T-mobile To Launch "Many" Android Devices In 2009!


Well this is the exact kind of news that brightens up the day for me when I blog! Cole Brodman, T-mobile USA CTO recently spoke to Om Malik at his blog GigaOM and had this to say about Android and T-mobile: “We are looking to launch multiple Android-based devices in the second half of this year with three partners.” Ok, that sounds good to me, anyone else have a complaint about multiple manufacturers producing Android equipment?! Didn’t think so. We can take a pretty good guess at at least two of the partners, the obvious being HTC MyTouch and Samsung, with the third possibly, in the guess of this writer, Huawei, having heard rumblings/rumors of their desire to bring Android to the United States. Aside from all the phone talk, Brodman continued to hint at Android coming to Netbooks, going so far as saying he has even seen demo versions of devices running the Android platform. Hmmmmm, interesting!!

GigaOM via Engadget

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