Tentative release dates.. get em while they're hot!


Many of you out there are probably wondering – like we all have been – when we might be able to expect some of the goodies we’ve been hearing about lately that are coming to T-Mobile. Thanks to a trusted tipster, we’ve got some serious information here regarding phone release dates through summer. Tentative and subject to change? Sure, and it should probably go without saying that dates can change for any number of reasons, but as of now these dates are correct.  So, without further ado, let’s get to the release dates, shall we? We’ll go ahead and list the known phones with codenames first. They’re right after the break…

  • “Blade” (Sidekick 2009)May 13
  • HTC “Maple”/”Snap”July 1st (contrary to earlier speculation, this seems to confirm a T-Mobile variant)
  • HTC “Rhodium”/Wing IIJuly 22nd (also known as the Touch Pro 2)
  • HTC “Sapphire”/”Magic”TBD. Sorry folks.. we’ll keep you posted (a.k.a. G2)
  • Sony Ericsson “CS8” – June 24th (8mp camera? Is this the Android device they’ve been talking about?)
  • Nokia 1661 (prepaid) – April 29th (We know, a week later than previously mentioned. But you know the wait will be SO worth it. No… really… it will be… )
  • Samsung T349 (prepaid) – May 6th
  • Samsung T239 (prepaid) – May 13th
  • Samsung T559 – July 15th
  • Samsung T469  – July 15th (just a simple two-tone gray, apparently)
  • Samsung T749 – July 22nd (2 colors for this one: red/orange and two-tone gray)
  • Samsung T659 – August 19th

So… excitements? Disappointments? Sound off!

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  • John

    a) No sign of the HTC Memphis
    b) The Rhodium doesn’t run Android

  • alt-mobile

    All of this is pretty disappointing.

    1) The replacement of the Dash looks extremely ugly, not to mention the speaks are not that much better than the current Dash (which stinks).

    2) It seems like the one phone I’ve been waiting for, won’t be released until the end of July (Wing 2) and even then it probably won’t be out until August.

    3) Samsung seems to really be pushing out a lot of low-end flip phones in the T series (I, personally, would like to see that Android device that they have been working out to be released).

    4) The biggest disappointment, to me, is that they only have about 3 high caliber phones that are being released, and we won’t even see them for another 4-5 months (too few and TOO long)…

  • teacherman

    nothin from RIM?

  • ChampagneDreams

    Well im excited about the Wing 2!Hopefully it does come on July 22nd.

  • CeluGeek

    If the Snap has UMA, I’m so getting it even if no 3G, altough, it’ll be tight to have both UMA AND 3G. If it has 3G but no UMA, I’ll pass.

  • Mankato

    Great stuff. But David pls give us something regarding the G2. can not wait.

  • sprinT-mobile

    wow, bunch of lame phones excluding the touch pro2…the cs8 is just the c905 phone, wifi gps and probably uma

    if tmobile prices the touch pro2 at a competitive price then i might consider it over sprint’s

  • AT&T-Mobile

    the only phone im interested in from any of these is the touch pro2…hopefully it wont be over $199

    on a unrelated note…how can i change my username

  • Nice. Some of those Samsung’s better be 3g.

  • Phil68

    This really disappoints…especially when you see the AT&T and Sprint roadmap. I’ll be churning to another carrier.

  • SneakerFiend

    So yeah im changing to Sprint probably or maybe AT&T considering they’re going to update their 3G speeds to 14.4Mbps and 20mbps in some area and NYC is one of those lucky areas

    Allshadow.com claimed the Wing 2 aka Rhodium was coming out April 24th which was what i was really hoping for. I’m still going to call sometime next week to see if its going to come out or not. I hope that date is wrong though.

  • B

    Not until July 22nd? That sucks

  • Kickstar13

    Nice info. Excitements:
    Touch Pro 2!

    Any info on the Huawei Android?

  • Galen20K


    I just wish The Touch Pro2 would drop sooner and that you could Replace WM with Android and Dual Boot.

  • Does anyone care about the sidekick 2009 A.K.A Blade.Sure i know that it might not have the things that we are not looking for but come on the first sidekick that will actually have 3G.Im pretty happy! :)

  • enrgy52

    Why does it take t-mo so long to release new phones? and why so few? I like the service they provide and spend plenty of $$$ with them but I really want 3g and a full touch screen phone. Not the G1 and not the Samsung garbage that is out now. I go to phonearena.com and I look at the upcoming offerings from all carriers and t-mo is sadddddd. :(

  • why would you want the Wing 2 to run android? just wait for the next android phone! i’m excited! july 22nd can’t come soon enough!

  • Emiliano

    Sweet. I want to try out thread.php?t=496908 snap and the TP2. Depending on my disposable income at the time i will pick up either of these two phones.

