Motorola Cliq Getting Android 2.1 Love In March?


Motorola Cliq owners rejoice! According to the guys over at BGR, T-Mobile Motorola Cliq owners are scheduled to recieve Android 2.1 “sometime in March”. Motorola has heard your cries, and it looks like they’ve finally decided to give CLIQ owners what they want. Motorola loves you guys so much that they’ve decided to skip Android 2.0 and go straight to Android 2.1. How nice of them? Now hurry up and give us the update!

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  • mab

    YES!!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • coco

    Great news, except im returning the cliq soon. Too heavy for me and never thought id say it after so many years using a BB but im sick of physical keyboards. Hooray for you guys getting the update though.

  • vikingfan45

    bleh no phone can stand up to the HTC SUPERSONIC bout to drop on sprint

    • DaSaints

      …yeah, ’cause Sprint needs ALL the help they can get!!! LOL

      • jkspike3


      • lol

        got him

    • lol

      sprint has not been making money for a long time….T-mobile is better even if i think T-mobile sucks

      Get the Facts vikingfan45

  • I will take it as a rumor, if it happens then i may consider buying it. I am not gonna be surprised if there is not a higher software coming out for google to give it to us now. They treat tmobile as second class citizens cos its not an American company!!

    • Khaltz

      mine as well wait til the new cliq comes out than.

    • lol

      T-mobile was the first to get Android and it is the first to get the Nexus 1

      WTF r u talking about Uchenna…google would not go to AT&T firtst because of the iphone and T-mobile is a better WORLD WIDE CELL PHONE COMPANY +)

      Get the FACT

  • coco

    Is the mytouch supposed to get 2.1? You would think vanilla android would get it first.

    • Debo

      I completely agree! Where’s some 2.0+ news for the myTouch? With Buzz just announced supporting 2.0+ I am dying for some news for my myTouch!

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chevyman 4m houston

    wtF ! wheres the fucken update they promised to the behold 2 ? im fucken diasapointed . oh ya just give the gay ass moto cliq whatever d fuck an update to 2.1 n d behold 2 dont even got 2.0 ! u got to be kidding me . shit fuck u tmobile ur fucken ass shit

    • matb321

      Chevyman your a douch.shut up.Then again sounds like you suffer from here it is in a language your dumb can ass understand. F*cksh@t ballhair.

      • Dalton

        HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA! that gave me a good laugh. :P

      • jkspike3

        DOUBLE BURN!

      • jz

        You should learn to spell tourette.

      • Khaltz

        I think thats the phones make that makes up date like motorola and samsung

    • Wary

      This is the reason why I wish the comments system had a login required so mentally disturbed people (example above) do not have a medium to communicate, especially in this website.

    • Matlock

      Hey your crying cuz the Behold 2 isnt getting an update, well unfortunately for you, your the one who decided to purchase the Behold 2, should have gotten yourself a Mytouch or Cliq! Aside for the beautiful screen, the Behold 2 fails big time! G/L getting your update!!

      As far as the updates go, they are made by the manufacturers, and sent to t-mo to be pushed out to the phones! T-Mo just makes sure that the updates work before they are sent to the phones!!!

    • joe

      Your the cornhole that bought a behold 2 as if the 1st one was good, your a complete moron chevyman, stop giving us houstonians a bad name and shut the hell up. And if your going to rant and rave at least spell your profanities better.

  • chevyman 4m houston

    man i hate tmobile .

    • mike d

      Tmo is not the problem the problem is samsung. Do u not understand the posts. Samsung gets the software the same time as everyone else its up to them to incorporate they’re shitty UI on top of it and get it to Tmo.

  • FILA

    Yeaa what happened to all of us early people. G1 and myTouch. You know the true Android Sets. Watch I bet T-Mobile will screw us, release 2.1 on only myTouch 1.2 users and not originals, which will piss me off. Nexus looking pretty good each day, atleast Google should roll out the newest releases as soon as there available.

  • If I didn’t hear it from Tmo news I wouldn’t belive the update to 2.1 on Cliq nice that it happening. Hopefully it’ll be released on my birthday. That ould be great lol

    • timmyjoe42

      My birthday is 3/31, so I hope it’s way before that. :)

  • alex

    any truth to the HTC Bravo coming to T-mo?

  • I highly doubt Tmo will leave the MT3G behind as far as updates G1 has been rumored to receive the update when who knows but I am sure it’ll happen =)

  • DoLo

    Thank goodness!!!! I’ve been thinking about an ota update for weeks now!!! Finally I decided to do some research and I ran into this so I’m crossing my fingers that this is an actual true story!!!

