T-mobile Showing iPhone Customers Love?



Not really sure if this is a fluke or the real deal but a number of you have come forward, you daring iPhone owners on T-mobile reporting that your mytmobile page now appears to be, iPhone ready. Apparently users are able to perform all the usual mytmobile tasks from a webpage that appears by all accounts, to be custom fit for the iphone. By all appearances from the picture posted above and from the picture following this paragraph, T-mobile is taking advantage of the unlocked user base they have and giving them some loving. A number of emails regarding this have stated that users are able to purchase ringtones, though obviously the app portion of the download tab was unavailable. 

Anyone else experiencing this on their iPhones? Will AT&T react to this? Sound off in the comments! 



  • Don’t the G1 and the iPhone use the same webkit browser engine?
    Isn’t it possible that they improved it for their own product? Wouldn’t that make more sense.

  • That’s the link I used till the newest G1 T-Mobile application came out.

  • Patrick

    Actually, sniffing for the user agent string of the browser would probably be easier to style the page for the G1 and iPhone alike. Also, some users do use the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network (I still occasionally use mine, and I’ve only had T-Mobile with my iPhone).

  • AT&T-Mobile

    what a great move T-Mobile, if you can’t beat them, join them!

    who knows…maybe if T-Mobile uses the same LTE frequency as AT&T and Verizon in the future, they might get the iPhone too

  • coloradogray

    Looks like web2go to me. Am I missing something.

  • Tony

    Yes but I don’t have web2go, and The G1 doesn’t allow web2go, so why would it be there AND say applications for this “device” coming soon when the G1 has the market? Personally, I don’t know what to think. After I downloaded the ringtone it asked me if I was sure and I clicked accept. Don’t know what happened to it, it charged my account but when I SSH’d and mobile findered, I couldn’t find it. I’m calling tmobile tomorrow and taking it off my bill and I’m asking what’s going on.

  • Kay_VE

    ugh… tmobile is so late with technologies by the time they get LTE AT&T and verizon will have moved on to the next round of technologies

  • Andy

    Its the webkit browser that causing the page to be displayed like this

  • Frank

    This is the new web2go I currently had it changed back to tzones and it was removed. They also stated that they upgraded their platform and this is the homepage you get and forces you to get web2go for iphone users.

  • mingkee

    I can do this on my HP211 too
    you need to use epc APN, and point the homepage to

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    One thing that I have observed on my iPhone whilst accessing this content is that on occasion if I am close to another T-Mobile user I will get their account information instead of mine (See my post in the forums).

  • commandar

    Tmo just launched a new My Account app for the G1 that kicks you to the website for bill pay, etc. I imagine these changes are related to that and that directing iPhone users there is just a trivial bit of user agent sniffing.

  • math

    Actually T-Mobile currently has 160,000 customers using the iphone on its network. This is like the G1 app which is to help reduce calls for basic information.

  • Rommel

    It just started on my n95 and n73.

  • paul

    you’ve got to be kidding, this is just the regular web2go homepage that you get if you’re using wap.voicestream.com as your homepage. all the dumbphones get it too. i don’t see how this is related to the iphone at all.

  • Amit

    But what is the exact URL to put into the iphone, the end of it is cut off on the pic above.

  • Richard

    Wow, i didnt know you couldnt do this!!
    i was having trouble connecting to EDGE over Fri-Sat and when i regained EDGE this T-Zones things told Me that i needed to upgrade my Data Plan & my device was uncompatible with my current plan (100mb for phone) soo in my mind, they should have kept it the same, would have saved me a couple bucks a month! (Like 15!!)

  • Dave


    number of iphone users on t-mobile is actually 600,000.

  • BDot


    I don’t think so if the user agent for both browser is the same (e.g. webkit?) This doesn’t surprise me any though since most webpages “rendered for iPhone” work beautifully on my G1.

    I believe aside from a few custom bells and whistles, both browsers are identical (under the hood).

  • Tony


    This is from my iPhone, and I DONT have the wap.voicestream.com tzones or web2go. And that wap.voicestream.com thing was shut down except for customers grandfathered in (that wap apn doesn’t work, you have to use the epc one). I have a $20.00 data plan and this pops up on edge only. On wifi it won’t load. I’ll post the exact address if anyone wants it.

  • parkerr

    Well doesn’t tmobile have the iPhone in its European Markets? I mean I have seen things like the iPhone in Europe for T-mo but not in america, so this can be a bit skeptical. But this is just a suggestion.

  • brianna

    yes i have an unlocked iphone for tmobile and it looks like this :)