T-mobile To Launch "Many" Android Devices In 2009!


Well this is the exact kind of news that brightens up the day for me when I blog! Cole Brodman, T-mobile USA CTO recently spoke to Om Malik at his blog GigaOM and had this to say about Android and T-mobile: “We are looking to launch multiple Android-based devices in the second half of this year with three partners.” Ok, that sounds good to me, anyone else have a complaint about multiple manufacturers producing Android equipment?! Didn’t think so. We can take a pretty good guess at at least two of the partners, the obvious being HTC MyTouch and Samsung, with the third possibly, in the guess of this writer, Huawei, having heard rumblings/rumors of their desire to bring Android to the United States. Aside from all the phone talk, Brodman continued to hint at Android coming to Netbooks, going so far as saying he has even seen demo versions of devices running the Android platform. Hmmmmm, interesting!!

GigaOM via Engadget

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  • Jeremy

    Its great that Android is starting to spread out to other devices other than just the G1. Hopefully it keeps on growing and gets better and better. I just hope any updates to the O/S will also allowed on past Android devices. I hate how having the HTC MDA I couldn’t upgrade the Windows Mobile O/S to the next level (6.0). I understand there can be hardware limitations but still keep the system upgraded as needed. So far being a proud G1 owner I am very happy with Android and will continue to support the platform… I just hope they contiue to make amazing hardware to support an amazing O/S because when I am ready to upgrade again someday I would like to have another Great phone that uses Android. I really like the fact that when I do switch to another Android device my contacts etc. Will follow with little effort other than a simple log-in. Speaking of Android… anyone here any more about the possible lawsuit on the Android name?

  • Galen20K

    I Agree Jeremy and it’s Only going to get MORE BETTER!!!

  • FILA

    Well Im very picky when it comes to phones so it makes no difference and I will not even consider a Samsung phone no matter if it runs android or not. I will only take a HTC or a NOKIA phone. or that Huawei Android device thats suppose to be coming out, looks really hot, but not hardware QWERTY, but were have to wait and see.

    UPDATE: Looks like T-Mobile took down the Wing from the WebSite. Its gettin ready for the release of the TP2 in July, and I cant wait, none of us can. And I think I made my decision on gettin the TP2 after playing with it. The G1 will fade out by fall and set its self up for the new QWERTY G1 V2. So Im very excited. Hell I’ll go with the TP2 for a few months till I play with the new G1, it will be worth it. Now I just cannot wait till July, damnit I wish it was released towards the beginning of the months instead of waiting all month for it. guess it gives me more time to save thou :-/

  • JBLmobileG1

    How come I’ve been hearing so much about a G1 V.2 Itbeforeounds like HTC realized that the G1 had enough issues that they needed to release a version 2 instead of a whole new G2 (which I have heard is going to be released) This kinda upsets me because I think if it is true and there is a version 2 of the G1 with the fixes (loose screen for example) then maybe they should let customers who purchased a G1 and had issues in the past swap out for the newer model. If that’s asking to much they should at least let customers who have been on time with their payments etc. Be able to do an early upgrade to the new version of the G1. At&t does this now for older iphone customers. Any customer who is in good standing and wants to upgrade to the iphone 3G can… even if they haven’t full-filled their 2 year contract. The new V2 from the pictures that I am seeing seems to be more of a slider (un like the current model) which problems mean less likely to have a loose screen after a few months. I actually went through a G1 because of a loose screen and after replacing it I didn’t have any problems… however…. after 6 months or so my new phone sometimes feels as though its coming loose again. I know where I work our G1 dummy displays break easily. I have taken them apart and re-attached the screen because the screws holding the front screen on always come loose. I am really starting to wonder if that’s why there is a V2 G1. If you open and close the screen enough those tiny screws are bound to come loose sooner or later. (Could be another reason why cupcake is coming out sooner than anyone thought). Sony themselves did it with the older playstation video game console. After awhile the games would stop reading yet if you turned the system on its side or upside down the games would read again. I still think that’s why the PS2 and PS3 systems give you either option. Horizontal or vertical. Who really knows though. I just hope this G1 V.2 isn’t just a replacement of the original. If it is…. they knew they might have released something too soon and they are making the customers pay for it which isn’t fair at all. Don’t get me wrong… I do Love my G1 and I really love Android… but… if I am going to keep on running into issues because of anothers mistake Id like to have the option to get it fixed if I do end up with a really loose screen and my warranty expires… I do have insurance but to pay $130 for something that isn’t my doing is not right for me or anyone else. Anyone agree?

  • the_wizard

    I think reading your post made some of my brain cells kill themselves. The term G1 v2 is strictly being thrown around on the blogs. And it is no different than a wing 2 or an env2 or anything else. The htc magic has been referred to as the “G2” for a while now so a new htc slider running android would be easily be associated with the G1. As far as the dummy phones you mentioned, they are exactly that….dummy phones. They are cheap because people break them and they are nothing to replace. And finally, thank you for you brilliant insight into the playstation. I can’t understand how you aren’t on the T-mobile and/or Sonys board of directors….btw, do you actually work for t-mobile? Or do they just keep a lot of cheap toys at your work to keep you from hurting yourself?

  • mikeeeee

    i’m not an ubergizmo technoholic.

    my g-1 kills.

    just for giggles i loaded the gps/speedometer app and used it on a 600 mile trip the following day, worked great.

    every android app i have loaded works great.

    the next android device with UMA wins the prize.

    i’ll buy 2 of them and sign up to tmo for life.

  • InfidelCastro

    Sapphire’s getting a 5mp camera according to Engadget photos. I7500 has all the stuff that’d make the G1 better (8gb hd, microsd up to 32 gb, 3.5mm headphone jack, external camera flash).

  • rickb928

    I would not be surprised that 1.5 getting some pretty cool things fixed or installed, like app-independent rotation and the bluetooth stack completed would improve manufacturer relations and convince them that Android is a go, will work, and is getting professional/timely development. When we see other carriers adopt Android, then the floodgates will be open.

    I do NOT expect Verizon to adopt Android, they prefer to capture certain services for profit, like ringtones and pic file/MMS. Sprint is in tough shape, and might try it if they could get a platform cheap that ran both Android and something more conventional. AT&T is stuck between Apple and every one else, and would have to reassure Apple that Android phones would not cannibalize iPhone sales, which I think is a tough idea to sell. Every other carrier is an also-ran, and probably won’t rock their boats.