  • Mooch

    Hate to say it but it seems T-Mobile customers were merely guinea pigs in the whole Android buzz. If you notice, we get re-issued phones passed off as new with antiquated Android operating systems (Mytouch 1.2 anyone?) while the big shots and Verizon get all the good phones, newer OS’s, etc. It’s just how it’s gonna be from now on. But I guess what it comes down to is if you want the nicer phones with newer OS’s, be prepared to pay out the nose! If not, just be happy being the younger sibling getting all the hand-me-downs and table scraps.

    • jleubanks

      um… Nexus One??? Is that currently on Verizon?

  • jordan

    Don’t be mad at tmobile moto is the one sendin the update.. so let’s not hate cause y’all not gettin it yet

    • the_sleeve

      Exactly…the updates are not up to T-Mobile, they are up to the phone manufacturer. T-Mobile didn’t make the hardware OR the software and therefore have no part in deciding who gets the OTA.

      This update in particular is coming from Motorola, since they had to create a new MotoBLUR for 2.1

  • timmyjoe42

    that could be like…6-7 weeks…

    Hopefully closer to 3.

  • Jonstonson

    Google needs to keep a standard OS on all phones. Too confusing for the average consumer.

    • the_sleeve

      That would be great, but thats part of it being open source. Phone manufacturer’s can put together their own version of the OS on top of a certain version. Problem is, when Android is updated that manufacturer has to then update their software before the end user can get the goodies.

  • Alvin B.

    This fragmentation is a serious problem. Some phones get updates, others don’t. Meanwhile HTC turns a blind eye toward G1 owners who where the ones who helped BUILD Android into the successful franchise it is now.

    The problem isn’t the features, it’s the API. As new apps come out designed for the new API, they simply don’t work on the older versions of Android unless the developers make the effort to downport and support seperate versions.

    Google should make Android modular enough so that API improvements can be made and older phones can be upgraded without necessarily getting all the new flashy bits, so at least older phones would support the new API calls! But no, they completely screw anyone who happened to land on the “sorry no upgrade” part of the roulette wheel of OS upgrades.

  • Wicked1

    I’m glad that we actually have a time frame now. I was never in doubt that we would get Android updates, then it was confirmed at CES. Now if this true, Cliq users will be getting the update right about the time I was expecting it. A few months after Google made the only phone with 2.1 to give it time to bask like the Droid. Only difference is the Nexus One was kind of a bust, didn’t sell what people thought it would, didn’t outsell the Droid; and I think they rushed to releash it & did it to soon, the bugs, 3G problems & lack of a goodle customer service department at launch. I think Nexus didn’t sell because everybody isn’t about to turn around & buy a new phone, after they just bought 1 in the last few months, especially in this economy. The sidekick fiasco & the holidays sent T Mobile users to crackberries, droids, iphones, and MyTouchs. I came from a sidekick to the Cliq in October, wasn’t willing to leave t mobile & I need a physical keyboard. If the Droid came to T Mobile in the next few months I won’t be getting it because I just bought a phone. I’m not one of those people who buys a new phone every 3 months. In closing, I’m glad the Cliq is finally getting an Android update

    • Matlock

      Actually Wicked, the Nexus One, wasnt a bust! It may not have sold like the Droid did, but thats because it had no ridiculous 3 month long ad campaigns to hype it up! I know a few people who have the nexus One, and none of them had issues with their N1s, like it was reported only a small amount of users really had issues, and of course when something goes wrong, it does make the rounds on the net much faster than if the phone worked well.

      For a phone that was only advertised on the net, it actually didnt do too bad! A couple of my friends that work for T-Mo, all they do is complain about how tired they are of people asking about the Nexus One. If the Nexus One had been advertised as much as the Droid was, it would have had way higher sales numbers, maybe not Droid beating numbers but close, I think.

      Ive been a satisfied with my t-mobile service for over 6 yrs now, and was an early G1 adopter, and moved over to a Cliq when it came out, right now all i can say is that Im super excited to get the 2.1 update on my Cliq and cant wait to see how Motorola have adapted Blur to 2.1, and if there will be some new features added!!

  • imagness

    I have been bitten before my Motorola with the Q and I dumped my Motorola device and went with Blackberry instead.

    Now I have a Cliq and like others here, I will believe it when I see it. Motorola is like Toyota now. They will tell us anything to keep their customers from leaving and getting other brands.

