Sidekick Data Syncing Back Online


At this point the Sidekick data outage needs no introduction. T-Mobile USA now reports that Sidekick data syncing is back online but it is still “unstable”. Users should back up (use tutorial here) any data and restrain from performing a hard reset. Simply power-cycling your device (Menu ->Power Off, letting your Sidekick turn off on its own and then powering it back up. DO NOT do a hard reset as your data will be lost) will enable your data to start syncing with the Danger/Microsoft Servers.

T-Mobile reports:

Microsoft/Danger have now made the necessary fixes to their network to restore the ability to sync your data. This means that your contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists, tasks, etc. will now sync on the network, just like they did prior to this data disruption. However, you must power cycle your device following the steps below in order to begin the syncing process.

Well there you have it! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • JDean86

    Do that many people have Sidekicks? I think they’re retarded. Unless you’re between the ages 12 to 15 or your name is Paris Hilton you shouldn’t have one. It’s a big dumb phone that screams “I wish I were a Japanese school girl!” Grow up. Get a big boy(or girl) phone and you won’t have to bitch when your silly flip toy phone (with shit reception and features/services) messes up.

    I had the first LX for 5 days. It was all I could do to not destroy it before I got back to the store for buyers remorse.

    I suppose it’s a good thing tweens can sync twitter contacts again. Yay!

  • JDean86

    I will admit that it’s not THAT ugly of a device. Move the screen MAGNETS away from the SPEAKER. Slap Android and a touch screen on it and maybe it would be cool.

    /official rant over.

  • MonJackson

    Well I guess it was cool while it lasted, but Sidekicks are cool at first but then you realize how limited it really is a few months down the road. I own a Sidekick 08 by the way, but now Im bout 2 sell it because Tmobile let me out of my contract with no ETF! So on to new things.

  • Pedro

    So is this to back up your data if it’s restored or is it to regain the data that was lost?

  • Pororo

    It’s more than a teenie phone. Its really popular with the deaf community due to the blinking lights and the two way messaging. Glad data was able to be recovered for the Sidekick folks.


    Now When Are We Getting An OTA-U.? =P

  • JDean86

    Never thought of it like that with the lights and such. Makes sense but I guess I didn’t think hearing impaired people would need a phone haha. This is my dumb moment of the day.

  • watbetch

    Yeah I’m sure everyone is in a rush to rely on Danger/Microsoft for keeping their data again.

  • Ok let me put it this way JDean86 I’ve been using the SideKick as a PDA since the first one came out in color. It’s actually a great phone. One of the firsts to actually be a PDA phone. There were others but the SideKick was ahead of it’s time when it did come out. It’s just sad that these teenie boppers ruined it by giving it some kind of lame image. I love the fact that my data was being sync’d with Danger (not Microsuck) and that with every new SideKick I’d buy, all my previous data and information was automatically moved over. Then this company called Microsuck thought they were doing Danger a favor when in fact they just screwed it all up.

    Thanks Microsuck… you officially suck.

  • FILA

    so whos willing to risk there content and make the first power off? Do we have any takers? lol

    sucks thou for T-Mobile and sidekicks rep

  • JDean86


    Sidekick as a PDA? Sorry I just can’t see it. The thought makes me laugh. :-) Whatever works for you I suppose. Is it your sole phone? Do you secretly have a bb or winmo device for real use?

  • jugstorecowboy

    Hopefully this will be one of the last Sidekick-Data-Outage-worst-thing-ever-to-happen-in-the-history-of-cellphones-ever stories and their subsequent takeover of certain smartass,snarky tech blogs. Yes, everyone will remember where they were the day they lost their ringtones and contacts. I think TMobile went above and beyond for pretty much everyone who lost their stuff, so hopefully the whining will stop.

  • Bama Boy

    So what exactly do people think that a Blackberry or WinMo phone can do that a Sidekick can’t….I get my corporate email….IM with Yahoo and AOL, I listen to my music via my stereo bluetooths when I work out…synced calendar, manage notes and todolists, etc etc…the same thing most consumers do with BB….the keyboard is phenomenal, the screen blows anything away a Blackberry ever thought of doing AND its 3G…..something no blackberry is though 9700 is on the horizion finally!

    I am not gonna abaondon Sidekick /Danger yet…lesson learned and they are working to correct mistakes….an outage is nothing new…BB users suffer through like 2 a year…while this is the first I’ve ever endured on Sidekick in the 5 years I have used them…

    And what about that $100 card? Do employees who lost data get it too? There has been nothing communicated in Streamline or OneVoice about it?

  • Moe

    Rest in peace Sidekick,Microsoft murdered you. You will/Kinda be missed! but its a new day ,Loving my Blackberry 8900!!

  • hott

    Wow this is kind of sad. I remember back in the day when the sidekick was the phone to get and the days I waited in anticipation of getting my sidekick 3.. My first sidekick I remember being jocked all the time for my phone and how people liked it… now it seems people just don’t care anymore… its kind of sad really but what can you do… people have to follow the trend…I.e. Iphone hmmmm…

  • @JDean86 nope no other phone, just a sidekick. I tried a WinMo and i can understand why Microsuck bought Danger, because it sucks. Want to talk about capabilities? Yes sure the phone has all these cool things Windows can do, only if your willing to go through 10 menu options to get there. Navigation is important to me. Txt/Email is very important to me and every single WinMO or BB has the crappiest keyboards ever! I thought HTC might have a good one when they came out with the G1… Still not up to par with the Sidekick. Maybe if they came out with a touch screen people would give it a chance, but I doubt that they would. Let’s face it though, when it comes to ease of use and navigation, i’d rather have my sidekick over anything.

    ps screw touchscreen keyboards! lol