Mr. Blurrycam Surprises Again With The CLIQ XT

2010-03-05 11.26.03

Hot on the heels of the HTC HD2 in the wild pics comes another round of images from Mr. Blurrycam.  This time we received some images, a little video and a whole lot of in-the-wild goodness.  The Cliq XT is the next iteration of MotoBlur from those good folks at Motorola.  The first Cliq has definitely been a love it or hate device with MotoBlur definitely geared to a socially-networked audience.  For the average Android user, it can often be overwhelming right out of the box.  However, Motorola is ready to keep its muscle behind MotoBlur and the T-Mobile audience with the Cliq XT, which has already had its fair share of video time.  None of them have had Mr. Blurrycam’s touch though as these are true in-the-wild shots.  So enjoy, sit back and wait just a few more days for this to drop!

Hit the jump for two more images and check back later for video!

2010-03-05 11.25.11

2010-03-05 11.24.51

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  • Davidohio

    Looks good. May pick one up for $69.99 on an upgrade from Best Buy.

  • tato22

    very ugly

  • WazzuKirk

    No matter what pics come out, it’s still the ugliest phones I have seen in years.

    • tap tap tap

      Well, you obviously didn’t see the Tap then…LOL

  • TmoNinja

    Got the live demo in my store the other day. Been messing with it today. Ugly and feels cheap!

  • touchpro?

    ohhh how i long for the motoroi

    • mpv

      me too :(

  • Trill

    Dear T-Mobile,

    Boooooooooo! STOP! Your waisting our time and your money putting out these outdated, hardware lacking, poor spec having phones and don’t even get me started on the memory card placement and lack of keyboard.

    • awashi

      first of all, you need to learn how to spell and use proper grammar. Second, there is a keyboard…It’s called the original CLIQ that released last October.And what again is outdated? Sure the specs are low, but it’s an entry level phone. Jeez, I hate trolls!!!!

      • Trill

        I typed it that way to be funny, minus the obvious mispelled word and punctuations, its a blog so relax guy who is confusing a Troll with someone who is just tired of his aging G1 and no sign of a suitable replacement. As long as its able to be read and not in all caps then there isn’t a problem but you gotta admit T-Mobile is pushing entry level android devices.

        P.S. I sure hate people who reply with no humor *sign*

  • Phalosopher


  • SteveG1

    People forget this is for the entry level android user who doesnt even know what a snapdragon processor is… Dont get me wrong, I am sure as hell not buying this device, but its not a “bad” device by any means. The only thing I dont like other than the thickness of the bezel, is that the display in general wasn’t centered in the rounded square glass…bothers the crap out of me. Poor design IMO.

    • Bob

      Problem is, TMO’s lineup is already full of devices for “entry level android user who doesn’t eve know what a snapdragon processor is…”. Even bigger problem is, the only android devices in TMO’s lineup are devices for “entry level android user who doesn’t eve know what a snapdragon processor is…”.
      TMO brought android to US and then comfortably settled (as they always do it seems) as the carrier with only the low end android devices – very disappointing.

  • AL

    I own a cliq n love it, not every1 needs hd2 powerhouse

  • JBLmobileG1

    Coming from a G1 myself this phone is good. While I haven’t played with a working model yet I was pretty impressed with the dummy phone. It doesn’t feel that cheap.

  • Max

    My reaction to that phone will be a big BLAH!! It looks very el cheapo

  • IusedtheCLIQxt

    I just used one today and as much as i hate motorolla i was impressed.. if you still believe in physical keyboards you have not used SWYPE .. keyboard killer lol.. and this phone comes with it.. mulitouch, and flash (light) – not you cant play farmville on it (not that i tried…ok i did) the photo gallery is sweet too.. you can rotate and zoom in on a pic with your fingers pinching.. and it has a flash on the camera.. it actually looks pretty cool in person too despite the photos.. and the track pad is awesome.. blows away the glossy blackberry trackpad.

  • mpv

    It’s a bit odd-looking, but I could see getting used to it; and it seems decent enough for what it is (plus, I’m intrigued by Swype). Just wish these “entry-level” Android phones were a bit cheaper — $330 feels like a bit too much, when the “big boys” are only around $450 (and, in the other direction, the Nuron can be had for a mere $180; of course, that’s not an Android phone). That said, the Mytouch is $400, and G1 is $370 — so maybe $330’s a deal. If it were $200 or even $250, I’d snap it up and quit waiting for Godot (I mean, the Motoroi…).

    I forget — does Cliq XT have WiFi? Android 1.5 or 1.6? Thx

    • mpv

      Ha ha, ok – just looked back and answered my own question – WiFi yes, and 1.5 (not 1.6)… so it’s a smile and a grimace. but I guess if you’re picking up a Blur phone, you can’t play that “Android version” game — you know it ain’t no Droid.

  • As a CLIQ user, let me preemptively greet all CLIQ XT users:

    Welcome to the suck.

