First Screen Grabs of HD2 Blockbuster/Amazon Apps


Update: After the jump find images of the extracted Amazon MP3 Store as well!

Thanks to the good folks over at Mobility Digest we are getting a first look at the Blockbuster Video app coming on the HTC HD2. Unless you’ve been living under a rock since Monday, the HD2 was announced as an official Multimedia powerhouse by T-Mobile yesterday at MWC and as such, comes included with a bevy of options including the (pictured above) Blockbuster Video app. While pricing and other pertinent details regarding movie purchases and rentals are unknown, the ability to download complete movies from your handset raises my eyebrow. Gone are the days where the PC was required to perform such a task.

It should be noted that these images were extracted from the leaked T-Mobile HD2 ROM floating around at XDA-Developer. In fact, the author over at Mobility Digest went as far as installing this on his HTC Pure and while he can browse but not purchase movies, those of you desiring this feature, yet not willing to go the HD2 upgrade route might be in luck yet. While this is still a preliminary leak there was some note that certain links inside the Blockbuster app take you to their mobile site rather than being an actual link inside the app itself. Three more shots after the jump, including an image of the dedicated Amazon MP3 store!

Mobility Digest via WMPoweruser

Blockbuster3blockbuster2amazonmp3wvga (1)AmazonMp3amazonmp32

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  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Its a nice feature but how would this be relevant after about 2 weeks? I don’t want to watch movies on my phone.

    • Todd

      Than why would you get the HTC HD2? One of its major draws is its screen size and the ability to watch multimedia such as movies or video clips….

  • Bdar

    Am I to assume that this service will be completely independent of Blockbuster Online, their by-mail service. It’d be awesome if, like Netflix, streaming of movies was included with the by-mail service. (Although I’m pretty sure that they already offer streaming of movies for desktops, yet charge separately for it.) It says in one of the screens you can “Manage your queue” this makes me think that it may be linked to the by-mail account.

    • sirphunkee

      Netflix’s home streaming service is part of the regular by-mail service, not extra…you pay for the one subscription and you get all the options.

      It’s expected that this wll tie into Blockbuster’s by-mail service just the same.

  • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

    What does ‘find a store’ do? Direct you to the nearest BB vending machine?
    Seriously, I know the general idea is: Ok, you don’t like BB, don’t use BB. But something about them slithering their greasy hands into partnering w/ T-mo makes me think badly of T-mo. I don’t know why.

  • dennis p

    Pay for movies? LOL

    • sneakr

      right….. who does that these days…. =D


      right who does that these days =D

    • Twitch110

      right who does that these days? =D

      • timmyjoe42

        Soooo tempted…

  • GreenTea

    Blockbuster is just looking for a way to stay relevant and keep their head above water. Sprint has movile TV. I don’t want to watch movies or TV on my phone. I have my netbook for things like that if i want to do them on the go.

    • sneaK&

      Well that seems like a PP (personal problem)


      That sounds like a PP (personal problem)

      • JD

        I’m going to go get the paper
        get the paper

    • Have you tried to watch t.v or a movie on your laptop in a crowded room or bus?. Kinda difficult huh?.this awesome device should help. Almost negates the need to carry a bigger device(laptop) in some cases. Just saying

  • Mockerfab4

    I wish they had Netflix. But I’ll give Blockbuster a chance. An app like this is perfect for biz travel. I can start watching movies on my phone at the airport instead of whipping out my big ol’ laptop and trying to find an electrical outlet.

    Gawd, can this phone hurry up and be available?!? ;)

  • Twitch110

    I freakin hate that all these movies and apps that come with the phone are going to be included with the price of the phone. Because tmobile thinks it’s what we “want”. I swear, tmo can be absolutely retarded sometimes. I will NEVER use these stupid apps. ESPECIALLY those two horrible transformers movies. blah

  • Peter

    Will I be able to remove this after I get the HD2?
    I think its stupid to force this onto the folks buying the device.
    Why don’t they make it available on Windows Market place so we can download instead of forcing down our throat. Not cool.

    • David

      Why would you need to remove it? Just don’t use it.

      • And the person with the most common sense goes too… David!.

  • whyhellomichael

    but A LOT of people did like those movies. they made millions upon millions. the dvds sell..they make more of them. so just because some people on an internet forum didn’t like the movies doesn’t mean a HUGE portion of potential buyers thought the movies were awesome.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Transformers I have no issues with, its whatever. Blockbuster is the one that I’m dumbfounded over. And what I was trying to say in my preivous comment is that I would be the first to say, “So, I hate BB? I won’t use it!”… but I don’t know, it still bugs me that T-mo went with them. Maybe I was molested as a kid by a Blockbuster and have issues w/ them, I don’t know, I just dont want anything to do with them at all. (Actually, if you wanna get funny.. every single consumer in America HAS been butt-raped by Viacom’s Blockbuster and one point or another).

  • timmyjoe42

    This could be cool if there were a video out plug to hook it up to a tv.

  • Carl

    Wow… Version 2.15, this has been around for a while… but where?

  • Though this Blockbuster App is an intriguing idea (and sure I may even use it a few times) these apps wont be the “Selling point” for me – also worth noting that the two movies included are nice, but I dont necessarily want to fill my SD card with them.

    I consider most of this stuff fluff – something the average person will brag to their friends about or think is cool – and then a week later stop using.

    I am VERY excited about this device, but its because of the great specs, massive screen and cool Sense UI – not for two bundled movies and a few apps that will soon be available for all WinMo phones.

    My only major lingering question is about the upgrade options to go from 6.5 to WinPho7…

    • cdubz8744

      You said you were excited about it having the sense UI but if it upgrades to WinPho7 you will lose the sense UI.

