T-Mobile Ends Exclusive Search Deal With Yahoo, Embraces Google


Well, its over! T-Mobile has ended its year old search deal with Yahoo.  It comes as no surprise to hear that Magenta has replaced Yahoo with its biggest rival—Google. The deal is important because it now shifts search dominance away from Yahoo, as the Big G is now working exclusively with two of the top four carriers in the United States.  A Yahoo spokesperson said that Yahoo will still be working with the fourth-largest U.S. carrier on other content services, such as Yahoo! Mail, Messenger, News, Sports, Finance and Flickr. It should also be noted that Yahoo will continue to work for T-Mobile International in Europe. Interestingly, the break-up follows last weeks discovery that AT&T will replace Google with Yahoo on their upcoming Google Android device-the Motorola BACKFLIP (really? replacing Google on a Google Android handset?) Well folks, how many of you think the Google-T-Mobile search deal with last longer than the Yahoo one? Lets hear some comments below!


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