T-Mobile Talks HSPA+ With GigaOM


The folks over at GigaOM are lucky enough to to sit down with the T-Mobile powers that be and discuss current happenings and the HSPA+ network. First things first, that HSPA+ upgrade we’re all eagerly awaiting, will be hitting the East and West coasts before making its way inland. The obvious questions of who is first and when were met with non-answers but eluded to “major cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston” along with “major cities” along the California coast. Guessing that means us Floridians who happen to “technically” live on the coast *cough* will be patiently waiting along with the rest of the country. There is also a little bit of he said, she said with AT&T in this piece regarding who has faster backhaul and who is rolling it out faster. Since its AT&T though, we can count on them screwing it up somewhere and giving T-Mobile the advantage. With 7 percent of its towers set to 20Mbps of capacity, the next few weeks should that number rise to 25 percent and allow a significant portion of T-mobile subscribers some lovely data speeds when this service does indeed go live for all.

Of course, HSPA+ capable phones are as of yet unannounced but we can hope some serious muscle will be brought to bear in order to get a swift rollout of devices able to handle this network. T-Mobile isn’t alone in this HSPA+ venture, as 25 other carriers have already deployed the service so devices are already on the market. Though we should point out, we don’t know which of them if any T-mobile might bring to the masses here in the US. Could be none as T-Mobile could easily go to the manufacturers directly and specify handsets as it sounds only logical with the T-Mobile commitment to Android so entrenched that we’ll something along those lines first.

With LTE still a dream for many, T-Mobile has a lofty opportunity here to both push their own network as well as buying some time to perfect their own 4G solution.

Grab the whole article from GigaOM here.

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  • SayaX

    Finally. Have yet to see those increased speeds here in MD. I’m in the burbs bordering Baltimore/DC. Desperately needing better 3G coverage here.

    • Fort

      I’m with you. I’m in the burbs loving this snow days off. But the 3g could be a lot better. I did ride up close to 32 the other night and you would not believe the speeds I was getting there. We need that here.

      • FILA

        Im on the northeast end of Bmore, Aberdeen, and those maps load pretty damn quick I might say!

      • akil

        im in catonsville (west baltimore) and the fastest i’ve seen was about 1.1mbs but most times like 700kbs, bmore is a major city so hopefully we get those speeds soon

  • Chgo26

    Thanks for the link, David. I’ve been wondering about the progress of HSPA+ and it’s nice to see them moving ahead at a good pace. Sucks for me though as I’m not on the coasts (Chicago here) but I think I like where T-Mobile is going. They were good to me a few years ago and I can’t wait to get back.

  • Jonstonson

    Need to see a better blackberry browser before we’ll be able to notice!

    • analog spirit

      ^ Amen to that; RIM really need to make a new BB browser that’s worth a damn.

  • Rorison Meadows

    I love this post. Even if Tmonews doesn’t respond to my tweets EVER, I still love it. I’m so excited!

    • David

      What tweets???

      • Rorison Meadows

        haha! @replies! don’t worry, I still love…Tmonews OWNS

  • Julacho
    • J-Hop2o6

      HAHA! nice

      Report: T-Mobile ranks best in data test during Super Bowl

      • DavidOhio

        Lmfao! I love it…..Verizon, the most reliable 3G network! They could not even hit 100kbps download speed hahaha. And at&t and their connection failure rate the highest…they suck! Say what you will about t-mobile, I will never leave them.

      • analog spirit

        @J-Hop2o6: Wow, T-Mo ranked best? That’s awesome! I like where T-Mo is going with this HSPA+… :)

  • manus

    fastest ive had is 700 kbps i thought it was supposed to be a couple of mbps

  • Richard

    What happened to 7.2? Still haven’t seen the effects of that upgrade and I will believe this upgrade when I see it

  • JulioG

    Yay!!! Oregon will get it soon! Love the west coast.
    It sucks tho. I’m only getting speeds of 700 – 1400 kbps :( isn’t every one getting like 3200 kbps???

  • Loren

    Does this mean that the Nexus One will not be compatible with the upgrade to HSPA+?

    • FILA

      You’ll only get 7.2Mbps out of it which equals 900KB. Theres no 21MBps phones out there yet, in the country that is, to my knowledge, but no Nexus for HSPA+

  • JulioG

    Yay!!!! Oregon will get it some soon! Love the west cost!!
    Sucks tho. Because I’m only doing speeds of 700 – 1300 kbps :( isn’t everyone getting 3200 kbps???

