Another Look At The Cliq XT

The awesomely named Cliq XT was met with a mixed bag of opinions. Some loved it, some hated it but whatever your thoughts, it is the next Android phone in the T-Mobile lineup. The above video is courtesy of our friends at Phonedog who managed to get some hands on time and for your viewing pleasure, we are bringing it to you. Want more video, try here!


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  • tato22

    phone is so dam ugly

  • Mega G

    I’ll wait for iPhone.

  • Alex V

    its really not that bad if oyu ask me.

  • I like it. I would’ve got it if the cliq hadn’t came out, & I didn’t have the Cliq. But, I believe i’m getting the HTC HD2 next.

  • Artur

    Another low-end Android phone. Yawn. Where’s Motoroi?

    • Ritchie

      I hate peepz like you, you will never be happy with any phone if if tmo gets the droid, iphone, pre, or any of those phone you will never approve. Please next time just say this phone is too low-end for my needs. Just out of curiosity what is the phone that you have and what is the phone you want? Anywayz I have a cliq and i dont plan on buying this new one, i like a qwerty phone and on the XT i do like that it comes out with flash for camera. Im waiting for he Sony E. X10, hopefully tmo will adopt this phone to its line up. Ive had about 6-7 tmo phones for the past 2-3 years. Im happy with the phone i get but then tmo comes out with a better phone, good job tmo.

      • Artur

        Don’t hate – it’s an ugly emotion.
        I have a G1 and that is just it. I would like to upgrade but TMO still has nothing to upgrade to after over year and a half. I’d be very happy to upgrade to something like a Motoroi or any Android phone with a modern processor really. I decided against N1 because of the reception issues and the fact that I don’t qualify for an upgrade price because of my grandfathered family plan which is still cheaper than the current plans. Don’t want to loose that plan and since I qualify for an upgrade through TMO, I would like to take advantage of it – why wouldn’t I? Except there is nothing to upgade to. I’m sure that there is a place in any carriers phone line up for low end smartphones but there needs to be some balance there and TMO only seems to get lower end stuff so far. They started offering Android and year and a half later Sprint and Verizon offer more modern higher end devices. What gives?

      • SteveG1


        Totally agree. Bought the G1 in Dec 2008 and still nothing to upgrade to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my G1, but it’s time to upgrade. I too have a loyalty plan that too good to get rid of, therefore no N1 for me. I am possibly going to get an HD2 on 3/24. If I am going to move away from the physical keyboard, which the G1 is the best I’ve ever used, I am going to a phone with a large 4.3″ screen with Swype. As much as I hate WinMo, Sense hides about 90% of it and I am really liking the UI…cough cough, weather screens are nasty. Theres alot to the HD2 that makes it worth it. And the rumors about the HD2 being able to upgrade to WM7 is giving me more of a reason to get it.

      • David

        Yeah he will find something about every phone that comes out to complain and whine about, even the motoroi. also, this new cliq is not a low end phone at all. I would say a mid tier because of all the features. Anyway I have my G1 still and like it but would like to upgrade to another android phone somerime before the end of this summer.

      • Artur

        @David: It’s easy to dismiss people, isn’t it?
        I actually like the G1. Had it for a long time now though and I would like to upgrade. I don’t think I would be complaining much about something like a Motoroi or a Droid – I think that you’re really shortchanging me if you by some imagined reasons think that I would.

  • David

    I can’t play the video on my G1. Some youtube videos play, some say not available. I don’t get it! Anyway, the phone looks decent but android 1.5? Come on Motorola. 1.5 is outdated.

    • SteveG1

      YouTube vids should play without any problems. WMV files however will not work at all.

      • David

        90% of the time the youtube videos do play. The one here about the cliq xt wont for some reason. I get an error message saying “sorry, the video is not available”.

  • I think the phone looks nice (aesthetically of course) but I would have liked to see this phone with a qwert keyboard. I think it will sell pretty well for those people who are looking for a sleeker non-keyboard version of the Cliq. I am curious to see what new phones T-Mobile is coming out with that have a qwerty keyboard and run either WM7 or Android 2.1.

  • MichMan

    When do I get pinch to zoom and swipe on my Cliq?

  • Galen20K

    STupid Phone….. I”m sorry there’s just nothing much to say about it.

  • khan

    this is not too bad but it will be awesome if T-mobile usa scores the htc legend now that will be a killer. i also saw in the presentation of htc in MWC that every carriers around the world asked about it for their carrier or i just heard wrong

    btw here the link to their press confrence:

  • khan

    i forgot to say that they mentioned that all carrier around the world asked for the htc desire and not asking for the legend but it will be awesome if tmobile usa did get the htc l

  • khan

    htc legend

  • SteveG1

    This phone is ideal for teenage girls who are noobs to Android.