Ready for 3G Galore??


We’re holding this in the rumor column for now, as it appears to be a real screenshot sent our way but we’re still working toward 100% confirmation. We have, what appears to be a list of 3G cities going live this year for magenta. Its a pretty compiled list and is sure to please quite a few of you who are still oh so patiently waiting for the greenlight! While we want to reinforce the idea that we haven’t confirmed this list, it seems pretty legit and unless its a cruel joke from an AT&T fanboi who just wants to tease us, this should hopefully give those of you left waiting for 3G a better idea of what to expect this year. Did your city make the list??



  • greeneyedbandit

    Actually very true post…..I work for tmobile call center and that’s a screenshot of onevoice .com interal tmobile newsletter website. My region on the list…… HIGH FIVE!!

  • Mr. Tactful

    I’m loving the Twitter updates, thanks guys!

    And the 3g news is excellent as well.

  • jk!ck

    crossin my fingers for boise. <3

    Love the twitter updates too, thanks guys. Always awesome

  • ChampagneDreams

    Finally!its about time we got some new 3G areas.

  • cdb77

    No Tulsa? My G1 and I are sad.

  • CallawayBomber

    Gee…our local ADR said 3G by end of March…it’s not even on the radar for this year…And they just built the damn thing!!
    How about that $60 a month air card in an area that doesn’t offer 3G or won’t be anytime soon.
    ummmmmmm…Tastes Good
    Best tasting Kool-Aid I’ve had in a long time.

  • kemikev

    Does anyone know why St. Louis is being skipped over again for 3G? I’m especially confused because “lesser” cities like Springfield, IL and Wichita, KS are getting it and we are not. Last time I checked, St. Louis is a little big bigger of a metropolis than GD Springfield, Illinois. What gives?



    I’ve called T-Mobile countless times on information about 3G networks out here in the most isolated city on earth, hopefully this is true!

  • Jose

    Dang that’s messed up, Fresno California ain’t even on the list and we have around 600,000 people…. The guy at T-Mobile lied to me as he said that Fresno CA was going to have 3g in april and I got the G1 which I don’t regret cause it’s a great device, but It’s just messed up that all my buddies in LA are all in 3g land and I got to be happy with Edge, oh well I’ll survive on Edge…

  • Jorge

    No 3G for Fresno, California with a metro population of 900,000? I see no Californian cities. =(

  • Unk

    My local T-mo rep said that we’d “definitely” get 3G by Q1 this year in Louisville, but according to this, it’s coming Q4.
    Oh well. EDGE on my G1 isn’t too bad.

  • cougle

    I was told new orleans was suppose to go live soon but it isn’t even on the list. Didn’t tmobile just buy more bandwidth for new orleans?

  • mingkee

    it’s about f’ing time!!!
    T-Mobile has been very quiet on 3G rollout since November last year

  • J

    Some of that data is incorrect. I can at least speak for one city on that list that will be done a full quarter before the date shown. I can also say there are at least 3 cities missing from that list.

  • lai


  • J

    Oh, and I wouldn’t call the list “inaccurate”, but I will call it conservative.

  • *Whimper*. I still see no love for Tallahassee, FL. Such a bummer … on periodic trips to Orlando and Miami I get little teasers of 3G speeds on my G1, then when I’m back home in Tally it’s Edge/GPRS only.

    To its credit, the G1 does just fine on the slower networks (just don’t try to stream videos without buffering lots first :)), but it’d sure be nice for the state capital to get 3G.

  • RS

    charlotte will get 3g in Q3? WOW!!! I’m so ready for it.

  • Galen20K

    Congrats PEople!!!

    I have been Enjoying 3G for a While now since last year in Michigan!!!

    Its FANTASTIC, SOooo Much Faster than ATT’s.

  • Wow, Tmo guy at the kiosk was right. Rockford get’s 3G very soon.

  • J

    Tallahassee is coming. It isn’t on the list but it is part of that group. It was likely included as part of Jacksonville on this list.

