Behold 2 Updates Coming Soon


Just as I was preparing this story, @T-Mobile_USA went and spoiled the fun stating that the Behold 2 would be getting some updates soon. Sorry, just maintenance updates! The update should start rolling out between February 18th and February 25th. Customers purchasing the phone on February 26th or beyond should receive the update sometime after purchase, as it will be pushed weekly to new buyers.

Thankfully, our ninjas went to work and got us some info earlier this morning regarding this and here is what we have so far:

Known issues solved:

  • Bluetooth error: Unable to Pair or Unable to connect device
  • Battery indicator may display more charge than the phone has
  • Holding menu opens keypad, but does not respond, now goes to contacts
  • Phone constantly vibrates
  • Memory card un-mounts and re-mounts intermittently
  • Music plays automatically when accessing the music player
  • Incoming emails do not show the return email address
  • Corporate emails stop syncing

New additions:

  • Evernote application added
  • Where’s Waldo game added
  • Midnight Bowl 2 game added
  • Music Player auto-play upon launch corrected
  • “About” phone menu added to Settings, Quick List>Settings>About Phone
  • Boot screen animation change (now Samsung logo)
  • Delay reduction for proximity sensor while on a call
  • Battery icon status in notification bar now matches screen lock battery status

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  • Wilma Flintstone

    First, Great News!

    • Everyone is so funny on all these sites. I bought B2, and then really started to hate myself (nexus came out next day). However Nexus got more probs then B2, Once rooted and changed rom, Light Speed. I would take on Nexus anyday. Mass storage and the speed is amazing apps to SD Sick. Do what I want when I want while waiting for 2.whatever no hurry. U know that theres always gonna be mad bugs and issue with new os. old school 1.5 aint that bad. B2 Kick Ass. FYI dont use sandisk class 2 ever. I got somethin like 500+ apps and not even touching 25% capacity I make myself sick…HEHEHE 1.5 Does………

  • That Device Has Always Been A Mess.

    • FILA

      Thats cuz its a Sammy

    • Donkey

      I had this phone for 2 days and it has been nothing but headaches. First, the sluggish respons drove me to the wall. Second, lack of response. It is a decent looking phone, but the performance is just not accpetable. I am sure if anyone experienced slow performance with this phone. I am thinking about returning the unit and wait for something else. But not Samsung one for sure.

  • umaluver

    Some of those new additions are real head scratchers. I’m sure the 8 people that own the phone would just appreciate an upgrade to 2.1 and dont give a fuck about Waldo or boot screen animations.

    • Graeme

      yes we would, but we know thats not going to happen. and let me correct you, the 8 people that BOUGHT it. most of us just won it(including me)

    • Chad D

      888 people won this phone, so your number is a bit off. Plus if you hate the phone, why did you find it necessary to open this post and leave a comment. Certainly you are not that much of a loser that you have tremendous amounts of free time.

      Maybe they added Waldo because the game developer paid them a fee. Fees generate income which pay developers to get 2.1 ready.

      FYI, to date, no phone has ever been upgraded to 2.X OS.

      • umaluver

        ahah. Chad D do you work for Samsung?

        My free time is of no concern to you.

    • 2FR35H

      Hey, Hey now Waldo is freaking awesome.

  • Samsungiscrap


    • watbetch

      tlk 2 samsng if u wnt n updte. imho u shudnt hav buy’d the firs beheld, alwayz lookd liek a dog 2 mi

      • TheDude

        K, so it says “Leave a reply” not “Send a text message” what’s with the words/letter/grammar/wtf?!?

        But your avatar is pedobear so I guess you’re cool

  • FILA

    damn, Im glad my MT3G doesnt have all these problems

  • Tool

    FINALLY!!! i’ve done 3 exchanges due to the constant vibrating… i would also get the same message “SD card ready” like every hr.

  • shawn1224

    SD card is an easy fix … go buy a Kingston. Never had vibrating issues. Never had an issue with return email address. Could give 2 shits about a boot load animation or midnight bowling or where the fuck Waldo is.

    Nah that’s okay. I think I’ll stay rooted running Galaxy ROM until a “real” OTA update is released.

  • HendyZero20

    Im Glad My Iphone doesnt have all these problems hehehehe. My Behold 2 does tho, hehehe, and I like the Touchwiz UI better than the stock Android. The stock is just way too bland (Galaxy). Including all those home screens They’re nice but im good with TouchWiz and even better if they fix every problem plus increase the speed. If they throw in 2.0 Id be happy too hehehe :).

  • Donkey

    Here is my initial experience with Behold 2 after using it for 2 days.
    1. Super slow performance. I am guess it is due to the touch wiz crap.
    2. Making message notification when there is none in the inbox (boht SMS and e-mail client)
    3. Phone stop charging about an hour ago.
    I hoped that it’s a decent phone, but it turned out to be a terrible one.

    • HendyZero20

      @Donkey Thats what I thought till I put Galaxy On there but then I hated it worse. So I learned to love what I had. I guess its growing on me. I still hate the Keyboard tho. I still need to replace it.

