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T349 Now Available From T-mobile!


Those of you looking for a cheap, Qwerty messaging handset need to look no further as T-mobile introduces the Samsung T349. This one is definitely targeting the low end set, looking for users who want simplicity over functionality with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 20-key keypad, EDGE data, stereo bluetooth, expandable memory and best of all, $14.99 on a life sentence 2 year contract. If you’re looking for Qwerty messaging without a heavy price tag, look no further than the … [read full article]

Samsung Devices Leak!


Thanks to a tipster who managed to have a camera phone at the right moment we are getting a sneak preview of a portion of the Samsung 3G lineup for later this year. Shown above is the Gravity replacement, currently shown as the Gravity 2 along with the T349, which we came to our attention at the end of April. Two color schemes shown above for the Gravity 2 are Red/Pink and Graphite/Orange, lovely color combinations! … [read full article]

Samsung T349 On The Way


We first got wind of this device a few weeks back with the leaked release calendar and while the details on that calendar definitely refute the information available here, we’re much happier with the current info! Turns out, opposite from what the release calendar inferred, this device isn’t going prepaid and will be available with a 20-key “messaging” keyboard, nothing to fancy about it but its sure to appeal to some younger fans who wants the … [read full article]