T-Mobile’s HD2 Packing Entertainment At Its Best


Our Magenta and HTC aren’t quite finished with their surprises and  yet another “goodie” has been found for the upcoming T-Mobile HTC HD2. Just yesterday, we discussed that the U.S HTC HD2 would support multitouch, and now there is word on the interwebs that Magenta’s HTD HD2 will be the perfect entertainment handset. Thanks to a leaked T-Mobile HTC HD2 ROM, there are new findings regarding said entertainment features on this gorgeous handset. First, but not least the HTC HD2 will include a dedicated Amazon Music Store for all your music needs. Second, it will include E-Reader content, although you probably already knew this thanks to our leak of the HD2 all the way back in October. More importantly, the HD2 will come bundled with games like Prince of Persia, Ferrari GT, Tetris and Guitar Hero. Its nice to see HTC making use of that powerful SnapDragon processor. The leaked T-Mobile HD2 ROM also showed support for Mobi-TV, Slacker Radio and the presence of a BlockBuster app. Way to go T-Mobile and HTC! Keep the surprises coming!

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  • lebron1189

    Yess! I can’t wait for this phone

  • lebron1189

    March 24th Can’t wait =)

  • AndroidMaster

    I wonder if they will be MULTI TOUCH games…

  • ig0tno0dles

    OMFGG I Can’t take this anymore!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Look at the positive side, this is about a month away, if speculation is correct on the release date.

  • Twitch110

    Mmmmmmm yum

  • ahh

    What should I do I really want this phone but also want to wait to see tmo gets the Iphone decision decisions!!!!!!

    • Sean

      Well, if you wait until the June timeframe when Apple might be announcing iPhone 4 (and new partners), I BET that Tmo will still be selling the HD2 & I ALSO bet that the price will have dropped by June from whatever price it comes in at in March (or whenever it arrives).

      But really? iPhone vs HD2? How are those two the comparisons and no Android device in there? I can’t see a new iphone being enough of a draw, knowing it will still require iTunes & the closed Apple store for apps…where Android & WinMo, don’t have said-closed enviornment.

      They all have their pros & cons….I just can’t see an v.4 changing enough or offering bleeding edge enough features to warrant the drawbacks (IMHO).

    • Mockerfab4

      I’m in the same boat! Except, I think I’ll buy this phone non-contract. Don’t want to be locked in a 2 year and then a month later the iPhone 4G is released on Tmo or even VZW (which I use for work). Decisions indeed….

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Yeah, be smart… if its the iPhone you want, then at least wait until post-summer to see if anything comes of it. I’d hate to have to read comments months after the HD2 about how people hate their HD2s and want an iPhone. Besides, it’s not like the HD2 is going anywhere once released, not like it’s limited ed. or something. If the iPhone doesn’t pan out, the HD2 will still be there.

  • Chgo26

    Man, this device continues to impress me. I’m most excited about the Amazon Music store (download music straight to the device) and the e-reader (which I assume will deliver content through Amazon as well?). I’m hoping the March 24th date is correct as I don’t think I can wait much longer. lol

  • MrBedrock

    now what if the next surprise is it will have Android would that be killer or what lol

    • Josh

      That would be very disappointing and not a surprise. Plus if you follow news and tech websites you should know that recent leaks from HTC shows they are switching some of their Andriod Phones to Windows Mobile OS.


      • Viper

        Oooh, very nice. The more fanboys rave about Android at every twist and turn, the less I like it. I thought I followed tech websites closely enough to catch that bit of info but I suppose not… good stuff!

  • Chelo

    I need this phone now. Come on T-mobile stop teasing us. Im ready to buy right now.

