T-Mobile Ends Exclusive Search Deal With Yahoo, Embraces Google


Well, its over! T-Mobile has ended its year old search deal with Yahoo.  It comes as no surprise to hear that Magenta has replaced Yahoo with its biggest rival—Google. The deal is important because it now shifts search dominance away from Yahoo, as the Big G is now working exclusively with two of the top four carriers in the United States.  A Yahoo spokesperson said that Yahoo will still be working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier on other content services, such as Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, News, Sports, Finance and Flickr. It should also be noted that Yahoo will continue to work for T-Mobile International in Europe. Interestingly, the break-up follows last weeks discovery that AT&T will replace Google with Yahoo on their upcoming Google Android device-the Motorola BACKFLIP (really? replacing Google on a Google Android handset?) Well folks, how many of you think the Google-T-Mobile search deal with last longer than the Yahoo one? Lets hear some comments below!


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  • la candela

    Yeah! I love google as far as AT&T they deserve yahoo lol. Will last “lo que un merengue en la puerta de un colegio”

  • T.P.

    AT@T should not get another Android phone!!

    • Connor

      Hopefully AT&T doesn’t get the Desire.

  • Jorge Savoff

    It will last longer than the iPhone battery (^_^)

  • t-beat

    i think this article explains why att went to yahoo allphonenews.com

    • kershon

      Yup. Pretty self-explanatory. We don’t wanna make Stevie mad, do we? Not too smart to get google pissed either. Especially when the exclusive agreement runs out.

  • Jonstonson

    Smart choice. Yahoo isn’t terrible, but it isn’t the best. just like at&t, and hey! just like the iphone! Looks like at&t is looking to become the middle-grade carrier.

  • B

    I still don’t understand how at&t can use Yahoo instead of Google on an Android phone. Seriously, that’s the definition of an oxymoron.

    • Eric

      Honestly I understand your point but its sort of like using Microsoft software on an Apple OS if you stop to think about it for a second.

    • J-Hop2o6

      i don’t understand either.. lol wtf?

  • Davidohio

    LMFAO! At&t relacing google with yahoo on a google android phone….classic!

  • Aston

    what search deal? ?_?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t see how Google would let AT&T get away with doing that. It just doesn’t make any sense. It is like using a a Windows OS on a Mac… or Mac OS on a PC. I wonder if this means Google won’t support it with future updates? BTW if this is for the Backflip… I must say I felt the dummy display at my work and I am starting to wonder about Motorola and their designs. Its like they are writing a bunch of ideas on paper then turning them into phones. I think the backflip is total crap. I do like the keyboard but the keyboard on the outside is weird not to mention the camera with flash is on the keyboard. It would have been better had it been a slider phone IMO. I think with this design something is bound to break…. either the keyboard or screen. And like I said to someone I work with…. now instead of dialing people in your pocket you’ll be texting them who knows what now. All in all a very poor design… and its a good think its not on Tmobile because its a joke to even have Android on it… or should I say Yahooid.

  • kershon

    ATT better be kissing Jobs’s butt cause I highly doubt if they will be getting any more android phones. And the way it looks they are doing just that. I can see it now. ATT loses the i-crap exclusivity, no more google phones, Magenta moves to #3. roflmao

  • chh

    “Yahoo will still be working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier on other content services, such as Yahoo! Messenger”

    Er, might want to work with them a little harder on that one. I’m so tired of messenger just kind of dropping off without notice. It’s my main form of communication some days. Also the mail app doesn’t load all of my mail and misses notifying me of any email I’d actually want to read but gladly lets me know about silly Amazon deals. If it weren’t for the flickr tie in, I probably wouldn’t use Yahoo anymore.

  • Ermac

    Dude yahoo is so played out. I mean its hot on a computer but intergration into the phone? Yeah google got them beat. I mean yahoo don’t even work good on MotoBlur. C’mon, that should tell you somethin. Jobs wil always be an ass wipe, and so will his “I,stevejobsdesigned,maufactured,andtell,what,andwhenanappgoesonitphone. He’s just mad that google is steppin up in the world, a company that mastered what yahoo couldn’t do, and brung it to the mobile arena. The iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry. Let Google revolutionize the mobile OS industry.

  • Ermac

    And another thing, this was an ovbious step for tmobile for the most obvious reasons:

    1. The OHA is still here ppl, and Tmobile is one of the “elder gods” of it.
    2. Android debut was with tmobile.
    3. The heads of android are from Tmobile (Andy Rubin and the Danger guy)
    4. It just makes sense. If I made a phone with a group of people who used to be with tmobile, where u think I’m bout to sell my phone????

  • TheInformer

    One more step closer for Google to buy T-Mo.

  • Spike

    Its just a deal, which just means links on the phone that go to yahoo instead of google. That doesn’t mean the user can’t reconfigure to use google instead. Think more like web browsers… every Windows comes w/ Explorer, but most of us switch to another.

    Also, dont’ forget there’s “Google Experience” Android phones and non-“google experience” handsets. So I guess At&t will sell nothing but non-experience handsets.

    I can’t say I don’t believe it’s something to do w/ Apple either. But it also shows why Apple needs to end exclusivity now… it worked to get the iphone out there, but at this point its going to start working against both Apple and At&t.

  • Sorry, I just saw this story posted on Intomobile and posted this response there. Let me repost it here to get your unique perspective:

    Question for you… How do you think all of this bed jumping going on in the mobile space with carriers and search engines is going impact the future of firmware updates for existing Android phones? For instance, as has been well publicized all over the blogosphere, Motorola (with more manufacturers to follow suit I’m sure) has recently shown that they’re willingness to make a Android phone without Google with the Back Flip for a carrier. Since the Back Flip is essentially the same phone as my CLIQ on Tmobile, with the exception of some minor hardware differences, what’s to stop Motorola or even Tmobile from changing the preinstalled search engine on a phone like my CLIQ from Google to Yahoo or Bing with a future firmware update if they’re with another search partner?

    As has been recently demonstrated (again by Motorola) they’re not afraid to get rid of a previously installed app with a firmware update, like they did with CLIQ with it’s most recent update and the removal of the previously pre-installed app IMEEM (not that that it really mattered to me). So while someone like Tmobile is locked into search with Google for now, what’s to stop phone manufacturers or carriers from changing the default search engine on my current/future Android phone when their contract expires with their current search partner? Will consumers have a choice in what goes on their phone? While not a big deal to most consumers, this kind of is for someone like me and I’m sure most of your readers. Will we, as the phone’s owners, have the option to re-download and apply Google search and make it the default search client if something like this happens, or will we be stuck with what the manufacturer and/or carrier pushes out to us? As I now understand it, no one’s been able to figure out how to get Google as the default search on the Back Flip yet… Whatever the case money talks, and I’m sure that all parties involved (the manufacturers and carriers) are going to go where the money goes…

    • Rosario

      This is one of the huge downfalls with Android. They need to be stricter in regards to the OS. I forgot what article I was reading, either on Engadget or BGR but someone said that with so many various versions of Android out there, its hard to keep them updated since it seems to depend on a mixture of google/carrier/manufacturer. And going on what you were talking about, it seems as if Google doesnt really have a firm grasp on what manufacturers cant do. I know the open source thing is important, but shouldnt Google put down some ground rules so something like this doesnt happen in the future.

  • Google > Yahoo