Android 1.5 "Cupcake" Update Already Out??


Reports are coming in from everywhere that the heavily anticipated “cupcake” 1.5 software update for the G1 is already being pushed out to users. Having been teased and teased and teased a little more about the actual release date for this update, we had almost given up hope. That is until we saw that our brethren from the other side of the pond had posted a teaser for a May release for the update. While May is still less than 24 hours away, we’ll start taking our updates now! Users from the forums are already starting to comment on the update and the only thing you can do is sit and wait for an OTA push, however praying to T-mobile probably wouldn’t hurt your chances of getting it sooner. Just kidding! No word on how long this update rollout will take or if this is truly an official rollout, stay tuned as we hopefully will get more details as the day, week rolls on!



Thanks to everyone who sent this in!!

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  • very cool. Hey fellow G1 brethren, don’t be douchy and call T-Mobile to ask about the update, you’ll get it soon enough.

  • soviet

    pls, pls let us now when ppl start getting update.

  • While I really hope it is true that the rollout has started, I don’t want to get my hopes up just yet. I am a T-Mobile employee and just read an announcement yesterday that the Android 1.5 SDK was now available, but that the release of cupcake would still be a ways off. *shrug*

  • Yes it’s been released and here is bit more info on it.

  • Shawn

    Other sites say it’s a 44MB update. Does that mean you have to have at least 44MB free on your internal memory storage? I’m sure there are slim to none who actually have that much internal mem storage free. Or does that get downloaded into the system and not from your original 74MB internal mem?

  • eff this cupcake…T-Mobile should give out REAL cupcakes…mmmm cupcakes

  • JBLmobileG1

    If this is true… and I am pretty sure it is…does anyone know if they will push the update to your phone if your running on an Edge signal or does it need to be 3G? Only reason I ask is because I live in Henderson/Las Vegas area and the towers aren’t really pushing a 3G signal like they should. I am hearing its due to updates which may take some time (I believe they are expanding 3G coverage). Hopefully I will be getting my cupcake soon…. I really hope it fixes the memory issue so you can d/l and save to a mircoSD card…. and I’ve heard it offers a few other enhancements that would be nice to have.

  • J

    It would be pushed out regardless of if you are on Edge or 3G. There are a lot of G1s in non-3G areas. I believe my market has over 30,000 G1s and we are still Edge at the moment. It would likely be sent out based on IMEI numbers. What LAC you are on shouldn’t be a factor.

  • g_willi

    Cupcake, baby! Can’t wait!

  • Ermac A.K.A. Mr Swagganaut

    Ok from what I’ve heard from my boy who works in the G1 department the update officially rolls out may 10th thu the 16th, if you got it early, ur not special because actually google wanted T-Dash to do that because they wanted a few consumers to try it out and give an opinion in the google fourms about it instead of having just the developers, who usually gets it first, give their views. I don’t have it yet but it looks real nice, the animated windows look sweet!

  • cDAWG

    hmmm my friend got his update ota but he has the developers version so idk if us regulars get it anytime sooon

  • JBLmobileG1: Edge get’s it few days later


  • Travis

    Hey, Folks. Does everyone realize that Cupcake from Android is not the same as the 1.5 upgrade from T-Mobile? They are not the same thing, despite what you see in the blogs and comments.

  • meanmcclean

    I guess the Rumor mill for an April release was accurate after all :-)

  • cDAWG

    nope this is cupcake!!!

  • Rey

    i like the title ” cupcake ALREADY out???”

    Already ? as much as i have heard of cupcake its like its been out for months lol

  • mb00

    I doubt it’s real. I think it’s just rumors. It seems like every blog site is talking about it being true, but not one person has come forward to say they’ve gotten it. And truth be told, I can’t wait to be rid of the effing phone. It truly is the most useless piece of crap I’ve ever upgraded to.
    I’ll get excited when the HTC Touch Pro2 comes out.

  • Some Dude

    This is false. T-Mobile has not released it yet and even posted a bulletin on their intranet the other day clearing that up.

  • Ermac A.K.A. Mr Swagganaut

    @Travis, well i have a thought that you might consider. U can get 2 types of updates on the G1, a firmware update, and a RC update. Firmware updates are more indepth updates than RC updates. RC updates are what service packs are on Windows, small security patches, 1 or two add ons, 1 or 2 refinements. While Firmware updates can polish a bulk of things, add a bulk of new items and like i said update more indepth things, like the stereo headset thing, an RC update wouldnt be able to add that to the current firmware.

  • Ermac A.K.A. Mr Swagganaut

    @ some dude, dude we’re about truth in the world of Tmonews. We post links confirming stuff like that. Bring a link, get ur believers.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Anybody who wanted 1.5 already has it. It’s been compiled and released into the wild by xda-developers at least a month ago and yes, it’s all that. I’ve been running ADP1 version of cupcake for the last week and not a single crash, very stable and very fast. Only english locale in that though so I may have to go back to Dude of life’s version of it with 72 locales.

  • shinobi-wan

    i don’t believe any of it either. You’d be hearing at least a nice handful of people posting that they’ve recieved it. There are only a tiny amount saying they got it. I believe they just updated through xda or something like that and are lying for attention.

  • Some Dude

    People who have been on this site for a while know that I only bring the truth. I said it was posted on their INTRAnet which means it is not viewable to anybody outside T-Mobile. Ask any retail or customer service rep to check for you and confirm. As far as “bring proof and get believers” goes, I would say the burden of proof is on those who are claiming that this is being pushed out to the public. I have yet to see or hear of any regular Joe customer receiving this update. I believe it was sent to the developers but that is it.

  • grethade

    The intraweb declares that the sdk for android 1.5 is available for developers. Its not for customers yet and will be on a later date.

  • screenshot on droideveloper . com website from tmos systems

  • Suwat

    The anticipation for this is driving me crazy a few of us at the chicago web design studio I work at have a G1 and were dying to get our grubby hands all over it!

  • Chris

    I JUST GOT THE CUPCAKE UPDATE MYSELF MY ROOTING MY PHONE AND DOWNLOADING IT MYSELF!! HAHA I am stoked. I followed easy tutorials on youtube and it worked! cheers from Oakland, Ca

  • David

    Still no cupcake love for Cleveland Ohio. No 3G love either :(

  • len granger

    Got cupcake about 10am may 7th. It all looks very good although on screen keyboard bit small for me. Overall superb.


    Still no cupcake in vegas. :-(

  • batmann

    still nothing here in minnesota….where are you len granbger??

  • Tim

    Nothing here in Boston.

  • ray

    nothing in san jose this is bs i keeo checking and wasting my time

  • Cupcakeisafake

    Nothing here in texas. This shit must be a false alarm AGAIN

  • Freddy

    Still no updates here in Miami, Florida. Have my G1 on 3G every second just in case i can get it faster :)

  • Tim

    Still nothing in Boston.

  • Ben

    They bumped the update back another week!