  • CradleOfChaos

    Wow, how is BlockBuster even around still? LoL

    • Lol. I kinda thought the same thing. But does it really matter where we get movies from?. Considering we can download movies directly to the device.. Just saying.

    • Dan

      I work for Blockbuster.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Yeah? Are you all still owned by Viacom? Do they still do stupid shit like rent empty stores across the street to prevent competition from moving in? Do you still get an employee newsletter listing all the mom&pop rental stores they bought out and shut down?
        Oh no, wait, times have changed and those sleazy tactics are no longer relevant. Pretty much the inability to change from those tactics is what did them in.

        If you want another example of how BB screwed people over by being an overtly-greedy company, let me know, I got plenty of stories.

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        “Blockbuster separated from Viacom in 2004 ”
        LMAO. Shucks, there’s one jab I can’t take at BB anymore.

  • TM-Tech1

    Technology1 wrote the book on multimedia super ROM, TV, Movies (5 Channel Movie Houses) via Saturn Liberty (ArdCorp), Live NFL games via DirectTV, Plus NFL Mobile Live, NASCAR, vTap, WebTV, VuClip Mobile, GSPlayer, TCPMP Pro7, the channerTV, WVD, XM/SIRUS Radio SlingPlayer mobile, all on your mobile phone in one ROM, it still works today, check it out here, ….

    It all started over at PPCGEEKS, Technology1 told everybody that he was talking to HTC and that HTC was going to use his ideals in a future release, but they thought he was talking about the TP2… No! Woooot! Their it is in the T-Mobile HD2 USA version with built multimedia super rom, but Technology 1 brought it to you first, a long, long time ago…..(lol)

    Technology1 purchased a Samsung Blu-ray player (BD-P1590C) that got BlockBuster, NetFlix, Pandora and YouTube built in to the DVD player… He hooked up the Samsung Blu-ray player to his Slingbox and plays all the NetFlix movies on his PPC…

    • J-Hop2o6

      so is this a ROM? or a cab file to add to your current ROM? this does sound like nice addition to my EnergyROM 2.5/6.5.5

      • TM-Tech1

        It’s a ROM, BUT if you just want the 5 channel movie houses that plays movies that were playing at you local mall theaters not so very long ago, then get the 2 cab files you will need to make it work here Note:(For Windows Mobile PPC Only) (One Of The Best Top Secrets On The Web)

        Follow the above link, down to post #3,download/install the TCPMP Tech1 Pro7 Version or the TCPMP Tech1 TP1, TP2 Version with built in stereo to the main memory on your WM PPC…

        Next download/install the “” to the main memory on your WM PPC…

        Before playing any movies, open your TCPMP player, go to Options> Settings> Select Page> File Associations and check mark “ALL THE BLOCKS”, tap “OK” in the lower left hand corner, exit the TCPMP player…

        Now you can play the movies by opening the Saturn Liberty Movie App, tap on the upper right square,on the right side of the headphone square….

  • T

    I really want this phone but I hate Swype, is there a way to disable it on the phone?

  • wmisbest

    i have swipe on my tp2 and it can be disabled, although it is fun to use and after some practice i can type (swipe) super fast =), oh and BB sucks ass, BB = overprices ass suckers- nuff said.

  • TM-Tech1

    Alan Richey said: I’ve built a test Remote for you at I’m not confident, as I have yet to build a working version for Samsung players, but there will have to be a first time :-) Please let me know how you get on Cheers Al

    First of all, Mr. Alan Richey, thanks a million plus, the test remote you built for my Samsung Blu-ray Disc player BD-P1590C works like a charm with my Slingboxes, you know your stuff sir. What makes you work so good, all the functions on the remote works, just awesome. The remote sensor is not located in the place where the manual say it should be located at (#3). The remote sensor is actually located to the right of the disc tray, Samsung should correct this immediately.

    Mr. Alan Richey, you may have just created a super monster remote, as you know, the Samsung Blu-ray Disc Players BD-P1590, BD-P1590C and BD-P1600 have BlockBuster, NetFlix, Pandora and YouTube built into these player versions.

    Also the coming T-Mobile HD2 multimedia super ROM mobile phone has BlockBuster built into the ROM also, $3.99 per movie, also with perks.

    Here is the real deal Mr. Alan Richey, NetFlix, Samsung and SlingMedia rules, just about all Slingbox owners will go out and purchase one of the above Samsung Blu-ray Disc players, selling for less the $80.00 at Wal-mart/Sams…. Netflix got the same movies as BlockBuster for a lot cheaper price, plus with NetFlix via the Slingbox you can watch you movies instantly anywhere.

    Another thing, I bet you, just about all the T-Mobile HD2 owners will be buying a Slingbox, a Samsung Blu-ray disc Player and NetFlix…….

  • Stephen

    I’m not sure if anyone has realized this, but the HD2, as well as all Windows Phones(pre-7 Series) are compatible with the downloadable version of Amazon’s Video on demand service..
    Now you can’t download the content over the air, but you can download it to your PC and transfer it to the phone, opening up a lot more content than just what Blockbuster has to offer.

  • jackinca

    I agree with a prior comment on the Sense UI. If T-Mobile takes away that overlay, they are not only cutting off a leg but an arm as well, and that’s how good Sense UI is. All the Windows 7 upgrade talk is speculative at best, and even if it becomes a valuable and improved OS, those that really care for the HTC disguise can always have it, Windows 7 or not, and the Windows 7 can be an option depending on how it devolves. Why would T-Mobile even consider removing Sense UI or even do it?