  • ken

    well this makes me sad because if ann arbor mi doesn’t get this in the next few months i am going to have to leave tmobile after 7 years (sick of waiting). but they have had it 15 minutes away from here for a while so hopefully the area will be expanded soon.

  • math

    I can also confirm for once you haven’t posted a rumor. This is very real.

  • Steven

    Salt Lake in Q3!!! I spoke to a rep in a corporate owned T-Mobile retail store who said they are planning on rolling out 3G in August here in Lake Town…this seems to match what the screenshot is showing!

  • excenter rep

    They have call centers in most of these areas for sure texas isn’t impairing tmo from using the 1700 spec they purchased. Prob cali is being a little more strict. Mcallen and brownsville for sure in june yeah baby rio grande valley 3g baby

  • cougle

    Why in the world does Shreveport get 3g while the two largest cities in Louisiana dont in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. New Orleans is a NBA city wouldn’t you think they would add 3g since Tmobile is a sponsor of the NBA? I hope it was left off this list. Also they bought more wireless spectrum for New Orleans last year.

  • J

    New orleans is likely included with mobile. It is the same market. Don’t get too excited if a city is missing. There appear to be a few missing.

  • Cougle: That’s exactly what I was going to say! I’ve been looking at upgrading to the G1, and getting 3G here in Baton Rouge would clinch it for me.

  • Jon

    I also would be very surprised if a metro area like St. Louis is nowhere to be seen. Pushed back to the 3rd quarter is one thing, but holding out til 2010? Wow.

  • Vap1d

    I was oh so hoping to see Indianapolis on this list ><

  • Utah isn’t until Q3? We don’t have it anywhere in the state right now.

  • my city is on the list, but 2 more months? :(

  • ben

    Wow, no 3G love for STL. Still shocks me when major metro areas can’t get 3g from Tmobile. I will keep my fingers crossed that STL will get it since it’s the 18th largest MSA in the US! Wichita Falls TX is #271!

  • Don

    No Buffalo, NY? Come on T- Mobile you give it to Rochester, NY and a bunch of other smaller markets. What gives?

  • BitterInPGH

    So, we’ll be getting 3G in Pittsburgh when Verizon is rolling out its 4G – nice!

  • YAY for Rochester, NY. Can’t wait for my TP2 on T-Mobile 3G!

  • This doesn’t make much sense. I’ve had 3g speeds in Nashville for a while. Unless they’re just expanding coverage, this document is complete crap.

  • LS1Xtreme

    YAY!!! Finally I get to enjoy the 3G love here in RGV…June couldn’t come any sooner…

  • @Brandon: T-Mobile coverage checker shows no 3G in Nashville… nor is in the list of current 3G cities on

    Maybe you just think its 3G? Or maybe they have been testing 3G and you’ve connected to it?

  • Derrick

    Hurrah, finally Salt Lake will be getting 3G. Now that I know, I guess I can live with EDGE until then. (if I have to)

  • justinhub2003

    since Cincinnati bell is using the same bands as tmobile in cincinnati for there 3g, does this mean that tmobile cannot use them? if so that is horse terds b/c if i found out that tmo 3g in cincinnati is not even an option and is something that cant be done, well then i will sadly have to say i will be leaving tmobile. Which would kill me to do so but i been a huge fan of Android ( and smartphones in general) and want to continue to purchase more phones running the OS but if i find out that i am forever stuck on the Edge network in Cincinnati, then im better off just going with cincinnat bell who have rolled out there 3g that uses sames as tmobile and buying unlocked android phones since i know people who have 3g working on there g1;s with cin bell sim cards installed…

    some one please tell me that its possible to have cincinnati bell and tmobile use the same 3g band in the same city? if its not possible then im leaving tmo

  • Sgt. Cell

    About time Rochester Ny was not made to wait until the last minute. Now how about that touchscreen 3g Blackberry Device to be the icing on the cake.

  • Beefman

    Wow, they didn’t forget Corpus Christi… *faint*

  • Jay

    So is Raleigh in the same market as Charlotte?

    This is pretty outrageous. Talk about tech cities, RTP is home to Cisco, IBM, Sony, etc. etc. The east coast home to MANY tech companies.

