Oklahoma City Gets 3G


I have long heard from the readers in Oklahoma City asking, “tell us when, please, tell us when.” Thankfully, I can say that day is today, the day you have all been asking for, the day of 3G. Welcome faster speeds, clearer calls and the ability to run around in circles screaming for joy. Reports of 3G are widespread yet unconfirmed so as always its possible this is just a really awful tease, hopefully it’s not and  Oklahoma City magenta lovers have one less thing to wish for this holiday season!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  • Brent

    I don’t have a 3G enabled phone (yet), but it would be nice for them to make the trip up the Turner Turnpike and light up 3G in Tulsa as well.

  • Fred

    I woke up to 3G on my mytouch this morning in OKC. It went back to Edge when I got to work in Norman, but hey, I’m sure the 3G signal will expand to the rest of the metro soon! Go T-Mobile!!!!

  • phoneking13

    Damn. Still no Cincinnati yet? :(

  • Scooby214

    I have been watching the T-Mobile tower in my NW Okla. City neighborhood for signs of upgrades, but have seen nothing so far. Does this mean they didn’t have to install anything on some towers, or have they launched before entirely completing the buildout? Anyway, I have one line out of contract, and no 3G phone…

  • John


    I can’t wait to get home today and try it out.

    I’ve been in San Francisco on business and have been spoiled with 3G.

  • Gary

    Still Edge on the west side of OKC/Yukon area so far this morning. I can’t stop checking my phone for the 3G icon!

  • John

    BTW, where did you get that pic? It’s not the normal skyline angle I usually see. This is from the north looking south. Usually you find the opposite.

  • carts

    Damn fred, it sucks that Norman does not have 3G, but my guess would be at least 3-6 months before they get it there.

    According to the map on T-Mobile’s website, half of Edmond still does not get 3G.

  • Jesse Wilson

    Hopefully Edmond to the north will benefit from this. My wife has a G1 and has been waiting for 3G service to finally hit our area. The lack of it — waiting for a decent Android phone too — has kept me from upgrading from my ‘dumb’ Samsung.

    Still, good news as I work in OKC.

  • Max

    Welp, every city in the Q4 leaked list has gone live with 3G save for Louisville…maybe we are actually next? I switched from Verizon to tmobile (would never go back to vzw) and lack of 3G has been a bit of a sore point, tmobile is still awesome I just would like to get some 3G love…

  • ripperbone

    in Del City its shows 3g on my wifes g1, but goes back to edge when I click on the browser. makes my want to get rid of my 8900 for a mytouch even more

  • Jon

    @Brent – Tulsa’s not til next year I hear…

  • foe4

    dont switch to tmobile their 3g is horrid. verizon or sprint is the way to go, they will soon be the only network providers in the u.s. i cant wait for my contract to end.. ive been with tmobile since 2002 and i have seen their progress 1st hand… they spend all their money on the suck a$$ sidekick that isnt worth a penny really. TMOBILE IF YOU ARE LISTENING OR READING OR WHATEVER IT IS THAT YOU DO. STEP YOUR GAME UP!! p.s. stop trying to keep people on a leash with this “black project” talk, if its a game changer 4real you might wanna let the people know what it is… good luck loosing more customers.

  • Jeromy

    So that’s what those guys were doing to that tower over on Britton rd for the past couple days. I woke up today to a 3g icon at home and still have it at work on 63rd and hefner pkwy.

  • Scooby214

    Interesting coverage choices they appear to have made in the current OKC buildout. It appears that far SW Okla. City has coverage, while the more populated Edmond area is only partially covered. I’m sure they will continue to build the network, but I would have thought that Edmond would’ve been well covered in the initial buildout.

  • Scooby214

    I like the photo shot looking to the SE better than the usual shot looking to the north. Just think how different the photo will look in a few years when the Devon tower is completed…

  • Scooby214

    The maps also show coverage way up Portland Avenue, almost all the way to Cashion, while there is little coverage in the more highly populated areas of Yukon, which are closer than the Cashion area.

  • SamIam

    My Dash (3G) in SW OKC shows #G connectivity, but not as many bars as I was getting prior to the conversion. FINALLY!!!

  • peachymomo

    I’m on the NW side and perfect 3G coverage! YAY I’m so happy! Teasing my sister in El Reno cause she’s still on Edge and GSM. Keep up the good work T-Mobile

  • GooG_Nut

    Yeah, I heard the same thing about Tulsa. The T-Mobile rep I talk to at work said, “it would be the first quarter of next year that Tulsa get 3G.”

  • weez

    I’m in SE OKC and 3G coverage is sweet!!!!!

  • David

    By the airport, the 3G sucks. Barely works at all.

  • Gary

    My G1 is still on Edge between Morgan and Sara on West Reno. The maps show I should be rocking 3G right now.