  • psyko

    I know for a fact that the wing 2 and touch pro 2 are two different devices tmobile is coming out with. hopefully the phone being released on july 22nd is the real touchpro2

  • organicglenn

    What happened to the three Nokia XpressMusic phones 5030, 5330, 5730 slated for Q2/Q3 per http://www.cellphonesignal.com/forum/t-mobile-phones-accessories/4425-upcoming-phones-t-mobile-usa.html ?
    5730 looks sweet, that’s what I’m hoping for!

  • chris

    excited for the potential, yet upset because it’s taking so long for us to get some good phones, still can’t wait for the touch pro 2, any news on the new xpress music phones supposedly coming to t-mobile us

  • mingkee

    where are nokia phones

  • Laafiera

    Very disappointed I was hoping for a wing II sooner, now I just hope it comes with Tmobile 3g band since it’s been rumored not to be the case!!

  • josh

    what about the nokia xpressmusic 5730 is that supposed to come out for t-mobile?

  • Maria

    how about Diamond2?

  • CallawayBomber

    At this pace…..

    I’d rather use a Didgeridoo. At least there is satisfaction that a note can carry well without the use of a 3g network and I don’t have to worry about roaming fees…

  • t1 connect

    whooooooo hooooooooooooo

  • FILA

    Well its nothin Im shitting my pants about but I cant wait to see the Sidekick, thou I wont be buying it, cant wait till the G2, I want to play with it and see how well Ima like that virtual keyboard. I will make my mind up between the G2 and G1, if its the same hardware then I’ll gladly go in reverse and go with the G1. If the hardware has more power or something big like that, it will be a tough choice. Whatever there doin and when I hope it happens before July, my contract is up, and I want that damn G1 BUT I would hate to get it right before the G2 and I find out I like the G2 even without the QWERTY. I dont know what to do. gonna be an interesting summer. I have NO worries over Cupcake because I know they will release it right before the G2 or shortly after, because Ive been saying the very first day we found out about Cupcake they will release it because they wont want the G1 to be left behind. So yea, I can’t wait!

  • travis

    I just got a G1 on Craigslist and I’m thrilled with it. Without a contract I’ll be ready for a G2 but I wonder how there’d be room to see a virtual keyboard. My only complaint about the G1 is my thumbs don’t fit the keys well. Otherwise it is an amazing phone. My home modem just died and yet I still have internet access. So bring on the G2 !

  • Jesus

    Dissapointed no nokia goodies.Nothing but dumbphones.The only one that intrigues me is the g2

  • peterrabbit

    What about RIM? I want to upgrade from my curve but don’t want to go back to Win-Mo to get 3g although the Touch pro 2 looks very tempting.

  • Chuong

    Really interested in the TP 2 but really hope that it comes out in May/June.

  • jk!ck

    super stoaked about the new sidekick, just in time for my birthday! whoohoo! New Sony sounds freakin sweet too, i’m a huge fan of the sony’s ive had in the past. :)

  • Todd

    I agree with the first post. I was hoping for some news on the HTC Memphis (which I’m guessing will be the G3), or a Samsung or Motorola Android phone. Speaking of Android and T-Mobile, this article is interesting:


  • Sad Panda

    Instead of constantly refreshing lower-end phones and adding colors to existing phones, why doesn’t T-Mobile concentrate on releasing more innovative products? Sure the G2 will be sweet, the other HTC devices will be okay, but we’re not really seeing anything earth shattering that will drive customers to join T-Mobile from competitors. I would want to see high end devices to capture the high paying customers (Nokia N-series, Sony experia, any phones DT sells).

    To truly capture highly profitable customers (those who pay for data plans and all the extra fixins), you need to have highly innovative phones that make people want to drop their existing carrier and sign up for TMO. Sweet phones are the path to success in increasing revenue per customer through data plans. Do it!

  • fishwiz

    “the only phone im interested in from any of these is the touch pro2…hopefully it wont be over $199”

    We will be lucky if it’s under $400.00 for an existing customer that’s ready for a new 2 year contract. T-mo’s customer service is great, but their upgrade deals are far from deals!

  • Robert_x24x

    I am going to have to agree with the majority of what’s being said here: T-Mo isn’t giving us a whole lot. Granted that, yeah, G2 and Touch Pro 2 will be amazing devices, I don’t see either of those as much inticement to keep most T-Mo cats from going to competing providers. Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are getting pretty high up on the phone food chain, while T-Mobile is lagging behind. I’d like to see them step it up a notch and give us(as well as getting more to join) something we can sink our teeth into.

  • according to wap profiles on se site, cs8 will be with qvga screen and hardware keypad, so maybe it will not run android


  • louis

    Wish the Touch Pro 2 would come out before the new sidekick.Sidekicks are old news.The Touch Pro 2 is sooooo much better.