    Excuse me if I’m not patting T-Mobile on the back for rolling out something that should have been rolled out a year ago.

    If Raleigh is included with Charlotte, this is good news for my area. Still, this rollout is WAY behind, people are already talking 4G…

  • J

    Cincy Bell and T-Mobile can coexist in the same bands. The FCC cannot give out the same frequencies to different carriers in the same coverage area. Its just like T-Mobile and AT&T having the same general frequencies for GSM in some areas. They are all 1900, for example, but they may be 1890-1910 for AT&T and 1920-1930 for T-mobile. They are in the same general band, but are different frequencies.

  • Jon

    @justinhub – J is right.
    They can easily coexist. In fact, they do.

    See this page for more details:
    There are different license classes which decide who gets what specific frequencies within a band.
    T-MO has between 10-30mhz nationwide now to expand 3G into.

  • kizer

    I see people are complaining about their area being larger than some areas not getting 3G. I hate to say it, but its not population driven. Its driven by infrastructure. If the gear is in place then its possible to get it on the tower and wired up.

    I’d be willing to bet areas getting newer towers have a higher chance of 3G than the ones that are older becuase the ones that are older have to be retrofitted to work. The area I live in is going to have 3 new towers installed and guess what. I did confirm with T-Mobile since I work with the developement team “Not T-Mobile” that 3G will go on since they are setting it up before hand.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I am very happy that Henderson Nevada is on the list for June. As of now I live right outside the Las Vegas 3G services so I do pick up a few bars (when I am outside or certain areas in my home) and in my work where I sell T-Mobile… nada its all edge. Although edge seems to do pretty well sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. And its worse to know that AT&Ts 3G is full bars where I work. Hopefully this will boost the 3G signal in both where I work and where I live to full bars. Honestly I don’t really notice the diference between 3G and edge but then again I never experienced the full 3G goodness that my phone can handle. We shall see soon. Hopefully this expansion will take care of my problems with the few 3G bars and mostly edge network that I experience.

  • NICE! Can’t wait man….

    Des Moines is on the list.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    I’m pretty sure that Omaha, NV doesn’t exist, and knowing that Omaha, Nebraska is pretty big, I’m guessing they meant Omaha, Nebraska in that leaked memo. Do any TMO insiders have a more concrete date for Boise, Idaho? (By the way, I’m sooooooo glad to see this 2009 3G list!) :-)

  • ahh no love for us over here in puerto rico… were are still part of the usa why would t-mobile forget about us.??. t-mobile is doing very good over here in puerto rico.. im sad ;-(

  • b-lo jeep

    I am hoping that Buffalo, NY is going to be included with Rochester, NY. Not seeing Buffalo on that list made my heart sink. My G1 works fine with edge, but for the love of god 3G would be amazing. If anyone knows about Buffalo’s 3G, let me know!!!

  • Patrick

    No INDIANAPOLIS?! You gotta be kiddin me…..seriously… REALLY gotta be kidding me

  • excenter rep

    u gotta get rid of payton panning. his head makes 1700 frequencies freak out
    j.k its all due to money and govt releasing spectrum. tmo has paid extra to hurry things up still the govnt needed to make verizon the biggest carrier in us. before tmo could get 3g its all politics. and has alot to do with tmo asking the govnt for warrants when they ask for our own personal details.cpni and call info , others like verizon and att just give it up. thats why their treansactions are alot smother . we actually have a german based company who cares more abt our security then our own american companies. its all about nwo new world order

  • kenif

    Reno Reno Reno Please :)

  • timmyjoe42

    I hope Columbus OH will include Cincinnati, but I expect it won’t since it is 100 miles away. What does a Cincinnati guy have to do to get 3G?

    (P.S. Does anyone else find the cat pictures annoying?)

  • Btmec

    T-mobile 3G expansion is a joke. Why are small towns getting 3G in Q2 when larger cities aren’t slated for 3G expansion until Q4? This makes absolutely no sense.

