Join Me Live Tonight


Hello Tmonews fans.  This is a little plug for the podcast tonight over with my good friends at I’m going to join them around 11:00 P.M. tonight EST to discuss…drum roll, please… “Project Black” – what it is, what it might mean, etc. I hope you will consider swinging by, joining in and discussing your favorite topic and mine, T-mobile! Of course, if nothing else, you can listen to me ramble nervously and try and sound like I know what I am talking about. Just kidding, but not really.

11 PM. Be there or be square. Follow the link below!

Link to podcast

UPDATE: David is on

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  • Anthony

    Will do! Yeah ;-)

  • John

    So what i heard project black is in fact the $50 all you can eat plan. will be scheduled for next sunday

  • ali

    No guys, you have it all wrong. Project Black is when t-mobile pulls the plug on their USA network and their customers phones go dead all at once — No signals nowhere.

  • Carl

    Ali don’t make it so obvious your another carrier fan boy, if you have nothing good to contribute than do not post at all.

  • Hopefully project black is something to do with

    A)Better Phones

    B)Better 3G (hopefully some news on 4G)

    C)Possibly iPhone or something?

  • Bill

    supervisor told me after her project black meeting that they talked about the fender mytouch, and yes, new cheaper rateplans/features. amongst which was mentioned that m2m will include texting now.