Nokia Nuron Pics, TmoNews Edition


Now that T-Mobile and Nokia have officially announced the Nokia Nuron, it’s time for some snapshots of the handset, TmoNews style.  First, let me just briefly summarize the Nuron.  As previously stated, the Nokia Nuron (5230) will be available starting March 17th for $69.99 with a new 2-year contract and a $179.99 retail price tag.  There isn’t much more to say about the Nuron, so hit the jump for some images of the Nuron in action!  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks Anonymous!


  • Jonathan

    I am seriously contemplating this phone to replace my spare phone. For the price, it cannot be beaten. I am a little disappointed to see that there’s no camera flash.

    • Marc

      I’m disappointed that there’s no wi-fi.

      • timmyjoe42

        Wait a minute…there’s no wifi? Lame.

    • kershon

      Amen, brother. For the price this thing can’t be beat. I got my teenage daughter a Shadow 2 for Christmas and if this device was available then I would have picked this over the Shaddow in a heartbeat. I use a TP2 and all I hear out of her since I bought it is she wants a touch screen. lol Might have to put the ol’ Shadow on ebay and get her this.

  • davidohio

    It is actually a decent phone considering the price. Its to bad that it only has a 2mp camera and no flash but what do you want for the low price point…right?

  • T

    I like the looks, and it is a good size, but what is the point of a RESISTIVE SCREEN! They shouldn’t make those old-fashoned out dated screens anymore with all the features and capabilities of the new Capacitive screen! HTC HD2 HERE I COME!!!!!

    • EAA575

      The point of a resistive screen is so that the production cost won’t be as much and one of the reasons why it’s $69.99. The screen is still good for a resistive.


      The TP2 uses resistive screen. Out dated? ALL the capacitive screen features and capabilities are what? that they are more durable, more sensitive, and support multi touch. Capacitive screens are more expensive, more inaccurate, and can only be used with fingers. Not saying resistive screens are better, in fact I like capacitive screens better, but your comment seems a bit ignorant.

    • wako

      if PHONE FREAK wont say it, i will go ahead and say it. Resistive screens ARE BETTER. They provide much better accuracy then what capacitive screens can ever hope to imagine. Almost all phones with resistive screens also are better at utilizing screen real estate because of this FACT. For example look at phones with capacitive screens; on-screen buttons must always be massive to accurately provide input.

      Maybe you should try reading a bit. Aside from being more finger friendly, that is about “all the features and capabilities” a capacitive screen provides. Ignorance is bliss i guess

  • Mimi

    I have to see it, I love Nokias next to my BB. I always keep a spare phone so that might be the one.

  • JD

    The phone has some pretty good specs, but no wifi? Come on! Looks like another “almost, but not quite” phone for T-Mobile.

  • ZX

    Might get dis abs this one gonna have 2 phones ^-^

  • ZX

    might get Dis phone and hd2* =]


      hey me too!

  • gigi s

    I like it. A phone I can afford I’m hating my bb costing me too much. I don’t money. Go nokia for cheap basics

  • mpv

    Anyone used Symbian? Is it decent (particularly the browser and Google Sync)? Was waiting for a good Android phone (like the mythic Motoroi) – but at this price, I’m tempted to get this and stick it out for a while…

  • This phone is NOT going to help T-mobile gain customers. What are they thinking??

    • nobody cares

      What a ridiculous comment.

      • phonegeek

        double that whats the point of that comment for many of us this is JUST going to be a back up phone or a phone we can use when we’re doing something that takes us getting dirty amusement parks with family or random outings etc

    • davidohio

      What??? I’m glad you are not in charge of that department, t-mobile would go under. Not every phone they carry can be high end and expensive. What a dumb comment.


      Words cannot express how I feel about this terrible comment.

  • no wifi is just not good!!

  • MarkMc89123

    By chance is this phone HSPA+ compatible?

    This phone looks like it will meet my needs.