      • 2FR35H

        You know…. Swype is amazing on this phone… much quicker than punching in individual letters and its scary accurate and most of all its FREE!

    • 2FR35H


      Use GDE as your home application I mean jesus man there is a reason that there are home apps and an android market learn 2 use android….. My behold 2 runs flawlessly other than SD Card rebooting which apparently after these updates should be fixed.

      With GDE your phone will run twice as fast. Plus you got 24 hours to try it out if you don’t like it then go uninstall it before your 24 hours is through. Its only about $3 and change…

  • HendyZero20

    Plus I love having the vibrating Feature when I scroll up or down or when I type on the Keyboard. To me it makes it feel more tactial. Oh Yeah, I also like the little notification sounds my phone makes when i get a txt or plug in usb. They make me happy despite the flaws of the phone. Its like im pissed at it but then im happy when I hear the little sound. I guess Sorta like a new puppy who pisses everywhere but he’s still soo cute lol. I like my happy little phone. Galaxy was too bland and too many problems.

  • Garet

    I had this phone really liked it except for the memory card problem the constant notification of it being in and out plus the notification tone being changed once the card was re-read..I will say this phone never ran slow for me everything else I was real happy with. If you dont like the touch-wiz use open-home or Home ++ both are great home replacements and the only reason I got rid of the Behold 2 was I bought the Nexus one.Maybe you dont need an android phone if you are having such problems with a phone that ran pretty much smoothly and barely had any force closes with it.

  • Erick

    will we be able to remove those pointless games?

    • shawn1224

      Yes if you Root your phone.

  • DudeDu

    Wish they would have fixed the exchange problem MUCH sooner! I like the way Touchdown handles exchange, but it would have rather saved the $20 and just used the native app.

  • I’m looking forward to any updates that do not spoil the existing features.

  • sam ruiz

    Does anyone know if there is a manual way to get this update, also how can I get swype on my phone

  • Christian L

    So wait, what kind of update is this, just tiny fixes or is this actually an update like Android 2.0?

  • BV

    Has ANYONE received the update yet and is it being pushed straight to the phone or do we manually have to grab it? The total exchange failure is making me HATE this phone.

  • chaz

    I’ve had the g1 the mytouch and the cliq the behold 2 has the best hardware and the worst software. Great ideas bad execution where is my update dam it

  • ericktrejo

    where’s my update? :|

  • drea

    i still haven’t got the update :(

  • Prince

    It is Feb.27 and I haven’t received this so called update. This is some BS.

  • Alice Cover

    I still haven’t gotten my update either.

  • Prince

    Ok, I just got off the phone with T-Mobile. The CSR I talked when I asked about the update for the B2 and the Cliq she said she just got her update for the Cliq the other day. Then she went online and read something about the B2 update. So she sent me to the Android Tech who tells me there wasn’t any type of update for the Cliq or the B2. So this tells me that the people at T-Mobile don’t know anything about this. And this means it has to come from either Samsung or Google.


    Did anyone get the Update?? Im ready to kill this phone?

  • alex

    i got the update…seems like all the problems i was having, like the sd card and battery issues, are all good now

  • Scott

    Got the fix yesterday. SD mount/unmount persists today, and trashed my card.
    Thanks Samsung! Appreciate the fix, bastards!

  • Steve

    Got the fix today but don’t see any change in the battery icon even though I am running at 64% rigth now.. I have kept power manager on phone for real battery info. Also use Advanced Task Killer to clean out the memory. Any other suggestions or tips would be very welcome.

  • Christian L

    how did the other get the update? Was it OTA or you have to search it online? Was it a small update or an update to 1.6?

  • manny

    wee really need the update!! on behold 2

  • Zoren

    I purchased my Behold 2 in the middle of March, and got a second replacement unit a week later due to the screen failing. The current unit never updated since I received it, and when I go into the settings and select Software update it says “no firmware file exists” It makes me wonder… Did all customers like myself that bought this phone after the bug fixes were released never get them? seriously?

    Delaying a OS version upgrade is one thing, but Failing to get an already completed bug fix to customers is just ridiculous!

    It really is a shame, I still love my phone despite it’s bugs. (I’ve been fortunate not to see the worst of the bugs). But this just reinforces my suspicion that the only way it’ll ever get a software improvement is by hacking it.

  • Derald

    Got this email response from Samsung about the Behold 2 OS upgrade thought id share:

    I am sure you guys have been flooded with questions in regards to whether the Behold 2 will have an OS upgrade to 2.0 or better from its current 1.5? If so is there any time frame that Samsung or the U.S. carrier T-Mobile will publicly announce? Thank you!


    Dear Derald,
    Thank you for your inquiry. The SGH-T939 will be updated to Android 2.X however there is not a date available for the release of Android 2.X for the SGH-T939.
    Your continued interest in Samsung products is appreciated.
    Technical Support

  • Calbaby30

    I have a behold 2 and I can’t get an update. l tell u what.. I will never buy another samsung product again, Thanks for nothing. My daughter have a comet and it has a 2.1. That is a rip-off. A nd tmobile stuck for shafting us like that. Ripping us off like that.