  • miggedy

    If WM7 is good, this will be the ultimate device. Might even be the “Zune phone”

  • Sean

    Oh, and “dumb” question…does anyone know if the HD2 will support HSPA+? Not that I won’t mind rolling at 7.2 … just curious…


    • chris

      based on specs of its brother in europe it will support HSPA+ since its capable up to 10.1 Mbps, well that’s what i’ve read on hd2 for euro. and there’s no real reason this one can’t since this is basically “supposedly” better

  • Jonstonson

    Been using Blackberry’s for around 4 years now, the HD2 has been the only phone tickling my curiosity. Android doesn’t seem stable enough yet for me to hop from the BB.

  • Mockerfab4

    If there is a Blockbuster app, I wonder if there’s a Netflix app. I know Netflix uses Silverlight. CANNOT WAIT!!!!

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Thats what I keep wondering… if the HD2 has silverlight, we should be able to stream some Netflix?

      F Blockbuster though.

  • pecoy


    • Kickstar13

      Soon my friend, soon.

      • Chgo26

        When, Kick? When? I got the shakes. lol I like to think I’m a pretty patient guy but this phone can’t get in my hands soon enough.

  • niididy

    Nice. That makes me happy. Any news on pricing yet??? Or did I miss it in past blogs….

  • mab

    I have a Android phone now, but the HD2 is making me rethink WM.

  • Todd

    Blockbuster app…very interesting.

  • Craiger_B

    What will the music you purchase on the device from Amazon sync to? I’d like to know since I will definitely be camping out in front of my local TMo store for this the night of March 23rd.

  • peacein0000

    Mobi TV?
    Like the $15 per month mobile TV service?
    I’ve only seen that on a few phones (LG Vu, etc) and I loved it!
    Holy crap why can’t this phone come already. I’m praying to God that the “Project Black” training session leak that said March 9th two smartphones would be released (Cliq XT and HD2) was true.

    • chris

      Mobi TV runs on data plan, so as long as you have unlim data plan from Tmo, you should be able to get all the channels.

      • peacein0000

        Thats sick!

  • JD

    Goddamn this phone is making it difficult for me to wait on my next Android. My G1 is ready to be upgraded.

    I just wish there was a Droid-ish phone coming to Tmob (3.7-4.3 screen, fast processor + keyboard)

    • sam

      Exacccctttlllyy my thoughts. I wonder how many of us G1’ers are waiting for a snapdragon android with a keyboard? I gotta have that physical keyboard.
      And after years of windows phones I can never go back from abdroid. All android is lacking is app storage on the SD card.

  • remotek

    More good hd2 news keep it coming now all we need is a price any early release date i sure hope it comes out before the rumor date mar.24

  • I’m just gonna get this out the way.. This phone, no matter what other phones arrive this year , will be one of the top phones on the market. Period. I dont don’t care if you’re an winmo fan or not. This SHOULD be your next phone. It definitley will be worth every penny. No matter what the cost.

  • goodboy_stay

    I was on the wire with this one. The news just keeps getting better and better! Almost started contemplating on the Nexus One…but not any more. I WILL HAVE THIS PHONE! Ahhhh, Sense UI. :) I’m drooling…..

  • One more thing… Android fans.. Please quit ignoring the elephant in the room. It’s called hd2 and it can’t be ignored.

  • jacknjill

    g about time!! im using the curve 8900 right now and i am BORED of it!! but i do hope this phone doesnt come out to be $350 like the rest of HTCs… regardless, gonna save it and get it!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I have done calculations and looked at many factors (too many to bore you with).

      I now predict the HD2 will be $575 full price, $375 on a two year contract. No one year contract price.

      Better start saving you money.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I hate grammatical mistakes. I meant “your.”

      • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

        Hmm, yeah, I just got my tax return last week and I would spend $600+ on this before I ever spent $530 on the N1. (Side note: N1 released AFTER Xmas/New Years when no one has money, not such a hot idea; HD2 comes out during tax season? Genius!) Thats in NO WAY is a slight against Android (I’m a G1 early adopter, thanks), but this phone has more things (on paper) I find attractive than any other handset I’ve seen… N1, n900 and iPhone included.
        Include the fact that I’m an Xbox fanboy, a Zune owner, have a Win7 HTPC, and a Vista Vaio laptop…. yyyyeah, this is the phone for me.
        And form factor? Thin as an iPhone with a 4 inch screen? Good god that’s awesome.

