Blackberry 8900 Now Cheaper!


Still on the fence about picking up the new Blackberry 8900? Well, its now 50 dollars cheaper and ready for your purchase! As one of the hottest phones for T-mobile right now, any savings is a good thing and I’m sure T-mobile is hoping a $50 dollar drop might sway a few people to come over to the Blackberry side of things. So go, pick one up now!



  • mmeyer4663

    Another sign of new devices coming?!!!!!!!!!

  • buddyman

    Awesome, just the price drop I’ve been waiting for! I can nw move on from my often modified 8100!!!!!!

  • mfabela


  • mmaestro

    You could already get it for that price at Wal-Mart, and I was going to pick it up there on Friday. I’m glad I won’t have to deal with them for the contract extension, though. That’s a great price, and I’m looking forward to having one.

  • Shootingblue

    This might convince me to upgrade the wife’s 8320

  • Marin

    Big fan of this device, but I was shocked to find the monthly bill for this with data, minimum voice, text, and minimum insurance is about $90. that’s way too much for any EDGE device, and I’m not that happy paying that much for 3G as it is.

  • The newer version with 3G was announced/leaked yesterday, so of course prices would drop. Why anyone would buy a 2G phone in 2009 is beyond me…

  • Rav

    Does anyone know if Tmobile has a price protection policy? I bought my 8900in Feb. Now it is $50 cheaper. Would they give me credit?

  • Kickstar13

    No T-Mobile does not have a price protection policy.

  • jsquared8

    hmm. it looks like Boy Genius Report linked this story. ;)

  • Queen4111

    TMO lowered the price after 2 months.
    Hopefully, they will lower it again to $99.00 in another 8 weeks!!! :) :) :)

    IMO, TMO lowered the price due to VZW’s May release of the BB 9630.

    ATT is slated to release the 8900 also, but why when they are downgrading 2G.

  • Mlarson0909

    FYI: This new price is good for both new activations and 2 yr qualified upgrades. I just did an upgrade today and got the cheaper, new price

  • ralphwiggum1

    I saw the Curve II at Sam’s Club going for about $98 for a 2-year upgrade. Considered it.

  • i wouldnt be surprised if it went up 50 bucks again next month tmobile does prices changes just about every month and buts one branded phone up for “sale” every month like Jan and Feb was Samsung and March Nokia and possibly April Blackberry who knows but hopefully its permanent.

  • alt-mobile

    Data plan is still too expensive…tough times…

  • mr.gadget

    I’m mad because I just upgraded to the 8900 exactly a month ago today.

  • JustAnotherRep

    I’m sure I’m in for a busy day at work. Mostly from people who just ordered the 8900 within the last week wanting $50 credit.

  • Tom Cruise

    could this be because the new 3G berry is coming soon to TMO? well, you can’t blame one for hoping now, could you?

  • Frank the Tank

    Dang it. I paid full price a few weeks ago. Oh well, it’s an awesome phone. As for EDGE in 2009, I’ve had a 3G device and it’s overrated. The drain on the battery is not worth the speed, IMHO

  • Rdb

    For the record, T-Mobile does have a 30-day “price protection” but only for new activations. They’ll put the difference on your bill, but you need to have purchased from a corporate location