Trade In Your Blackberry!


Well here is a creative way to hopefully move just a few of you who might be on the fence about trading up or coming to Blackberry altogether. Turns out that old phone you want to get rid of just might be worth a little something when picking out a new Blackberry. Visit RecycleRebates and log in with the password: “flipyourcurve”  (you can also hit the FlipYourCurve website link with instructions).  Of course, smart thinking is you can get serious cash from either a Craiglist/Ebay sale of your old device but if you are either to lazy or unfamiliar with the above then this is your best bet for cash towards a new phone purchase. Early reports indicate that any old phone will get at least $50, with Blackberry trade-ins running as high as $100. However the price will vary based on the device itself as well as its current condition. Offer expires April 30th so get to hitting the links below now!

Also read the forum thread for more info!