Samsung Android With 1700 Band Coming Soon!



Now before any of you get to excited, this, the first in the promised line of Samsung Android devices won’t be on this side of the pond if current rumors are accurate. The Samsung I7500 pictured above is rumored to be their very first Android device to hit store shelves and its of course going to Europe first. Sporting a 11.9-mm slim quad-band GSM, tri-band 7.2Mbps HSDPA (900/1700/2100MHz) candybar packs a 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 pixel AMOLED touchscreen, WiFi, GPS, 5 megapixel camera with Power LED, 1,500mAh battery, 8GB of storage (plus MicroSD expansion for up to 32GB more), and a standard 3.5mm heasdset jack. While the US launches are of course still promised in another few months, eager buyers can always scoop one up for that gorgeous 1700mhz band if they are willing to pay what will almost certainly be a heavy price unlocked. 


Samsung Press Release


  • branon

    Why do you say “rumored” when Samsung has a press release already?

  • Jon

    the rumor is that it would come to the USA. Just because it’s UMTS Band IV capable doesn’t mean that it will be sold in the USA. Of course, if it’s not sold in the USA, it will be available on ebay

  • Jon

    oh i see you were talking about the first “rumored” device. NVM, yeah with the press release it’s confirmed.


    This is the phone T-Mobile should have released in the first place. Pleasing to the eyes. But I want to hear rumors….I need hard facts that this will be NETWORK SUPPORTED.

  • B

    The phone T-Mobile should have released in the first place? T-Mobile doesn’t make the phone, Samsung does. What would you have proposed they do? Hold off on Android completely, just to wait for this possible phone release?

  • It does look pretty nice…

  • Steven I

    This phone would make me look a little closer at the Android platform. The G1 just want esthetically pleasing at all. Now if only the Android Marketplace would beef up a bit, still lagging well behind the Apple App Store.


    @B you’ve OBVIOUSLY missed the point….
    Duh…yeah…Samsung made the phone.
    This is the Android phone T-Mobile should have released to market….ummmm…they do have that authority. Get the picture now?

  • JonnyBrazil

    This probably will be a T-Mobile phone because its HSDPA is 900/1700/2100MHz, same as T-Mobile’s HSPDA. I will consider getting it as i do need a new phone. Hope it comes out in September.

  • soviet

    i wouldn’t think that samsung would make another phone with android os for tmo and sprint. i think that comes to usa soon. but if they have something else that would be a bonus. if by the end of the year there up to 10 android os phones i think iphone is in trouble. i wish there is one like nokia e71 running android os, that would be awesome that would kill blackberry.

  • craig

    I like the G1 look better than this phone, but each is own. Maybe because I have the G1, just like the one guy said they need to beef up the Market because its lacking. I try to keep in mind that T-Mobile I believe is 4th behind the other top three phone services.

  • FILA

    I will NEVER own a samsung phone, no matter how hot it is. never!

  • soviet

    @fila why no samsung?

  • guhhhh

    so what would be best to wait for the htc magic or this phone?

  • soviet

    i say this one is better than magic. camera flash, 3.5 jack.

  • J

    It is only a matter of time before the android apps outnumber the apple apps. Apple is limiting the number of phones by staying exclusive. It won’t be long until there are numerous android devices over all the carriers. That’s when the apps will explode in number.

  • Oce


  • soviet

    i mean how many apps r useful? i only have like 10 apps and more than enough. i just love android, love the google sync, brilliant

  • Galen20K

    YEah I really think it should have had a Trackball also tho, otherwise its Nice!

  • Andrew

    I think this phone looks great, but it just doesn’t have that android look. It looks more like a normal touchscreen phone

  • rudy

    i’m hoping i’ll be able to buy it unlocked, would love to use this with my tzones plan for occasionel email and web surfing.

  • soviet

    ruby agree 100%

  • Michael

    If this comes out ill be switching from my tmobile Iphone for it cause the 3G would rock. Finally a competative good looking Phone from T-mobile!