    • heber

      Data network

      * CSD
      * HSCSD
      * GPRS/EGPRS Class B, multislot class 32, maximum speed 177/296kbps (DL/UL)
      * EDGE class B, multislot class 32, maximum speed 177/296 kbps (DL/UL)
      * WCDMA 2100, maximum speed PS 384/384 kbps (UL/DL),
      CS 64 kbps
      * HSDPA, cat. 6, maximum speed 3.6 Mbps (DL)
      * TCP/IP support
      kind slow compare to android phones

  • heber

    well i wonder what kind of data plan is going to have if has a 10 bucks of data plan will be sofrekydeliciousdamn phone to have any idea guys????

    • Innuendo

      $10 web2go, no smartphone feature required.

  • Jim

    Some of you people are nuts, this is going to be quite the seller for Tmobile. You have to understand that we (tmo news people) are not the main demographic for Tmobile. We make up a small fraction of overall sales; liken it to we demand the porshces but everyone else buys the VW lol. This phone costs $70 on a plan and IS comparable to an iphone 3g without the apple price tag. Ovi maps is great (and free btw and doesn’t need a data connection to operate). This phone would be perfect for my g/f who isn’t ready to step up to a porsche but doesn’t want the VW either lol.

    • manus

      exactly why im getting my this for my G/F too

      • SteveG1

        My gf has an iPhone. I’m considering breaking up with her because of it. lol.

  • heber

    GOODIES>___FM radio none of android have this feature, better display that CLIQ, gps navigation free(cliq do not have yet and the most important……. PRICE!!!

    BAD>>>>> HSDPA, cat. 6, maximum speed 3.6 Mbps (DL), i can live with that is the data plan will be shipper that android data plan, and no WIFI, i dont care about this one bcuz i dont see why to used cell phone when you can used computer, i have my laptp with me all the time

    • davidohio

      Wtf???, I don’t understand this nonsense.

    • SteveG1

      WTF x 2

      • Jake

        WTF x 3. Dude, get off the drugs.

  • Danny Thai

    Sentences are your friend Heber. I can’t understand half of what you are saying.

    Remember to use your sentence structures!

    On the note of this post, does anyone know what data plan can be used with this phone? Is it the web2go or smartphone data?

    • cheap

      web2go according to the all the picture in the previous post.

  • eYe

    What? You don’t need data for maps? I should just get 2 of those for my folks for GPS capabilities!!!

    • cheap

      well you will probably need to download the maps via usb with your computer first but then the maps are available without a data connection

    • Matlock

      Maps are preloaded on the memory card of the phone. It comes with a 4Gb card, of which 2Gb of the 4Gb is occupied by the maps application/files.

    • eurohomie

      i had to download maps of nokia website for my 5530… but then again the 5530 isnt GPS capable without a bluetooth reciever… so it might have it preloaded on there, but it takes up a lot of memory, just texas takes up like 100MB

  • khan

    I think tmobile should have went for the nokia X6 or X3 instead of the nokia 5230 nuron.

    • mmaxxsooner

      Not! Why would they? Do it and It might cannibalize hd2, bold and tp2 sales? I think this phone for what you get is spot on for the price. Now the n900 that’s a different story, would love to see that in tmobs mix. The n900 is simply a different beast with the maemo os. I see the neuron in my sons pocket soon.

  • TMoEmployee

    What in the hell are you people expecting for $69.99. I swear this place is over ran by kids. This phone is for those who want the ability of an app store and internet with a small price tag. You’ll be able to download and run apps from the micro SD and you’ll have Skyfyre for a flash ran internet with a $10 internet price tag. It’s not a phone for geeks. It’s for teens and those a little older. And a few in between. This would make a great gift for a school kid. In all honesty, it changes the game in the lower end phone market. Again… Ovi apps & maps, stock 4Gb SD (ability to run apps from SD), internet with flash. What else do you want for the price. And it has hand full of onboard options and tweaks. And by the way, I like resistive touch. It’s the next best thing to buttons. The Nuron is going to help out a lot with options. It would have been nice to see a physical qwerty but, hey!

