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The preorder date is just around the corner, and the first batch of in depth reviews, of the T-Mobile bound Motorola Cliq, are rolling in.  A quick run down would be that Blur looks good, but the battery life in the Cliq is very poor as a product of Blur, if you happen to have a bunch of friends updating their statuses (ironic).  Overall, the phone seems to be fairing, well, so so, with some positives and negatives.  Notable pluses include the slide out qwerty (which is always a plus), MotoBlur (sure, some quirks, but overall amazing) and a capable (okay, downright loud) speaker and vibrator mechanism.  Cons include the same processor that is found in all other Android phones to date (it really is becoming outdated), a slight wobble to the sliding mechanism (though it is solid, it just moves), an overall heft, and Blur drains the battery considerably.  Everything else is a mixed bag of pluses and minuses.  More videos after the break!  Are you going to be getting this Android phone? Leave your opinions and thoughts in comments!

PS. This post will continue to be updated as more reviews come in, so keep in touch (psst, maybe check back around midnight eastern)

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  • byt3snb1ts

    i am very excited to purchase one of these bad boys, they are sturdy and quick, and although the battery life isnt the best, its looks like a good comeback for moto.

  • Pedro

    Grrr, I hope the battery life is much better since they say that the review model is pre-production. I’m hoping the same for the screen.

  • Cerberus

    I don’t understand why thy use their index finger and then complain about how the screen is not responsive. It’s the same way with the G1 and my touch!

  • Iasthai

    Looks like I’m going to have to pass on the Cliq. I like the Blur UI but the hardware leaves more to be desired. Next Android device please.

  • umaluver

    All this project dark hubub is going to impact pre orders I bet. :/

  • Wicked1

    Me being a user who has just went thru the sidekick disaster, I am moving away from the phone, and looking for another preferably with a keyboard, and Android, since you can basically get everything free on android. I have a full upgrade discount available and this phone is coming right in time. I have heard that the keyboard isn’t all that good and that the phone feels cheap. Since Motoblur drains battery life, is it possible to turn off motoblur? Most likely I will be getting this phone. I kind of don’t want to pre-order it and be one of the first to get it because Moto phone tend to have a lot of defective units when they come out, so we’ll see. I checked the specs and the Cliq has a better battery than the G1 and MyTouch, so that’s a plus.

  • acsteffy87

    if you have the mytouch then there is no point in getting a new phone for a good while. my lust for the next best thing is quenched with the capability of flashing different roms on my phone, now until there comes a hardware set with a rom that definitly will not run properly on the mytouch, then i know its time to upgrade. but i think i will stay with HTC wince they still make it possible to root the phones

  • Pedro

    @ Wicked1

    I’m in the same exact position as you!

  • Wicked1

    @acsteffy87 I would get the MyTouch, but i prefer to have a keyboard. I know that the hardware of current Android phones aren’t as good as they need to be to really let Android work like it can, but the next phone I get I will be having for at least a year, so I don’t want to get something now, and come Jan another Android comes out with a keyboard and better hardware, and I won’t turn around and buy another phone. I don’t know how to flash different ROMS on the phones, I’m not that savvy with cell phone programming or Android like that. Will that be possible on the Cliq too? To flash different ROMs onto it?

  • Sashaohio

    The best phone, I have played with so far from T-Mobile is Touch Pro 2. Before that I had a Nokia E71. Both phones are superb, but HTC has more processing power and a larger screen, plus it was a hassle to hack the Symbian OS. HTC has customized ROMS which are a 1000 times better than the original TMO firmware. If you are a serious power user go with Touch Pro, no matter what people say about WinOS its a good OS, no worse than the others with much more USEFUL software than Symbian and Android (for now) combined.

  • czar

    tough choicw between this and the blackberry 9700. Blackberry has some catching up to do tho. I’m leaning towards the cliq

  • Pedro

    I’m an apps guy. I love apps, and I’m leaning more towards the Cliq just because it has more apps. Is that weird?!

  • Wicked1

    @Sashaohio I’m not against getting a WinMo phone but, it isn’t open-source right? Like Windows isn’t open-source. So, is there a lot of apps, games, ringtones for free, available for WinMo phones? That’s like the main reason I had already decided to move away from Sidekick, before this recent fiasco, free stuff. I know HTC phones are good, but do WinMo phones have all the free apps and games like android and (bleugh) apple?