  • newspeak

    I would love to see something faster then 500k in tampa but I am not holding my breath

  • wow it sucks for all of u im always pulling 2-3 mbps daily in LA on my motorola click i guess i live in a good t-mobile 3G area!

    • kenny

      I live in LA and the highest i’ve ever seen is 1.2 mbps


    • SteveG1

      I have many friends in the LA area with Moto Cliq’s, MyTouch’s and G1’s. None of them have seen anything more than 1.2Mbps.

  • bill

    “The relatively young 3G network was rolled out in 2008, but has several compelling devices such as the Nexus One, the MyTouch and unlocked iPhones scavenged from AT&T’s network.”

    Why even mention the iPhone if 3G doesn’t work?

    • analog spirit

      It works, just not on T-Mo’s 3G frequency. So you wouldn’t get 3G; you’d only get EDGE speeds at best.

  • DavidOhio

    Sweet! I was just on http://www.t-mobile.de and they have some awsome phones in Germany!

    • analog spirit

      Yeah, I’ve seen them too; They even have the iPhone on T-Mo there. And they need to send some of those awesome phones our way, ‘cos T-Mo USA’s current line-up is pretty lacking right now, tho that’ll probably improve in the next few months as more and better phones get released (let’s hope & pray)…

  • ian

    Hspa+? What about regular old hspa? I’ve got for bars on this n1 right now and it’s barely hitting 512kbps. I do get 2mbps sometimes, but never when I need it. The “h” lights up on the status bar, it just doesn’t mean much.

  • FILA

    7.2Mbps = 900KBps
    21Mbps = 2.62MBps

    We need a Nexus 2, with a QWERTY and it able to receive HSPA+ (21Mbps)

    Yuo want the N1 but want it to have the fastest connection, it will be out dated when T-Mobile rolls this out.

    • Trill

      No one will see the full 7.2mbps so get that out your head but an average of 4-5mbps is more in the realm of truth lol. When HSPA+ is fully out then 7.2mbps might be possible because its a bigger pipe which would better performance even when there is more traffic than usual

  • watbetch

    I get 500-700 in certain areas, 700-900 in certain areas.. haven’t seen 1mbps yet with my new phone.

    • Trill

      I’ve seen 1.86mbps down but its only in one area in my town. Upload speeds are not bad considering I get the same speed on road runner. I hope I’m apart of the lucky 25% but if I could get a constant speed of 1.2mbps in my town I would be happy with that honestly, that’s only until they get 7.2mbps or HSPA+

  • Joe OpenSource

    Lets not jump to + yet! When will 7.2 be implemented ? I have traveled the whole eastern coast, only 3 cities were over 1 Mbs Orlando, Philly, and NY …WTF TMO? Perhaps the owner of this site can get to the bottom of just the 7.2 roll out??? Hint Hint

  • SteveG1

    I’m in the Boston area and I’ve never seen more than 800kbps DOWN and 600kbps UP on my G1. Terrible. My expectations on this rollout is low.(like t-mo’s bandwith)

    • Joe OpenSource

      Yes as I mentioned T-Mobile tells the country it has 7.2, however from my travels only 3 cities on the east coast are 1 to 2 Mbs in DL speed.

      All we hear is they are working on the back haul. I asked about 7.2 the last week of 2009 and was told the whole nation would be ready the 2nd week of 2010.

      Someone with contacts needs to get some firm dates on basic 7.2, I can give a rats ass about the + because the way I see it + will not be available until 7.2 is complete.. someone needs to call T-Mobile’s bluff

  • Vaddy

    I’m getting 1Mbps down and I am ten minutes outside Minneapolis on my Nokia n900, though I saw a youtube video where another n900 owner was getting 6mbps down in NYC

  • Solrac924

    all i know is i’m upgrading my G1 to a Nexus One in October. all this time i haven’t seen any speeds > 400 Mbps in El Paso whereas Verizon service is blazing on my friends Droid. unless TMo upgrades their network quick in my area, i’m ditching Magenta. too little, too late.

  • dharma89

    got a question. so isn’t all of regular 3G phone cannot get HSPA+ speed? for example, Current Android device, G1 and mytouch 3G will not be improved regardless of this network upgrade? Im confused… lol