    • HEber

      that’s what im talking about, im with you men 10 box wed2go data plan free GPS turn by turn, FM radio, FLASH media, option to donwload APPs to SDcard , tell me what android does that ahahah

      • 2FR35H

        Motorola Cliq

      • jim tacoMeat

        i think he meant a phone that doesn’t suck.

  • runner

    What i want to know is how crippled this phone will be with tmobile. Im using an e71 unlocked and noticed that the e71x for att locked down, but not entirely. so my question is will you be able to download third party apps that arent loctaed in the ovi store

  • IhaveaNURON

    I have one. Its an impressive resistive touch screen.. feels like a capacitive.. You can download (free) slide it from the ovi market which is like swype or shapewriter.. This is not in the category of an HD 2 or mytouch.. It blows away the Highlight and well the TAP blew itself away.. This is an impressive phone for those not ready for a smartphone… lets call it semi-smart… Maps come preloaded on the 4gig SD card and they take up 2gigs of the space.

    • Matlock

      Its a Symbian phone, so the Nuron IS a smartphone! The Nuron is a stripped down Nokia 5800! It does everything the 5800 XM does, minus Wifi and minus the camera!

    • How’s the camera? That’s my only nag.

      • Deaconclgi

        I am really tired of people trying to dumb down the phone. Face the facts, it is a low cost SMARTPHONE! It’s not a semi-smartphone or a feature phone! It’s not designed for your girlfriend, mother or wife! This smartphone is designed to bring smartphones to as many people as possible and open up a way for Nokia to bring its higher end devices to our carrier run shores. If American consumers continue to have a mind of blindness concerning technology other what carriers feed them, we will NEVER be able to enjoy the vast varieties of mobile technolgy that the world has to offer.

        Someone said Tmo should have went after the Nokia X series….if the American market is too uninformed to understand that the Nuron is a smartphone with game changing price and abilities…Nokia is NOT going to invest money and resources on our soil.

        If the Nuron doesnt sell well, I doubt Nokia will care much for us going forward. Some of us act like Nokia owes us something. They became number 1 without the US and they are trying to give us options and services that we would otherwise not have. Sure, skip the Nuron and keep wishing your current and future non Nokia smartphones could do all that it does or even basic things like flash web content. How long must America wait to catch up to the rest of the technological world? How is it possible that Nokias smartphones from 2007 still out perform and have more features than carriers 2010 devices? Simply because our country has been close minded and blocked Nokia from sucessfully entering our market for all these years and by the variouse websites and user comments we have not changed one bit. We cant continue to be ignorant and oblivious and negative, it only hurts our options in the end.

  • Robert B

    No social phone should be released without WIFI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get you fat stinking act together T-Mobile. Ahhh, feel better.

    • Matlock

      I have a Cliq with Wifi, and rarely ever use the Wifi on it, so I dont see why people cry so much for Wifi!

      • SteveG1

        WiFi surfs the web faster than 3G and Edge in my area. So I have my G1 setup to automatically connect to my wifi at my office and home. Works flawlessly and very fast internet browsing.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Maybe Nokia are testing to see how well their phones do on TMobile’s network. Hopefully the sales will be good enough on this phone to let Nokia know that we want some high end Maemo and Symbian^4 phones. I may get this as a spare as well. I’m definitely buying the HD2 though.

  • Matlock

    I’ve had the Nuron for a couple of days now and ive been quite impressed by it. It does everything my Android phone (Cliq) does, but with a resistive touchscreen and minus the flare! To all of you who are saying T-Mo and Nokia dropped the ball, you are sadly mistaken, this phone may not be a power house, like the HD2 is, but it gets the job done. you can surf the web, get directions, backup files, get apps, etc… at a much cheaper price point than getting an Android, BB, or Winmo device. This phone also supports the overseas 2100 frequency for data access, if/when traveling, which is not something that can be said for any of the BB or Android phones on any carries network.