  • Wicked1

    @Pedro not at all, who doesn’t like apps? I’m a power-user, I listen to music, run apps, and browse for most of the day, so apps, battery life, keyboard and headphone jack are the biggest priorities for me in looking for my next phone

  • SnootchyBoochys

    I will be buying the Cliq for sure but I no longer think I will be preordering it on the 19th due to the rumor of new cheaper contracts coming on the 25th….My contract expires tomorrow and I do not want to take any chances at not getting in on the Project Dark pricing just to be safe…….Is anyone else waiting to preorder their Cliq until the Project Dark announcements hit?…..I wish T-Mobile would just hurry up with whatever it is they are planning because I really want this phone!

  • Carl

    Well it’s no suprise with streaming updates its going to drain battery life, it’s like the palm pre that multitasking drains the battery. Basically thats what the cliq is doing but with social services. I am leaning to wait for the N900 or the HTC HD2, or maybe wait a little for another andriod. I do believe there should be a option to turn it off, but that would defeat the purpose of the entire phone.

  • Rep

    well im getting one for free through my job =) even tho i have a mytouch the keyboard is a plus. also it has five screens to custom to your liking i only have facebook so the blur wont be a big issue with battery. I actually got to play with one today and it seems like a very promising phone. 5 mp camera cant really ask for me if you want a better battery life go get a free nokia phone and stop complaining the phone is constantly making data connection same as the mytouch and im always on it and guess what i go a day and a half on just one charge. if anything just rom out the battery and carry a car battery with you itll last you for a very long time =P

  • sidekickuser

    I’m ready for that phone right NOW! Darn sidekicks, smh.

  • Sidekickuser

    Cliq here I come! Presale needs to be here I’m tired of my sorry excuse of a phone.

  • mattymatt72

    As most reviews seem to state, and the reason I wont buy this phone, is it still has the same overworked processor. The fact that the keyboard wobbles makes it even more unusable. It is a nice try motorola, but one of the big issues seems to be that blurr cant yet be customized, and with any amount of feeds or happenings updates, the phones lags. Android needs a phone with a better processor. Tmobile then needs to get this phone. I know the snapdragon processor will be out in android phones in the next very short time, the big problem is that I have no confidence in tmobile in getting that phone. They dont seem interested in the higher end things, just the mass market crap. Too bad.

  • g_willi

    Uh no. I’m switching to Verizon when their Android phones release in November.

  • Kapow


    If you love apps, you better hope they root this phone quickly to allow install of apps to sd. That is unless you mainly like tip calculators. ;

  • mikeeeee

    when i click on the ‘mobile and wifi calling’ box on t-mo’s website and an pops up then, i’ll upgrade 2 phones.

    one for me and one for my wife.

    when another cell company makes a similar wifi calling android thing available i’ll walk away from t-mo after almost 9 years.

    i don’t think with all this uber technology flying around that the marketing geniuses in washington don’t think a UMA android would sell like hotcakes.

    how many people have rotten coverage in their workplace and have super wifi?

    3G don’t mean squat if you’re in your office with no bars.

  • Akulamenuri

    Im still concerned about the keyboard, some videos on here were complaining about it but Cnet said it was a really good keyboard and gave the device 4 out of 5 stars. Anyone know for certain if you can just completely disable Motoblur?

  • byt3snb1ts

    you have to sign into blur to use the phone, but you dont have to add your social networks to it. i assume you will also be able to change the update interval to maximize your battery life. as far as the feel of the phone, it feels sturdy, its not cheap as stated in previous posts. its well made and has a glass screen.

  • Pedro

    @ Kapow

    I don’t know how to root the phones and such but it’s ridiculous that you can only store apps on the internal memory.

    @ Akulamenuri

    I usually trust CNET in their reviews. But I’m not sure about this one. I really hope I can turn off the Happenings and Blur. I can just add Twitter and Facebook apps.

  • Cori

    I don’t know about the Cliq. I mean..I’d trade it for my Moto Renew anyday. But that fact that I can’t customize the homescreen just sucks although I LOVE its psyhical keyboard and touchscreen put together. I NEED customization!! The G1 has it, lests face it. But the design isn’t the best. THe myTouch on the other hand is BEAUTIFUL. But I want a keyboard..My upgrade is in November, and I want to know if anybody has a take on which phone I should get?
    -I text a lot
    -I listen to a lot of music
    -I love apps, but I can live without the internet on my phone


    You can customize the home screen just like you can on the G1. Trust me I have done it, hopefully this helps you make a decision. Especially if this was the reason that you were not getting the Cliq.