  • Greg

    By the time T-Mobile drops any decent smartphones, its smartphone customers will already have defected for the Pre or new iPhone. C’mon T-Mo get in the game!

  • JDM

    Sigh. Still nothing on the HTC Magic/G2. I really want this one!

  • i’m super excited for the may 13th release date of the sidekick. my sidekick lx is dying and so i need a new sidekick badly

  • Andy

    shouldn’t those last 4 samsung be at least a LITTLE excited about. Remember that the gravity was T-459, and it was a mid-level messaging phone. Maybe we can hope for more messaging phones from Samsung? maybe even some 3G/wifi love? I’m still keeping faith in t-mobile.

  • Sanjay

    Very disheartening. The only potential windows mobile smartphone is way off in July. Since we don’t even know what the specs will be, we could wait and be disappointed because it is missing something. They should already have these phones out. They must be afraid that we will be disappointed. I think T-mobile is not playing for the high end market anymore, instead their business model must be to be the leader in the low end phones.


    All I have to say is Dotson should be fired!!!!
    This is the all-time best he could do for the company and most importantly the customers. I assume he’s puzzled by the high rate of customer churn. We’re getting sick and tired of the weak sauce this buffoon is bringing to the table. One or two decent phones at least…and a slew of Samsung junk. This has got to be joke. Somebody please tell me this is a April’s Fool joke.

  • yogi2000

    Can’t wait for the Sidekick Blade!

  • Rommel

    The cs8 is the c905,but damn!-where are the n-series?,this sucks.

  • mingkee

    the last 4 samsung phones are basic UMTS models, all are tetherable from other competing site
    if CS8=C905, then it’s a lot easier to be de-branded

  • J

    When you don’t have the customer base as large as the other carriers, then your phone selection is not going to be as good. What you have to do is find a niche and build that base. Once the customer base grows, you can get the phones.

    It doesn’t work the other way around. Nokia, for example, may not want to develop a T-Mobile N series phone unless T-Mobile can guarantee a minimum number of sales. And it would be even harder to make that number if you had, say, they Iphone, and Nseries, and the Blackberry Storm. Those 3 phones are probably phones that attract the same customer base so for each one you get you take away potential sales for another. Thats the nature of the beast that T-Mobile deals with.

    Whats the solution? Well, the quickest solution is if the T-Mobile purchase of Sprint monster would resurface. It would be technically tough, but that would be your customer base increase. The other method is to find that special phone, much like AT&T did with the IPhone. The problem with “the special phone” solution, is there usually can be only one. That phone, for now, is the IPhone. T-Mobile, currenlty, seems to be trying to find that special phone. The G1 was an attempt. I think they may have the software. Now they need for find the right hardware.

  • Rommel

    Good point-j.

  • Sassy Lina

    I am really looking forward to the TP2 just hope it’s not dwarfed down too much but just enough to make it affordable. They can get rid of straight talk and the front facing camera for sure. I must have UMA but I don’t need 3G! They need to keep this phone in competition by not overpricing it but still making it enjoyable to have. I love peoplecentric tech and that gorgeous 3.6inch screen!

  • Patrick

    why is everybody complaining about “no GOOD phones”?! really? September got us the Pearl Flip(tho not OUTRAGEOUSLY high end…it’s still considered high end), October brought us the G1, next in November was the Behold, January got us the Shadow 2(which has standard specs for any SMARTPHONE with windows standard thats out right now), February got us the Curve 2 AND the Memoir…..come on now….out of all of those phones…..the G1, Behold, Memoir, and Curve 2 are all SOLIDLY 100% high end phones. and 3/4 have 3g on them. so thats 4 SOLID high end phones in 4 months…..thats average 1 device each month. And even though the peal flip isn’t 3g…do you know how many people I know that would KILL to have one that are on AT&T.

    3 touch screen phones….all high end…..in 4 months. seriously…think about it. PLUS….over the next 4 months they’re talkin about puttin out 3 more SOLIDLY high end devices(Blade, Wing II and Sony CS8) PLUS another WinMo Smartphone with a speculated 528mhz?! On a WinMo PRO phone…thats fast…do you know how fast that will be on a WinMo STANDARD phone…thats NOT touch screen and doesn’t have to leave touch flo and ect?! again….1 phone per month thats WORTH something.

    Anybody wanna tell me what the last even ALMOST high end phone that was put out before the pearl flip? anybody? somebody? yea….the 8820….OR….the Side Kick. Maybe you should count the blessings that in a total of 8 months T-Mobile will have 8 REALLY good phones. 10 if you include the pearl flip and Shadow II. Think about it people. Be happy we’re getting good phones at all.