    This phone will be great for those who want a data device but dont want to pay the higher price for the androids and BBs of this world.

    As for as Ovi maps goes, if you travel internationally, you can DL international maps for FREE, and use the phone overseas. So this phone isnt as lame as most of you make it out to be.

  • abel

    Personally I’d consider getting it, but only if it works as well as the generic nokia branded european or non-Tmobile branded 5230.

    Can it tether out of the box over Bluetooth DUN and USB or is that crippled by TMobile?

    Can it install and run and grant full network / GPS / media / whatever software access to 3rd party JAVA / Symbian applications even if they’re not digitally signed or provided through Tmobile / OVI store or some approved application vendor?

    Can the user actually access all the configuration settings for internet / GPRS / proxy / IM / MMS / etc. so if one has the phone unlocked for voice use that one can actually travel out of the country or whatever and use all the data features and MMS etc. on another carrier? Or did TMobile disable half of the configuration options / menus etc. so you can’t actually configure the phone for whatever locality one may be vacationing in?

    Can you have full access to upload / download pictures, videos, ring tones, wall papers, themes, software, etc. from a PC over Bluetooth or USB or do they somehow restrict that to the Nokia / Tmobile store / account or whatever?

    I’m not sure I see a point in getting it subsidized for $69 if the full price is only $110 higher if you have to get an expensive 2 year contract to save $110/line, though. I could maybe understand that for a 1 year or 9 month contract or whatever, but it seems like you almost might as well get a higher end phone than this if you’re going to lock in to a 2 year contract for the subsidy, something more like the Nexus One or HTC HD2 etc. where you at least get a couple/few hundred dollar subsidy off the retail price. I guess it helps ease the cost if you need a few of them for a big family plan or something though.

    I wish they’d have just gotten the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for a similar price though, and also offered the N900 for a higher end choice than that.
    The lack of wireless LAN on the 5230 is a bit disappointing.
    And if it is crippled in terms of 3rd party software usage or tethering or whatever, forget it.

    • davidohio

      Sounds like you should but the unlocked version online and use it but if you tether they will charge you $30 on your bill. From what I hear from upper management in t-mobile they (and at&t) are going to identify “data hoggers” and slap a large data plan on the bill following a text message warning of exsessive data usage. has an article about at&t starting this.

    • Matlock

      As far as tethering goes, it is able to tether out of the box, so no worries there! I DL some wallpapers and ringtones to the phone that were on my laptop w/out using PC Suite or OVI Suite. The 5800 XM was ultimate failure I used for quite a while, it wasnt until a few updates later that the phone finally got to where it should have been out of the box!

  • Tom

    Personally, I think this is a test phone for Nokia/T-mobile. It’s a test to see if Tmo’s customers are receptive to a touch screen phone that is not a true “smart phone”. This phone will be able to get the internet for 10 bucks. It’s 1000 times better than that piece of garbage Tap.

    If this phone sells well, THEN you might see Tmo and Nokia roll out some heavy weapons. This phone is not aimed at Android users or iphone users. It’s aimed at those that want a touch screen for a low price that isn’t a piece of crap.

    • Matlock

      It runs Symbian, so therefore it IS a smartphone, not a “smartphone”, but a true smartphone!

    • Dave

      Not sure why people have an impression that it’s not a true smartphone; this is nonsense. All Symbian 3rd and 5th edition phones are “true smartphones,” more so than others on the market that bill themselves as such. They are amazing, actually…multitasking, multi-threading, multi-functional, able to run programs written in native Symbian or Java, etc. Good grief, my old Nokia 6120 Classic is a true smartphone! I’ve added all kinds of software to it…it runs Maps, World Traveler, pdf viewer, document viewer, web browsers, utilities, games, internet radio (yes!), podcasting, music, weather, etc. etc. Yet it looks like an ordinary candybar cell phone. Forgive my rant, but the Nuron is a true smartphone indeed.