  • Omaha, Nevada?! WTF. Surely they mean Omaha, Nebraska. Even then, I get shitty T-Mobile service everywhere in Omaha and Lincoln, so if T-Mobile is planning a 3G launch here, hopefully they’ll install more regular cell towers!?

  • Timmydale

    OMG that is such a cute kitty picture.

  • Tony

    We already have 3G in Charlotte???

  • paul

    Unbelievably weak list. Lubbock, Texas? Really? What about all the other major metropolitan areas where people actually live?

    That’s it, I’m dumping T-mo. Their high speed data network coverage is the laughing stock of the entire wireless community in the US.

  • Jason

    Woohoo!!! 3G for Wichita Falls in April. It’s about time! This better be accurate! Now we have to just sit back and wait.

  • SliSparky

    My city didnt make the list….but my state DOMINATED the list. =D

  • Joe(to protect my ID)

    I work for TMobile and after chatting with our network engineer for our area, he said he has 67 work orders(read: towers) for the Southeast part of TN. Sorry can’t reveal the city but it shouldn’t be hard for you kids to figure out. He said it takes him about 3 days to wire each tower with the equipment so he is saying end of June to go live in this area. That’s assuming everything works right when they go on air;) Stay tuned….

  • J

    Some of you are getting way too upset over not seeing cities on an unofficial list. There are sure to be a lot of missing cities. I am working on the 3G team for one market and in that one market along there are several cities not listed that will be coming up in Q3 and Q4. Don’t forget the ‘and many more’ part of that list. That is not even close to being an official list.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I agree with J. Don’t get too excited or disapointed in something that may or may not be 100% true or accurate. I am sure T-Mobile isn’t forgeting about anyone… it just takes time to roll everything out everywhere. I doubt T-Mobile will let Verizon or AT&T get away with better coverage. If anything they will have the same once they finish the 3G roll out. And for the ones who’ve been with T-Mobile this long… I doubt you’ll leave… I say the same thing anytime I feel like I am not getting what I want but when I think about it I actually get more than what I would probably get from any of the other carriers and it cost a whole lot less. I am not saying I never want them not to bring 3G to my area… but what I am saying is if it takes a little longer to do so I’ll be more than happy to wait. Edge works pretty well as is… and the important thing is that I can make and recieve phone calls without dropping them. (witch so far… I stay connected) So before you start yelling or staying your going to change carriers… ask yourself this… have I been overall happy with my T-Mobile experience. I for one will say… H3LL YES!!!

  • g_willi

    That’s it? What do they have like 2 installers to do the whole freakin’ country? Where’s Cincinnati? Columbus, Cleveland, Louisville and stinkin’ Pittsburgh, but no Cincinnati? Geez, you have one riot and no one respects you any more. That’s it! I’m moving to Columbus! :-)

  • g_willi

    Actually, for Q4, it only lists 5 cities and then says “and many more”, so I’m hoping Cincinnati is one of the many more.

    But if not, there will be many more Android phones on other carriers this year.

  • JReeves

    Actually this post is pretty accurate. I am a contractor and am currently installing 3G in the following cities Cincinnati. Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Knoxville, Nashville, St Louis, Pittsburgh.

    We are will be integrating all the cities by end of Q2 if the RNC’s(Switches) are completed for them to go online. This does take some time to do. So this post is extremely accurate you just have to keep patient. Some of the cities could fall into Q3 if these RNC’s aren’t ready. For example this week Denver is getting 60 more sites turned up on air. I believe we are moving to St Louis or Cincinnati next depending on the readiness of these RNC’s. Last year alone my company turned up sites in Chicago, Detroit & Minneapolis.

  • Nice. Come on T-Mo expand that footprint.


  • J

    One other thing to keep in mind is though the city has Q4 listed as the date that date is a completion date and not necessarily an activation date. As long as there are a certain percentage of sites ready they will be activated. Some of these cities have a couple phases to turn up so phase 1 may turn on much earlier.

  • Springfield, IL already had AT&T 3G when I visited it in February, even though that list shows it as getting it in May.

  • Oh, I see, this is for T-Mobile news. That’ll teach me for not paying attention to what site I end up on.