    If and when I get the update, I will be a supporter of Motorola and be very pleased but for now I am in the “WAIT AND SEE” mode.

  • MichMan

    Yay! I can’t wait! Very excited about the update, but it’s about when I expected it.

  • shhon75

    I had 4 cliq’s what a piece of crap! I had some many problems with it. Good riddance The forth one I sold to someone on craigslist and bought A Nexus One the day after it came out. IT”S THE BEST PHONE I’ve ever had!

  • Trill

    When will you guys understand the G1 will not get another update unless announced by its highly unlikely because of the ROM size are more specifically the memory allocated to system files which the 1.6 update pretty much hit the limit so in short unless something is done to the update itself like removing some things for a smaller size then get another device its as simple as that.

    P.S. Pretty much everything phone except the G1 will get at least 2.0 and if the MT3G has the exact same specs then its in the same position and get your facts straight don’t spread confusion and ignorance besides the G1 has gotten how many updates since launch, about 6 I believe but I’m waiting on another android device.

    • Ron

      The G1 will be getting 2.1 update very soon it was tested and it worked perfectly on all tests. The memory was worked out . So G1 owners relax we are getting it.

      • Ron

        Thank you Ron the people do no anything about tech. G1 will also get 2.1 and shortly after adobe flash 10. That was tested and works perfectly on the G1. If you have a new G1 do not root phone until after one year be safe not sorry.

        • Kickstar13

          Talking to yourself?

        • kingdomscribe

          Is this a joke. I have heard stories about the 2.1 update since I got my Cliq and don’t really believe the rumors. I wish I would have kept my old broken phone and waited for the T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide coming in June. I don’t think update 2.1 is real.

  • timmyjoe42

    If ya’ll would just root your G1’s you could put 2.1 on it yourself.

  • Khaltz

    bout time though my Blurr is acting a fool

  • thechadster

    So does this mean that the Cliq will get a new version of motoblur but it is based off of 2.1? Or will the cliq just get 2.1? Either way i am extremely happy, the cliq is a great phone and is about to get even better.

  • vic

    Cliq is the best tmo android phone, and this proves it.

  • Rex

    YES!!! NOOOW! Gimme Gimme! Lol

  • well i have a cliq phone i have exchanded it 3 times so far but i got to say its got some dope features.

  • Me

    I contacted T-Mobile today (2/10/2010) and they indicated that Cliq will NOT be getting an Android 2.1 update. I called a few T-Mobile stores to confirm and half said it was going to be updated and half said it wasn’t. The ones that said it wasn’t said they can’t update the Cliq do to an equipment problem (specifically, they indicated a lack of a dual core processor – idk). Is anyone else getting similar info?

  • james

    For the G1 owners the phone doesn’t have the memory to bhandle the 2.1 update. For the cliq owners the tmoble store reps get info later then you can get it on the web. Pretty much wheb you think of it if the they look things up them selves they won’t know till the rep comes 2 weeks before. But the story is true the cliq will get the update in march.

  • Gary A.

    Hey…how come the CLIQ pictured above looks so much sleeker than the ones out now…

    • jkspike3

      Lol I know. I was like, Hey when did tmo get a Cliq in a different color. But no its just more sleek cuz moto wants it to look good.

  • bunny22

    It is called Photoshop lol.

  • lol


  • CorCorBeezie

    I know the update is fer sure coming soon, Android 2.1 – but when I am at work and customers call in to T-mobile asking about unreleased info/not yet official, we have to keep out mouths shut. Basically, “it’s all speculation” until a few days prior or the day of. So in the mean time, save yourself and T-mobile’s CSR’s a phone call going no where… and just wait it out. :)

    Cliq (ab)user

  • Groovekids

    Yeah CorCorBeezie!
    Glad that it is for real. Makes sense that Cliq got no updates, but now will due to the MotoBlur software…extra work, but worth it now that Cliq won’t be the only MotoBlur Android phone out there… :)

  • syrus30

    I have the cliq it runs android 1.5 with motoblur so the only reason where getting or might get 2.1 os is because of the moto devour that’s coming it runs a higher android os and motoblur so once they release that and get feed back that’s when we will know for sure and mt3g owners that are complaining about cliq getting os update your phone runs 1.6 already cliq owners would b happy to get that for now. So stop complaining what’s probaly going to happen is the cliq will be back shelfed even though its the most expensive phone tmo has with 2 year contract we cliq owners paid for the best so we deserve a little bit of a edge as far as march lol fingers crossed but I think 6 to 12 months and there still won’t be a os update and the cliq will be yesterdays news more owners need to contact the right people email the right people the get the update.