  • Chuong

    As long as it’s not crippled/butchered to death like the E71x, I’ll be getting it as my spare. I already have a N900 but want something lighter/thinner for the weekend.

    • Matlock

      def not crippled like the E71x! The E71x was a horrible P.o.S.

      • Grey Ocelot

        its a damn shame cause the e71 is a great phone

  • Madprofessor

    I will be checking this out in store when it hits. $180 and i will stay out of contract, sweet.

  • backdoorpost

    If any of you are on the fence of getting an unlocked iphone with the web2go or (grandfathered) t-zones plan, I believe this would suite you better. I have honestly been through Iphone remissions on and off from the 2g to the 3gs. I dont know about you but I was always worried that one day T-mobile would catch me with the Iphone on the tzones plan and force me to get a expensive smartphone plan (if i wanted to keep the internet obviously). I’ve owned countless phones and the nokia 5800 was one of them. This is a really fun phone. The price for the data alone is enough to sway lots of “iphone wanting people”.. If you can get emails pushed, facebook app, internet, run apps in the background, full touch screen, 3g speeds and need I remind you its much much cheaper than buying a unlocked iphone on ebay or other places: I may add, people have lost their freaking minds trying to sell their iphones any where from $300-$700 and its freaking used!!!!!!
    Steve jobs for one needs to end this stupid exclusivity with at&t. I want to buy an iphone but Im not wasting another penny until its officially on t-mobile. We need to support T-mobile and stop supporting the competition. Sorry to heavily relate to the Iphone. Im just one of those people that want one with t-mobile, but Im willing to use this awesome nokia phone until it happens. Honestly, after the OMG I finally got an iphone wears off, you dont really use the apps as much as you think and finally realize that you have a really expensive phone that uses slow internet on the go. Trust me, if the price is truly 179.99 and the data is only 5.99-10.00 a month, this is a gift from t-mobile and nokia.

    • Davidohio

      my friend in Munich Germany has T-mobile over there and the iphone from t-mobile Germany. i wonder if he sends me one from there that i buy and it it t-mobile branded, if it will work on t-mobile here? The thing is, i don’t know what 3G frequency t-mobile uses in Germany. 1700 or 2100? i need to google that. i do hope T-mobile USA decides to carry the iphone once apple’s contract is up with at&t because then all the iphone lovers can have on on t-mobile.

  • abel

    I’m PRETTY SURE but still not 100% certain that I’ve HEARD that the “2100 MHz” band they use in places around Europe or elsewhere IS NOT COMPATIBLE with the “2100 MHz” AWS band Tmobile USA uses due to one referring to a slightly different frequency than the other even if they are both incorrectly abbreviated as “2100MHz” in reality one is something like (incorrect but just for example) EU = 2108-2128 MHz vs US = 2170-2190MHz and thus are not overlapping and not compatible.

    Worse, the uplink and downlink frequencies must be used in specific pairs, so even if you had an imported phone that supported a 3G frequency of the right 2100 MHz type (nearly impossible) it would still be useless for 3G speeds on TM USA if it lacked the “1700 MHz” TM USA frequency that is the other part of the frequency pair that must work in concert to achieve TM USA 3G compatibility.

    Worse, I have HEARD that Tmobile Europe/DE/UK etc. SIMs are coded differently than TM USA SIMs so if you have a subsidy SIM locked phone from TMobile overseas you cannot use it on TM USA’s network for voice GSM calling or EDGE/3G data even if the frequencies are compatible because the SIM locking will not treat TM USA as the “same” carrier as TM overseas. So you must SIM unlock the handset to move it from USA to eurasia use even if you will use Tmobile networks in both locations.

    So basically you must expect 3G performance on TM USA only from the few handsets TM USA sells advertised as providing TM USA compatible 3G data, plus the couple of others that are also TM USA 3G compatible — Nexus One from Google/HTC, and the Nokia N900. Other than these no other handset that I recall is said to be compatible with TM USA’s 3G whether it is imported or an unlocked model that is used on AT&T USA or in Canada etc.