    When I had the dash…there was no other phone I wanted that was on the shelves…..at all. at least not from T-Mo. NOW…I envy people with the Memoir, the Behold, AND the Curve 2. I actually find myself thinkin…should I have waited for THAT phone? And I have a G1.

  • Patrick

    and for whoever said sidekicks are old news…..as long as there are deaf people in the USA…there will be sidekicks. you know how much money is made off of deaf people…because for SO LONG the sidekick was the best decive for people who were deaf or hard of hearing…now…they like them…so they stick with them, and reccomend them to everyone.

  • Patrick

    the difference in T-Mobile and other carriers is T-Mobile releases all of their phones over time….where as other carriers release a bunch of phones at once…then wait a bit longer to release anything GOOD. plus…you can’t expect t-mobile to just release 50 phones in 1 month. it’s going to take time to build the phone lise up to what other carriers have. we have good phones I think…and whoever switches now I think will be in for a rude awakening when they look up and see what all t-mobile has by the end of 09.

  • quitcrying

    why are there so many whiners these days. its ridiculous! people expect soo much and will whine and moan if their expectations, which are set way in space pass the clouds, are not met. tmobile is a great company. they do have good phones and continue to put out more in relatively short intervals. they also have the best prices/rates!

  • Ian

    “speeds to 14.4Mbps and 20mbps in some area and NYC is one of those lucky areas”

    LOL. You think you’ll actually GET that?

    This lineup looks fine to me. I need a replacement for my aging dash and I LIKE the new one.

    If you want to be trendy get an iphone and go to AT&T and get raped with fees and shitty support. I use my phone for WORK and the dash has been rock solid even if edge is lame. I don;t care how it looks, as long is it works well.

  • Rianna

    I am really looking forward to the Rhodium!! I hope it comes out sooner than July 22nd :]

  • fishwiz

    I agree!! I have been with T-Mo since 1st qtr.’04 and this is the most excited I’ve been(rhodium) since the wing. My only gripe with my wing and the future wing2 is the lack of a camera flash!?!?
    how hard or how much extra could it be to include that function. no picture messaging while out at night… arggg! Besides that the Rhodium is a SLICK device just look at that screen!!!!!!

  • Susiedoll

    omg really am anxiously waiting to upgrade my phone to the g2
    can you guys just give us a date lol

  • steve

    alright guys the wing 2 or also known as the touch pro 2 is out but not in u.s. look at this picture. http://www.coolsmartphone.com/news4571.html i think it is a big step up from the previous wing

  • Aaron Ratner

    So do I up the HTC Touch Pro 2 from the UK for $800 (US) or do I stop being such a pig and wait until it launches here. I am currently using an Excalibur S620 (Dash) cooked with WinMo 6.1 but as much as I love the phone, it has become too slow for 2009. I need some speed and the Touch Pro 2 is beautiful. Everyday I have to actively prevent myself from buying one from the UK. Looks like the best phone to date. I will camp out for this one.

  • 2 gripes: A. What is with HTC refusing to put a STANDARD HEADPHONE JACK on any of their phones. ID10T ERROR! They’re killing me with this adapter crap. (HTC, take notes from the iPhone… yes, the phone that’s mopping up the competition)
    B. TP2 has no direction pad. I’ve used the WING for 2 years now and there isnt a time while the phone is in use that I’m not using the D-pad. Yes, I enjoy the touch screen but there are plenty of times that its more of a PITA to use the screen when a couple taps on the D-pad get you where you need to be.
    Shoot me please…

  • Courtney

    These are all so disappointing. T-mobile needs a flip QWERTY that is not the Blackberry Pearl.

  • eldin

    unless tmobile employees are completely unaware of these new phones i dont think they will be coming out on dates stated. i called tmobile today and the only phone they knew about was some samsung phone slides up, but wont be out until aug 2009. im kinda looking forward to the tmobile snap. i loved my old dash and just lost it a month ago. was thinking about upgrading it. waiting for g2 or tmobile snap seems endless.

  • Homer

    This has been said before BUT: All of this is pretty disappointing. Who is going to spend $200 ON ONE of T-mobile’s phones RIGHT NOW that isn’t 3G AS T-mobile is rolling out 3G on their network and their present phones (most phones) will NOT be able to use 3G. A customer can only use 3G after they wait for the 2 year contract to expire on the phone they just bought that SHOULD have BEEN 3G enabled but was not (to but a new 3G enabled phone 2 years later). WHEN is T-Mobile going to get with the big boys and at least sell 3G phones? As the network comes on line the phone SHOULD become ‘enabled’..but since T-mobile isn’t selling many (any) 3G phones, few peoples phones are going to kick into 3g mode if they buy the data plan. They should be somewhat embarrassed that not one of there blackberries are 3G and the other 3 major phone companies all have 3G smart phones for business people. T-mobile has surrendered this market I guess.

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