Windows Mobile Midnight Madness

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Well, I have long been a windows mobile hater, no question about it, and recent reports of windows mobile 6.5 have not done much to snuff the hate.  Fortunately, if this pans out it looks like T-Mobile USA lovers are going to get their hands on snapdragon love in the form of the HTC HD2 and its 4.3 inches of glory. If you want more info on the HTC HD2, try some previews here, here and here. For now, I would rather focus on the picture above and some of the mentioned features: TV/Movies at your fingertips, AWESOME. Fantastic web browsing experience. AWESOME. E-Reader Content. AWESOME! Details on this phone are very preliminary and a release date is completely unknown at this point, but for you windows mobile lovers, a snapdragon processor which allows you to read the newest Oprah “book of the month” recommendation is worthy of your future dollars. Stay tuned for more details!

For the record, there is NO indication this device has anything to do with Project Black!

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