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This just might be the most exciting news for T-mobile ever! Well not really, but I sure wouldn’t mind seeing Catherine Zeta Jones back in the saddle as the full time T-mobile official spokesperson. Seems as though I might get my wish to if emails in my inbox prove accurate. T-mobile announced today a campaign dedicated to helping people save money on their wireless service. It goes without saying that these days every penny can count and T-mobile wants to illustrate that by showing off its lower than the competition pricing. We got early wind of this campaign a few days back, the official announcement comes today with the kickoff of the Catherine Zeta Jones commercial appearing tonight during the finale of American Idol. To recap, T-mobile will direct customers, present and future to Billshrink.com where they can provide bits of information about their current service, minute usage etc and compare against the competition. With the idea that 8 out of 10 people unwittingly paying more than necessary for their wireless service, T-mobile knows they have a competitive advantage with the lowest pricing of any national carrier. T-mobile will cross the advertising spectrum utilizing her Welshness to help spread the word about mobilemakeover through online advertising, local radio, out-of-home advertising, retail collateral, and also online video opportunities.

“Providing great wireless coverage at a great price is at the heart of what T-Mobile offers,” said Denny Marie Post, chief marketing officer, T-Mobile USA, Inc. “We’re so confident that T-Mobile provides the best overall experience for a majority of Americans, we’re willing to put our value to the test by pointing people to an independent source. And while we may not come out on top each and every time, we believe a majority of people will see T-Mobile offers them the value they want, and the best experience in wireless.”

Of course, this post wouldn’t be complete without a comment from Catherine herself:

“As an avid T-Mobile customer, I’m delighted once again to help T-Mobile carry its message to millions of Americans about the great value they deliver,” Zeta-Jones said. “The Mobile Makeover campaign is a smart way to show consumers that they could save some serious money.

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  • Jon

    hopefully they’ll have peole sporting G1szzz

  • J

    There has been rumors for some time about a new celebrity spokesperson. I don’t think I heard Catherine mentioned until it was confirmed today. She is a better choice than some names I heard mentioned. Personally I was hoping for mr T. He would have rocked.

  • Wizzyconsin

    who gives a crap? shes only going to be spitting out deals for new customers anyways. Im sure she’ll come in a turn this company right around.

  • Galen20K

    Finally!!! I’ve been wanting her back FORever!!!

  • Ermac

    Freakin sweet! CZJ is the s*** wit her sexy self

  • David

    Wizzyconsin…got news for you. T-mobile is not a company that needs to be turnes around. Financially, t-mobile is in great shape. Just an FYI.

  • crm

    If there was anyone that had a chance to be a little bit like Oprah it was Tyra because her show is not only funny but she talks about real things and serious issues like Oprah . Ellens show is funny but all she does is make some jokes dance,interview celebrities,give the audience members some gifts ,play games with the audience members,thats about it.Its not a serious show like Oprah, but i love Ellens show and i always watch her show