Open Comment Friday (well, Weekend actually)!



Better late than never, it’s time for yet another edition of Open Comment Friday!  While we haven’t had quite as much cool stuff come out of CTIA as we might have liked, there is still enough cool stuff out there to just sit back and chill out with.  Are you excited about all the cool Android happenings lately?  Have you had your fill downloading stuff from the cool new Blackberry App Universe World?  Not excited about all that?  Well, I bet I know what everybody’s been waiting for then….that super sleek and sexy 1661 vintage!  Because I know I am!  If those aren’t enough to get you going, then let us know in the comments what is that you’re really looking forward to, because that’s what Open Comment Friday Weekend is all about!


  • Brett

    What the hell happened to the Sidekick 2009 at CTIA?

  • Vap1d

    What the hell happened to T-Mobile at CTIA?

    -I fixed that for you Brett.

  • mingkee

    the T-Mobile CTIA trade show is COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY
    they put BB 8120 last year
    and they put nokia 1661
    what will be next year?
    maybe several buckets of poo!

  • Burt

    Is the ctia over?

  • David Almonte

    what are the upcoming phones for tmobile ?

  • Galen20K

    I feel as if CTIA was a Gigantic Letdown. Every Carrier’s Exhibit and Most Cellular phone makers news was a complete bore. I sure hope that they all just didn’t want to show what they have in store for the Future but I think they really should have to excite people to spend money and help the Economy.

    All the Most exciting things was Information we got the weeks BEFORE the show and almost nothing exciting at the show.

    I am very let down by the Entire show, what a shame…..

  • Leo

    I have an 8900 and I keep getting a message telling me to upgrade to a plan with browsing everytime I try to open up App World. I already have a data plan. I tried to uninstall and install it again and it keeps on giving me the same message. Does anyone know a solution to this problem.

  • alfonso

    What happen to the release of the sidekick 09? What a april fools joke, we had high hopes and now they are crush

  • FILA

    im really excited over that new Huawei Android handset, I cant wait for news on this thing but hopefully its soon, I need to know what to do and what Im goin to buy by July, when my contract is up!!! damnit, lol

  • AT&T-Mobile

    @David Almonte:

    for tmo only 5-6ish are in store for this year (all 3g)
    htc magic g2
    htc rhodium
    huawei android? (possibly)
    nokia 5530
    sidekick 2009

    kinda sad compared to verizons upcoming 18 phones lol :[

  • alphonso

    i was really hoping to see the sidekick 09 on april 1, but we didnt. t-mobile need to get their sh!t together cuz all of those other providers are coming out with a hot new phone with super fast 3g speed on a weekly bases. im sorry t-mobile that u have to hear the truth and im a honest customer but u guys are embarrassing. i have my other friends with their flashy iphones and such, its embarrassing.

  • smubound

    Just giving you guys a heads up, there’s going to be 3 new sidekicks this year (at least 1 will be 3g) and we’ll also get a touchscreen BB (similar to the storm) in Q4. Not only that but of course the magic, the huawei android handset, wing 2, another 3g BB, and that’s all I have…you don’t have to believe me, but just give it a shot, I promise it’ll come true…

  • enrgy52

    at smubound

    when will we see any of this? eta on magic?

  • Vap1d

    @smubound re: 3 sidekicks.. just wow.. really? why? I mean sure it has been a staple for tmo for years, but shit, really? there has got to be something better than fucking sidekicks… comon meow.

  • Vap1d

    and- how is it open comment friday or weekend or whatever IF MY COMMENTS ARE AWAITING MODERATION.. open? orly

  • ICON

    @ smubound

    As much as I’d love to believe that there are going to be 3 new Sidekicks this year, I honestly cannot buy into that. Unless you mean 1 or 2 will be “Limited Edition” like the Dwayne Wade or Juicy Couture or Tony Hawk.

    And not to discredit you, but I’m gonna need some kinda evidence aside from the “there will be a couple of new Sidekicks” post from last year.

  • soviet

    i dont care about all this, all i want is mobile manufactures start making unlock devices with tmo 3g. i am tired seeing ppl who have g1 and not using it with full potentials. quite honest i am not using my g1 at full force neither. no sling box software, tomtom or garmin, no flash on camera and forget about uniqness. i always had n series phones and ppl did not know what it was, thats what i am trying to go for. will c what happens, cheers everyone.
    btw ctia sux

  • mingkee

    this is the list I know so far…
    nokia 5330, and one more
    SE (possibly) C905, and one more (probably hybrid 3G+UMA)
    samsung Android
    HTC Sapphire, Tungsten
    Huawei Android

    we want more SE phone though
    will buy nokia 5330 (HK version though, no branding)

  • Mike

    i want my TP2!! I hate my BB Pearl. Im ready for an upgrade

  • Rommel

    Your so right soviet-i have the n95 and n73,both excellent phones-but att and euro bands.

  • JDM

    Where is the news regarding the HTC Magic for T-Mobile!? Anyone? I was really hoping for some news out of CTIA…

  • BlueAnt

    I was in Vegas for the whole show. I was working our booth, so I didn’t get to walk around much. I was disappointed at what I did see though.
    One thing that will interest everyone is the Wing 2.
    I have a good friend at HTC, she spent about 15 minutes explaining it and she let me play with it for a few.
    I am very impressed! I currently use the Wing, which I love, this is like night and day!! She said to look for it in early July with T-Mobile.


  • sanjay

    @BlueAnt: I hope the Wing 2 then will have windows mobile 6.5. I suspect it won’t. T-mobile is so far behind in releasing phones that when they do the next best thing is released soon after. If they release Wing 2 with 6.1 and then 6.5 is released the Wing 2 will already be outdated. Yes, they can issue ROM updates (6 months later while everyone one else is getting 6.5), but they often cause problems or then something on the phone does not work well with the ROM update.

  • mingkee

    currently wap and epc APN have problem
    either doesn’t work or redirected to web2go portal
    anybody else has same problem?

  • RS

    hey leo, i had the same “upgrade” message when I downloaded the app world on my blackberry. Then I went home and used wifi, and it worked. I downloaded the radio. Everytime I want to listen to it without wifi, it glitches. My bf has the 1st gen iphone and uses radio on edge, and it works just fine. but when I want to use the radio on edge, its terrible. Why doesnt it stream correctly I dont understand.