T349 Now Available From T-mobile!


Those of you looking for a cheap, Qwerty messaging handset need to look no further as T-mobile introduces the Samsung T349. This one is definitely targeting the low end set, looking for users who want simplicity over functionality with a 1.3 megapixel camera, 20-key keypad, EDGE data, stereo bluetooth, expandable memory and best of all, $14.99 on a life sentence 2 year contract. If you’re looking for Qwerty messaging without a heavy price tag, look no further than the Samsung T349



  • Kevin Morrris

    Nice! This will likely be my sister’s upgrade from her current Dash (1.0) once the big T begins requiring data plans on new smartphones.

  • Weak! WTF is this? Where is the Touch Pro2???

  • santana


  • Dude

    @ Kevin.

    The forced data plans is actually a good thing for those that don’t use data. T-Mobile should start launching phones that are more like a PDA in terms of calendars, synch, and qwerty keyboards within the year. There will be a need for this type of phone for those that need the features without the data.

  • Andy

    14.99 for low-end qwerty phone? sign me up!

  • Galen20K

    Wow 14.99 will be Nice for People who don’t want Full Blown Expensive Smart Phones but who like to type, I think it’ll sell buckets!

    Myself tho I am happy with my G1 and 8900 and when the Touch PRo2 comes out its mine Outright.

    But we Need BOTH types of people in the Network so I say WELCOME!!!!

  • melissa

    hey everyone

    the tmobile website is saying this phone has Wifi?????? does it? no one else is mentioning it!!

  • AndyD

    @ Melissa

    It has Wifi calling, but not broadband spped wifi just like the Nokia 7510 and the samsung t339

  • Bebe

    HTC Touch Pro2 as it’s being told greedy arses ATT snapped it up..

    The pricing online is not this one it’s actually $99 the highest of there pre paid phones wo the kick..I was telling someone to buy it but..