  • FILA

    very nice, and im kinda jealous for the Windows Mobile fans, cuz this is a def buy, but for me, if it aint running Android, its nothin to me :-/

    • Trill

      I feel the same way cause my G1 is tired but no 3.7 screen, processor faster than 528, 512 rom & ram or 3.5mm jack and don’t get me started on the hardware keyboard.

    • Mockerfab4

      OMG! I just read up on MobiTV. A whole bunch of TV Channels for $10! NBA League Pass for $20!!!! OMG, HURRY UP TMO and release this phone before the season ends. I can finally get rid of paying an arm and leg for basic cable! All I need to know now is if it will have Pandora. Oh, and the Kindle app (which is by far my favorite on the iPhone!).

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        On my Touch Pro2 that I had running a cooked ROM, WinMO 6.5, I used Pandora.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        The problem with MobiTV is that T-Mobile is NOT one of the carriers it works with. Check the list, it’s not there. Unless they have announced it is coming to T-Mo?

        But what I am doing is disconnecting my $125 month cable (that includes HBO and broadband) and going back to using only my Netflix account. I am then going to network with my neighbor’s DSL (that is legal to do by the way) and tether at other times with my T-Mo account.

        And eventually Netflix will be streaming movies to the HD2 so that will end my reliance on cable completely.

        Besides, HBO movies totally suck. It has gotten to where they don’t have any first run released-to-DVD movies, it’s more like a TV broadcast station now, with a single semi-annual TV series and a few one-year-old movies. Most movies are older than the new releases on Netflix.

        Cable is a big rip off now.

        Here is MobiTV:


  • Ernest

    CANT WAIT!!!


    • SteveG1


  • Matlock

    OMG, this phone is the shit!!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Excitement building more and more everyday. Please let this phone be all it’s being hyped up to be because they are setting some REALLY HIGH expectations. March 24th will be the day I have a new phone after 5 years. YAAYYYYY!!!!! Bye Bye Nokia 3220, you were a great phone and I’ll miss you. HELLO HD2!!!!

  • dj lu

    Wow finally T Mobile is putting some balls between there legs. They are finally getting a bad ass
    Phone and they are pulling all the strings out on this one! Please get here now!!!!!!!!

  • SteveG1

    C A N T W A I T A N Y L O N G E R. M U S T H A V E T H I S P H O N E !

  • mikeylikesit

    Rumor from HTC is the HD2 will have a preloaded memory card with Transformers 1 and 2. Me likey.

    • FutureGuyKnowsSoLittle

      Good god, as if the pre-loaded games weren’t enough. I can hope that is a true rumor sir!

  • Flgirll

    Wow, I’m loving all the updates posted about this phone!!! It’s almost too good to be true. If all of these features land in the final release of the phone, this very well could be one of the best phones Tmo has ever had!

  • mmafighter077

    I hope they’re not demos :(

    I have a winmo phone and I did’nt even know most of these games existed. Yeahhhhh!!

  • NCole

    Price Please!!!!

    • SteveG1

      Arm + Leg.

      Retail for this device is around $749.

      You can expect the 2yr contract price to be around $299-$349.

      Nothing has been confirmed though.

      • NCole


  • imjussayin

    called Tmobile a few days ago and the rep said the HD2 is 287.00 with 2 yr contract. may or may not be true but thats what was quoted.

    • tmoguy89

      the rep might have gotten confused with the HTC touch pro 2 , pricing $269 + 18 upgade fee.

      Care would not have found a clue for the price yet, too early

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I’ll bore you with some of my data and thinking.

    On phone pricing I think it really depends on what the phone costs T-Mo.

    Because of the poor economy gone are the days of charging a premium for a phone simply because it’s the hot item at the time.

