T-Mobile’s HD2 Packing Entertainment At Its Best


Our Magenta and HTC aren’t quite finished with their surprises and  yet another “goodie” has been found for the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2. Just yesterday, we discussed that the U.S HTC HD2 would support multitouch, and now there is word on the interwebs that Magenta’s HTD HD2 will be the perfect entertainment handset. Thanks to a leaked T-Mobile HTC HD2 ROM, there are new findings regarding said entertainment features on this gorgeous handset. First, but not least the HTC HD2 will include a dedicated Amazon Music Store for all your music needs. Second, it will include E-Reader content, although you probably already knew this thanks to our leak of the HD2 all the way back in October. More importantly, the HD2 will come bundled with games like Prince of Persia, Ferrari GT, Tetris and Guitar Hero. Its nice to see HTC making use of that powerful SnapDragon processor. The leaked T-Mobile HD2 ROM also showed support for Mobi-TV, Slacker Radio and the presence of a BlockBuster app. Way to go T-Mobile and HTC! Keep the surprises coming!

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