T-mobile Germany Points To May Release For Cupcake


Now lately I have made it a point to stay away from the usual Cupcake rumors that come from someone’s sisters brothers dog walker ex girlfriend who knows a guy who works for google. However, this time it comes from a credible source, our T-mobile brethren in Germany which lists via the website a list of updates coming in a May release.  Now of course, none of this can be found on the US website, but if our friends in Germany are getting it in May, hopefully US users won’t be that far behind!

  • On-screen keyboard 
  • Video recording and playback
  • Pictures and video with one-click Picasa and YouTube uploads
  • Automatic adjustment of the touchscreen when the G1 is held horizontal or vertical
  • Support for A2dp

BoyGenius via T-mobile Germany


  • I have seen comments on the market saying they have cupcake. Even some of the newer apps are mentioning cupcake.

    I’m sick of the false rumors so I hope cupcake will be available real soon.

  • Chris

    So is this just an updated version of the G1? Or a brand new one?

  • Land Of The Trill

    Well I hope its officially released even though I’ve been using it for almost a month and now many of you will enjoy your G1 again. Its not that far fetch but I need proof and even then there is the donut branch.

  • i

    Star Trek movie and Android 1.5 (Cupcake)!
    May 2009 is going to be great!!!

  • mmeyer4663

    They’re upgrading DE before US when US has 1M devices sold?
    Ach du lieber Himmel!

  • Alex

    About effin time!
    I hope..

  • John

    i have cupcake, its not the official one but the magic port is cupcake =] so those ppl in the market probably do have cupcake

  • sino8r

    yup its as easy as rooting your G1. Whoa I have cupcake, blah, blah, blah… I’ve actually had cupcake since Google made it… it just wasn’t too stable until a month ago when it was ported from the Magic/Sapphire/G2/whatever-it’s-called. Here’s the link for those who want it now and aren’t stupid and lazy….

  • FILA

    I told ya! To bad, but hopefully it can help battery life :-/

  • Define cupcake.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Cupcake does help battery life to a certain degree. I can use it for a day now at least when before (on R33) it would last me 6-7 hours.

  • You know what’s funny…I was watching TV and there was a T-Mobile commercial where the G1 was featured…and the G1 on the commercial had cupcake (haha). Only reason I know this is because it had the on screen keyboard like the iPhone. I thought it was pretty funny…

  • NTmobilite

    Did they consider upgrading the mono bluetooth to stereo yet?

  • Enough already, what about the Touch Pro2 / Wing II?

  • Lochinvar

    I just got the ota update. It was 44+mb dl, but my friends haven’t got it yet. Maybe it is because I have a dev phone?