    — Iphone: Apple and AT&T learned that real fast. Sales of the iPhone were OK but still disappointing since expectations on sales numbers were very high. That’s why Apple lowered the price so soon after the iPhone’s debut. Carriers learned from Apple’s debacle (remember Apple having to give credit vouchers to first adopters to placate them and prevent an attack on headquarters by pitchfork wielding fanboys).

    — Touch Pro2: When the Touch Pro2 debuted T-Mo’s retail price was about $250 to $300 less than what the phone was selling for in the European market.

    — Nexus One: The N1 was pretty inexpensive to manufacture. Cost to Google was about $180. Old habits dying hard and being predictable, Google expected to sell the N1 mostly at the two year contract price. So they are offering it at Google’s cost, with no profit.

    — HD2: With specs better than the N1 and the extras tossed in (16GB microSD), the cost to T-Mo may well be around $280 or thereabouts. If that’s so, then the posted $287 contract price is probably correct. Given T-Mo’s pricing models, however, they may tweak the price up a bit, to $350 or so.

    I don’t think, however, that they will price the phone over $600 on non-contracted sales. There’s no basis for that and remember that carriers’ are in business to make money. Right now, with the price war and bad economy, that means selling data plans. Any person who is considering buying the phone even if they are not qualified for a discount, is a power user.

    T-Mo needs to keep those people happy, especially those people on the Even More Plus plan who can cancel the service any time they want. T-Mo needs to get the HD2 into his or her hands, not price it so high that the person walks from T-Mo. Price the HD2 at $600++, loyal customers will walk.
    So I think we have the same thing here. While I don’t know anything about it, seems to me the HD2 is actually a pretty inexpensive device to produce, certainly less expensive than the Touch Pro2 that has a physical keyboard (that are expensive to produce).

    The HD2 has a large display, those are dirt cheap nowadays. It has a Snapdragon processor, but that does not drive up the cost that much. I read somewhere that was a $48 item. The camera costs about $15, but since HTC has its own source over in Asia, it might even be less than that.

  • Todd

    I just sold my Archos 5 FOR THIS BAD BOY. I got $700 burning a hole in my pocket….HURRY PLEASE T-Mo!!!!!

  • Sgt. Cell

    They just keep packing stuff in, now release the dam phone already!

  • AndGuz

    I have been looking everywhere for this piece of information on the web and cannot find the answer to it…

    Question for any HD2 owners:

    Does the HD2 ‘blow up’ to full screen m4v files like the iPod Touch/iPhone does?

    There is some sort of zoom feature that allows the Apple devices to actually use the full screen. It would be a shame that such a gorgeous screen like the HD2’s go to waste by just giving us letter-box movie viewing.


  • Blacksheep427

    I, for one, am now leaning towards the HD2 more than I was earlier. I hope WinMo7 is good, that’s my only point of concern for the HD2. And, yeah I know, the N1 ought to have 3G bug fixed soon. I’m just more impressed with the total package, as it were, in the HD2. If I were to get one, I’ll be paying the big price. I’m not due to upgrade for something over a year. But on the other hand, I’m getting a different phone THIS year. It’s just time to go where I’ve not gone before. Time to get something other than a BB that is. Not BB bashing at all.

    Can’t wait to hear confirmation on pricing. I also guess my short list just got down to 2. :D Hd2 and N900 get to fight it out…Everybody keep your seat belts on till this thing hits the market. :) Best to all.
    BTW: the tax refund will pay for one of these. Here we go!

  • Notna


  • Fernando

    Does the phone will have turn by turn navigation system like the Android does? and if yes would it be free like droid does?

    • chris

      I don’t think it will have a free one. But you can buy a 8.99 one i think its the co-pilot one if i remember correctly. You won’t even need a data connection. Problem with free nav with android, i have a g1 by the way and use maps with nav, if you go into a place with no data connection, you lose ur turn by turn. so I’m not really bum out about HD2 not having a free maps with nav. I would just purchase a nav app. :)