  • katmandoo

    “Motorola loves you guys so much that they’ve decided to skip Android 2.0 and go straight to Android 2.1”

    Aint that precious. If they really loved us they would have kept us updated on the upgrade.

    oh, and what about the accidental dialing of contacts issue? I have not been impressed since i bought this phone, not impressed with Motorola support either.

  • Leo

    well…its march…been march for a while n no update

  • HogSnot

    No, he’s talking to me :) I was thinking the same thing…March is almost over, when is it coming out?! I read on another site it will be released a week or two into April, got delayed for some reason.

  • Thejewhunter

    oh, and what about the accidental dialing of contacts issue? I have not been impressed since i bought this phone, not impressed with Motorola support either.

    if you install google voice and tell it to ask you witch one to use before it dails out, you wont accidental dail

  • LWK

    UMMM! It is now April 15, and I just today got this 1.4.8 update??? WHAT GIVES MOTO. This phone so far is garbage I just want to stab it or use it to zero in a rifle. I used to really like the phone but it had more and more things go wrong. My favorite is “force close or wait”. Another thing is whats up T-MOBILE, I lose reception all the time in just random places AT&T AND the little cheap pre paid phones get better coverage than I do. I love T-Mobile and pay good money for my cell phone service. But Im not feeling the love from them.

  • Patrick M.

    Well March has come and gone. It’s now April 20th and Still no android 2.1 update. I have the Cliq XT and didn’t really care at first because I liked the phone the way it was when I bought it, (that’s why I bought it, lol), but now, more and more of the new good apps only work on 1.6 or higher. We really need this update. A few people think that we won’t get it at all. Well they’re talking Q2 now but who knows. All I have to say is this phone is less than 2 months old and is in desperate need of an update. If we don’t have it by the end of June, I’m selling my phones and closing my Tmobile account and going somewhere else. I’m willing to pay more per month for phones that are at least up to date.. example,, the droid..and a few others coming out with 2.1 preinstalled. I’ll use the cash I make from selling my phone for the breaking the contract fee. I don’t even care anymore. So far I’ve had the G1, Mytouch, Behold 2, Original Cliq, and now the cliq XT, I spend alot of cash oh phones and my monthly bill is around 180 bucks, with 2 lines with unlimited minutes, and both have android plans with unlimited everything else. Come on guys.. Hook us up with the 2.1 upgrade already or at least some official news of when it’s coming out. Q2 is so vague. Well that’s my rant, lol. Truth is, I love Tmobile and really hope they get on the ball with updates and even some better android phones.

  • John

    Well, it’s 27 April and my and my freekin CLIQ are still waiting……
    I am really getting pissed at all the BS promises from Tmobile and Motorola. Do it or don’t do it and quit lying to all your customers!

  • djkenster

    wow this is the longest march i have ever seen now may and america awaits 2.1 tmobile and moto more than likely are on thier old tricks well never get it

  • jankycliq

    May 19th, Sprint hero gets 2.1.. I am on my 3rd Cliq..Wish I would have waited for the EV04g or N1 to come to retail. I think it is marketing for MoTo that is the hold up. They still have devices to ship with 1.5 and can’t let an update out till they all get released. From now on only HTC devices for me. At least I could have flashed it then.

  • djkenster

    well nice promise in march has anyone noticed it is june already and no update. hmmm t-28days and counting i may just give this phone the old rugged test

  • Josh

    REALLY? Almost the end of June and STILL no update? COME ON PEOPLE. I’m tired of all the waiting, are we getting the friggen update or not? Q2 is drawing to a close!

  • elvis

    I tell you what…today is the 28th of june late afternoon…if I don’t get my freaking 2.1 update by the end of this month I will take this cliq and recycle it in my wonderful trash can….wtf…ill go and root my crappy G1 then buy the new samsung next month….eff you motorola for being such asses about updating your phones when almost all other phones already have 2.1….I’m selling all of my stock in moto in about 3 days….well see who has the last laugh….

  • mattapocalypse

    its freaking august 15th now. i dont know if its t-mobile or motorola but either way this is crap, we have all been waiting for this update since the day the phone was released. i gave up on mytouch 3G and picked the cliq out and i effing downgraded and its been that way ever since. im not even going to look for these anymore and get the galaxy s.

  • brittina

    September 1, 2010 ….. and STILL no update and no word from Motorola on when we get this 2.1 update……

    Urge to kill….rising!

  • Uh, wow! Motorola Cliq owners rejoice!