    1700 is not commonly used in the EU 3G frequencies that I recall, and as above they’re on a different 2100 as well in general.

    “Davidohio says:
    March 4, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    my friend in Munich Germany has T-mobile over there and the iphone from t-mobile Germany. i wonder if he sends me one from there that i buy and it it t-mobile branded, if it will work on t-mobile here? The thing is, i don’t know what 3G frequency t-mobile uses in Germany. 1700 or 2100? i need to google that. i do hope T-mobile USA decides to carry the iphone once apple’s contract is up with at&t because then all the iphone lovers can have on on t-mobile.”

    • Matlock

      T-Mo in each of the country they operate in is different, in Europe the only similarity for example is they use 2100 for their WCDMA band, but other than that they code their phones and sims differently, from country to country.

      As far as the Nuron having the European 2100 frequency, it does have it! This phone has both T-Mo USAs AWS bands, and Europe’s 2100 frequency.

  • ecp

    this phone is not really all that cracked up to be ….. i was playin around with it when nokia first introduced it and it is soo non responsive….. this phone is a p.o.s

    • NokiaMan

      I’ve had this phone for months now and if you say this is non responsive, you clearly have not even touched this phone. Not one person who has used it believes it’s a capacitive screen until I use the included stylus to write out a text. I challenge any person to pick this phone up and start using it right out of the box and still claim it is a poor touch screen. I’ve been in the business for YEARS and this is one of the best. As stated before, it’s not a mega powerhouse HD2 or N1 but it’s definitely a fantastic device for an extremely good price. If you have the need to spend $600 on a smartphone, by all means go do so, but if you want all the important features + some real WOW factors to show your friends, don’t pass on this phone simply because of the price.

      • poop chowder

        lol “stylus”

        how 2003. quaint.

  • da9th_one

    3 words….H…D…2

    • SirMac

      2 is not a word. . .

      • Marc

        H or D are not really words either.

  • Marc

    Does it come in black?

  • BenWah

    I have a dumb question, would I wreck this phone leaving it in a front pants pocket?
    My current phone is a clamshell nokia.

  • sphincter

    duh me like new phone. me use for spare. me have iphone. me think multi-task overated. me hate good browser push. me use iphone and keep this one for spare.

  • 2006mr

    Not to mention…this phone will allow customers to bill there apps to their tmo account…way better then bb devices since they cost at least 4.99+ and most the free apps on andriod devices are crappy but there are so good ones. Also, corp and personal email…Folks, if this is not the phone for you…great! Move on and keep looking! But like many other comments said…if you want a back up phone or a smartphone but without the smartphone data plan and price…this will be the one for ya

  • We have found my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic cell being the greatest general We’ve owned. Just wish it had a slide out qwerty keyboard! Anyway, it doesn’t so ample is adequate. A great deal of folks whine in regards to the camera, it does suck, but it’s not that important to me-I possess a excellent Canon SD950 digital camera if I want pics. I’m genuinely please with how customizable it can be and every one of the items I can perform with it. Needs charging pretty much regular when utilised a fair bit. Thinking about debranding it. Rogers (Canada) keeps things very locked down plus the greatest fw I have been capable to upgrade to is v30 (some thing like that cannot keep in mind the exact number in the moment). Sounds like v40 has some fine functions I’m missing out on.Nicely, glad I observed this forum, I hope to discover a good deal a lot more about what I can do with my mobile phone.

  • Shortypants1976

    this phone totally sux the touch screen works when it wants to and it takes 10 mins to get to the screen to type a yahoo, email, or any other message. the phone since day one has decided that it will restart when it wants to the battery dont hold a charge and it has issues charging. the keyboard onscreen sux. and it wont log into facebook, or twitter thus this is the reason for this type of phone. i had to replace my sk lx 09 with this and let me tell you when march rolls around ill be buying the sidekick 4g and running over this phone with my car. its nothing more then a paper weight.