  • FILA

    Everybody excited about this phone. Thats good, thats what T-mobile wants. The anticipation, the sales and the hype over this phone will be great, but its o so quite before the storm, the G1v2 storm that is. Yes im going hard about it. Wait till next year, first quarter, your moto is gonna look weak, cuz it will be.

  • Pedro

    @ FILA

    The G1v2 IS the Motorola Cliq.

  • -ray

    Wow, I really wanted this to be a good phone. After reading the reviews, especially Phonedog’s, I am going to have to pass. I see now that Tmo does not want to keep or attract more business with their current phone offerings. I still do not know how Tmo passed up the sholes for this sidekick Jr. Time for the Iphone?? Maybe, it just sucks that I have to go to AT&T….

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Pedro

    Moto Cliq/Dext/Morrison and the G1v2 are TWO DIFFERENT PHONES! didn’t u see the leaked pic document?

  • Pedro

    @ J-Hop2o6

    Ah. I just googled G1v2 and the Moto Cliq came up so I figured it was the same phone.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Pedro

    yea, its two different phones.. ppl are just labeling it that for some reason becuase the Cliq is the next Android phone with QWERTY after the G1.. but the G line is HTC.. here’s what the G1v2 (Bigfoot) looks like (its called the AT&T Lancaster, and this phone is weak in specs. But im thinkin the Tmo G2/G1v2 will be different than this cuhz that leaked pic doc is dated now)

  • FILA

    The G1v2 will be a “With Google” experience like the G1 and the myTouch. This Motorola along with the HTC Click and Behold 2 will all have custom roms layered overtop the Android. Instance, Blur, Sense and whatever Samsung uses. The G1v2 will specifically be a plain build of Android which then will get the “With Google” badge. Why would they do any different for the second version of the G1.

  • Pedro

    So when is the G1v2 expected to come out. The road map document is confusing. Is it by the year’s end?

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Fila

    when i said different, i was talkin about from the AT&T version.. its worse than the G1. I know G2/G1v2 will be with the stock AndroidUI made by HTC..

    @ Pedro

    No one knows.. that leak pic doc is dated ~ May 2009.. so its outdated

  • Kickstar13

    UPDATE: PhoneDog unboxing and Hands-on ADDED

  • FILA

    The G1v2 is expected (according to a T-Mobile rep (which could mean nothin)) is expected to come out Q1 of 2010. It will be an HTC phone, with the “With Google” basic Android experience as I stated above. All ‘G’ series and if there will be a myTouch2 next year will all be G phones, no roms. Anyways, the HTC Lancaster got discontinued, I do not believe it will be used as the v2, it wouldnt make sense, I truly believe the v2 will be a def upgrade in every spec from processor to RAM and storage. The roadmap is yes dated, but everything else on the map is correct. Let me explain that one. T-Mobile’s initiated plan was to end the life cycle of the G1 by fall of this year when they came out with the v2 but decided to extend the life cycle all the way till the end of the year, and release the G1v2 by early next year. Everything else is on track. The Cliq gettin released early next month, then it should be the Samsung, then the Click by christmas. Then early next year, I like to think either late January or February, were see the v2, and Im so excited

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  • Cirra

    I got my CLIQ yesterday. Fully charged, I set up my accounts and got acquainted with the device. Made one call to Customer Care and went to sleep. By morning, the phone was dead. I will keep it maybe a couple of days to see if “conditioning” the battery will help. Otherwise, I’d say that’s pretty bad for battery life and can’t use a phone that needs to be charged every 6-8 hours.

  • Sal

    I’ve had my blur for almost a week now, and initially the battery did die out quickly, however after recharching and deactivating some unnecessary application like gps(when not being used), and wifi(when not being used), my battery life has been amazing. Gone through the whole day playing games and texting and websurfing with plenty of battery left. Then again, I don’t have my updates showing up on my homescreens as theres an app to view all incoming conversations, and keeps my screen clean. Overall, I’m enjoying my cliq its great.

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