  • Alex

    I tried the G1 for 6 months, have always hated the iPhone. I guess I really just dont like touch screen phones. Android was fun, but its more of a toy than something that is actually useful. I went back to the Blackberry 8900, their App Market is very small and not very wide application variety, but the apps that they do have, i.e. the Bloomberg App. is amazing. I had been waiting for a comprehensive financial app and that made it for me! Plus Google Sync can be done on the blackberry as well. Dont really know what makes android that great anymore… oh well..

  • Rotten Core

    As long as Android w/ Cupcake, this phone is hot. Might consider replacing my G1 with it. (Though I’m gonna have to take a peek at the Touch Pro 2 when it drops).

    I agree that G1 is not much of a ‘business phone’. It doesn’t even do push corporate email… but thats why the corporate types get a Blackberry or Palm. Right tool for the right job.

    As far as my personal and daily life and communications, the G1 is pretty solid… except for that shyte camera… another reason to consider the Samsung.

  • Cotton Rore

    Honestly, if T-mo US picks this up, I believe G1 and G2 sales are going to suffer… so I can see why they aren’t quick to put this out to the US.

  • Razius

    That d-pad is just fugly. I would rather have the trackball there, but still I want to see the responsiveness of that screen. The screen sounds awesome, but it could suck horribly.

  • Wizzyconsin

    When the hell will T-Mobile get with the freaking program?


  • J

    It doesn’t hurt T-Mobile to sell more Samsung Android devices over the G1 or other Android devices. It hurts HTC. You will see multiple Android manufacturers in T-Mobile’s lineup. I cannot speak for a specific device, but there will be more variety of Android devices in the lineup. T-Mobile is looking for a competitive device to bring in subscribers. If people see this as a better option than the G1, then thats a good thing for T-Mobile rather than a negative one.

  • mingkee

    the size is about same as G1, except the thickness, close to 12mm, and there’s no tilted chin
    if Samsung offers as Anycall i7508 (Asian version), I’ll go for it
    it’s said it’ll be 300 Euro, about $400
    not bad at all

  • Julacho

    I understand is in a different language but you can always use any translator available online, go to:

    Is cool cause Vodafone is the British company selling Androids in the European Union. And they update it very often, good luck with the link.

  • Mr. B

    Ok… I don’t like samsung. I dont like the behold, memior, instinct, eternity. I just dont like them. I want a true pda phone for tmobile. Another HTC or something. Samsungs just is to basic in my eyes.
    I own a G1 and I would love it if two things were different. Better battery life, mine dies in like a matter of hours and if it had better apps. I have an iphone unlcoked and this phone does what they say. It has an app for just about everything you want to do. lol. serious. the apps on the g1 are a waste of money and a waste of space since there is not anymore space then what came on the phone.

    Dont like the new phone!!!

  • tmobile rep

    how come no one has mentioned on the board how t-mobile is now charging customers 18 dollar upgrade fees if they come into the store and want to buy a phone at full price?.i’m a sales rep and my coworkers and i think its terrible and greedy..if you come into the store and say you dont have service but want to buy the phone then you get it cheaper then existing customers..its discriminatory and i bet they get sued..

  • Joe

    I knew this was going to happen. I’ve put up with the G1’s…um, retro(meaning old, outdated, and ugly)styling for seven months because Android is worth compromising over. I thought that, come summer time, my choice for an upgrade to my G1 would be obvious. It’s turning out to be far from obvious. I don’t know what to buy!

    I guess that’s not a bad problem to have, but I’m so indecisive right now. First I thought the Magic would be it, even though it didn’t seem like much of an upgrade and I didn’t care for the fact that HTC was claiming that it was only going to be available in white. Then, I heard that the Touch Pro2 was coming to TMo and when I saw the first photo’s of it…well, let’s just say that I felt like printing out a copy, locking myself in a stall with it…and fondling it. Yes, I know…creepy. But, you can’t tell me that it’s not a sexy piece of…..hardware :) . However, just thinking about abandoning Android felt like..well, like infidelity. Especially for a WinMo device. I feel dirty just saying it…and not in a good way!

