phones and at the end of the day i always seem to comeback to windows mobile. come on hd2 drop already.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    If you go into a store to buy your HD2 (that is, instead of buying it online) grab the HD2, place it on the counter and tell the CSR that you INSIST on doing this test before making a decision to buy:

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s one more HD2 in-store test you can do:

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here’s one more HD2 in-store test you can do:

    Remember, don’t ask the sales guy to do this, just conduct your tests and then buy the phone (but not the one you subjected to your tests).

    • Bdar

      HAHAHA! I’d love to watch a CSR shit a brick when you whip out a knife and start slashing up screens and knocking phones off counters.

      “Hmmm, worked differently on YouTube. I’ll take a fresh one please.”

  • Bobomo

    Trolling only works if you respond to it and let it get you all riled up. It’s no wonder Android fanboys troll these threads: you are all so sensitive. 90% of all the posts mentioning Android are people complaining about Android fanboys. It’s ironic, because YOU are actually the one cluttering up the thread with useless drivel.

    As for this phone, I’m still smitten with that big honkin’ screen – mostly because of the lack of bezel. I hate it when there’s a screen wrapped by a gigantic frame. This thing looks awesome. But I’m probably going to hold off until we get some info on the MOTOROI, and then do a cost-benefit analysis on the N1, HD2 and MOTOROI. Not to keen on getting on board with a fading version of WM, but bottom line is it will probably do everything I need it to do for the life of the contract. After that, I’ll have to jump ship to something else. Note to Microsoft: I don’t care about Xbox Live on my phone. Hell, I barely care about it on my Xbox.

  • Joe Pa

    So could this wack ass lawsuit by Apple and Jobs possibly block the HTC HD2 release here stateside?!?!? I would be so pissed if it did.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s a good question, that I looked for the answer to when the lawsuit was filed. I looked at it and the answer is no.

      This is because Apple did not file for a TRO (temporary restraining order) and PI (preliminary injunction.)

      Both those devices are used to stop someone, on an emergency basis, from Apple-alleged unlawful activity. In that case Apple would have to seek an order from the court telling HTC to IMMEDIATELY halt sales of all infringing devices, such as any handset with Android or HTC Sense.

      Those are difficult to obtain, especially in patent fights since it’s not obvious that someone is infringing. It usually takes a trial and expert testimony to prove infringement.

      Moreover there’s three other reasons, I suspect, that Apple did not bother:

      1. If there is an adequate remedy at law, e.g., damages, then courts prefer that Apple, for example, go to trial, prove the case, and get damages that way.

      2. No irreparable harm – this is a tough one. Apple would have had to convince the court that if HTC was allowed to continue with its infringing conduct (assuming #1 above was obvious), that Apple would suffer permanent devastating harm from which it could never recover.

      Since these patents are old and HTC is alleged to have been infringing for some time, Apple could not prove the urgency of all this, thereby entitling it to emergency relief.

      3. Could not prove it will win – This requirement simply says that to get a TRO and PI Apple would have to show the court it stands an almost 100% certainty that it will win the case. Only then would a court fell comfortable issuing a TRO and PI which are basically the Court saying “You win Apple” ahead of time, without the benefit of trial where HTC could mount a defense.

      So no worry, the HD2 will be debuting on March 24.

      • Joe Pa

        Thanks for the response. Quality as always.

  • Mog

    Apples and oranges, but am I the only one more excited about the Nokia Nuron? $179 + Ovi Maps + dumbphone data = yes please. Affordable smartphones like that will continue to make Even More Plus plans even more appealing ^_^

  • cant wait til it comes out. imma either get dat or the nexus one…gotta decide.

  • scottprotege

    sorry to tell you hd2 lovers but i just got out of a training meeting here at t-mo and the release date has been pushed back due to continuing development with some entertainment partners IE barnes and noble ebook system and mobi tv. now they are telling us it will drop in “early spring”

    • beej

      Man, I hope that’s not true. If so, it’ll be easier for me to wait and get the wp7…Ugh.

    • Joe Pa


      • Deaconclgi

        I just called one of our retail stores and they not only have HD2s and Nurons that I can come demo, they confirmed the 17th and 24th release dates. Im going to take my family over there for some hands on time.I may take some pics if I can sneak them in. The N900 has fast macro focusing so Mr. Blurrycam should not be present.

  • anonymous-x

    If they made the King-HD2 then I don’t see how Win7 can beat it. May sound silly but Win7 is 1st GEN & they might have given us the HD2 to use until they work the bugs out of Win7 just to keep us happy for awhile.

    • just some d?de

      I hate to burst your bubble but win7 mobile is an updated wm6.7 OS with a skin on top. There is nothing new about it, the GUI/skin is the only thing it has going for it.

      • Nick

        @ just some d?de

        Why you are so stupid?
        Why you don’t have any knowledge?
        Why you lie so much?
        Why your brain is slow?
        Why you are a tool?

  • abel

    Well there’s a great reason to delay selling the handset itself (sarcasm). I don’t CARE what software updates they’re working on for 3rd party applications, I assume they’ll ALWAYS be improving and adding to those. That’s why you DOWNLOAD THE UPDATES WHEN THEY’RE READY at least if you care enough about the programs to update them. As long as the handset and the OS works they might as well sell that if it’s ready now.

