Samsung T349 On The Way


We first got wind of this device a few weeks back with the leaked release calendar and while the details on that calendar definitely refute the information available here, we’re much happier with the current info! Turns out, opposite from what the release calendar inferred, this device isn’t going prepaid and will be available with a 20-key “messaging” keyboard, nothing to fancy about it but its sure to appeal to some younger fans who wants the thrill of a larger keyboard without the bells and whistles. Available on May 20th are a TBD price!
Key Features: 
  • 20-key keypad
  • 1.3 megapixel camera w/ video capture
  • SMS, MMS, Email and IM
  • Bluetooth
  • Speakerphone
  • Photo caller ID, alarm clock, calculator,
  • Mobile backup
  • GPRS connectivity



  • kickstar13

    T-Mobile is starting to get some phones…but it would be nice if they were smartphones.

  • pjs

    so is this the Samsung Blast 1.5 ?????

  • SliSparky

    Hah, the touch pro2 is all the smartphone i need. And after that, its the G1, im pretty sure tmo has that market down.

  • OH…EM…GEE….

    This phone has SPEAKERPHONE…


  • Pythagoras

    It doesn’t even have Edge? Where the hell can they even find a phone without Edge?

  • LatinPride613

    Why would Tmobile keep releasing these kind of phones? They have the funds and technology to get pricier (cheaper type) phones.

  • TRobshi

    A 20 key keypad….. why can’t they just make it a full qwerty??!! WTF T-MOBILE WE NEED MORE FULL QWERTY DUMBPHONES!!!

  • J-Hop2o6

    this is just a prepaid phone

  • kickstar13

    @ J-Hop206
    Actually it is available for both postpaid and prepaid customers.