Free BlackBerry With New Activation


Ever really really really wanted a BlackBerry or maybe you don’t want to experience another Sidekick Outage and are looking for another smartphone? Well, now is the perfect time! T-Mobile is offering any style BlackBerry device for free (Yes, that includes the 8900). New customers willing to sign a 2-year contract with T-Mobile can take advantage of this spectacular offer! The best part is there are NO REBATES. Hooray!

Here are the details:

1. Call T-Mobile at 1-866-464-8662

2. Select option 3

3. Mention PROMO code: 7490TMOFAV

Note: It does state for BlackBerry Developers but has been confirmed by CrackBerry that it works for developers AND non-developers.

Hurry and take advantage of this limited time offer!

T-Mobile Via CrackBerry

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  • Xristo

    This requires the $24.99 monthly internet plan on a two year contract so it’s not exactly free. 24.99 for two years comes out to $599.76 plus taxes of course. There is no way to remove the internet plan once the phone is ordered except to cancel the new line of service but then they will charge you full retail price of phone which is $499.99 on your next bill.

  • FILA

    danm, whats wrong with them, BlackBerry outage? HAHA

  • acsteffy87

    can those of us that are in the middle of our contract get in on this?

  • Kickstar13

    I believe this is ONLY for new T-Mobile subscribers-but don’t hold me to it. Try calling the number listed in the post and ask. Or maybe ask if this applies to new lines added to existing accounts.

  • BS FLY

    only for new contracts. what exactly makes someone a “developer” lol.
    Such bs for an average customer!

  • Kickstar13

    @BS FLY
    This works for average users as well. You DON’T need to be a developer to take advantage of this offer.

  • roger

    THey are clearing the stock IMO, could this be for the pending project black?

  • Don

    Why do people constantly cry about having to pay for a data plan for a data device?

  • AJ

    If Project Black is the $50.00 “All You Can Eat Plan,” Will T-Mobile change the 49.99 Customer Loyalty plan to something else better for the loyal customers??

  • actually the above mentioned article says no rebates. but if you go to the actual website they provide the link for, it does show in the ever shrinking fine print, prices are after a mail-in rebate of $50

    Always read the fine print, sirs!

  • what do you mean I cannot edit my previous post? bah

  • Kevin

    “Don says:
    October 13, 2009 at 8:37 pm
    Why do people constantly cry about having to pay for a data plan for a data device?”

    Why wouldn’t I want more than a basic phone when even a blackberry offers so much more? I don’t need the data plan, when I want data I have wifi available. For $25/month, $300/year PER LINE, having more than a basic phone quickly racks up on tmo. Of course if you are single and only paying for one line it’s no big deal. If getting more than one data line sprint has much cheaper plans with 3g all over.

  • Kickstar13

    @ J. Edgar Hoover
    Read the link to the CrackBerry post. There are no rebates.

  • Gina

    If T-Mo is giving away the device for free without rebate, then it’s not unreasonable to to require a data plan. Hardware is not cheap for T-Mo. The point is for them to make money off an activation not break even by giving away a $450 piece of hardware to anyone who wants a BlackBerry.

    You can still buy a BlackBerry without a data plan you just have to pay full price up front. If it is crucial that you have a BlackBerry but refuse to buy the data plan, this is the way to go.

    I’d also rather support T-Mo direct channels by purchasing through them instead of some 3rd party retailer with many more restrictions and higher penalties for canceling if applicable.

    I’m glad T-Mo is at least offering this with their BB devices. Verizon does the BOGO and ATT from time to time gives away BB’s on their website. If they want to grab more small biz customers they have to make the up front hardware prices more reasonable.

  • B2B Rep

    I’m not sure who posted this BUT!!!! This is a company’s promo code for for their Premier Discount Program. This should only be available for employees of that company and you will have to provide verification that you work for them. This seems like someones “get rick quick scheme” because whoever owns that account will get credit for every activation that falls under this promo code. This should not have been posted and I would suggest removing it.

  • 30014

    I personally would wait for the bold 2 to drop. The phones may be free but they require a data plan. None of the blackberriers offered have 3g, so it would make sense to wait until next month to get one that does offer 3g. You’re paying for 3g with your data plan so you might as well get a phone that can use it.

  • LA26

    I just ordered mine and I been with T-mobile since 2005.

    I had to add a line though, but they are overnighting it free of charge.

  • LA26

    Ohhh and also to correct a few people the activation fee is waved.

    Also with all Blackberry’s from T-mobile a data plan is required.

  • LA26

    “I’m not sure who posted this BUT!!!! This is a company’s promo code for for their Premier Discount Program. This should only be available for employees of that company and you will have to provide verification that you work for them.”

    False information as well. I had to provide 0 information about who I work for which isn’t T-mobile. Just trying to get my address updated since I moved two weeks ago is the only current reason I’m still on hold since I’m trying to avoid the $12 fee.

  • unknown

    For Blackberry 8220 and 8120 data feature not required. Further more WIFI service books will not be available on your blackberry without data feature in the near future. In fact that should be the case now.

  • its def NOT including the 8900. silly kids

  • Richard Sun

    Yes it does work 100%.
    i got a BB8900 Free, Bluetooth headset free, activation free, $50.00 service credit after 3 months. And if you have friends working at a T-Mobile, they can remove the data from the first day of service for Free, and all i paid is $10.00 a month!! SCORE!!! next up BB9700!!

  • roy

    just ordered mine on an add a line free of charge and since i do use the internet it works great for me. Also with the promotion the activation is waived. so this is awsome take adavantage while its available

  • alexdagreat1

    it does include all blackberrys but you need to add a new line if you already have a plan…and add either the 24.99, 29.99, or 34.99 data plan

  • eli_the_great89

    @ Xristo
    I’m not sure why everyone seems to complain about T-Mobile making people add Data to their Smartphone.
    Verizon, At&t and Sprint ALL mandate a Data Plan with your Smartphone. so whats the big deal?

    not to mention that $24.99 is cheaper than At&t’s $30.00 and VZW $34.00 Data Plan

    even if they didn’t require a Data Plan your service wouldn’t be FREE.
    you’d still be paying for Voice and Texting (optional)

    The fact that its FREE is you don’t pay a CENT for the actual PHONES once you sign a 2 year contract.
    if you don’t want to spend money on Data Plans then you probably shouldn’t be looking towards a Blackberry in the first place my friend.

  • DavidinJax

    I called T-Mobile yesterday and complained. I have two phone lines, one with a blackberry 8900, and the other for my significant other is a sidekick. As you know the sidekicks are bad right now. I called and complained and said I wanted a blackberry, they sent me to a specialist that threw everything at me.

    Including the gift card and credits from tmobile, I just got a blackberry 8900 for $10.00 and she rushed the shipment to me, UPS shows it out for delivery, so I should have it within the next two hours. In addition, she changed the plan to 1000 anytime minutes for $39.99 and added free mobile to mobile

    $10.00!!!!! Holy hell I wish I had waited to do this for the 9700!!

  • Big T

    Why do people complain about getting a blackberry with a data plan. If your to cheap to pay 25.00 for a data plan go get shitty service from boost or cricket and use a regualar cell phone. A blackberry device really isn’t all that nice without data. No apps, no email, no IM. No wireless sync. Quit whining about an extra feature that you should use anyway.