    Now if they were also changing the handset design to add that missing SEARCH key so it’d be qualified for a WM7 upgrade in Q4, now THAT would be a good reason to delay the introduction of the handset itself.

    Now an ebook reader app is OK and all, but frankly just give me a GOOD reader for PDF, XPS, DJVU, MOBI, DOC, DOCX, ODF, and if B&N / Amazon wants to throw together an app to support Nook/Kindle like operation, whatever, that’s icing on the cake, but the MAIN thing should be DOC/PDF/ODF compatibility.

  • scottprotege

    its true alright. would you feel any better if i told you the mytouch with sliding qwerty (aka my touch espresso) is dropping may 19th?

  • Ringo

    If im not mistakin March 24th is considered early spring.

    • Joe Pa

      It sure is.

  • Mog

    scottprotege, if you want to convince people of anything, you have to post something that TmoNews *hasn’t* already reported ;-)

  • epic

    simply gorgeous march 24th can’t come soon enough

  • jtg205

    no one in their right mind would buy this phone. Microsoft screwed that up when they aside no phone can upgrade to window mobile 7. how smart was that.

    • waiting4hd2

      @jtg205: if you dont believe that purchasing this is right for you..good for you. Thats ur personal view. That does not give you any rights to say others that they are out of their mind if they buy this device. There are still people who prefer WM 6.X than the WM7. So have some respect for them as well. Its clear that this wont get a WM7, but still people want this as this is the best WM 6.x thats available in the market and some people might want to have. Its a personal choice. Eventhough I dont like zPhone, I cannot say all the people who buy that device are out of their mind. So respect others who do not have a similar taste as will be a better place!!

    • xtiab63

      i would, and i am , getting a Euro HD2 for $199 on tmobile Even more Famlily plan(no data required, unlocked out for the box) and use it for just 6 months then sell it for $600, and get the US Tmobile version(with data) for $199, just because its only WM 6.5 its still a great phone hands down, the Touch Sense UI makes up for the what other people see as so wrong with WM which to me is the only mobile OS i want and need, ive tried Blackberry, iPhone and Android(and honestly i seriously dont get it with android because it dsnt lack just a little something it lacks a hell of a whole lot for me)

      • ig0tno0dles

        use it for 6 months and sell it for 600? your out of your mind.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    OH MAI GAWD!!!! I am stttttooooookkkkkkeeeedddd for the HD2 in that nice Maggy Branding. Woohoo!!!! And for $200, I will be first in line to get mine. 2 more weeks, I can hardly stand it. But I just got my demo of Monster Hunter 3 so I’ll be busy til the 24th.

  • chris p


    • chris p

      I don’t really like buying phone online, so I’m not gonna pre-order. Just heading to the store and hopefully they have some. :)

  • Deaconclgi

    I just bought a Garmin for my daughter, I could have waited a few weeks and got her the Nuron and a cradle and saved money! We have 5 data enabled lines yet only 4 people and 3 lines are up for renewal this month. HD2 for my wife, Nuron for my youngest daughter and my oldest will keep her Moto Cliq. I’ll save the last upgrade for the future. I’m satisfied with my N82 and N900 though I am very excited about the release of the Nuron and what it could do for the Nokia/Tmo relationship.

  • Deaconclgi

    i have exclusive pics of the (D2 and nuron. How do I add them here.

    • David, Managing Editor

      You email them to

      • waiting4hd2

        WOW its out in SFO.. thats gr8…now time for some more exclusive pics…thanks a ton “Deaconclgi” and David

  • tchez27

    The bottom line is whether you’re a WM, iPhone or Android fan you have to choose what phone best fits your needs. A teenage power-texter certainly isnt going to have the same need as a traveling business person in need of being in touch with his office and e-mail accounts. Be grateful we have a choice and there are so many options that we can disagree on which OS is best. I for one love the Android OS but after using the G1 for quite a while, I’m past the android hype and, besides speed, don’t see any dramatic enhancements with new Android devices. I’m excited about the release of the HD2 and will pick one up when it comes out. I’m sure a year from now we’ll all be talking about some new device and how bad it makes the HD2 look, just the nature of the world we live in, its never enough.

    • Richard

      ha, you mean more like 6 months from now. however, I think I’ve pretty much decided to grab one myself as it’s obviously the best offering on T-Mo right now. but honestly it won’t be long at all before something better comes along – even on T-Mo… well, hopefully.

  • Chad

    Microsoft has now confirmed our suspicions. Following the aforementioned March 4 event, the company held a Q&A session via Twitter and responding to a user question, wrote “we have no current plans to support updating the HD2 to Windows Phone 7 Series.” Kindel also wrote in his blog, “To enable the fantastic user experiences you’ve seen in the Windows Phone 7 Series demos so far we’ve had to break from the past. To deliver what developers expect in the developer platform we’ve had to change how phone apps were written. One result of this is previous Windows mobile applications will not run on Windows Phone 7 Series.”

    Oh well, XDA to the rescue, with dual boot to android!