  • DiGi

    Rochester, NY and Cleveland, OH, but not Buffalo!?

    if i don’t have 3G by Q3, I’m getting rid of tmo.

  • I tried TMobil 3G here in Los Angeles and it sucked big time. Got rid of it after 2 weeks…

  • Gerald rubin

    So when is 3G gonna hit north Carolina??? I really like my G1 but I feel kinda out of it when my friends have blackberries with other carriers and they are on 3G.I have a wifi at home now so it helps but I also figure why have such a great phone when u can go and use it to its fullest capability?I am not gonna do anything drastic like get rid of my phone but I sure wish that they would consider their mid Atlantic users and get the show on the road!!!

  • cory

    So only the specified cities are getting hooked up or is that the calling area? I live an hr away from slc and wonder if I’m included in that?

  • J

    Definitely not a a full list. It was simply a little article meant for employees to give them some idea of what was coming.

  • dont tase me bro

    No love to reno/sparks?

  • g_willi

    @JReeves, that makes my day. Hopefully Cincinnati being left off the list was similar to the Omaha, Nevada typo.

  • b

    No love for central CA? There is a huge gap that needs to be filled. I am disappointed.

  • Ian

    Well the city I hail from, Columbus, OH, made the list. That’s all find and dandy but I go to school in Cincinnati so it looks like I’ll have 3G for the summer only *sigh* Hopefully Cincinnati gets some 3G love shortly down the road!

  • steve

    i got that email… its legit

  • bootmo

    Nothing for St. Louis, MO. What’s the deal. KCMO has been on 3G since Dec. 08. I thought TMO was rollowing out 3G based on market size and demand. Can you seriously tell me that:
    Springfield, IL and
    Wichita, KS and
    Omaha, NE and
    Columbus, OH
    have a larger 3G market and demand than St. Louis, MO.
    This is getting a little discouraging. Especially considering that Sprint is now starting to hype up 4G in their commercials on TV.

  • Adam

    WOOT for south texas (laredo, mcallen, brownsville, and corpus christi!)

  • Kelsey

    Woot! louisville! :]] finally!

  • Donnie

    hope okc is legit because i am ready

  • your mom

    where is new orleans? Shreveport before New Orleans? WTF?

  • Scott R

    Kinda starting to lose patience with Tmo. I live a little north of San Diego, and I can’t get 3g. There is a large military base just north of me, but the only 3g is in San Diego. I’m not renewing unless they start lighting my area with 3g. Some of those cities that are on that list are retarded.

  • Jeff

    3G coverage around Manhattan is spotty…I lose signal as soon as I hit Stamford, CT headed home on the train to New Haven. The Connecticut coast sorely needs 3G–high population density, WTF??!?

  • arthur

    I have been with tmo for 7 years now and love how loyal they are to me , but I do have one complaint and that is I can not use my phone {g1} to its fullist advantage and that is no 3 g in my area witch makes no sense beause I live in michigans second largest city {Grand Rapids} which is located at the point 3 different counties converge .That means there are at least I and ahalf million people living in this part of the state . That’s a lot of potential customers that end up going with other carriers for their 3g connections not to mention the tmo customers that are unhappy because they spent a lot of money for their 3g phones and can’t use them in the manner they were meant to be used and just out of curiosity I would like to know how many tmo customers finally gave up and did go to another carrier. Well I hope sombody at tmo reads this and wakes up to our needs and support our phones or should I say their phones !

  • SH

    I’m with you Jeff… CT needs 3G now!!

  • ranman

    Rochester ny,i need rochester mn

  • Christy

    I agree with Arthur. I have been with T-Mobile for 8 years and live in the Grand Rapids area. I have loved their customer service and prices. No one can hold a candle to the prices of T-Mobile but, man, tmo, get with the program. It seems I wait years to get the services I need and once I do awesome but, why do I have to wait YEARS for something? The iphone is looking better and better, my contract is up in a couple of months, maybe……

  • Patrick

    Can somebody Please explain to me what and/or Q4 means? It says Pittsburgh is getting 3G in Q4.