  • Gary

    My wife’s G1 is on 3G on the east side of Yukon.

  • Paul

    I had to turn my phone off and then back on…now its working great! Finally!

  • Fred

    I live in Camelot @ May & NW 122nd, the 3G signal was strong this morning, I lost the signal headed south on I-35 towards Norman, I can’t say exactly where I lost the 3G signal, but it was somewhere between Crossroads mall and Moore.

  • JamesH

    To whomever said all the Q4 cities on the leak were up that is not true yet! We still have 2.5 months until year end and Erie, PA doesn’t have it yet.

  • GoYankees

    The coverage map lies. It shows I should have full 3G at my house and I’m not getting anything but Edge. I called T-mobile and they said they would send out a technician to see why 3G is not functioning in this area. So for now, happy that we have 3G in the city just wish that included the I240/I35 area.

  • Superhyper

    I’m just disappointed they haven’t built it out in Norman yet. How do they skip the largest suburb? Oh well, i’m sure they’ll get to it soon.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to the OK City! :-)

    Now, the 21 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Omaha, NE
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    *** Boise, ID ***
    Montgomery, AL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Amarillo, TX
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Salinas, CA

    Please, TMO, give Boise 3G (or 4G via Clearwire) soooooon!!! :-)

  • Sector43

    Sherman, TX?

  • Dominick

    I live in SW OKC, it wasnt live this morning but it is slowing waking up. It still kinda spotty out here my Moore, OK. At my house that is close to SW 134th (SW 4th) & S Western map says we should be hot but we are not. I have faith Tmo wont let me down.

  • Gary

    Still spotty 3G coverage on the west side/Yukon area. Drove around at lunch and kept going in and out of 3G.

  • Jeromy

    Speedtest using Xtremelabs app with my G1:
    Download:761.9 Kbits/s (Max 763.5Kbits/s)
    Upload: 146.6 Kbits/s (Max 148.5Kbits/s)
    Location 35.5425 lat, -97.5762 long
    Network 3G

  • Scooby214

    Works well at NW Highway and Rockwell. I tried out Pandora on the display MyTouch at the store, and 3G was working great there. I could be tempted by Pandora, though I really would rather get a Touch Pro 2, as opposed to the MyTouch.

  • Ron

    I’m still waiting on 3G in Louisville, KY. When I bought my G1 back in November of 2008, I was assured 2009 was Louisville’s year, but nothing yet :-(.

  • timmyjoe42

    The Cincinnati metropolitan area is the largest (#24) without 3G with almost 2.2 people.

    Louisville is #42 at 1.3 million and OKC was #44 at 1.2 million.

    Why does T-Mobile hate Cincinnati? I bet it is the stiff competition with Cincinnati Bell Wireless.

    Stats from wiki:

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr
  • FILA


  • um how bout over here in puerto rico???? we still part of da usa ;(
    we need sum t-mobile 3G cause at&T 3G suckz

  • PeterGunn

    Yes, Yes, Yes, sweet mother of all that is good, it is TRUE!!!!OKLAHOMA CITY has been pulled out of the darkness of EDGE, and thrust into the sweet world of 3G…..

  • GooG_Nut

    Hey, David can you let us in Tulsa when our 3G is lit up. We have been waiting so long for it. Thanks.

  • watbetch

    They might just be upgrading everything still. I wouldn’t be so antzy just yet, and just give them the chance to do it right.

  • watbetch

    In regards to Cincinnati

  • timmyjoe42

    @Mr. Stacy R. Parr, Yeah, nobody actually lives in Cincinnati. We are a suburbs town. ;)

  • Dominick

    Tmo rep just told me that 3G will extend to norman and other surrounding areas by November 19.

  • carts

    I looked at the coverage map, and its interesting that a big stretch of Highway 74 north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike is getting 3G, whereas that same stretch along I-35 doesn’t. Not to mention, it is barely, if not at all, touching Guthrie.

    Also, along with Norman, it would be best if they could increase that 3g coverage toward East Edmond (both OU and UCO do not have 3G coverage).

  • Scooby214

    If you’ve ever driven that stretch of 74 (N. Portland Ave.), you may have noticed that T-Mobile’s 2G coverage wasn’t all that great. It appears that they have two or three towers that cover the whole thing. Perhaps it was faster to put 3G on those few towers than to add 3G to the many towers that cover UCO and OU. I am still finding towers in OKC proper that haven’t had 3G added yet, so it appears they have a lot of work to do before the OKC buildout is complete. I also have noticed that following US 62/I-44 to the SW has coverage, while they barely cover Midwest City. Makes me think that they had enough sites ready that they threw the switch, but plan on doing more work.

  • chvys1069

    Come on Tmobile give Tyler TX 3G!!!!

  • Zac

    So how are you guys doing as far as coverage etc now i may jump to tmobile for same price as att 450 mins can have unlimited basically ;)