    Now, Samsung has to come along and muddy things up even more for me by confirming the existence of the I7500. That is one good looking ANDROID device. But, I don’t think I can hold off until it get’s released in the U.S.(expect late, late summer or early fall). And just when I thought I couldn’t get more confused, the plot thickens. The Vodafone Magic dropped in Spain…and it’s available in black!!! Now they’re just playing with my emotions! What am I supposed to do? My G1 probably hates me.

  • haha that was a very entertaining post there Joe…

  • blacknoi

    So if you buy this unlocked, and have 5.99 tzones, will they make you switch to a “g1” data plan? That is the question.

  • Bebe

    Any of the newer cells coming out that uses data you’ll have a choice beteen the $24.99 and the $34.99 and for the buisness ppls is $54.99.Anyone who plans on upgrading from their old sdk to the new sdklx09 can stay and keep the old plan unless you decide to change it.
    I think the bad part is that they don’t have a family data plan yet which is gonna cost families more cause each cell will need one.They should charge $4-54.99 for family data plans.

  • achilles

    This phone rocks! Android, plus great storage, plus camera flash, plus standard headphone jack, 3G, Wi-fi! This does everything I want it to. In the future, I already have this! Way to Go!

  • tmoguy

    8 Gig Memory, MicroSD card slot, 3.5 mm headset jack…I’m there!

  • Bebe

    TMO Rep,you’re right that update charge is killing most of us who’s making it from dime to dime and not having a family data plan it’s not goods either.Would save me money that’s for sure.

  • Bebe

    OK check this out from Sammy UK,how come Sammy USA or TMO don’t sell these of which ppl want for a cell?

  • Tay

    i really want an android phone, but if the g1 is horrifically ugly, and i want it to be touchscreen all the way. I was going to settle for the magic but now that i could have the option of a AMOLED screen i want this samsung…but i dont want to wait…i have been waiting for sooo long but i dont want to settle…

    maybe we can start a campaign and get them to drop this phone soooner!!!

  • Why is everyone going the way of Touch Screen only? I can’t stand them! Yes they look pretty, but functionally, it’s terrible! Doesn’t anyone else like to be able to type/text message without having to stare at their phone? I know it’s not the best to drive annd text, but with the regular phones that have a keyboard or at least number pad (like the standard Nokia phones) you can text quickly and without guessing, since you can ‘feel’ the keys. I am looking at these new Nokias- N85, N97, they are beautiful, but it doesn’t look like they are on the 1700 frequency needed to be on T-Mobile’s 3G. T-Mobile is a great company and I hope that they start making it easier for other phones to get on their 3G NETWORK… They are very nice though in that they give you support for ‘non-tmobile devices,’ but you can’t really put an ‘outside’ phone on the 3G, you are stuck with EDGE/GPRS.



    They should just put a micro-chip in everyones head…….

    problem solved

  • Alex R.

    Why is everyone hating on the G1. Sure it has a few shortcomings, but so does every phone. I think it looks good, and it’s good for business, depending on what business you’re into. Just saying, phones don’t need to be purrrty if they function well. But I guess different strokes for diff folks.

  • SEFan

    I’ve long hated Samsung phones, but this one…

    – Nice looking, slim, appears to have decent touch screen
    – Android, so no issues w/ clumsy or annoying Samsung OS
    – Big battery
    – 3.5 mm headphone jack (Come on HTC, get a clue!)
    – WiFi, GPS, and AWS 3G
    – lots of storage and the option of LOTS of storage

    I don’t know. With 3G supposedly appearing in my neighborhood in Q4 I might have to get over this Sammy phobia and sign on for one of these…