  • will

    4th quarter for louisville ky, wtf, I have had my g1 since september patiently waiting for 3g, I was told louisville area would have 3g by feb or march, tmobile lied about that, if I had known it would have taken this long I would have stayed with at&t

  • TonyP

    Wow…still no Reno/Sparks in there huh..but Eugene, OR?…Ridiculous.

  • It is good T-Mobile is finally opening up a bit with the release time frame.
    It makes planning for devices easier.

    Also, on another note:

    I’m racking my brains and can’t think of a metropolitan area more retarded than the area just north of San Diego. Help me out here. It burns, it shakes, it slides into the ocean, it has no fesh water resources it doesn’t steal from up north, it’s over crowded, the air is dirty, the weather sucks, its always the same, except when it rains. Help me out here – just what other city did the guy have in mind?

  • southfromla

    why no 3g in new orleans? with so many customers in such a small area to cover it is a real wonder. why some hillbilly in the desert in texas has 3g but none in the city of new orleans i will never know.

  • Dave

    All you whining idiots that are CONSTANTLY complaining about T-Mobile not having 3G in your area yet and how AT&T and Sprint have 3G and how you are going to dump T-Mobile and go to them…please do us ALL a favour and GO! I am patient and I like T-mobile. I have been with them for 8 years. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Do your research. AT&T’s wonderful (NOT) 3G network has major capacity issues that are effecting customers…so much so they are going to route all voice calls to their 2G to free up space for 3G data users and their 3G is NOT that fast! They also do not have more bars in more places. And their “claim” that they have the best coverage worldwide is kinda misleading as they do not have a network outside of the USA! They just have ROAMING agreements with carriers in europe whereas T-Mobile, a German company, OWNS networks in several european countries. So just go to crappy AT&T or worse, Sprint with their spotty coverage and “tin can” voice quality and overpay for your bad service. I will stick with my beloved, GERMAN owned T-Mobile because as we all know, everything german is of the highest quality!

  • Patrick

    response to Dave:

    Agreed….slightly. Sprint’s COVERAGE is great in my opinion. I NEVER have coverage issues with Sprint…it’s their customer care that’s more like “Customers? I don’t care.” AT&T’s coverage isn’t any better than T-Mobile’s from what I’ve noticed. And their 3G(UMTS) actually ISN’T that fast as you stated. Their HSDPA is about 1.2Mpbs(which is what I get here in indy) but if you’re in an area that doesn’t have it(which is more than you’d believe) you only get 4-600 kbps on average….which is only about 2x the speeds I noticed I can get with my g1. and honestly…..25KB/s vs 40……..not that much of a difference. and DEFINITELY not worth paying the extra money for. I was getting 1Mbps in Chicago with my G1….EASILY. So does it SUCK MAJOR DOG TESTICLES that i have to WAIT cause Indianapolis isn’t “important enough”…yes. But I think I’d wait. Plus by the time the Touch Pro 2 comes out…it’ll be Q3 which is when i HEARD Indy is supposed to get 3g.

    (side note….on sprint or verizon, you can NOT use the phone and the internet at the same time. so if I ever DID switch…..AT&T it is lol)

  • Tsu

    Dave is wrong. Att has a much bigger network and faster 3g. And sprint beat t-mobile in voice quality in jd powers and pc mag. Nice try though

  • Saurabh

    Their is nothing like t-mobile’s network and customer service..they just need to add things on the sides..(3G network and 3G phones…….)

    T-mobile is the best..

  • YOUPeople

    ALBUQUERQUE SON! Forget all of you stupid whiners complaining that you’ve only had 3G in your big cities for a few months. And you other idiots complaining that you can drive 15mins from your house and you get 3G. We haven’t had 3G anywhere in our state whatsoever! Losers. T-Mobile is finally getting a little bit smarter… Only a little.

  • jinx10000

    Has this list panned out?

    Have the cities listed in April and May received 3g coverage?

  • El Paso 3G!! El Paso 3G!! I can’t wait! I just got a G1!! Ahhhhhh