And I'm Back!



After a short getaway over the weekend I’m back and ready for some news! Looks as though I missed a lot going on, but there are just a few things to catch up on that slipped through the cracks in my absence. 

Most notable is a recent New York Times report stating that Android will be coming soon to a theatre near you. Well not quite that dramatic but they are reporting that T-mobile is going to make an active push to move Android past the mobile device arena and straight into your home. We’re talking home phones and tablet computers and smart money is that’s just for starters. Obviously T-mobile isn’t confirming the reports other than to say that T-mobile has several plans for Android devices. Via Engadget

Next news comes our way via Blackberry and the guys at BoyGenius. Codenamed “Driftwood” it appears as the hopes and prayers of T-mobile fans everywhere for 3G Blackberry goodness appear to be answered. With specs such as Wi-Fi (UMA) we can expect though BGR wasn’t able to offer full confirmation that this device will make its way to the big magenta later this year. This could easily become one of the most anticipated devices for T-mobile users everywhere, as I am sure many would jump at the opportunity for a 3G Blackberry. 

Last but surely not least for this week is again related to Samsung and their Android device line. Well,  Samsung confirmed to Forbes that two devices will indeed make it to the US later this year, with Sprint and T-mobile to receive two different devices per carrier demands. Via Crunchgear

Thats a quick roundup on stuff that got lost in the fold while I was gone! Enjoy!


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