HTC Maple aka "Snap" Not For T-mobile!


As it turns out, the HTC Maple, now cooperatively known as the “Snap,” isn’t going to be for T-mobile after all. Sascha Segan over at PCMag points out that after the HTC unveiling of this device, the Dash successor, isn’t going to hit  T-mobile after all. At least not if the 3G bands announced have anything to do with it: 

“…HTC’s two Snap models have their 3G on the 850/1,900-MHz and 900/2,100-MHz bands, neither of which are compatible with T-Mobile (which runs its 3G on the 1,700-MHz band.) “

As Segan further points out, this gives the phone a launching position on AT&T where it will just be another qwerty face in the crowd. T-mobile on the other hand, could really use another 3G device (especially the full keyboard kind), where the heaviest competition would come from the Blackberry 8900. We had thoughts a T-mobile announcement was in store for this device at CTIA, but I suppose HTC has other plans.

I hate to say that I am truly not disappointed that T-mobile didn’t score this device (that keyboard is FUGLY), yet it would of course, been nice to have the device in the lineup, it’ll never make the top of my shopping. Still, if you’re truly in love with it, all hope is not lost, a T-mobile branded variant could still be waiting quietly in the wings somewhere, but I wouldn’t lose sleep over that. 


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  • Galen20K

    With the right Esthetics it could be a good phone, decent specs tho not Mindblowing and with a Low resolution i agree i’m not Disappointed either at this TMOnews.

  • Galen20K

    *Aesthetics, sorry for the MisType

  • Emiliano

    What the hell!!!!!!!! I wanted this phone. The keyboard looks like a dream to use. Better pics:

  • Jeremy

    Actually, after seeing those pictures on, it’s not as ugly as the above picture. I still wouldn’t get it because I have the 8900, but it would be a worthy Dash replacement.

  • efjay

    Again people seem to be obsessed with eye-candy at the expense of functionality. This would have been an ideal purchase for me to give someone as it has GPS, a large battery and runs WM which means a large library of software. Sadly it seems T-Mobile is content with cheap and cheerful phones like the Nokia just announced rather than releasing phones which would help them monetise their 3G network.

  • Coco

    Yeah I thought this phone was ugly, but the way it looks in black on all the other sites, it’s actually a decent looking phone. Oh well. Another loss for us

  • A bad start for CTIA, but hopefully we will get more good news later… TP2 i’m think u…

  • Brett

    Thank goodness, this phone is ugly anyways.

  • math

    people should listen to me a little closer. if you go back to your post about this being rolled out as a tmo device at this weeks convention i clearly said no way … so far i am right 3 of 3 times. yes i am patting myself on the back :)

  • T1 Connect

    you know one think i’ve always noticed about htc and when they release a phone is they update the main website and the country that the phone is going to on thier site for that country….why is this phone on that part of the site…this phone is definetly coming to the us but to who….and you know how things change in this market…who says that 1700/2100 wont show up in a final realease…keep your hopes up ppl..

  • Pythagoras

    I heard that upcoming Dash III will be pink!!! No changes to the hardware or software, but who cares?

  • efjay

    Unless htc is going to release a 3rd version of the phone it is not coming to T-Mobile:,2817,2344209,00.asp

  • @Pythagoras Seriously, as a T-Mobile employee, I truly hope that they would not waste money on releasing the Dash in pink. I don’t care what color it is: they don’t sell. If one does happen to sell, it is returned long before buyer’s remorse is up. The Dash, though I once loved mine two years ago, is way past its prime and is reaching end of life. HTC and Tmo will have to release an upgrade, not just another color, IMHO.

    Also, after seeing the significantly better pics of the Snap (hate the name!), I must admit that I hope Tmo ends up with this phone somewhere along the way. With the Wing (finally) being pulled off shelves this past weekend and the Dash being fairly DOA, that leaves us with just the Shadow II in WinMo land; most people are turned off by the lack of a full qwerty keyboard, so that really provides zero competition to Blackberrie

  • * Blackberry and G1.

  • B

    The phone definitely looks better in the press shots, but it still won’t be missed, not by me anyway. TP2, I’m waiting for you.

  • alt-mobile

    Obviously the phone looks better in the images on engadget…but the photo above shows you what it will look like in real life…which is a fugLy phone…

    come on Tmo come out with some good news…

    but seriously…thank God we aren’t getting this phone…but tell us what we ARE getting…

  • Pythagoras

    Okay I take the sarcasm back – I just saw the photos of this phone everyone is taking about – it looks hot!

    I hope it is coming to T-Mobile. It would make a great Dash replacement.

    This is a true Dash II


  • drivethruboy168

    HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro 2/ Wing 2) just passed through the FCC. Go Check it out at the FCC’s website or


    That’s the T-Mobile we’ve all come to know…..
    What a way to start out CTIA T-Mobile. Yes, it’s not a feature exciting phone…but it’s a phone that the ‘speculators’ were hoping would hit the Magenta shelves.
    I have a suggestion for T-Mobile – just find the nearest farm or dog park and start scooping up the crap they find there and put it on their shelves. Seems like the next logical thing for the brainless wonders to start doing.


    Hopefully we can get a scoreboard of the phones coming out of CTIA and which carriers we can expect to see them on in the US and abroad. Site master…..Webmaster…or whatever you like being called – can you make this happen?

  • T-Mobile does have 3G on the 2100 frequency! What are you talking about?

  • B.D.

    New visitor to this site — very impressed so far!

    I just heard about the Snap yesterday, and I was excited. My Dash has served me well for ~16 months now (with the recent addition of the WinMo 6.1 ROM), but I’m always ready for something newer and shinier and more powerful. This looks like the right answer, if only T-Mo would get it.

    I’m getting antsy — I need a new WinMo toy soon.

  • Bill Berry

    Eric’s right, T-Mobile has both 1700 and 2100. Courtesy of Engadget – “According to the documents on the FCC website, there’s a highly speculative release date of April 24th for the HTC Rhodium (Touch Pro2, Wing 2). For many loyal T-Mobile customers and Touch screen fans this is great news knowing that T-Mobile is finally updating their Windows Mobile Professional offering. Rumors suggest that it will probably be released with Windows Mobile 6.1 with an upgrade to 6.5 available.”

  • For the most part when i am on holiday for a few weeks i just buy a prepay sim locally which saves on all the hassles of using my own sim card.