  • Heber

    Thank you so much Blurrymen for the information. so far fso good to know to go for diferent phone.

  • NiteWalker

    I like this. The keyboard was one of the biggest flaws on the original cliq in my opinion. I might grab this as my “play” phone. I already have a 9700 but I really like the design on this and want to see what all this android fuss is about.

    Swype interests me.

  • epic

    yuck ugly, hd2 by far the best looking phone

  • Trill

    point is if you look at the specs on these phones there the same minus memory here and there and no noticeable updates in terms of hardware and once again I’m aware what kind of level phone it is but we need some high-end android phones

  • eYe

    This is not bad for an entry smartphone but guess what…. how many entry smartphones does one company need? Can power user get a break here??? Thanks for HD2 from all of the WinMo fans out there, can Android fans get some love now???

  • RockTripod

    Please, please Mr. Blurrycam just take a picture that shows which store you work in so I can get you fired for releasing company info. I check tmonews daily, but work ethics are work ethics, and whoever took this photo has none.

    • Jonathan

      This is probably *one of* the most humorous comments I’ve seen on here. Good luck with that, bud.

  • NeedanewPhone

    Is this phone coming out in white 2!!??

  • vic

    The funny thing about most of you is that you all forget that the nexus one is on tmo. So they don’t have all entry level android devices. Not only that but we that like tmo should be happy that we have the most android devices than any other carrier. Hell att just got there first and it is an entry levle device.

  • vic

    The funny thing about most of you is that you all forget that the nexus one is on tmo. So they don’t have all entry level android devices. Not only that but we that like tmo should be happy that we have the most android devices than any other carrier. Hell att just got there first and it is an entry level device.

  • Ms. Matrix

    I don’t see what the problem is, I seen worse looking phones than this. Granted it may not be the end all be all of phones, but it looks fine to me. I’m planning on picking this up Wed. I hate my Dash 3G and getting rid of it will be a great joy for me. Yeah it would be nice if it did have a Snapdragon processor and an upgraded ver. of Android, but hopefully sometime in April an OTA will come.

    I tried to get the N1, but Google made it to damn hard to get so I said fu*k it!

    As for the HD2, I like it, but the only thing that’s killing it for me, is flipping Windows! I can’t stand the freezing or crashes… If it had android, then I would get it.

    • Ms. Matrix

      oh and Windows marketplace sucks ass, they have nothing good at all

      • looks like a very nice phone just hack android in it than its very awsome

    • NeedanewPhone

      Ms. Matrix

      I totally agree w/u!!!! I h8 Windows. & ur right Windows Marketplace is total trash!!! I think the Cliq XT is cute & exactly what I’m lookn 4, 4 right now. I jus wonder, if T-Mobile is gonna have the white 1 too!? & is it actually coming out on the 10th!??? Because I’ve called T-Mobile customer service earlier 2day after I saw that the HD2 has already been added to the ‘Coming Soon’ list on the T-Mobile website, but still no word on the Cliq XT =(. & the Customer Service Reps, still say they dont know a release date, price, or other color options yet. I need answers!!! Cuz I will b at a T-Mobile store Wednesday morning…..I ‘NeedanewPhone’ like pronto my G1 is on its last string!!!

      • Ms. Matrix

        lol well I was in T-mobile shop by my job today and I’m very cool with all of them in there and I was looking to see if they had the Cliq XT up yet, but they didn’t. The two reps were trying to tell me get the HD2, but I’m standing firm with not getting it. If it had android then yes I would get it.

        I asked them if they have a dummy phone laying around and they bought it out for me. It felt nice in my hand, I just wished it was a working model. But they indeed said it will be in stores Weds. They are not aloud to put any new phones out until the sell date.

        I totally 4got to ask about the other colors. But we got one more day to go, so I guess we will see then.

      • NeedanewPhone

        Thanx 4 da info I can’t wait!!!! I’m so excited!!!! I hope I like it!!!!

  • micky

    I have to agree with Ms Matrix. Guess i don’t see what all the fuss is… this looks like a pretty cool well featured phone and in iho isn’t bad looking at all. So what if it’s entry level… you can surf the web, get your calls, get your email, watch a movie, play games, SMS, find your way with GPS etc… Moto has always had great call quality and doesn’t suffer from signal dropping like N series Nokia’s. I’m using a E series Nokia and like it but am looking forward to this Android device. Probably pick one of Wed or Thur if possible. Yes this is my first Android so i guess entry level is good enough for me.

  • I gotta agree with ms.matrix, vic, and needanewPhone. Idk y ppl r making a big deal about the phone. There’s ugly phone’s and awesome looking phones. This is a cool phone. your a f*kkin h8r if u say dis fone ugly cuz i bet the ppl who say dis is ugly, they the main 1’s who gotta crappy fone. lmao. imma go get dis fone. t-mo got more android fones than anyother company on the market. sprint is the second and att just got their first and verizon only has the lyk 3 or 4,but still.when u look at the facts, it shows tmo is in the lead with the android phones.